Eastern and Southern Cape receive new internet service – even in remote areas

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This week, Vox Telecom will be launching a new satellite broadband service in the Eastern and Southern Cape – and it will bring connectivity to the most remote areas of these provinces.

The service, known as YahClick, makes use of Ka-Band satellite technology, which allows for the transmission of high-speed internet at low prices. As the service doesn’t make use of fixed lines, any user can access it – even in remote areas. Thousands of South Africans around of the country are already making use of the service.

“The Eastern and Southern Cape can benefit from this connection in a number of ways,” says Jacques Visser, Vox Telecom’s YahClick Project Manager. “It is fast enough to give users access to services they might not have been able to use previously – telephone calls that don’t rely on fixed or lines or GSM signal, Skype and, of course, critical services such as e-learning or e-health can be deployed to assist under-resourced schools or hospitals. YahClick is also a perfect solution for homes and businesses in towns and cities where ADSL and GSM is not reliable.”

The installation requires a satellite dish and a router – comparable to a DStv installation – and is extremely cost effective. Vox Telecom has trained installers across the country to ensure that customers have access to reliable technical support and fast installations.

YahClick can also be bundled with some of Vox Telecom’s other products, including the Vox Supafone, which will give the customer access to both voice-prioritised calls and data.

The official launch takes place at the end of the week in Grahamstown and will be attended by the Head of Agri Eastern Cape, Ernest Pringle, as well as farmers from around the provinces. Algoa FM will be broadcasting live from the event.

YahClick is available through all Vox Telecom and @lantic channels. For more information visit www.yahclick.co.za/.

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