Vox Amvia offers world first in faxing market

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Vox Amvia has created a world first by offering a full turnkey faxing solution built on RightFax technology as its core. This incorporates RightFax servers and associated services, SLAs and managed services, hosted fax solutions such as fax to email, bulk fax and pay as you use RightFax and fax traffic solutions  which dramatically reduce Telco costs.

According to Craig Freer, MD of Vox Amvia, there are a number of advantages of partnering with a complete faxing provider. “The most obvious one is cost; by working through one supplier your economies of scale improve, resulting in significant savings particularly for larger organisations.”

“Security is also improved as one company is responsible for safeguarding your information; this, combined with the benefits of the RightFax server, whether it is owned or outsourced, will ensure that your organisation remains corporate compliant.”

However, the major benefit is choice, in that companies now have access to best of breed technology, albeit with a business model structured to their requirements. “As a business you should have the option to choose a service that suits your needs and, more importantly, your budget. Clients may want to access fax through software as a service, while others may prefer to outsource the entire process,” adds Freer.

“Faxing is business critical and is still the only corporate compliant form of document transfer; so before you choose your fax supplier, make sure that they can offer a solution geared to your exact business needs.”

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