Smokoo: A Modern Aladdin’s Cave

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When browsing through the recent offerings on the online auction site, it would be easy to draw the conclusion that one had lost touch with trends in modern technology.

By now, most South African internet users have been made aware via press releases, newsletters and social networks that Smokoo has a reputation for outrageous discounts and tension filled excitement.

Their new generation pay-to-bid online auction site has captured the attention of thousands of visitors and enabled many of them to buy top-quality branded items for mere lunch money.

In addition to these awesome bargains, however, this innovative new site has been filling its virtual shelves with a selection of some of the most desirable and hard-to-find electronic items ever seen in the country. In fact, you may have never even have heard of some of them!

Take the “Dell Streak Tablet”, for example.  First released in May this year in the UK and a month or so later in the United States, it is still something of a rarity in South Africa. This amazing little widget is a hybrid device, that operates somewhere between a smart phone and a netbook and combines the functions of a mobile phone, a video messaging system, a laptop computer, a Gameboy and an MP3 player. Always exploring the cutting edge of technology,  Smokoo became the  first local auction site to offer South Africans the product and one of its bidders recently grabbed this R9 000 gem for just R14.39.

Flat screen TVs are not exactly new, but LED driven models most certainly are. Claimed to outperform and outlast the more common LCD technology, the LED format appears set to become the new benchmark for high definition TV sets. Once again Smokoo has gone the extra mile to bring their members the latest and best and, tonight at 8.00pm, the clock will begin counting down on a truly amazing SONY LED 40” model. Not only is it compatible with everything but the kitchen sink, this machine can even detect when there has  been nobody in the room for a while and switch itself off.

Among the other highly sought-after goods to find their way into the homes of lucky Smokoo bidders was this year’s big double act from Apple. Several of those amazing iPads that combine all the facilities of a Kindle online book reader with the full functionality of a hand-held computer were among the first to be won and these were closely followed by a clutch of iPhone 4 mobiles. Naturally, every one of these still-rare toys was bought for less than two percent of the recommended retail price.

For the electronics fan, Smokoo has positioned itself as a veritable Aladdin’s cave with distinctly modern tastes. However, for those less interested in gadgets, there is still the prospect of a Louis Vuitton handbag for the ladies, a Rolex Daytona for the gents or a relaxing vacation for the couples.  At Smokoo, all things appear possible.

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