MTN Unipresence – Business anywhere with one number

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Making all your office tools work together

MTN Unipresence is an innovative offering from MTN Business that brings all your communication devices together under one number.

With MTN UniPresence, users can make and receive calls wherever they are over any of the available connections, but instead of having multiple numbers, there is only one with just one voice mail box.

The best thing about MTN Unipresence is that the management system is intelligent. If you are in a meeting, out of the office or simply not available, the intuitive routing and message capabilities are sophisticated enough to manage the caller’s expectations at all times and this seamless integration can be configured to suit any size business or individual need.

This offering has many benefits including scalability, leading technology, cost-reduction and the simplicity of a single provider. Plus it’s easy to manage and use. The convenient web portal control, plus usage and service reports help you manage users and forecast capacity requirements. MTN Business will even manage the set up for you, leaving you to focus on your core business.

You’ll have one number for all communication devices which means your customers only have to remember one number. A single phone number also helps your staff stay connected to customers and the office ensuring that important business opportunities are almost never missed.

You’ll only have to manage one mailbox, which means you no longer have to juggle between multiple voice mail boxes. MTN UniPresence lets you choose how you want to listen to your voice messages or you can simply receive them as emails on Outlook.

You also have useful options such as extension dialling, call transfer, Instant Messaging, conference calls, integration with Outlook and your company directories. MTN UniPresence gives you the ultimate flexibility to conduct business from any location and with high definition voice quality; your customers never need to know the difference.

MTN UniPresence works off your mobile connection, internet connection, Wi-fi or LAN helping to keep your overall costs down every month. Now you can replace your current hefty telephony costs with a simple, cost-effective, usage-based pricing model. Plus there’s no capital expenditure. MTN Unipresence is completely outsourced and will take care of the day-to-day maintenance of the service at no additional cost to your business.

To find how we can help you conduct your business anywhere with one number call 0877 40 40 40 or complete the form under contact us at

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