The Notebook Company changes its name to The New iPad Company

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The Notebook Company – one of South Africa’s most successful notebook and accessories retailers – has announced it will be changing its name to The iPad Company due to management’s belief that iPads are usurping laptops in popularity, and that the world is now entering the post PC age.

The Notebook Company ( was established in April 1998 and sells a wide range of brand name laptops, including Asus, Dell, HP and Compaq.

Commenting on the name-change, Christopher Riley, the founder and MD of The Notebook Company, said that “in those days” it appeared that the PC business was going in the directions of notebooks – “and the word then meant thin laptop”. “Lately,” however, “said Riley, the two words have become interchangeable. We started selling iPads two years ago -in 2010. Growth was rapid and for our financial year ending
February 2012 we saw that iPad sales amounted to 35 % of our sales.

“Due to the shift in market trends towards iPads – which appears to be inexorable – we decided to re-brand as ‘The New iPad Company’.

“We know there might be Trademark infringements, but we have discussed it with our legal advisors – and have set funds available to defend such Trademark infringement battles. We are not new to this as we had to re-brand one of our website to instead of - and have quite a lot of experience receiving letters from copy right attorneys, Adams and Adams.”

Riley said the company “has taken the first steps” of registering and – and will be completing its rebranding during the month of April. “Our customers have spoken and we are delivering. We were one of the first companies in South Africa to offer the iPad 2 range last year – and we were the first to have the whole range of the new Apple iPad 3 this year.’’

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