Ellies connect offers showcase to consumers

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Ellies has recently announced the launch of Ellies Connect, its point of presence and the sales platform with a dedicated focus across entertainment, Wi-Fi and connectivity solutions, complementing its successful “Green store-within-a-store concept”. Ellies Connect currently comprises three different but integrated elements namely Entertainment, Connectivity and the specialised Accessories designed to enhance both experiences with ultimate expansion into a full professional service for the converging technologies becoming available within the home.

South Africa’s television entertainment environment is becoming more complicated and often confusing with so many existing and new tech based solutions on offer. Ellies Connect is designed, not only to showcase all the television entertainment offerings and solutions including Multichoice’s DSTV, OVHD, Top TV, Sentech, DTT amongst others, but the future converging technologies for the home and business. The Ellies Connect point of presence within the reseller allows a consumer to easily interact and experience all available options making an informed end purchase.

“In the not-too-distant future a homeowner may have three or four decoders in his home which are connected to multiple satellite dishes and digital aerials. This homeowner may expect the signal to be distributed to three televisions in the home. To add complexity, some of these signals will be in high definition and one of the decoders may be connected to the internet. These options potentially confuse the homeowner and most likely would require specialised advice and installation skills. Ellies Connect display stands will be installed in our selected retail, hardware, furniture and independent customer’s outlets where a consumer can view all these options first-hand and be offered end-to-end installation solutions,” explains Wayne Samson CEO Holdings.
Ellies will also utilise the Ellies Connect presence and display stands to market various internet connectivity solutions for the home and business markets. Ellies will initially focus on launching their satellite broadband platform in partnership with qualifying and leading ISPs. This will enable both business and the home access to a world of Internet services in areas with poor existing infrastructure assuring fast, reliable connectivity service, no matter where they are based – be it in a large city, rural farm, mountain top or the seaside.

“Ellies has always focused on being a manufacturer and distributor of hardware and to facilitate thousands of household and commercial installations per month for various service providers. With Ellies Connect we are not competing with any of our partners but rather investing in providing an even better platform to offer professional advice and services to consumers in an ever changing and sophisticated industry,” adds Wayne Samson.

Ellies Connect is in the formative stage, and will see in-store presence within the next 2 months.

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