Samsung Forges Strategic Partnerships to Deliver Powerful and Flexible Enterprise Printing Solutions

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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has announced that its enterprise printing solution business is ready to provide a dynamic suite of solutions. Using relationships with strategic partners, Samsung has prepared a number of printing solutions to be integrated with its devices based on the powerful and flexible eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA) platform. With the XOA platform, Samsung can provide customised enterprise solutions integrated with printers and copiers to meet the specific requirements of a variety of customers.

“We are pleased to announce that the XOA is ready for business, complete with an array of enterprise solutions from our partners,” said Mr. Sangjae Eom, Vice President of the B2B Marketing Group, IT Solutions Business, Samsung Electronics. “We believe our enterprise partner solutions will expand Samsung’s ability to offer integrated solutions to enterprise businesses.”

Samsung has been working with strategic partners to integrate their solutions into devices with the XOA platform. Ten partner solutions to enhance the printers’ core functions have passed the verification and validation process, and are ready for launch.

Beyond these initial partner solutions, Samsung anticipates there will be more solutions integrated with the official launch of XOA due in 2011 and is expecting to grow its enterprise printing solution business throughout the year.

“These are certainly exciting times for businesses in South Africa, and such platforms will enable businesses to effectively align their objectives and streamline processes more proficiently,” says Strother Smith, National Account Manager, Office Automation, at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

Samsung printing devices SCX-5835NX, SCX-6545NX, SCX-6555NX, CLX-8385NX, CLX-9350, CLX-9250, SCX-8040 and SCX-8030 come complete with embedded XOA and are capable of running the partner solutions.

The strategic partner solutions will cover a range of offerings from document output management to document management. The ten solutions are:


BITS offers OneStop Print Release, a cost-effective and simple secured printing solution. The user prints to a central print queue using a Samsung print driver as if they are printing directly to the device. The user can then collect the print-out from any XOA enabled device when they wish, following an authentication process. All activity is logged and can be reported for easy usage tracking.

DPD International

DPD International’s GoldFax platform for Samsung XOA enables organisations to gain centralised control of their inbound and outbound faxing, without the need for multi-function peripheral fax kits or fax lines. Faxes are instead managed via the internet through a GoldFax server. Users can send and receive faxes from any Samsung XOA device as well as through desktop applications and email. GoldFax reduces costs while increasing productivity as well as meeting security regulations.


Intellivue XOA is a platform combining Samsung’s XOA devices with Intellivue, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platform. Intellivue has created a new industry benchmark in its ability to deliver economic and operational impact with indexing, workflow, advanced security, and enhanced access control.


Itractive is a secure printing platform available with XOA. Using Itractive, the user can retrieve their print jobs from the document server at any company location – though the XOA device will be protected from any unauthorised copying or printing. Iractive’s software also includes monitoring and accounting services enabling the user to have full control over their printing environment.


MWAi provides MPS dealers with a PC-less device management solution. The XOA embedded software allows remote diagnostics, automated meter reading, automated service call creation as well as reporting and analytics.


Oberon offers Scanback Solution, a confidential document management system. Users can collect scanned documents and send them to any business application, making remote scanning an easy but secure process.

Prism Software

Prism Software provides a complete suite of software that manages an organisation’s complete electronic document lifecycle. Electronic documents captured from an XOA device can be automatically filed and archived into any company system equipped with a Zone OCR function, saving time and resource with regard to filing systems.

SC Synergy

SC Synergy provides a document capturing, processing and routing solution called SC_Cube.

SC_Cube offers secure and simple document archiving with automated workflow and indexing capabilities available via an XOA panel.


Ubiquitech provides an XOA-based job accounting system called EASY which, coupled with a print management platform called VDMS, provides major cost savings by linking users to their actual print output, providing department tracking and print quotas.

Wowsoft (only South Korea)

Wowsoft provides a whole set of security and cost saving solutions for enterprise organisations. Authentication, authorisation and log tracking are available for copying, scanning, faxing and printing – where and if necessary.


The XOA platform is scheduled to be available for purchase in South Africa through distributor, Taropa, within the next 6 weeks.

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