Supply of iPad 3 problematic

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CORE (aka Apple SA) does well in its supply of the new iPads, but supply remains a problem

The stock shortage of the new Apple iPad units know as the new iPad or the iPad 3continues, with suppliers struggling to provide the market with enough stock as demand is high. Prices vary and eager users who want to get their hands on the latest iPads are often willing to pay a premium.

Christopher Riley, MD of notebook and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company ( /, said he is doing his best to supply the company’s clients. “We were the first company in SA to secure stock of the new units, albeit at a premium. We continue to try and meet the demand, even though we acknowledge that our clients are paying a premium. But they are aware of this.”

Riley said the local Apple distributor, Core, is doing a “stalwart job” to try and supply the market with what he said was “very aggressive pricing”.

Core is offering the new ipad / iPad3 Wi Fi enabled 4G (which works on 3G in SA) units at “keen prices”. The 16 GB 4G iPad comes in at R6 299, the 32 GG 4G at R7 299 and the 64 GB 4G at R8 299.

“These are very good prices,” said Riley. “Currently they are hard to match but we are listening to our clients – many of whom just want stock – even if they are paying a premium.”

He added that Core has done very well to make these prices available to the public. “However,” he added, “ I expect them to run into supply problems – but hope, for the public’s sake, that this does not happen too soon. The continuing problem is that end users often have to wait for stock for indefinite periods. We still have units available but we are warning the marketplace that our prices are 15% higher right now. We are not even able to buy at the USD Retail price of USD829. We are paying close on USD 1000 – and then still have to pay shipping on small quanties, clearing agents and VAT. But we are listening to what our clients want – so we will continue to try and provide stock as fast as possible.”

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