Nashua Mobile helps small businesses grow

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As small businesses grow, so does the complexity of keeping all your operations running smoothly. More customers, more products and more staff sometimes just seem to mean more headaches. At least one essential area of your operations can be handed over safely to a trustworthy party – Nashua Mobile, perfectly positioned to take care of all your communications needs as you grow.

Nashua Mobile gives small businesses access to one of the biggest selections of mobile, and data services in the country, along with a range of access devices to keep you and your team on the move and in contact at any time from any place. You may not need all of these solutions just yet, but as your business grows, Nashua Mobile is there to support you:

Once you have opened several branches, you need to manage their activities remotely, so you can receive information from them without leaving your main office. Telemetry uses the cellphone network to transmit data from the remote site to a monitoring station at your head office. Nashua Mobile’s telemetry solutions include secure access systems, vehicle tracking and systems to let vending machines transmit sales and inventory data.

Save on voice costs
As business starts to boom, you’ll be handling increasing call volumes and the cost of those calls can quickly spiral. Fortunately there are easy alternatives to cut your bills, Nashua Mobile has two options: Least Cost Routing (LCR) and VOiP. LCR slashes the cost of calling a cellphone by cleverly routing each call over the cheaper landline network, while VOiP offers the cheapest call rates via internet, turning costly voice calls into cheap data packets. To strengthen that offering, Nashua Mobile also provides the most cost-effective uncapped ADSL line.

SMS Gateway
Customers are vital to the success of your business and you need to communicate with them effectively. Nashua Mobile provides an easy bulk SMS solution – SMS Gateway.
This gives you the power of Bulk SMS via our user-friendly online portal, making it simple to stay in touch with customers on a timely and regular basis.
Nashua Mobile can also give you a 5-digit Premium Rate SMS number to run competitions, launch products and survey clients for interactive marketing campaigns.

Fixed and Low-Cost Data bundles
Growing your business doesn’t have to mean growing your data costs to match.
Nashua Mobile offers fixed-cost and low-cost data bundles to help avoid high data bills. Nashua Mobile provides this across all three networks, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C.

On the go
To manage your business effectively, you need to be on the move and that is Nashua Mobile’s specialty. We can kit you out with the latest mobile devices and offer you the most appropriate package across all three networks – MTN, Vodacom and Cell C. You can buy a laptop or a tablet from Nashua Mobile on your existing cellphone account, avoiding the hefty up-front fee of an outright purchase.

Wi-Fi Connectivity
To cut your office communications costs even more, installing a Wi-Fi router is the way to go. You can share data, print files and surf the internet wirelessly, cutting your bills and making your employees more productive at the same time.

Nashua Mobile knows that the small businesses of today are the great businesses of tomorrow. We’re an entrepreneurial company too, so if you need more advice on these and other workplace solutions, visit a Nashua Mobile store near you:


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