Enjoy a greener viewing experience courtesy of Samsung

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Global warming is on the increase presenting more alarming statistics each year, placing pressure on organisations to be more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly – and rightly so!

Says Corrie Labuschagne, Product and Marketing Manager for TVs at Samsung South Africa; “As a socially responsible corporate citizen it is our duty to do business in a way that enriches and contributes to saving our planet. It is with this in mind that Samsung global have worked hard to develop world class eco-friendly technologies, ensuring that our customers enjoy our products at a minimal impact to the environment.”

“Furthermore, It is our belief that Samsung is at the forefront of eco-technology, in fact Samsung are so serious about eco-awareness technology innovation that we are committed to increasing our energy efficiency by 45% each year – and we intend to do so through the enhancement and greening of our TV design and consequent manufacturing processes,” continues Labuschagne.

Through a design that keeps the environment top of mind, Samsung’s LED TVs are manufactured in a way that makes it possible to use harmless materials in production. The new Samsung LED TVs do not require Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light (CCLF) for backlighting and as a result are completely mercury-free. Additionally, these TVs do not use lead to attach any of the necessary components making the disposal and recycling of these products safe to manage and more importantly eco compliant.

Incorporating the lasted in LED technology, Samsung TVs having incredibly low power consumption levels, “Our TVs use up to 40% less energy and almost zero stand–by power, assisting us in ensuring that our products are meeting eco-friendly requirements;” continues Labuschagne. The unique Eco Sensors measure the intensity of the room’s light and automatically calibrates the brightness of the image on the screen. In a brightly lit environment, the picture brightness grows even brighter, and in dim surroundings, brightness is reduced. Energy is therefore not wasted on a bright screen when it is not required.

The innovative Crystal Design bezel, made up of a combination of multiple colours, does not use harmful volatile organic compounds such as spray paint, reducing the amount of CO² emissions released into the atmosphere during manufacturing. Additionally, a dual injection molding process is used to create the Liquid Crystal effect, emitting no harmful chemicals. Such processes and design also ensure that our TVs are fully recyclable at the end of its life span.

“Environmental concerns will remain a top of mind priority when it comes to technology, and as consumers become ever more cognisant of this the competitive landscape will continue to increase. It is therefore crucial that electronic companies take real and measurable steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Meeting the necessary eco requirements will certainly boast well for consumer confidence and will set a precedent for other market players – which is exactly what we aim to achieve through our LED TV range, while still providing an entirely new experience for consumers – one that remains immersive, exciting and most importantly… green,” concludes Labuschagne.

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