Dell’s new MD3 PowerVault range from DCC

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For entry-level storage consolidation that delivers high-availability, high-performance and business continuity in a compact, space-saving form factor, look no further than the Dell PowerVault MD3660f storage array and the MD6030e expansion enclosure from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

High density 60-drive storage in a 4U form factor enables users to add up to 12 extra drives compared to standard 4U enclosures, and the addition of up to two 60-drive expansion enclosure ensures scalable storage, providing up to 720TB of raw storage without the need to constantly reconfigure settings and setup. This allows organisations to significantly increase storage capacity without increasing the physical footprint of the data centre.

“Rack space in data centres is a commodity in many organisations, as space equals money. With the Dell MD3660f and the MD3060e expansion enclosure you can put more storage into a single rack, saving money and real estate footprint. This also has added green benefits, as fewer racks means less power usage, less rack cooling and enhanced energy efficiency,” says Jaco Erasmus, Dell Enterprise Product Manager at DCC.

The PowerVault MD3660f is a Fibre Channel Dense Array that has been designed to scale and meet the needs of applications that can be used in both general purpose and high-bandwidth computing environments. The space-saving 4U form factor which houses 60 drives saves power and cooling costs, and the racks allow for a mix and match of 3.5”, 2.5”, Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) for additional flexibility. Standard High Performance Tiering with SSD Cache and Thin Provisioning helps to optimise performance and capacity, and with expansion enclosures storage can be scaled up to 180 drives in just 12U of rack space.

The PowerVault MD3060e is a 60-drive expansion enclosure specifically designed to work with the MD3660f dense array rack. Up to two expansion enclosures can be daisy chained to an MD3660f Fibre Channel Dense array, adding up to 120 additional disks without the need to reconfigure drives and setup. There are two enclosure management modules (EMM) that allow for the management of the expansion drives via Dell’s MD3 Dense Array controllers.

“The MD3 series of dense storage arrays and enclosures are ideal for organisations that require entry to mid-level storage consolidation that delivers all of the features of enterprise-class Storage Area Networks (SAN) in a compact, energy efficient package. They provide scalable, flexible storage options while minimising physical footprint, and ensure high availability and high performance with a range of premium features,” Erasmus adds.

Premium feature options available for the MD3 range include data protection, snapshots, data replication, encryption and secure data removal. The Dell PowerVault MD3660f array and MD3060e expansion enclosure are available from selected resellers.

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