AccTech introduces Cloud CRM

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CRM access anytime anywhere

AccTech Systems has partnered with Enterprisecloud to offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a cloud-based solution. Cloud CRM is now available on a ‘pay-per-month’ subscription, there are no perpetual license fees, no hardware to maintain and software upgrades are done seamlessly.

CRM systems are playing an increasingly critical role in how companies engage prospects and manage customers in an ever-shifting and complex landscape. Integral to their success is good relationships and companies need to manage these relationships. These include employees, partners, suppliers, distributors, vendors and many other critical stakeholders.

AccTech Systems CEO Tertius Zitzke says this partnership is a perfect fit. “We are extremely excited by the current and future prospects of cloud-based CRM. Company executives are fast recognising the power of CRM, being able to use their company data to make informed business decisions and take advantage of market opportunities as they emerge.”

Cloud CRM runs on enterprise-grade infrastructure with data centres in South Africa. This means that the investment in technology has already been made, all the customer now needs to do is leverage that investment and focus on their business.

“If customers had to purchase the equivalent infrastructure, they would have to spend millions. And that is only the servers, not to mention the cooling, ventilation, power, security, network, IT manpower, and so on,” he explains.

Enterprisecloud managing director Shaun Dale says replacing old technology normally means a large investment. “This isn’t the case with Cloud CRM, due to the economies of scale we achieve through shared infrastructure costs, we are able to provide higher quality IT infrastructure and business systems at far lower costs than any one customer would achieve on its own.”

“And we pass this savings onto you, so that all you pay is a low ‘per-user-per-month’ subscription. And, you get to start with as little as one user and scale up as you need it. On average, we find that a hosted solution subscribed through Enterprisecloud is about half the cost over a three year period, than buying the solution outright and doing it the traditional way,” he says.

Additionally, Cloud CRM allows customers to mould CRM to their specific business needs. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customers get an easy-to-use sales CRM system that works in conjunction with Outlook. This solution reduces sales administration, allowing sales people to spend more time on those sales activities that will help them close more deals.

Kethan Pharboo, Director Dynamics, Microsoft South Africa says Microsoft Dynamics CRM can easily be customised for Extended CRM scenarios and enhance the value of all relationships, improve business relevance and fit, drive operational excellence and increase business insights.

Lack of customer information has a profound impact on a company’s ability to make good decisions. Having access to in-depth customer insights and information enables companies to make good business decisions.

“Cloud CRM provides tools to interpret data, identify trends, predict outcomes and make decisions which enable executives to make proactive adjustments and mitigate future risk,” Zitzke concludes.

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