Telkom Mobile gives South Africans a free unlimited Wi-Fi treat

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The country’s favourite 3G and LTE network provides unbeatable value for money on the go

Telkom Mobile, South Africa’s fourth mobile operator, has given free access to Wi-Fi to all South Africans at any of over 1 500 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country.

The promotion, which runs from 8 August to 15 December 2013, gives all Telkom Mobile and non-Telkom Mobile customers an hour every day to use an unlimited amount of data. This gives users an opportunity to experience why Telkom Mobile was recently voted the best data network in South Africa in the My Broadband June 2013 broadband survey.

Telkom Mobile has over 3 000 Wi-Fi Hotspots nationally, over 1 500 are already active, making it the largest Wi-Fi network in South Africa. The Wi-Fi hotspot network is an extension of the company’s award winning 3G and LTE networks, providing subscribers with access to an extended data coverage foot print.

The Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots can be found in varied locations from national chains to local mom and pop outlets. Some of the participating partners include Primi Piatti, King Pie, McDonald’s, Hungry Lion, Wimpy, Steers, Chesanyama and Ocean Basket. Customers can visit to locate additional Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

Wi-Fi is increasingly a lifestyle requirement. Many people take it for granted that when they go to coffee shops, to get their hair done or go shopping that they will be able to access Wi-Fi. This is why Telkom Mobile is rolling out an extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Telkom Mobile already offers existing customers on many of their voice, hybrid and data plans 10 gigs of free Wi-Fi per month. This promotional offer lowers the barrier to access for many more South Africans, providing them with an opportunity to experience Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi without the financial commitment.

For those Telkom Mobile customers that enjoy the experience and convenience of Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi and are not on a package offering free Wi-Fi, bundles are available to extend their access.

Connecting to Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi is easy. Customers who wish to take advantage of this offer simply SMS the word “free” and their email address to 32707 to receive logon details for their 60 minutes of free unlimited Wi-Fi access.

Users must have a device that can use Wi-Fi, such as a personal computer, laptop, video game console, Smartphone, tablet, or digital audio player. The device should have the ability to send and receive SMS.

The Free Unlimited Wi-Fi promotion is just one of the many products Telkom Mobile has on offer for the consumer who is looking for great value for money. Like the recently launched SIM-SONKE prepaid voice product that offers the lowest standard call rate in the country, or the 25+25 Gig data bundle that equates to a low 2 cents per megabyte, the Free Unlimited Wi-Fi promotion entrenches Telkom Mobile’s position as the mobile network that provides value for those who call a lot and data hungry consumers.

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