Mirifice gains media monitoring patent

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Mirifice Ltd has been granted a UK patent for the key technology used in its MiriMON quality of experience monitoring solution. MiriMON measures TV service delivery parameters on the set-top box (STB) in each consumer’s home and provides information to the TV service provider to improve service quality, reliability and support. MiriMON provides dedicated screens to inform the Network Management, Customer Contact Centre (Support) and Business Management functions.

UK Patent GB2430828 “Monitoring Apparatus” is broad in its nature and covers a unique system to gather, process and present the vast amount of data available when monitoring a large population of multimedia devices on a network. Monitored devices can include STBs, IDTVs, and mobile phones that receive digital television. The patented technology supports the pre-processing of data on the device, according to configurable rules and thresholds, which is essential to efficiently manage large device populations.

MiriMON technology allows TV service providers to reduce their operational costs, by reducing customer support calls, average call handing time and the number of truck rolls, while providing more efficient customer support. The additional information provided by MiriMON on content consumption and consumer preferences can also inform improvements in the content mix and packaging provided.

Mirifice CTO Alex Dick said “This patent grant underlines the investment in innovation that Mirifice has made and the unique benefits our products provide for TV operators. In MiriMON our engineers have combined advanced embedded programming, expertise in TV devices and expertise in the operational systems used by TV service providers.”

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