Better networks at lower cost

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The cost of state-of-the-art networking solutions has just dropped, with the announcement of a substantial cost reduction on DrayTek products in South Africa.

DrayTek’s partner in southern Africa, Network Platforms, said today that it is reducing prices of DrayTek products by about 12% across the board.

Says Network Platforms CEO Bradley Love, “The DrayTek product range is well known as the leading brand of router and firewall products. Based on our strong sales track record and the Rand-dollar strengthening, we have been able to negotiate a significant price reduction on this product range that we are now passing on to end users.”

DrayTek solutions range from enterprise-level firewalls to mission-critical VPN/VoIP facilities for SoHo and various xDSL/broadband devices. The company’s telecommunications products set market trends and go way beyond customers’ expectations.

Love notes that in the past some users have selected less robust network solutions based on the cost factor, and the price reduction will now enable them to purchase a superior product that will give them greater functionality.

“The reputation of DrayTek products is growing,” says Love. “The feedback that we get from customers internationally is that they have better functionality and stability, particularly from a firewalling perspective.”

The DrayTek brand has become synonymous with quality and service. The company’s commitment to excellence has won the brand recognition from various IT evaluation institutions. In 2008, DrayTek won the UK TechWorld Award based on its Vigor 2820Vn wireless router. High customer satisfaction reflects in awards such as PC Pro Recommend, IT Reviews Recommend and the Trust Review Recommend.

Love notes that some customers standardise on DrayTek products because they are of high quality and having a single product range installed makes support easier.

The functionality of DrayTek products is a key factor in buying decisions. As Love observes, “Bandwidth is costly in South Africa and businesses can reduce that overhead by implementing smart strategies using these top-end products. For example DrayTek routers can provide content management functionality so companies can block popular sites such as Facebook in order to reduce bandwidth wastage.”

One of the strong points of DrayTek routers is their ability to handle VPNs, which are particularly useful when companies need to hook up multiple branches to their head office and shift large volumes of data between them.

Says Love, “DrayTek products are very stable and robust. They provide good 3G failover if the primary ADSL line goes down. One of the models has a built-in ADSL modem as well as an Ethernet WAN port that can be plugged into any other device.”

Network Platforms reached new highs in its sales of DrayTek products last year, a fact that Love attributes to increased brand awareness of this highly robust product range.

“Our sales have been very good this year too – there was a slowdown for a couple of months after the World Cup, possibly because Telkom had put a hold on installing new infrastructure – but sales are back up to speed now.”

Love expects the price reduction to boost sales considerably as users take advantage of the improved ROI to enhance the standard of their network hardware.

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