MICROmega’s Sebata obtains accreditation from FASSET

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Sebata, a subsidiary of JSE-listed MICROmega Holdings, has been accredited by the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education Training Authority (FASSET) on various financial standards that confirms it offers a high quality of training -and has excellent management principles in place.

Sebata’s FMS Skills Programme will enhance the competency levels and strengthen learner skills through effective work-based assessment strategies.

“Additionally, since the training programme offered by Sebata is credit bearing all participants can claim the training expense against their Mandatory Grant,” said Dylan Strydom, managing director of Sebata.

“This, said Strydom, “will also assist all Sebata clients in employee development, employee retention and career enhancement.”

A further benefit of being accredited is that there will be transferable knowledge within and outside the industry through programmes aligned to the Unit Standards and its modules of competency.

The company has been fully accredited for the following Unit Standards:

  • Prepare ledger balances and an initial trial balance, SAQA US ID: 12990, NQF LEVEL5
  • Evaluate the quality of a business debtor administration, ADMINISTRATION, SAQA US ID: 12739, NQF LEVEL 4
  • Perform Value Added Tax calculations and complete returns, SAQA US ID: 114735, NQF LEVEL 4
  • Administer income and receipts, SAQA US ID: 117419, NQF LEVEL 3
  • Prepare salaries, SAQA US ID: 117426, NQF LEVEL 3
  • Prepare general ledger accounts and initial trial balance, SAQA US ID: 117427, NQF LEVEL 3

The importance of Seta accreditation for a training company is vital, said Strydom.

To offer nationally recognised training, any Training Provider needs to be accredited by a relevant Education Training Quality Assurance Body (ETQA). This approval places a tick in the correct box, indicating that the provider gives transferable, outcomes-based and relevant training and assessment.

“By using the services of an Education and Training Quality Assurer (ETQA) accredited provider, the marketplace can be satisfactorily assured that learners are indeed gaining valuable knowledge during a training intervention which they can then apply effectively in the workplace,” said Strydom.


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