Exhibition Signage Solutions: You Only Get One Opportunity.

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Why content is king in an exhibition or trade show setting.

Business exhibitions are wonderful opportunities to market a product, service or organisation to the right group of people. Teeming with decision makers looking for the next big thing, industry specific trade shows or annual retreats are an effective advertising platform for many emerging entities looking to secure five valuable minutes with a major CEO or procurement officer.

That is why so many entrepreneurs allocate large amounts of capital towards digital signage solutions, stands and billboard advertising during these occasions. In the world of public exhibitions he who shouts loudest is most often heard.

Regrettably, the content businesses choose to display at these events is habitually lacking or misrepresentative of the product offering. Without a clear communication and marketing strategy, many entities find themselves investing significant funding into the platform without spending enough time on crafting the message.

The result is often disappointing. Poorly formatted presentation decks featuring grainy imagery, uninteresting video content strung together just days before the event on a mobile phone and unintuitive and often complex leave behind information are commonplace in these environments.

To get the right message across business owners should ensure that they allocate budget towards the full spectrum of public communication. This means creating content that is interesting, professional and effective.

A touch based approach an interactive response to this challenge. Today there are many platforms available to business owners that allow for a bespoke gesture based solution at an affordable price point.

Omnitapps, a business centric multi touch development hub, is one such offering.

Equipping the business owner with a comprehensive yet easy to use interface, this solution allows businesses to create their own touch portals swiftly and professionally. Coupled with a commercial grade display, this can often mean the difference between lack of interest in a corporate exhibition stand and becoming the life of the party – so to speak.

With so many efficient and affordable tools at our disposal there is simply no excuse for entrepreneurs to allow their organisation to be poorly represented at an exhibition or trade show. In these settings content and communication method are equally important. Instead of equipping large format displays with poor messaging, rather scale down and focus on sharing information that is interactive and entertaining.



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