Bytes receives partner excellence recognition from Alcatel-Lucent

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Bytes Systems Integration (SI) has once again been recognised for its partner excellence, with the company winning yet another award at the recent Alcatel-Lucent Partner Conference in Panama City, Panama.

The Alcatel-Lucent Excellence Partner Award EMEA for 2013 was awarded to Bytes SI as a way of recognising the company’s accomplishments as an Alcatel-Lucent partner.

Alcatel-Lucent is at the forefront of global communications, providing products and innovations in IP and cloud networking, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access.

According to Leslie Cawood, Bytes SI’s Alcatel-Lucent Vendor and Sales Manager, the company won the award based on a number of considerations. These included sales and services, vendor management, logistics and customer service and marketing.

“This award clearly validates the strength of the Bytes SI and Alcatel-Lucent relationship. It’s simply a tangible demonstration of the kind of trusted partnership our two organisations have,” says Cawood.

Partner excellence for Bytes SI, he adds, is built on consistently meeting the requirements of the Alcatel-Lucent business plan, as well as the training requirements and developing the requisite skill levels. In addition, the company grows the partnership by unfailingly meeting the business objectives within the relevant product lines and through consistent growth within the wireless and data space.

“An award of this nature will also give our customers even more confidence in utilising our services as an Alcatel-Lucent partner. Furthermore, this will have a knock-on effect in terms of wallet share in other business lines, as it demonstrates the trust vendors have in our skills in delivering their product lines into our own customer base.”

“We are really pleased to have received this award, as it is a definite indication that all our hard work in this arena is paying off. It is always great to be part of a winning team and, more crucially, to be recognised by our partners as such,” he concludes.

Software renewals – creating profitable revenue streams for the channel

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By Fred Mitchell, Symantec Division Manager, Drive Control Corporation

Resellers face the challenge of decreasing margins, a highly competitive market, shrinking end user customer budgets and more. Further exacerbating this situation is instances of vendors and some distributors ‘going direct’, eroding opportunities and revenue. As such, staying ahead in the channel is becoming increasingly difficult and resellers must look towards additional revenue streams in order to remain profitable. Software renewals, particularly in the security space, offer the ideal solution to this challenge, providing channel resellers with relatively simply acquired, on-going revenue streams that can assist with profitability and customer relationships.

Security software is a vital tool in a connected world, and organisations and individuals alike recognise the critical nature of these solutions. While they are often a grudge purchase, the need to protect digital assets from cybercrime and malware is well understood, making security solutions an easier sell. However, simply dropping a software box means that resellers are missing out on an excellent opportunity to create new and profitable revenue streams. Managing the process of software renewals can offer multiple benefits to resellers to not only improve their margins, but also develop stronger relationships with customers, which in turn creates additional business in the future.

The most obvious reason for resellers to manage the licensing and renewals process for their customers is the creation of annuity revenue. It is well known that maintaining an existing customer is far easier than winning a new one, and in the case of software renewals, can create up to 40% of the revenue from previous years’ software sales with very little effort. But failing to assist customers with renewing their licenses, resellers can miss out on receiving a substantial income. By managing this process and ensuring licenses are kept up to date, resellers can harness this income while at the same time freeing up their sales team to win over new customers and improve turnover.

In addition to creating annuity income, software renewals present opportunities for both upselling and cross selling. Software licenses generally last for between one and two years, during which time technology can change dramatically. This means that the client’s IT infrastructure and architecture have in all probability evolved along with this change. Extra computers may have been added, along with additional servers, which all require protection. The current solution may no longer be the best to suit their needs, as their security needs may have changed. The renewals period is an excellent opportunity to ascertain the customer’s current and future needs to ensure the correct solution is sold, as well as presenting an opportunity to sell complementary products that will enhance existing business and security solutions.

As an extension of ensuring software licenses are up to date and that customers have the correct solutions in place, resellers can also benefit from improved customer relationships, as well as improved vendor relationships.

The right solution, up to date and optimised, will continue to protect customers’ machines and run smoothly with no hassles, assisting with maintaining the performance of their systems. Resellers can become trusted partners, to whom clients will look when they require additional technology solutions, again providing new revenue streams and additional opportunities for income.

The management of licences can become onerous from a vendor perspective, and ensuring that the licences are renewed timeously can be a challenge. Vendors are continually looking for distributors and resellers that can provide this crucial management component. Resellers that can effectively manage this process can benefit from more vendor confidence and an improved relationship.

When it comes to ensuring profitable channel and reseller business, tackling the software renewals challenge is a win-win scenario. Not only is annuity income provided, which is essentially a profitable revenue stream involving very little effort, relationships with both vendors and customers can be improved. This has knock-on benefits for a more profitable business too. Ensuring customer software licenses are up to date is a sound business strategy that will pay substantial dividends.

Digital Express doubles volume, boosts quality with Xerox

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Digital Express, one of Cape Town’s largest high-end commercial printers, has doubled its digital printing production volume and slashed operating costs with the purchase of a Xerox Colour 1000 digital colour press from Bytes Document Solutions and Oxbow.

“As a Xerox digital shop we’ve worked with different types of machines over the past few years, however in order to get the business where we wanted, a decision was made to overcome the volume limitations of the technology, mainly due to high ‘click costs’ compared to offset printing,” says Digital Express managing director Dale Clay.

“We also experienced issues with matching colours, specifically corporate palettes. It took several passes to get the orange hue of a particularly popular Cape Town menu to print accurately on our previous machine, and when you’re promising your customers a 24-hour turnaround, time is not your friend.”

From student walk-ins to precision printing for large corporate customers, Digital Express has grown its business more than 400 percent since opening its doors in Rondebosch, Cape Town, six years ago. Now located in the hub of Cape Town’s business district, the company needed an injection of new technology to maintain its growth trajectory.

The Xerox Colour 1000 blurs the lines between mid-volume digital printing and litho quality. A powerful engine capable of running 24×7 is supported by an integrated design that accommodates two 2,000-sheet media trays, capable of handling both lightweight and heavyweight stocks from 55-350gsm at speeds up to 100ppm. An additional two 2,000-sheet tray module can be added to extend paper capacities for a total of 8,000 sheets and four pick points that accommodate different stocks.

In addition, advanced profiling features and automated colour calibration through Xerox’s Automated Colour Quality Suite maps RGB and CMYK source images to a desired output standard, making it easier for operators to produce consistent output on any media.

Aside from the tangible benefits, Clay believes the relationship with Oxbow and Bytes Document Solutions is the real differentiator.

“We will only buy Xerox because of them,” he says. “When we started our business Oxbow and Bytes were there to help. If I have a problem I can call Oxbow and have a team on site in an hour, whether it’s 10am on a Monday or 2am on a Saturday. Our business never stops, and neither does their service.”

“It’s a symbiotic relationship between supplier and customer,” says Oxbow business development specialist Stuart Daniels. “We simplify how work gets done so customers can focus on what matters, helping them identify new business opportunities and discussing technical specifications that can help the staff configure the machines to match their needs.”

Oxbow managing director Brett Furlong concurs: “Often success in this business owes as much to the staff operating the equipment as it does the equipment itself. It’s our responsibility to ensure our customers are not only trained in every aspect of the equipment we sell them, but continue to receive support, feedback and additional training to help them grow and develop their own business opportunities.”

GIT helps EACB Studio deploy a CCTV solution in two hours, catch thief red-handed

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When EACB Studio director Casper Badenhorst discovered funds were missing from his office at his business premises in Sandown Square, Johannesburg, he had to act quickly to identify the culprit and prevent further loss. To secure evidence, high quality footage of the perpetrator in action was needed. With less than two hours to acquire, configure and set up a hidden camera, he turned to Graphic Image Technologies (GIT) for a solution.

Explains Badenhorst: “A large sum of money had been stolen and we had good reason to suspect that a particular member of staff who held a position of trust was responsible. When I received further evidence – a webcam picture taken of a person illegally opening one of the safes on the premises – that it was indeed the person we suspected, we immediately set up a sting operation.

“One of the crucial components was to source a camera solution and install it in my office, with less than a day’s notice, before the perpetrator committed the crime again. Small tasks were given to each staff member to ensure they were out of the office which gave us a one hour window period to install. This proved a challenge as we were unable to source a supplier that was willing or able to commit to designing and configuring a CCTV solution for us in the short timeframe we had to work with. When we called on GIT’s Laurence Smith, however, we got an immediate positive response.”

GIT is a specialist in mobile and remote CCTV and control room technologies as well as in broadcast video compression and allied technologies. It has a strong relationship with EACB Studios, having installed CCTV solutions at a number of the organisations’ business and retail outlets in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Says Smith: “Our team was able to very quickly put together a compact, robust two-camera CCTV solution from our SerVision range for EACB Studio, configuring and testing it at GIT’s premises. The cameras record directly onto a small CCTV server and remote users can access live or recorded footage via the network. The SerVision range is characterised by its ease of use and its breadth of capability in terms of recording, storing, and transmitting footage in demanding environments, making it an ideal solution for EACB Studio’s purposes.”

The CVG-M comprises a cost-effective video gateway that supports two camera inputs and uses SerVision’s proprietary video compression technology to transmit and record high quality video with the use of a built-in 3G GSM module or Ethernet interface. The unit also features a removable MicroSD card (4-32 Gigabyte) for local recording and an integrated sensor and activator for specific event detection and handling. Remote users can access live video via a Smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Notes Badenhorst: “The solution was literally plug and play. We brought it back to the office, plugged it into a power outlet and connected it to our network … and it worked! The perpetrator was caught red-handed on camera and arrested.”

“We received excellent service from GIT – within an hour they implemented a solution that met all of our needs. It was easy and fast to install, allowed for remote viewing of live footage, and recorded and stored High Definition (HD) footage for use as evidence in a court of law.”

EACB Studios will continue to make use of the SerVision solution, deploying it as a back-up unit within its retail and office facilities.

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Effective data governance is critical to leveraging insight from Big Data

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By Gary Allemann, Managing Director at Master Data Management

Big Data analytics is touted for its ability to help organisations in the financial services industry to improve their customer experience, manage risk, more accurately detect fraud, and deliver a host of other benefits. However, financial services organisations also need to comply with a variety of regulations, both local and international, around access to information, client privacy and so on.

The conflicting demands of driving as much insight as possible from Big Data while complying with legislation need to be carefully managed to ensure Big Data is used in a responsible fashion to drive the insights required. Data governance and data quality are key in achieving the benefits of Big Data while meeting compliance objectives.

Insights derived from the analysis of Big Data can assist financial services organisations in a number of areas. However, privacy, particularly privacy of customer information, has become increasingly important in recent years. For example, in South Africa, the Protection of Personal Information Bill (PoPI) has been signed in to law, promising severe penalties for companies that abuse personal information. PoPI is a data governance bill, governing the full life cycle of personal data from capture to destruction. In light of this and similar legislation governing data usage, it is vital to ensure that any use of Big Data is appropriate and does not conflict with compliance objectives.

These challenges are exacerbated by the relative lack of practical experience of South African professionals in big data implementations. Master Data Management’s Gary Allemann is chairing the Big Data and Analytics in Finance Conference, taking place at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai from 01 – 02 April 2014. The conference features practical case studies from some of the world’s largest financial institutions on the application of Big Data to improve the customer experience and manage risk. The experts will also cover the importance of data governance, compliance and data quality to their big data successes.

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AccTech assists Government with capital budgets and expenditure

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Legislation and Government policies are forcing Government sectors to plan their expenditure more accurately in order to manage its workforce, improve productivity and ultimately improve bottom-line profitability.

AccTech Systems will be showcasing capital and operational budget control for Sage 300 ERP at the Government Systems Auditability Forum.  The event is being held at Burgers Park Hotel in Pretoria on 19 March 2014.  (

For capital expenditure, AccTech Systems’ solution manages the entire budgeting, acquisition and receipting and asset registry process in one user-friendly interface.

AccTech Chief Executive Officer Tertius Zitzke says every organisation, including Government, has to plan for capital expenditure. “Whether it’s a new building or the renovation of an existing building, a new vehicle or a new piece of equipment, these assets add value to your organisation. The process of budgeting for these capital items is often fraught with difficulties.”

“How do you manage the budgeting of CAPEX items across different divisions in your organisation? How do you manage the approval process of these divisional CAPEX budgets? Once acquired, do you still manually add these CAPEX items to your asset register?” he asks.

With AccTech Capital Budgets, CFOs and financial managers can produce familiar Microsoft Excel budget templates that allow divisions to submit their budgets in a uniform and consistent manner. Through its customisable workflow framework, budgets can be approved or declined, and its standard audit trail capabilities track every user-action, providing improved corporate governance.

Divisions can also budget on multiple levels, a function that is not always available in a standard general ledger. Once the budgets are approved, AccTech Capital Budgets manages the entire procurement cycle, again through multiple levels of work-flowed approvals. Once receipted, the newly acquired items are automatically added to the asset register allowing for immediate and accurate depreciation rules to kick in.

Standard reports include an overview of divisional and total CAPEX budgets; CAPEX spend analysis and CAPEX Vendor Analysis, including aspects such as Vendor BBBEE ratings.

If you would like to attend the event please email Tana Roberts at or contact her on (012) 640-2616.

The power of PocketWiFi

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The PocketWiFi was made available to executives over a year ago, offering them a secure connection to the Internet in 127 countries, while eliminating data roaming costs. Craig Lowe, founder of execMobile says that the device has saved its customers over R10-million.

The technology behind the PocketWiFi has undergone a metamorphosis based on 14 months of customer feedback. The key, however, for our customers is not the disruptive technology we have employed, but simply that our service is now more convenient than ever before and offers superior benefits.

The primary benefits are increased coverage (127 countries, up from 110), decreased daily rates (R199 per day, down from R349), improved internet connection quality, longer battery life and the ability to use the device in South Africa at local rates.

In the near future, customers will also be able to profile their internet connection and apply company policies, limiting or preventing access to certain websites, on a per-device basis. execMobile is also working with Cape Town-based company, Flickswitch, to add bespoke destinations which are not included in the 127 country list.

For South African companies looking to expand into Africa, the coverage already includes 21 African and Middle East destinations, including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, DRC, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and many others.

The disruptive roaming data coverage and pricing has been made possible by execMobile’s partnership with Webbing, an Israeli technology company. The standard ZTE MF60 wireless router has been modified to no longer utilise multiple IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity) technology on a single roaming SIM, but rather multiple SIMs and machine-to-machine connections.

The PocketWiFi is monitored and managed by a control SIM, which automatically selects the most appropriate and efficient mobile network in the destination country to connect to. The beauty for the user, however, is that the device retains its incredibly simple WiFi interface and requires no setup from the user; simply switch it on and it’s ready to connect.

Research by execMobile shows that the average data usage rate per individual was 146 megabytes (MB) per day when using the Unlimited service. Based on this research and predicted future trends, execMobile’s new Webbing PocketWiFi service is available from R199 per day, which includes a 300MB data bundle. This means that users can now connect up to five WiFi-enabled devices simultaneously from as little as 66c per MB when roaming.

When travelling overseas, the need to remain connected is becoming increasingly important. This is especially true for business travellers whose companies support a mobile workforce or have moved their services into the cloud. This is really where PocketWiFi comes into its own, allowing travellers to better manage their data connectivity and charges effortlessly while abroad.


Wipro launches computer learning incubator, library at rural KZN school

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Wipro Ltd. (NYSE: WIT), the global Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing company has launched a Computer Learning Incubator and a library at the Gobandlovu Primary School, located in Esikhawini in KwaZulu-Natal.

The Gobandlovu Primary School is among those that lack both a library and basic computer equipment with internet access. To address this need, Wipro established a Computer Learning Incubator (CLI), a facility that provides PCs and internet connectivity to the students. The CLI can be utilised by the local community like an internet café. The construction of the centre was enabled by Breadline Africa and funded by Wipro.

Breadline Africa renovates disused shipping containers and recycles them for essential community purposes. Since their establishment in 1993, they have provided over 190 containers to poverty stricken communities. For the past four years, the Cape Town based NGO has worked with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory to place container libraries in each of the nine provinces. To date, 39 library containers have been placed in schools across the country.

The findings of an annual national assessment report on junior education shows that the national average performance in literacy stands at 35% among grade three pupils and at 28% for grade six. In addition to the CLI, Wipro stepped forward and fashioned a library from a refurbished shipping container, housing over 5,000 educational books and training materials for the students and teachers. This initiative aligns with the South African government’s vision to increase access to essential resources for an enriched education.

Shailendra Singh, Business Director, Africa region, Wipro said, “We believe that a successful business should assume responsibility to give back to the society. At Wipro, we are planning many such initiatives to promote education and facilitate self-sustaining enterprises in the local community.“

Nokulunga Lungi, a resident of Johannesburg, has been selected to manage the operations of Gobandlovu School initiative, and has been trained by Wipro in end user computing and general business principles and acumen. In the first year, Wipro will bear her salary along with all the operational expenses of this initiative with the vision of growing this enterprise into a self-sustaining entity.

Explaining the significance of this initiative to the local community, Nokulunga Lungi said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to help people in the Esikhawini area. Having access to computers and to the internet will make a huge difference to our lives. I’m very pleased to be part of this initiative, and look forward to learning how to build a business with Wipro’s support.”

“Literacy and the right to education is a human right,” Director of Breadline Africa, Tim Smith said of the initiative. “Libraries help foster a love of reading and provide a world of opportunity to children. Through the generosity of companies like Wipro, the initiative has reached more than 30,000 children, many of whom are entering the world of reading for the first time.”

Wipro is committed to being an involved participant in its communities and the larger society. Since the beginning of the last decade, Wipro has unveiled several initiatives targeted at helping address issues dogging India’s education system. A key initiative, Wipro’s Applying Thought in Schools aims to improve the quality of school education. Mission10x is another program wherein the company works with college teachers to enhance employability skills of engineering graduates in India. Wipro has also launched fellowship programs in the US to improve the performance of students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Left to right: Mr. V. K. Sharma, High Commissioner of India,  Shilpa Yohannan from Wipro, Mrs Manyathi - Principal of Gobandlovu Primary School, Nokulunga Lungi, Jade Orgill from Breadline

Left to right: Mr. V. K. Sharma, High Commissioner of India, Shilpa Yohannan from Wipro, Mrs Manyathi – Principal of Gobandlovu Primary School, Nokulunga Lungi, Jade Orgill from Breadline

How Turla and “worst breach of U.S. military computers in history” are connected

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Experts from G-Data and BAE Systems recently released information about a persistent cyber espionage operation codenamed Turla (also referred to as Snake or Uroburos). Further to this, Kaspersky Lab’s research and analysis team have now found an unexpected connection between Turla and an existing piece of malware known as Agent.BTZ.

In 2008, Agent.BTZ infected the local networks of the United States Central Command’s in the Middle East, and was called at the time the “worst breach of U.S. military computers in history”. It took specialists at the Pentagon some 14 months to completely disinfect Agent.BTZ from military networks, and it was this experience that lead to the creation of the US Cyber Command. The worm, thought to have been created around 2007, has the ability to scan computers for sensitive information and send data to a remote command and control server.

Source of inspiration:

Kaspersky Lab first became aware of the Turla cyber espionage campaign in March 2013, when the company’s experts were investigating an incident involving a highly sophisticated rootkit. Originally known as the “Sun rootkit”, based on a filename used as a virtual file system “sunstore.dmp”, it is also accessible as “\\.\Sundrive1” and “\\.\Sundrive2”. The “Sun rootkit” and Snake are in fact one and the same.

It was during this research that Kaspersky Lab’s experts found some interesting links between Turla, a highly sophisticated, multifunctional programme and Agent.btz. The Agent.btz worm seems to have served as an inspiration for the creation of a range of the most sophisticated cyber espionage tools to date, including Red October, Turla and Flame/Gauss:

  • Red October developers clearly knew about Agent.btz’s functionality as their USB Stealer module (created in 2010-2011) searches for the worm’s data containers (“mssysmgr.ocx” and “thumb.dd” files) which hold information about infected systems and activity logs, and then steal it from the connected USB drives.
  • Turla uses the same file names for its logs (“mswmpdat.tlb”, “winview.ocx” and “wmcache.nld”) whilst stored in the infected system, and the same XOR key for encrypting its log files as Agent.btz.
  • Flame/Gauss use similar naming conventions such as “*.ocx” files and “thumb*.db”. Also, they use the USB drive as a container for stolen data.

A question of attribution:

Considering these facts, it is obvious that developers of the four cyber espionage campaigns studied Agent.btz in detail to understand how it works, the file names it uses, and used this information as a model for the development of the malware programmes, all of which had similar goals. But does this mean that there is a direct link between developers of these cyber espionage tools?

“It is not possible to draw such a conclusion based on these facts alone,” says Aleks Gostev, Chief Security Expert at Kaspersky Lab. “The information used by developers was publicly known at the time of Red October and Flame/Gauss’ creation. It is no secret that Agent.btz used “thumb.dd” as a container file to collect information from infected systems and in addition, the XOR key used by the developers of Turla and Agent.btz to encrypt their log files was also published in 2008. We do not know when this key was first used in Turla, but we can see it for certain in the latest samples of the malware, which were created around 2013-2014. At the same time, there is some evidence which points towards Turla’s development starting in 2006 – before any known sample of Agent.btz; which leaves the question open.”

Agent.btz – to be continued?

There have been numerous modifications of the Agent.btz worm. Today, our products detect all of its forms within the main verdict of Worm.Win32.Orbina. Due to its replication method (via USB flash drives) it has become widespread globally. From Kaspersky Lab’s data it is possible to see that in 2013 Agent.btz was discovered on 13800 systems across 100 countries. This leads us to conclude that there are probably tens thousands of USB drives around the world infected with Agent.btz, containing the “thumb.dd” file with information about infected systems.

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CommVault enables network of 200+ service providers globally to deliver cloud data protection

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  • Collaboration underpins strategy to capitalize on market shift to public cloud infrastructures
  • Investments in the CommVault Cloud Solutions Group reduce the time, costs, and risks of deploying new cloud solutions
  • API integrations allow providers to utilize Web-based self-service portals, workflow automation, efficient data movement, and rapid protection of virtual workloads

CommVault has announced that the Simpana 10 software platform has become the data protection platform of choice for more than 200 certified service providers, which provides cloud solutions to millions of client systems worldwide and protects hundreds of petabytes of data.

The company also unveiled a three-pronged cloud business strategy that builds on its leadership in software innovation and, through strategic relationships with service provider partners, delivers solutions to simplify and secure the transition of these service providers and their customers to cloud computing. To achieve this, CommVault utilises its single software platform to power the most efficient cloud infrastructures, and is expanding market reach through a broad cloud ecosystem and further investing in its cloud solutions group. This vision is underpinned by CommVault’s early investments in cloud technologies in anticipation of the paradigm shift now taking place in IT consumption and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

“The dynamics of our industry are shifting at light speed as organisations accelerate usage of cloud services. CommVault provides our customers and partners with the capabilities needed for protection of data to the cloud, in the cloud and cloud-to-cloud,” says N. Robert Hammer, chairman, president and CEO, CommVault. “Simpana software provides customers with a unique single platform view into data across the heterogeneous enterprise. The scalability, security, automation and reporting features in Simpana 10 are second to none for powering the most efficient cloud infrastructures.”

To deliver flexibility, scalability and operational efficiency for both partners and end user clients, CommVault has designed Simpana software to be one of the most open cloud data management platform available in the market today. CommVault’s technology is integrated across a comprehensive range of storage technologies, cloud infrastructure platforms, Operating Systems (OS), hypervisors and enterprise applications – providing consistent management and reporting tools, and an enterprise-wide view into data, across heterogeneous environments through a single platform.

Enables Data Management-as-a-Service for Provider Partners and Customers

As companies of all sizes and markets rapidly adopt cloud infrastructures for improved costs, speed and agility, CommVault is committed to its partner community to address this growing trend. Customers looking to move IT operations into the cloud depend on service providers to help them migrate, manage and protect their cloud infrastructures. CommVault has partnered with a broad ecosystem of service provider partners so they can effectively deliver data management-as-a-service solutions based on Simpana software across geographies, vertical industries and offerings. The company’s strategy accelerates adoption of cloud computing by:

  • Powering the most efficient cloud infrastructures – Through a single software platform approach, CommVault partners are able to run the same workloads using 50 percent less infrastructure than a leading alternative, greatly improve staff productivity, and accelerate time-to-revenue for new offerings. CommVault allows service provider partners to support a full portfolio of cloud data services – across backup, archive, disaster recovery, and search – with a single software platform and leveraging shared infrastructure. Through API integrations, service providers can uniquely provide fully web-based self-service portals, workflow automation, efficient data movement, and rapid protection of virtual workloads for superior client experiences.
  • Expanding market reach through broad cloud ecosystem – Leading providers who have integrated Simpana software into their cloud solution portfolios include Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon S3 and Glacier, NetApp, Rackspace. CommVault’s cloud capabilities stretch from private to public and hybrid cloud infrastructures, from data centres to devices at the edge, supporting the most prolific set of choices for our customers and providers.
  • Investing in cloud solutions group – CommVault extends its partner competencies, through cloud domain expertise and collaborative engagement models that significantly reduce the time, costs, and risks of standing up new cloud solutions. For organisations strapped for in-house expertise, resourcing, or budgets to do it all themselves, CommVault can help service provider partners increase the success of defining, developing, and delivering new cloud-based solutions.

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