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Jasco announces DataVoice Libra v8.0 with increased capacity, enhanced data security and compliance

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Jasco has announced the availability of the latest update to the DataVoice Libra Voice Recorder solution, a full-featured enterprise-class voice recording, storage and retrieval solution that scales seamlessly for any size of business, from Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) to large corporates. Libra v8.0 offers a number of new features, including increased IP recording capability, encrypted recording, storage and restoration, and age-based management of recordings on disk storage volumes. Compatibility has also been added for the latest Microsoft operating systems and database managements systems, including Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012, along with general enhancements to improve the user experience.

In Libra v8.0, the IP recording capacity of the Libra Recorder has been increased to support up to 1500 concurrent full-duplex VoIP calls on a single recording server. For customers, this means fewer system components are needed to support large volumes of calls, reducing management and hardware costs. The saving in hardware costs can be utilised to deploy a fully redundant solution. Encryption capabilities offer enhanced data security, with optional additional Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance if required. In addition, age-based management of recordings kept on disk storage ensures that recordings older than the configured maximum age are deleted automatically, based on organisational retention policies. This enhances the retention management of recordings, which in turn assists with compliance to PCI-DSS standards as well as the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act.

“With this release, Jasco continues to strengthen the DataVoice offering, which has been delivering reliable, feature-rich voice recording systems to customers across the globe for more than two decades. We are catering to the changing needs of our market with additional features and enhancements that increase the value of the solution for our users,” says Paul McKibbin, Managing Director at Jasco Networks.

Enterprise strength security is at the heart of the Libra solution. Any recording tampering can be easily detected, ensuring the use of recordings as evidence in a court of law.. The Libra recorder also requires authentication to access data, and encrypts the transmission of data during playback, ensuring data security.

The Libra Voice Recorder solution assists organisations to meet the requirements of a number of compliance regulations, including the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA), the National Credit Act (NCA), the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), PoPI, PCI-DSS and more. It also aids in mitigating risk, preventing fraud and facilitating more effective dispute resolution, making it the ideal solution for financial institutions, public safety and emergency response centres, transportation, travel and air traffic control operations, consultation service providers, healthcare and government.

The Libra Voice Recorder solution also offers seamless integration with DataVoice Screen Recording and Quality Management solutions, helping to extend the solution beyond compliance into a driver of value within an organisation. Process and Quality Management solutions help organisations to improve agent efficiency, customer service and customer retention, assisting with gaining a competitive edge. By using the Libra solution in conjunction with these tools, organisations are able to not only limit liability and risk as a result of ensuring compliance, but also improve people and process efficiency to boost profits.

“Jasco is dedicated to delivering the most relevant solutions to our customers, and updating our products according to changing market requirements is critical in meeting this need. In addition to this update to the Libra product solution, we have also implemented a new helpdesk number and a dedicated sales team, to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and support,” McKibbin adds.

Attack of the clones: fake AV invading mobile application store, says Kaspersky Lab

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Fake antivirus programmes are increasingly appearing in mobile app stores. Kaspersky Lab recently found two such programmes imitating the company’s products in two different official app stores for mobile devices.




The first fake app was discovered in Windows Phone Store. This in itself was unusual because scammers tend to target users of Android – via Google Play – due to the platform’s popularity. The app in question went by the name of Kaspersky Mobile. The fact that there is no such programme in Kaspersky Lab’s product line suggests the fraudsters didn’t expect anyone to notice the discrepancy. Another interesting feature of this particular app was the fact that users had to pay for it. This meant its creators immediately started making money without having to devise additional scams such as demanding payments to remove “malware” that had supposedly been detected on users’ computers.

The second fake app imitating the Kaspersky Lab brand was for sale on Google Play and was called Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014. Again, there is no Kaspersky Lab product for mobile devices by that name. The screenshot used on the page of the fake app was simply copied from the official Kaspersky Internet Security for Android page. Unlike the app for sale in Windows Phone Store, the creators of this fake app didn’t even bother to add a simulation of a scanner – the functionality was limited to random series of statements appearing on top of an “official” logo.

“The story of paid fake AV for mobiles started with the appearance of Virus Shield in the Google Play store. Now we are seeing how one successful scam spawns numerous clones. Scammers who want to make a quick buck from inattentive users are selling dozens of fake apps, copying the design, but not the functionality of the original,” commented Roman Unuchek, Senior Malware Analyst at Kaspersky Lab. “It is quite possible that more and more of these fake apps will start appearing.”

More about fake mobile antivirus programmes and other fake apps can be found at Kaspersky Lab’s official analytical site.

Agile software development helping businesses react in real time

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There are two distinct strategies set to shape the business landscape during 2014: agile methodologies and customer experience. These are intrinsically linked and whether you are in business management or marketing, being able to respond in real time will become imperative and a business-norm.

Professor Barry Dwolatzky joint winner of the prestigious “South African IT Personality of the Year” Award in 2013, head of Software Engineering at Wits University and the Director of the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE), will be demystifying the conc; ept of “agile development” for non-experts, providing answers to the many questions most are afraid to ask about Agile methodologies.

Professor Barry Dwolatzky has worked for over 35 years in the software industry in South Africa and the UK, and has trained generations of software engineers. Over the past two years he has been the driving force behind establishing a major Digital Technology Hub in Braamfontein Johannesburg, called the “Tshimologong Precinct”.

Event: So What is “Agile Software Development”?
Date: Thu 22 May 2014
Time: 6:00 PM — 8:00 PM
Venue: Jozi Hub 44 Stanley Road Milpark, Johannesburg
To register:

Broadband price war soars to new levels

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The Minister of Communications, Yunus Carrim, recently met with the Council of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa), and urged all parties to work together to cut communications costs in South Africa.

The broadband market is becoming ever more competitive and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are now offering packages like never before. In the ADSL arena, an increasing number of providers are promising unshaped ADSL for next to nothing.

OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright says with ADSL you pay for what you get. “The less you pay, the less bandwidth you will ultimately be able to use on the network.”

As Telkom controls the price of ADSL in South Africa, private ISP’s have had to come up with creative ways to offer a good service and derive a small profit. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous ISP’s derive their profit from throttling the living daylights out of their clients.

“When a client complains, they simply point them to section 65215411544 million A to Z in their 74th Amended Acceptable Usage Policy stating that throttling is a way of life, take it or leave it,” he explains.

He warns unsuspecting consumers to read the fine print before signing any ADSL contract. “Be careful, the catch is in the fine print. What many ISPs advertise as Unshaped, more than likely comes with a complicated, draconian style Fair Usage Policy hidden deep within the realms of their Terms of Service.”

Wright says throttling is ridiculous. “My advice is to leave throttling, one can rather shape heavy downloads during peak periods, yet still offer a great service on browsing and similar.”

Some ISPs even shape and throttle capped accounts. When clients purchase capped accounts, they already have one limit imposed – the cap. Why must further limits be imposed? Capped should be completely unshaped.

“It is your bandwidth, you have a right to use it as and when you please,” he says.

ADSL is still cheaper than mobile data and is much more reliable. Whilst gaming on mobile is nearly impossible due to jitter, lag, latency and all sorts of other technical challenges, fixed line Internet works better for streaming, gaming VoIP and a number of other protocols.

“When was the last time you saw a truly Uncapped Unshaped Mobile data deal? Never! ADSL might look more expensive, but when you total up what you get, ADSL is still a much better offering overall,” Wright concludes.

For more information and pricing contact OpenWeb on 0861 22 44 66 or email or visit

Ericsson maintains leadership in the Magic Quadrant for LTE Infrastructure 2014

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  • For fifth year in a row, prominent analyst firm Gartner names Ericsson a Leader in the LTE industry in its Magic Quadrant report
  • High performance end to end LTE offerings, expansive installed base and global professional services capabilities continue to drive industry leadership 
  • Ericsson LTE selected by the top 10 LTE operators, as ranked by LTE subscriptions worldwide

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) today announced that Gartner, Inc. has positioned Ericsson as an LTE industry leader within the “Leaders” quadrant of its Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for LTE Infrastructure1 report for the fifth year in a row. Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, evaluates end-to-end vendors of LTE equipment (including Radio, Evolved Packet Core and IMS for voice over LTE) based on their ability to execute and completeness of vision in the LTE market.

Thomas Norén, Vice President and Head of Product Area Radio, Ericsson says: “Ericsson LTE is differentiated by its performance, enabled through innovative products such as Ericsson AIR and Radio Dot System as well as industry-leading solutions including LTE-A Carrier Aggregation, LTE Broadcast and our industry-leading VoLTE solution. Ericsson’s end to end LTE offering, large footprint and worldwide service capabilities have enabled us to serve 50 percent of all LTE smartphone traffic worldwide.”

Ericsson has signed more than 190 commercial contracts for LTE and Evolved Packet Core (EPC) in more than 70 countries on six continents, of which more than 140 networks have already gone live commercially. Ericsson has supported all the world’s first commercial VoLTE launches and is the IMS market leader with more than 115 IMS contracts worldwide for both fixed- and mobile accesses. Ericsson is present today in all high traffic LTE markets including US, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Canada, and has been selected by the top 10 LTE operators as ranked by LTE subscription worldwide. Today, 50 percent of the world’s LTE Smartphone traffic is served by Ericsson networks which is more than double the traffic of our closest competitor.

Ericsson is the prime driver of open standards and has had the most significant impact on the LTE specifications released to date. Ericsson expects to hold 25 percent of all essential patents for LTE, both for TDD and FDD mode, making it the largest patent holder in the industry.

The company is also the industry leader in managed services, providing managed services for networks that serve more than one billion subscribers globally.Ericsson was also recently recognized by the European Patent Office as a leader in 4G LTE innovation.


Black Coffee Foundation / Bridges For Music Scholarship celebrates diversity in the SA Music Industry

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Powered by SAE Institute South Africa, the launch of the Black Coffee Foundation / Bridges For Music Scholarship took place in Cape Town on 13 May 2014. This coveted scholarship provides the opportunity for a highly talented and physically disabled student to study SAE’s renowned Higher Certificate in Sound Production qualification, at their incredible facility in Cape Town’s Woodstock Exchange.

The launch event was hosted at SAE’s stellar new campus in the Woodstock Exchange and featured DJ Black Coffee, Ready D, Sideshow, Diloxclusiv with visuals by talented Frank Latter. This unique event attracted a high profile audience from the film, animation and audio industries, and delivered an experience that may well equate to the music and humanitarian music phenomenon of 2014.

Few artists understand the challenges of living with a physical disability better than DJ Black Coffee – an award-winning DJ from KwaZulu-Natal. What many may not be aware of is that the genius behind the renowned Black Coffee compositions and performances does not have the use of his left hand.

Instead of relegating himself to obscurity DJ Black Coffee chose to take his considerable skills to the world – performing on the international circuit and becoming a household name in South Africa. It is this man’s resilience, passion and determination that influenced the development of the DJ Black Coffee Foundation – the spirit of which is to uplift the destitute, physically disabled and poor.

This scholarship is presented in association with non-profit organisation Br Bidges For Music who works with electronic music in South Africa to empower and bridge divides in the country’s poorer communities. Bridges brings its international credibility and network to this scholarship as a vital addition to its support of the profile of South African electronic music internationally.

SAE Institute is the largest provider of creative media education in the world; operating more than 50 campuses in 24 countries. This scholarship is further evidence of SAE’s commitment to making a valuable contribution to the South African music industry, and forms a powerful addition to their already impressive scholarship program that includes the Ready D Scholarship (that features the South African Hip Hop legend as its benefactor) and the Young Guru Scholarship that is awarded annually by Jay Z’s studio engineer and touring DJ.

Through its theme of proactivity, courage and motivation, the event served as a powerful reminder of South Africa’s rich diversity of talent within its music industry.


The race to POPI compliance is about to begin

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With the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act being signed into law, a race against time is about to start for businesses across South Africa. Their mission is to ensure that customer information in their custody is adequately secured – and doing so may require a multifaceted approach.

That much is clear from a recent event hosted by Bytes Systems Integration which covered every aspect of POPI and its implications for business operations.

Patrick Hastings, Divisional MD of Bytes SI, notes that POPI seeks to ensure that corporations make every effort to securely store, transmit and access customer information and that records are kept of all the utilisation of the data in order to provide an audit trail upon request. “With the Act signed by the president, it is about to be introduced and when it is, companies will have 12 months to ensure compliance or face prosecution,” he says.

At Bytes’ POPI seminar, which took place in April, the implications of the new law on various aspects of information and the security measures to protect information were covered. Topics included Vulnerability Scanning, Firewalls and Intrusion Protection Systems, Document Signing Solutions and Credential Management.

Companies which have a holistic understanding of the many touchpoints that POPI will have within their operations, will be better prepared for compliance. Such companies are also positioned to achieve compliance within the allotted timeframe, says Hastings.
“Apart from legal and financial implications the biggest risk in failing to comply with POPI lies in reputational loss should customer data be compromised,” he points out.

The recent Heartbleed scare, and the headlines it has generated around the world, confirms that the general public is far more aware of the risks presented through information breaches and quite reasonably, expect the organisations with which they transact to adequately protect their data. With POPI, that expectation is codified into law.

Hastings says Bytes Systems Integration offers a comprehensive range of security solutions that enable corporations to secure customer data in all aspects of its lifecycle. “That means data in storage, in transit or while being accessed. This, accompanied with extensive security skills, is necessary along with guidance and support to ensure that South African companies achieve compliance with no interruption to their business activities, while removing the risk of non-compliance,” Hastings concludes.



Multi-tenancy no longer limited to MSP arena

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By Johan Scheepers, Systems Engineering Manager at CommVault South Africa

In the Managed Service Provider (MSP) arena, multi-tenancy is becoming increasingly popular. More and more, MSP’s are starting to use converged infrastructures to support multiple customers on one integrated platform. This trend is supported by various suppliers of software for infrastructure management, data management and security. It is obvious that multi-tenancy addresses the specific challenges of the MSP industry. But it also provides excellent opportunities for the enterprise market.

Big multinational companies traditionally use many different solutions to support and manage their infrastructure. They may for example use solution “A” for back-up and recovery in one country and solution “B” in another region. In addition, solution “C” may be used at one specific department. This has led to a proliferation of many products for the same tasks. Until now this has limited companies in getting a global view of what is happening in their IT. Global insight, however, is becoming increasingly important in view of global competition and the need to be compliant. Limited insight can be solved by deploying a multi-tenancy solution. These solutions support a company in two specific ways:

1. A true multi-tenancy solution will provide one single platform for, for example, global data- and information management or security. It offers the CIO a complete view of the IT environment and enables the IT department to focus on services instead of managing hardware and software.

2. At the same time, the solution provides a department, a facility or office all the features of a purpose-made product, giving IT managers at the specific location the idea they work with their own tailor-made platform.

Directory Services

One of the main features of a multi-tenancy management solution is the ability to integrate with Directory Services. This enhances security and usability significantly. A system manager can establish rights granularly for each user and for example determine which user may restore a specific database and who has access to a production system. This is especially important as IT systems are becoming increasingly complex and compliancy is an important issue for any company. Tight integration with Active Directory also prevents the proliferation of generic admin accounts, used by various system managers. This is a well-known practice in IT, but it makes it impossible to track and audit changes. By integrating the management solution with Directory Services System managers always log in with their own account and as a result can always be tracked and traced.

Charge back

A second important feature of a multi-tenant solution and one that particularly addresses the current needs of companies is charge back capabilities. Whereas MSPs need this capability to charge their individual clients, an enterprise may use this feature to give internal clients insight in their use of IT or charge departments internally. It also enables companies to offer departments more freedom of choice with regard to their IT investments. They know what they spend and can decide themselves in which solutions they want to invest to reach their business goals.


The third feature is focused on control. As pointed out earlier, multi-tenancy provides a single platform that can be adapted to the use of various locations or departments as it is their own separate solution. This also means that the solution must provide means for a granular set-up, enabling for example to deliver specific views of departments’ IT infrastructure. This does not only enhance the quality of systems management, but will also contribute to the commitment of the IT staff. When staff is able to focus on their own dedicated systems, instead of having to go through tens or hundreds of servers to find their own systems, they will definitely make less mistakes and have the feeling they are more in control.

The IT world is changing from a focus on physical infrastructure to virtualised but very real services. MSPs lead the way by deploying new, converged infrastructures that fully profit from virtualistion and multi-tenancy solutions. They no longer deliver hardware or software, but only services. Also, in the enterprise world, IT departments are looking for ways to make this shift to a services-oriented organisation. They can also profit form the multi-tenancy approach that is already widely used in the MSP arena. It will offer them global insight in IT, with sufficient room for a local touch. In the end, it will enable them to be a true services


Sage unveils next generation of Sage ERP X3 solution

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Usability and mobility sit at core of the next generation of market leading product

Sage, one of the world’s leading suppliers of business management software and services, has unveiled the next generation of its global mid-market ERP solution, Sage ERP X3 version 7. The market-leading solution has been completely overhauled to ensure the best user experience online and on mobile devices.

Version 7 now has usability and mobility integrated as standard, allowing mid-sized organisations the ability to get more done faster and on the move, therefore helping to reduce costs and win new business. It includes a completely new intuitive and collaborative web interface based on HTML5 which supports multiple browsers and user personalisation. Version 7 also now offers mobile access and a host of web apps, as well as Microsoft Office integration and an all-new powerful search function.

“Sage research shows that mid-market businesses have three clear priorities: winning new customers, reducing operating costs and growing revenue. Sage ERP X3 version 7 has been redesigned to address these key challenges with a host of new features that help mid-sized businesses,” says Sage ERP Africa managing director, Jeremy Waterman. “With the Sage ERP X3 version 7, we build on the traditional strengths of our solution by improving the end-user experience; enhancing the mobility features; and making it easier than ever for users to access and share business insights and information.”

“We’ve listened to our customers, we’ve listened to the market and we’ve redesigned our business solution to directly answer the needs and challenges faced by mid-market companies today,” said Christophe Letellier, CEO, Sage ERP X3. “A company’s ability to win new customers and grow their business profitably comes down to how well employees can access, share and use the information that they have. Put simply, Sage ERP X3 version 7 helps companies grow forward with faster, simpler and more flexible ERP.”
The new-look Sage ERP X3 version 7 solution allows organisations to take control of their business. It provides an at-a-glance dashboard over the whole company, offering insight and intelligence when and where it is needed via a responsive user experience.

Above all, version 7’s powerful flexibility helps organisations to serve customers better, create cash flow and expand into new markets.
Other new benefits that come with Sage ERP X3 version 7 include functional enhancements such as:

  • Extended traceability: quote to cash, order to payment
  • Sales document personalisation (delivery & returns)
  • Flexible definition of sales kits (options and variants)
  • Additional purchasing costs: import tracking
  • Flexible settings per legislation
  • Increased control over inter-company transactions
  • Flexible management of warehouse locations
  • Enhanced automation (recurring invoices)

Jayne Archbold, Director of Strategy & Corporate Communications at Sage Mid-Market and Sage ERP X3, said: “Research commissioned by Sage in Europe and North America shows that midmarket companies with improved data accessibility, quality, intelligence, and usability can expect a net gain of 35% more in incremental revenue year-over- year than lower performing companies. That’s roughly $980,000 incremental revenue a year on average for a company earning $42M annually in gross revenue. Sage ERP X3 version 7 is the perfect tool for mid-market businesses looking to take back control of their organisations and grow forward.”

“We needed to automate our processes and increase efficiencies right across our business. Sage ERP X3 version 7 does just that. It is really easy to use and we can access information on mobile devices, making our business and our people more efficient, which ultimately means we can focus on growing our business,” said Stephanie McConnell, CFO, Vacuum Engineering & Materials.

For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @sageerpx3.


Options to students and families

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  • Inspiron laptops offer a wide range of options to accommodate consumers’ diverse lifestyles and budgets
  • Dell Inspiron 14, 15 and 17 5000 Series laptops offer brilliant touch displays, and thinner and lighter builds

Dell has introduced the new Inspiron 14, 15 and 17 5000 Series laptops and Inspiron 14 and 15 3000 Series laptops. Presenting an impressive array of options, the new laptops and desktops will empower parents and students to achieve success through every phase of their lives. With impressive touch displays up to Full HD resolution and the latest processing technology, the new laptops and AIOs provide consumers with easy and reliable solutions to stay connected, enjoy movies and media, and do homework. With a full range of options and sizes, Dell customers will find the perfect match for their needs.

“Students and parents alike want technology that helps them to be successful in their personal and educational pursuits,” said Chris Buchanan, Director End User Computing, South Africa. “Our new Inspiron laptops are a smart investment for families, providing the latest technology for productivity and entertainment in thin, space-saving designs.”

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series: Stylish and Sharp Computing

The new Inspiron 14, 15 and 17 5000 Series laptops are stylish, packed with convenient features, and engineered for long battery life, ideal for a day spent roaming across campus or sharing screen time among family members. Families will enjoy a mobile, versatile computing experience enhanced by high-end options like a Full HD touch display on the 15 and 17-inch laptops, and fast, long-range 802.11ac WiFi on the 14 and 15-inch laptops. The 10-finger capacitive touch display option makes it easy to scroll, zoom, and tap through documents or social media status updates. The brilliant display is showcased within a brushed aluminum lid and a form factor that is thinner than the previous generation: up to 21 percent thinner for the Inspiron 14 and 15 5000. The laptops are powered by 4th Generation Intel Core i processors for fast, smooth performance and great battery life, and offer AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics as an option. Since immersive entertainment is a welcome break after a diligent work or study session, the laptops come standard with Waves MaxxAudio for a rich audio experience. The inclusion of Dell PocketCloud and 20GB cloud storage with Dropbox will allow people to easily access important homework or presentation files across multiple devices, anytime, anywhere, ensuring that no document is ever left behind.

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