Konica Minolta Medical SA introduces cost effective paper x-ray print solution

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A combination of the latest x-ray technology from Konica Minolta Medical Japan and print innovation from business technology company, Konica Minolta South Africa, allows Konica Minolta Medical South Africa (KMMSA) to produce high quality x-ray images on plain paper and, as a result, eliminate high film-printing costs.

This cost effective solution is made possible by linking Konica Minolta South Africa’s bizhub C220 model to Konica Minolta Medical South Africa’s digital radiography system.

Radiographers can use either their computed radiography (CR) or digital radiography (DR) acquired images and print these images on both A4 or A3 paper sizes. This technology also allows for printing n-up impositions, which is reducing and printing several images onto one page.

“Since these images will be handed to the referring doctor they do not require x-ray film for diagnostics, resulting in reduced costs. A CD with the original images can be made available to the referring doctor, keeping the process legal,” says Chrizelle van der Westhuizen, product manager at Konica Minolta Medical South Africa.

“When one considers that film costs approximately R25 per sheet to print and to produce an A3 print will cost approximately R3.50 per colour print, a total saving of 86 percent is achievable per print, and more if n-up is used.”

Although paper-printed radiology images are not suitable for making a diagnosis or for providing a diagnostic report, they are an appropriate patient’s copy. The bizhub C220 is also the ideal printer for printing x-rays as it is a colour printer incorporating sophisticated technology that enables clear and high quality printouts, which show unambiguous contrasts and details.

“Another bonus is that the multifunctional device has an inherent energy saving design making it environmentally friendly, high-speed throughput enabling faster productivity and it can be upgraded to offer full office functionality, if required by a practice,” adds Van der Westhuizen.

The synergy between KMMSA and Konica Minolta South Africa, both Bidvest Group companies, is most beneficial to clients, as the relationship means that software and hardware work optimally together providing an all-in-one cost effective solution to radiologists.

“Furthermore, the value of the after-sales service lies in the advanced technical skills available in-house at Konica Minolta, which eliminates outsourcing to a third party, allowing us to provide excellent customer service,” concludes Van der Westhuizen.

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