LaserCom partners with InfoSlips on customer communication

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LaserCom and InfoSlips, South Africa’s leading companies in their respective industries have partnered on communicating with their customers.

LaserCom generates more than 30 million personalised customer communication messages a year. InfoSlips generates millions of its award-winning digital InfoSlips – this makes the partnership a logical and profitable one, with bidirectional revenue exceeding R3 million in the first year of joint trading.

“Between us we reach customers through all channels,” says Alan Burger, MD of InfoSlips. “Our company does not worry about which channels are used to reach recipients: e-mail, mobile or online – and LaserCom does the print side of the communication. In both cases it means that customers only have to deal with one interface.”

LaserCom and InfoSlips cover most of the market, and a big part of their success has been their ability to give innovative solutions within specific verticals. These verticals include financial services, benefits administration, human resources, stock broking, telecoms, insurance and the investment industry. Types of documents delivered include cellular statements, benefit statements, daily trade notes and payslips, to physical transactional documents, such as tax invoices, statements and reminders, to promotional documents.

InfoSlips takes full control for every aspect of the electronic side of the partnership, managing creative, design, compositing, selection and execution.

“LaserCom is the fulfilment partner of choice for many leading corporate enterprises,” says Konni Hoferichter, MD of LaserCom, a company in Bytes Document Solutions, wholly owned by JSE-listed Altron. “This partnership has already delivered rich value to our mutual customer sets and we only see this accelerating.”

Since 2005 InfoSlips has become the de facto standard for providing superior corporate document solutions. InfoSlips are delivered in a secure, interactive and visually rich format.

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