Evolve AV and PVision help Sun City go digital

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Audio visual system integrator, Evolve Audio Visual, recently installed a selection of digital displays from display supplier PVision at Sun International’s Sun City resort and casino main hotel. The displays will cut the entertainment venue’s print costs for marketing materials, allow for time-sensitive marketing and enable the venue to communicate with patrons more effectively and efficiently.

EvolveAV installed two of PVision’s 70-inch displays — each weighing 130kg — three metres above the casino’s games floor draw area for use in a monthly lucky draw for most valued guests (MVGs). The displays are used to run games that form part of the monthly draw event and are used to promote the lucky draw during the rest of the month.

EvolveAV had to custom manufacture the mounting bracket system and the installation of the displays and all cabling took a day and a half to complete and sign-off.

EvolveAV also installed a 55-inch PVision Vertical Poster Display, which provides information to patrons and allows the venue to update its marketing materials far more rapidly than printed posters. All three displays are connected to Sun International’s locally developed Customer Information System (CIS) and dynamic content is delivered in a visually-rich and vibrant medium.

“We’ve enjoyed a strong working relationship with Sun City for more than two years by supplying them with AV solutions and have previously assisted them with display solutions in the gaming area,” said Mat-thews von Brandis, EvolveAV MD.

“The quality and range of products, their affordability and the after-sales support made PVision the obvious choice,” Von Brandis added.

Sun City primarily uses printed posters for internal advertising, but Von Brandis says the new 55-inch vertical-format display kiosk demonstrates Sun City’s intention to move to digital solutions from printed media and its recognition of the value they offer.

The digital display runs the same content as the printed posters, but allows Sun City to run content from multiple posters in one area, allowing for better customer engagement.

“Although digital displays require a high initial capital investment they reduce printing costs and are far more sustainable. Moreover, with a digital display you can run as many posters as you like in a single ses-sion or location, allowing you to communicate more information and update it more frequently. This allows you to react to current events or make changes to content with minimal effort and almost no cost.”

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