Data roaming SIM card launched for use in 95 countries

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Smart-i recently launched a product that we hope will change the way people access the internet and using data whilst roaming. Traditional data roaming means that when your data enabled device moves beyond the geographical reach of your “home” network, your device will switch to a different network in your new area. The Smartsim solution reaches far beyond this traditional concept of roaming and rather towards the idea of having one “home” network in multiple countries.

Visitors to foreign countries mainly have two options if they wish to use data on their smartphones, modems or tablets. The first option is to contact their local service provider and activate international data roaming on their local SIM card. The second, less appealing option, is to buy a SIM card from another service provider once they have reached their destination.

The latter may seem like a more affordable alternative but it can be risky. Most countries have laws similar to our local RICA laws, making it difficult and sometimes impossible for foreigners to buy SIM cards without the correct documentation. Roaming with your local SIM card will thus be more convenient, but it comes at a price. Some networks will charge as much as R128.00 per MB when you use their SIM card in North America, Europe or Asia.

Smartsim offers a third alternative. The Smartsim data SIM card can be purchased online and used in at least 95 countries across the globe. Countries include most European countries, the United States, Australia and some Asian, African and South American countries. In essence, it will be like using the same network while in any of these 95 countries. There is no need to register or activate this SIM card every time you visit a new country. Furthermore, buying data bundles for the Smartsim card can be done online, giving users complete control and avoiding the bill shock that comes with roaming on your local SIM card. The cost of using data on the Smartsim card ranges between R1.02 per MB to R4.25 per MB, depending on the size of the bundle purchased. Smartsim offers you the choice to load bundles from as little as 100 MB to 1 GB at a time thereby further assisting users in controlling their mobile data roaming charges.

For more information on the Smartsim data roaming SIM card you can visit


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