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Data centres for Africa – the Huawei Container Data Centre Solution from DCC

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Data centres have become the heart of the modern enterprise, but managing the fast pace of data growth and the need for rapid future expansion has proved a challenging task. Furthermore, deploying a data centre in a new area has traditionally been a costly and time consuming exercise. Typically a data centre requires large capital investment, extensive construction and high power consumption, making agility of deployment all but impossible. The new Huawei Container Data Centre Solution from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) effectively addresses these challenges, offering a complete, cost effective data centre solution packaged in a mobile shipping container, tailored to individual customer specifications and delivered fully kitted in just six weeks.

The Huawei Container Data Centre Solution incorporates everything a fully functioning data centre requires. This includes an integrated power system, environmental monitoring, cooling systems, racks, cabling, fire control, security and other infrastructure facilities, all packaged in a standard shipping container. The solution can be delivered in 20- or 40-foot containers in a variety of setups, including a cluster system with multiple containers linked for larger deployments, and double story configurations for customers with ground space constraints. With Huawei’s end-to-end range of enterprise data centre products, organisations can tailor a solution to meet their specific needs and requirements.

“This innovative solution means there is no longer a need to build a fixed data centre, nor are there any of the typical concerns about construction space, costs and logistics that traditionally go into constructing a new data centre. No actual construction is required, just enough space for the container as well as power and network connections. Building the container takes just six weeks, and deployment can be completed in a week or less, making these solutions highly agile and dramatically reducing time to Return On Investment (ROI),” says Zubair Loonat, Huawei Enterprise Product Manager at DCC.

“Satellite feeds within the containers enable the solution to be moved without disrupting service, and the self-contained solution can be loaded onto the back of a truck for relocation. These data centres are thus relatively mobile as well, ideal for banks and other industries looking to expand their operations into the African continent, as well as for disaster relief, exploration, field operations and other applications that require agile, fast-deployed temporary solutions,” he adds.

The containers are airtight, dustproof, waterproof and environmentally controlled, tested for performance in sub-zero temperatures, high temperatures, wind, rain and even sand storms. With an operating temperature range of between -40 and 55 degrees Celsius and featuring a closed-loop cooling system, these containers are suitable for extreme temperature environments and arid regions, as well as mining applications. Anti-corrosion treatment ensures that the exterior of the container can survive in seaside and other corrosive environments.

The environment within the containers is fully monitored for temperature, humidity, smoke, open doors, water leakage, air conditioning and so on, with unified and centralised management. Security is taken care of with retina, coded or biometric access control to ensure that unauthorised personnel do not gain access. In addition, the containers are fitted with fire detectors, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. CCTV cameras can also be included for additional security and to act as a deterrent for criminals or those with harmful intent.

“In addition to being secure, cost effective and quick to deploy, the Huawei Container Data Centre Solutions are also energy efficient and space saving thanks to intelligent design. Elements such as horizontal air supply and hot and cold aisle containment, an efficient Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and free cooling help to improve temperature control and energy utilisation. These same features can also save up to 30% in terms of space, which makes the container solutions highly efficient,” Loonat concludes.

The Huawei Container Data Centre Solutions are available on order from Drive Control Corporation and are custom-built according to the customer needs. For more information visit

Dell secures critical business data and devices while enabling the mobile workforce

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At the Dell Enterprise Forum customer and partner event last week, Dell showcased new security services and solutions that further expand its security portfolio. With the new offerings, businesses can defend all technology touch points to better safeguard the corporate network, critical data and devices while enabling employee productivity and confidently protecting the mobile workforce.

As security threats continue to evolve and multiply, organisations are struggling to both keep pace with major technology trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), cloud and mobility, and defend their perimeter. The frequency of attacks is expanding at an alarming rate globally. In fact, Dell prevented 1.06 trillion intrusion events in 249 countries in the past year alone. A Dell global security survey released in February found that 74 percent of global respondents had experienced a security breach in the past year, but on average, respondents only allocated 17 percent of their IT budget to security. In order for organisations to truly transform their business, it is imperative they ensure data is protected and their workforce is productive. In today’s world, that means protection at the data centre, in the cloud, within the network and especially at the endpoint.

According to a recent Forrester Research report: “Employee endpoints are frequent targets of cybercriminals, and gaining control of the endpoint provides easy access to some of the organisation’s most sensitive data assets. Forrester believes that any comprehensive data security strategy must include both reducing the endpoint threat surface and limiting exposure to data loss involving these endpoints.”

“In today’s evolving technology landscape, organisations face an unprecedented number and variety of security threats. Only a connected approach to security protects an organisation’s entire IT environment without compromising access, collaboration, performance or cost,” said Brad Pulford, Enterprise Solutions Group Director, Dell. “Our portfolio updates shared today will help customers implement a holistic security strategy to protect their businesses from the outside-in and inside-out. Ultimately, Dell’s differentiated security approach allows businesses to defend all technology touchpoints from the device to the data centre to the cloud.”

Dell SecureWorks Expands Cyber Threat Services Portfolio with Innovative Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection Service

Dell SecureWorks, an industry leader in information security services, launched a new, cutting-edge Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD) managed service. The AETD solution is the latest addition to Dell SecureWorks’ Advanced Threat Services portfolio—a comprehensive suite of Internet security services that combat advanced cyberthreats—which features the Managed Advanced Malware Protection (MAMP) service and the Targeted Threat Hunting service. Many of the most devastating security breaches to date resulted from attacks originating at one or more endpoints of the victim organisation. Companies hosting valuable data require multiple layers of security, including a 24×7 endpoint threat detection solution, in order to thwart shifting threats.  Dell’s AETD service has a number of threat-oriented features:

  • Always-on endpoint assessments: The 24×7 aspect of the solution gives customers the earliest possible warning that an adversary might be lurking on a company’s endpoints; Dell SecureWorks experts, specially trained to analyse the advance threat, will determine the severity of any activity and escalate critical threats promptly.
  • Unique endpoint intelligence delivered by one of the industry’s leading security research teams: Dell SecureWorks has conducted advanced threat hunting engagements on thousands of systems and has developed signatures and elite intelligence for detecting endpoint compromise.
  • Specific data around attack vector: Many competing endpoint solutions simply advise to re-image compromised devices , but Dell SecureWorks can reveal precisely how the endpoint was compromised, often allowing customers to patch their systems instead of undertaking a costly re-imaging effort.
  • A fully managed service: Dell SecureWorks personnel will not only patch and update the analysis software, but will deploy new intelligence updates on a regular basis and will monitor the system’s availability.

Dell Secure Mobile Access Revolutionizes BYOD Mobile Worker Security with per-App VPN Access Controls for Any Mobile App

The updated Dell Secure Mobile Access (SMA) solution provides organisations with per-app VPN access to enterprise data and resources, while protecting the corporate network from security threats. The BYOD migration and increase of both employee-and employer-owned mobile devices in the workplace has resulted in a mandate for IT to enable secure mobile access to corporate data and resources. By enabling IT to restrict VPN access only to a set of trusted mobile applications, Dell’s SMA solution is designed to manage and secure access to business applications and data, while coexisting with personal applications and respecting personal data privacy. While the potential for security breaches and the introduction of malware into the network can result from any type of mobile access, the risk intensifies with the co-mingling of business and personal data and applications when employees use personal devices for work.

Dell’s SMA solution combines a Dell SonicWALL E-Class Secure Remote Access Appliance powered by the new Secure Mobile Access Operating System 11.0, with the Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect 3.1 mobile application, to enable IT to easily provision secure mobile access and role-based privileges for both managed and unmanaged devices for tens of thousands of users. Additional benefits include:

  • Allows only registered mobile applications to access the VPN, while blocking personal applications that might propagate mobile malware threats and waste corporate bandwidth.
  • Supports any mobile application and secure container, requiring no modification, application wrapping or software development kit tools.
  • Reduces business risk by enforcing user compliance to personal device authorisation policy, and managing and reporting end-user acceptance of BYOD policy terms.
  • Integrates with the Dell Enterprise Mobile Management solution, including its Mobile Workspace container technology, to enable efficient delivery of the user’s applications and data in a secure and trusted way. For organisations using third party mobility solutions, the Dell Secure Mobile Access solution supports any mobile app and container, so it can easily and quickly be integrated into any environment.

Dell Data Protection | Hardware Crypto Accelerator Boosts Endpoint Security in Award-Winning Dell Data Protection | Encryption Portfolio

Dell’s new Dell Data Protection | Hardware Crypto Accelerator (HCA) extends the current Dell Data Protection | Encryption portfolio and helps customers rest assured that their data is secured in accordance with the highest enforceable standards. With FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification – the “Fort Knox” of client protection – HCA supports Dell’s mission to provide agile, manageable and effective solutions to secure endpoints for IT infrastructures of all sizes through a number of advancements:

  • HCA converts the hard drive of select Dell Latitude notebooks, OptiPlex desktops and Precision workstations into fast (3 gigabits-per-second), self-encrypting, tamper-resistant devices, completely eliminating the need to purchase separate self-encrypting drives (SED)—all without sacrificing system performance.
  • HCA enables compliance and is connected into the Dell data protection so IT administrators can pull single set of compliance data across their devices.
  • Some SED solutions store data and the encryption key on the same device, however with DDP | HCA enhanced by the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), the encryption key is stored independently from both the drive and Hardware Crypto Accelerator. Therefore, should the drive be removed from the system, the data is automatically rendered irretrievable.


  • Dell SecureWorks Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection managed service is currently available in North America and will be available in EMEA in the latter part of Q2 2014.
  • Dell Secure Mobile Access will be available for sale/download worldwide mid-year.
  • Dell Data Protection | Hardware Crypto Accelerator is currently available.


Mayfox Mining starts systems upgrade ahead of planned NSE listing

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Mayfox Mining, an indigenous Kenyan-owned gold exploration company, has signed an agreement with, an authorised Sage ERP X3 solution provider, for the installation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The deal sees Mayfox Mining become the first mining company in East Africa to implement Sage ERP X3.

The company plans to list on NSE’s Growth Enterprise Market Segment (GEMS) by the end of the year to help fund exploration in northern Turkana County. The solution demonstrates Maxfox’s commitment to accountability and tight cost control to future shareholders and investors. It will also provide management with critical real-time information for fast and responsive decision-making.

According to Mugwe Manga, Commercial Director at Mayfox Mining: “Cost allocation in any business can only be done right if you have the right data and systems. And in a capital-intensive business like ours, accurate cost allocation is essential if one is looking to become efficient and cost-effective. With Sage ERP X3, Mayfox Mining will be able to identify unnecessary costs and swiftly highlight any unusual expenditures within our operations.”

Nicolas Descampe, CEO, adds: “Sage is a world-class solution with great support. The Sage ERP X3 solution offers a great deal of malleability and flexibility when it comes to implementing solutions that fit customers’ needs. The scalability of the system is also beneficial and further highlights the systems robust architecture.”

“We are excited to have clinched this important deal with our first mining customer in East Africa,” says Keith Fenner, Senior Vice President Sales – Sage ERP X3 AAMEA (Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Asia). “We look forward to working closely with and Mayfox to roll out a business solution that will support the mining company’s growth as it heads for its listing later this year.”

Casual Day raises R24.8 million for persons with disabilities

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A whopping R24.8 million was raised last year by Casual Day, the fundraising project that has seen the South African public open its hearts to persons with disabilities for almost two decades. Casual Day celebrates its 20th anniversary year in 2014 and will be pulling out all the stops with its Bring out the Bling theme.

Sponsored by The Edcon Group, Casual Day is the flagship project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA), which this year celebrates 75 years of service to the community of persons with disabilities. Over the past 19 years, Casual Day has helped the NCPPDSA to fulfill its mandate of creating a barrier-free, fully accessible and inclusive society for all, raising R195 million.

Mercia Maserumule, the Edcon Group CSI Manager, Transformation and Corporate Affairs says “Edcon understands that full inclusion and integration is important and that able-bodied people need education on issues of disability – so that they have information and are sensitised. The Casual Day project is one of the ways that Edcon can support the mandate of the NCPPDSA, which is to serve the needs of persons with disabilities. We want our staff and customers to be included in this education.”

Beneficiaries of the funds include:

The NCPPDSA, SA National Council for the Blind, SA Federation for Mental Health, Deaf Federation of SA, Autism South Africa, Down Syndrome South Africa, The National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy, the South African National Deaf Association, the National Institute for the Deaf, Alzheimer’s South Africa, the South African Disability Alliance and QuadPara Association of South Africa.

The team who organises Casual Day pictured at the annual awards ceremony. From L to R: Faheema Granville, Zaza Khazemula, Bonita Lottering, Celeste Vinassa, Josephine Mukalula, Lanie Stoltz and Gabriel Hoffman.

The team who organises Casual Day pictured at the annual awards ceremony. From L to R: Faheema Granville, Zaza Khazemula, Bonita Lottering, Celeste Vinassa, Josephine Mukalula, Lanie Stoltz and Gabriel Hoffman.

Wi-Fi is changing how we use smartphones and vice versa

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Despite the availability of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) in South Africa, Wi-Fi will remain the preferred form of connectivity for the foreseeable future according to Ruckus Wireless, Inc. (NYSE: RKUS).

A Mobidia-sponsored Informa White Paper* has found that, globally, Wi-Fi data usage is much greater than cellular on 3G and 4G smartphones. Monthly Wi-Fi use on 3G devices increased 24% last year to 3.2GB and jumped 86% on 4G devices over the same period to 7.3GB. By comparison, for example in South Africa, 67% of Vodacom 3G customers using Android devices are on data plans of only up to 500MB per month; 59% for LTE users.

“We are seeing Wi-Fi increasingly being used for both data-intensive services such as video and music streaming as well as automated ones such as synchronisation to the cloud and online backups,” says Michael Fletcher, sales director for Ruckus Wireless sub-Saharan Africa. “Mobile cellular access is typically focused on lighter applications such as social networking and conducting product price comparisons when shopping.”

Fletcher believes that Africa has always been a mobile-first continent and the increase in broadband penetration is perpetuating this. “The need for reliable and cost-effective Internet access is increasing constantly. Manufacturers are releasing more affordable smartphones which are impacting how people access their information. Those users who have previously only been able to afford basic feature phones are now able to experience the connected world in a totally different manner,” he says.

The White Paper states that the newer 4G markets of Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Brazil, with a relatively small number of end-users, are helping drive a shift towards larger data plans.

“However, these larger data plans need to be integrated with Wi-Fi access to provide a better end-user experience. This is especially important considering how quickly one is able to use up a typical data plan on LTE networks given the increase in speeds. Wi-Fi hotspots provide a perfect solution to enable faster growth in data usage,” says Fletcher.

To this end, several Internet service providers (ISPs) in South Africa are bundling Wi-Fi access with their fixed-line and mobile data offerings to diversify the connectivity options available to end-users.

“LTE and 3G will remain supplementary to Wi-Fi for the foreseeable future. The challenge for network operators will be to ensure that it does not erode their profit centres but add to them through a more engaged, satisfied and increasingly ‘connected to the Internet’ customer base,” concludes Fletcher.

* Smartphone use transforming with the rise of 4G Wi-Fi, Informa in association with Mobidia, February 2014

Why trading online is safer than you think

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by Claire Cobbledick of Gumtree South Africa

A recent poll has shown that South Africans are still somewhat divided when it comes to meeting with online traders through classified sites, with about 51% of the close to 10,000 respondents saying that they do not transact online and 31% saying they prefer to browse online but transact face-to-face. While all of us should be aware of the possible dangers of online transacting, it shouldn’t be a deterrent, says Claire Cobbledick of Gumtree South Africa.

“As with any other e-tailing platform, there are risks associated with classifieds but also great benefits,” says Cobbledick. “Reputable classifieds offer goods at significantly lower prices than retail value, localised services, and a huge variety of items generated by an active community, such as rentals, jobs, cars and household goods.”

Cobbledick says that Gumtree has several safety mechanisms in place to ensure the safety of the community – although it’s the diligence of the users themselves that have made it a particularly safe place to trade. “We conduct random ad screenings, but all ads that are flagged by our community as suspicious are personally reviewed by our support team,” she says. “Users love the site and are quite keen to ensure that it keeps doing what it does best – providing a link between buyers and sellers. If a scammer does slip through, they report it extremely quickly.”

This is crucial, Cobbledick says, as the site works closely with government, industry bodies and local law enforcement to track down these individuals. “We also collaborate with numerous government and industry partners to share best practices, support investigations and help raise public awareness of online safety.”

Gumtree also employs extremely sophisticated filtering systems that prohibit known fraudsters from accessing the site again. “In addition, we have a customer service support team that is fully operational 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to assist users that have queries or concerns about safety or any other issues on the site.”

Users can visit the on-site blog for regular updates on common scams that have been doing the rounds across various online classifieds sites. “The reality is that although one is more likely to read about negative online experiences, there are 30,000 new ads posted every minute but only about 30 complaints lodged per month,” says Cobbledick. “Aggressive combating of online scams, combined with our ongoing efforts to educate and alert users will make it even safer to transact online.”

Cobbledick provides the following advice for users making use of online classifieds for the first time. “It’s best to meet in public places (such as coffee shops or the local police station) when meeting a trader face-to-face. If you are showing your house to prospective tenants, ask them to provide proof of identity before scheduling a visit and make sure that you aren’t alone in the home at the time. It is advisable to obtain the buyer/seller’s name, phone number and place of work before meeting. These details should be verified,” she says. “Also refrain from giving out too much personal information via email or SMS – particularly account details. Never provide anyone with passwords to your accounts.”

A detailed list of current online scams can be viewed here.

CommVault expands services to Rackspace to power managed backup services

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CommVault has announced that it has extended its relationship with Rackspace Hosting, the open cloud company, to improve managed backup services based on the latest enhancements in Simpana 10.

Powered by Simpana software, the Rackspace Managed Backup service helps customers reduce risk and provides peace of mind by enabling customers to back up their data for rapid recovery in the event of an outage or data loss. The flexibility of the Simpana platform allows Rackspace to offer a range of options, helping customers with their specific data backup needs.

Through their collaborative efforts, the companies have worked closely to enhance Rackspace’s services capabilities and the Simpana 10 platform itself. Several of the newest features found in Simpana software, including workflow automation and global reporting, were developed as a result of this collaboration and are now part of Simpana 10.

“We work closely with our partners to quickly and effectively deliver new data and information management services that provide long term strategic value both to ourselves and our service provider partners,” says Alan G. Bunte, executive vice president and chief operating officer, CommVault. “Our relationship with Rackspace is a perfect example of how CommVault collaborates with a broad ecosystem of global providers to help more customers rapidly adopt modern data information management for improved costs and agility.”

“CommVault has made some important changes in Simpana 10 that will help us scale with our customers and their business needs as they grow,” says Tim Symchych, senior director of supply chain operations at Rackspace. “We back up approximately 66 petabytes of customer data per month using Simpana software and CommVault has become a trusted advisor.”

CommVault certified for the Rackspace Private Cloud
Customers looking to move IT operations and applications into the cloud depend on service providers to help them migrate, manage and protect their cloud infrastructures. CommVault has worked with Rackspace to effectively deliver Managed Backup Services powered by Simpana software across geographies, vertical industries and offerings.

In support of this effort, Simpana 10 recently achieved Rackspace Private Cloud Certification Status. This designation indicates, after a comprehensive testing and validation process, Simpana software has achieved readiness within Rackspace OpenStack-based Private Cloud Software v2.0, giving customers yet another way to take advantage of the efficiencies of cloud-based infrastructures. Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack enables the creation of virtual instances that can be used to run any kind of application and, in combination with Simpana software, those virtual machines are capable of file-level backup and recovery of data inside individual instances.

Helping service providers get to market faster
CommVault has for years invested in a provider partner strategy and software enhancements that extend holistic data management to the cloud to address growing customer demand for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). CommVault Simpana software provides a single platform approach that can support a full suite of service offerings across backup, archive, disaster recovery, and search.

Organisations that join the CommVault Service Provider Program can accelerate time to revenue with Simpana software. To deliver flexibility, scalability and operational efficiency for both partners and end users, CommVault has designed Simpana software to be the most open cloud data management platform available in the market today. CommVault’s technology is integrated across a comprehensive range of storage technologies, cloud infrastructure platforms, Operating Systems (OS), hypervisors and enterprise applications – providing consistent management and reporting tools, and an enterprise-wide view into data, across heterogeneous environments through a single platform.

Always on and powered up while on the move with Verbatim Power Packs from DCC

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Keeping your mobile devices up and running is essential while on the move and running low on battery life can be an inconvenience. Verbatim has tackled this challenge with two power packs from Verbatim – the Verbatim Ultra Slim and Portable power packs – available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). These power packs are designed for the specific needs and preferences of mobile IT users, the perfect solution to ensure that they are always powered up while on the move.

“People on the move make use of their mobile devices to stay connected, keep in touch and capture moments when they happen. In addition, business users require their mobile device to stay connected or respond to emails in between meetings or while on the road. However, battery life can often cut these moments short and it is therefore essential to always remain powered up. The Verbatim Power Packs solve these issues and allow users to charge their mobile devices wherever they are,” says Ruben Naicker, Verbatim Product Specialist at DCC.

The Verbatim Ultra Slim Power Pack is designed for mobile users who don’t want to be ‘weighed down’ with a heavy battery pack – weighing in at only 50grams. The Verbatim Portable Power Pack weighs in at only 60grams and therefore provide users with handy and convenient power charging solutions. Both devices feature a built-in USB cable that connects the mobile device to the power pack, making it is ideal for iPhones, Smartphones, MP3 players, iPods and other small Bluetooth peripherals.

Both devices offer lightweight designs, making them ideal for the person always on the move. The LED indicator displays the power status of the power pack and also features a button to check the amount of power that is still remaining.

“The mobile device era is here and remaining powered up is essential to remain connected and in-touch with the world around us. Talk, listen to music or play games for longer with the Verbatim Ultra Slim and Portable Power Packs,” concludes Naicker.

The Verbatim Ultra Slim and Portable Power Packs are available from DCC and select retail outlets immediately for a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of R285.00 and R350.00 respectively. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

For more information, visit

Africa needs accessible high quality solutions

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Since its acquisition of iWayAfrica and Africa Online, pan African telecoms operator, Gondwana International Networks has focused on the development of its terrestrial and satellite network products and solutions. According to CEO, Mathew Welthagen, Africa is in desperate need of high-end, quality communication solutions that are easily accessible: “There are still too many people unable to connect and it is up to companies such as ours to develop first-world solutions that meet these needs.”

Welthagen says the company is still set to invest heavily in the connectivity business and has recently made the first of many solution announcements, which will have a positive impact on the communications issues faced by the African continent: “We have selected Avanti Communications to power multiple broadband and VOIP services throughout Kenya, Tanzania, parts of Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa.”

Gondwana International Networks will deploy both broadband and VOIP services to thousands of consumer and enterprise customers via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 satellite under its iWayAfrica and Africa Online brands.

“We are excited to bring Avanti on board to power our VOIP and broadband satellite services. Deployment of Ka-band via small dishes is an exciting and compelling prospect for consumer data communications in Africa. The cost savings – combined with the flexibility and quality of the Avanti proposition – will change this market completely.”

According to 2011 market estimates, about 13.5% of African population has Internet access. While Africa accounts for 15.0% of the world’s population, only 6.2% of the World’s Internet subscribers are Africans. Africans who have access to broadband connections are estimated to be 1% of the population or lower. “These numbers are just too low and if Africa is to become the emerging market so many hope for, Internet connectivity issues have to be resolved,” says Welthagen.

He says that Gondwana International Networks, with its years of experience, has the perfect skill set to not only develop solutions aimed at improving connectivity but to ultimately add much needed value to its customers: “Our collective vision as a group is to strive to always add value to our services and solutions. It is not enough to provide services alone, it must add immense value and shape the industry moving forward.”

Gondwana International Networks has a physical presence in nine countries on the continent and operates in 39 countries in Africa, providing both satellite and terrestrial connectivity services across the continent. Welthagen says that iWayAfrica was formed as the result of the amalgamation of MWEB Africa and Africa Online Mauritius in 2007 when MWEB Africa was purchased by Telkom SA: “The brand has found a perfect home with Gondwana International Networks and we are confident it will grow from strength to strength.”

Elsies River to become home to new Digital Access Centre

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The Western Cape Government, in partnership with the City of Cape Town, announced yesterday that a R2.8 million digital access centre is set to be launched in Elsies River.

The Interactive Community Access Network (ICAN) Centre forms part of the roll out of the Western Cape Government’s R1.3 billion broadband plan to connect communities across the province over the next three years.

Residents will have access to Wi-Fi hotspots, meeting rooms, video-conference facilities, training workshops, study rooms and sound-proof recording booths.

The initiative builds on the success of the City of Cape Town’s broadband initiative in which R222 million has been set aside over three years towards the roll out of broadband infrastructure throughout the Metro.

This project has allowed the City and the Western Cape Government to contain and reduce spending on their internal telecommunications costs.

The network has saved R47.6m in telecommunications costs and avoided R70m of bandwidth costs for 2013/2014 financial year. In turn, these savings become available for economic development initiatives such as the proposed ICAN Centre.

This Centre, which is a pilot project, will be located at the Elsies River Multi-Purpose Centre which will undergo substantial refurbishments in the months ahead.

The centre is funded by the Western Cape Government in partnership with the City of Cape Town which has provided the site and will manage the installation of the infrastructure and equipment.

Today, Alan Winde, Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, announced the concept, explaining that the Department of Economic Development and Tourism would open the call for NPO’s to apply to operate the centre in the next two weeks.

Minister Winde said the successful NPO operator would be required to ensure that Elsies River residents are brought on board to assist with the management of the facility.

Minister Winde, Alderman Demetri Qually, the Mayoral Committee Member for Corporate Services, and Councillor Suzette Little, the Mayoral Committee Member for Social Development, briefed the media on the ICAN concept.

Minister Winde said: “The Centre will consist of open spaces for learning, innovation and knowledge production. It will be a space for the entire community. Local entrepreneurs can come and grow their business ideas, learners will have a study resource space and residents will be able to further their ICT training. Key to the success of the centre will be the social entrepreneurship model. In this model, government partners with local entrepreneurs to establish and maintain public facilities. This model ensures that business opportunities are created for local emerging SMMEs.”

Little said: “By housing this project in Elsies River, the prospects to address social challenges are endless.”

Qually agreed, adding: “Through our experience in the Smart Cape Initiative, this project has the ability to grow and expand far beyond our expectations.”

“This project will complement the success of the City’s SmartCape project, which provides free Internet access at 102 public libraries throughout the Metro. Today the SmartCape project has extended to provide Wi-Fi Internet access in public buildings, and has over 300 000 users,” said Qually.

The Centre has different zones catering for the entire community:

  • ICAN Learn will support various community learning initiatives. It is a training centre incorporated within the ICAN centre. It will be shared between school learners and the rest of the community.
  • ICAN Study is specifically equipped to support learners and members of the community who are studying. It is intended to be a quieter, more study oriented space. It is also intended that this is a supervised zone and that linkages with the schools in the area would be established.
  • ICAN Create is a space for community innovation, local knowledge creation and entrepreneurship.
  • ICAN Play is a gaming lab. Research indicates that the right type of video games and interactive media can have a positive impact on self-efficacy which increases resilience, optimism, and motivation.
  • The heart of the Centre is the ICAN Community Commercial Services Zone, which provides all of the support and shared services to the other zones
  • Various training programmes will be housed and offered at this centre with stakeholders supporting such programmes including FET Colleges, Adult Learning Centres, and Tertiary Institutions such as the University of the Western Cape through their Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technologies.

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism will open the call for NPO’s to submit proposals to run the centre in the next two weeks. Interested NPO’s can email for the terms of reference.

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