Avira AntiVir 2012 now available

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Companies of all sizes have come to appreciate the efficient, powerful protection afforded by Avira’s AntiVir range of products. Now, existing and new customers can enjoy the professional security for workstations, file, Web and mail servers that only Avira can provide, with numerous enhancements in the new 2012 version.

“A clean interface, a shortened installation process and faster operation are only a few of the striking usability enhancements the new product boasts,” explains Lutz Blaeser, MD of dedicated Avira distributor Intact Security. “The heightened user experience reflects equally important upgrades to the core protection technology beneath the surface. Version 2012 combines solid performance with the power to outsmart malware that hides from traditional detection mechanisms.”

The 2012 version has given security a makeover, with a clean, simple and attractive user interface. The key enhancement lies in the increased stability and reliability of the software, as all components have been hardened in order to resist against targeted malware attacks which are more and more aggressive. This includes, but it is not limited to, the ability to function without many registry keys, better protection against process termination, component deletion and many others. The repair functionality for various malware families has also been improved.

Installation has been simplified, and the new version offers better protection as all components have been hardened to outfox new forms of malware that escape traditional virus scanning methods. In addition, the repair technologies have been updated to provide the most effective removal of malware – and any traces it leaves behind.

“With AntiVir 2012, less is more,” says Blaeser. “The products and components have been given new names that are easy to understand and better reflect their functionality, and the default settings are the optimum protection settings for almost everybody. You don’t need to be a computer expert in order to secure your machine with confidence. If relaxed permissions lead to higher risk of infection, the ‘Fix It Now!’ button instantly reverts your settings to the recommended protection levels.”

The software has been designed with default configurations to make installation easier, to keep the user safer, and to take the guesswork out of remaining secure. A streamlined two-click install process and automatic resolution of software conflicts during installation ensure that installation couldn’t be simpler, and a one-click “Fix Problems” button simplifies the solution of any issues that might endanger users’ computers.

Version 2012 is lean on system resources, allowing faster scanning and less waiting while your computer boots up. The System Scanner has been optimised to run quietly in the background without slowing down normal activities, but can also be set to low priority mode; this reserves more system resources for video editing and other high-memory applications.

The presentation and game modes are configurable, allowing users to choose to suspend update notices and other nonessential messages while viewing presentations or using other full-screen applications. Updates and other notifications can be selectively allowed if desired. Users can also choose to suspend update notices and other nonessential messages while playing games and watching movies.

“You get anti-virus engineered to minimise system impact, use minimum memory and processing power to scan traffic, email, files and archives in real-time, and includes automatic updates,” adds Blaeser. “If you forget to renew your license, your computer may be at risk for infection. We’re making it more convenient to keep your protection current with the addition of an automatic renewal option for real ‘set and forget’ protection.”

And while assistance shouldn’t be necessary in an ideal world, if things don’t work the way they are supposed to in the real world, Avira will provide help. Avira 2012 boasts Live Customer Support for all premium products. If users run into any problems, they can connect directly with a technical support engineer who will fix the problems in real time over the Internet using the new Team Viewer feature.

Blaeser adds that the IPv6 protocol, the emerging standard for internet addresses, is now fully supported. “Avira products are developed and maintained with a long-term view. This approach provides our business customers safety for their investment and planning. Avira supports all operating systems, and with the addition of the IPv6 protocol, the 2012 version ensures that all businesses can rest assured that their security is doing its job – now, and in the future.”

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