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Communications freedom in our time

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The value of bringing voice onto the enterprise network

Migrating from the traditional public switched telephone network to Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers enterprises many benefits associated with cost, flexibility and sheer powerful functionality.

At the heart of this is the freedom of choice. By reducing their reliance on the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN), companies are free to choose between multiple providers. The resulting increase in competition has a beneficial effect on pricing as well as technological and service excellence.

The cost benefits come from:

  • Lower outbound call costs through the introduction of per second billing as compared to per minute billing yielding at least a 25% saving;
  • Lower outbound call costs calls from Telkom cost R1.18 per minute to the mobile operators, while VoIP providers offer rates as low as 64c per minute 45% less than the incumbent;
  • No connect charge of 50c;
  • Single on-site cabling infrastructure;
  • Creating your own community between branches and key suppliers with no charge of calls between the community members;
  • Reduced line rental charges e.g. a PRI (30 voice channels) cost approximately R 4000 whereas the same amount would offer you 100 voice channels over a Diginet SIP trunk;
  • More enhanced features from cloud-based solutions to effect smarter private call control.
  • Less disparate infrastructure at each site.

Most important is the increased freedom of choice between suppliers and more competitive market forces to make an on-going “best buy” decision.

Sizing and planning of staff compliments vary to accommodate business life cycles and economic conditions your IP based PBX is better geared to grow/decrease with those demands. In addition you have a wider choice of open SIP phones with global brands like Polycom, SNOM and Yealink to choose from. Approximately two thirds of the investment into a PBX is into the handsets so the freedom of choice also goes with increased freedom of supplier of the core IP PBX system which represent the other third of the capital cost.

When comparing scalability of a traditional PABX with that of a server-based soft switch, it is evident that lower-end PABXs do not offer easy upgradeability. When smaller businesses grow out of their allocated extensions, they have to replace their entire telephony system. If the system is more advanced, upgradeability is a feature, but often at large increments.

VoIP systems, however – specifically hosted ones – offer seamless, extension-by-extension upgrades. Virtualisation, which ‘decouples’ the software from the physical server, makes it easy to provision extra licensed extensions one by one.

Seamless scalability is one of the many facets of the technological freedom that comes with choosing IP.

Centralisation is another. Architecturally, hosted VoIP systems offer the benefit of centralisation, or treating the enterprise and all its branches and roving employees as one communications ecosystem – which has major associated efficiencies.

Firstly, having a hosted, centrally-managed communications system is in effect an outsourced function. Companies have the benefit of all the functionality with low hassle.

Secondly, hosted and managed systems allow for extensive remote management through standard API connectivity, enabling administrators to provision, monitor and support users and offices from the same system.

Hosted deployments further let companies and service providers keep calls within the enterprise on the VoIP network, which in turn enables zero-rated (no cost) calls. This has the potential to accrue massive savings.

VoIP’s centrality finally also allows unnecessarily centralised business functions to be decentralised – strange as that sounds. For instance, accounts, a centralised function, can have decentralised sub-functions like collections. With VoIP, collections calls can be queued for initiation within branches which extended the credit or made the sale in the first place. This improves customer service and increases efficiencies.

Data from Mars and Voice packets from Venus
Voice packets likes rhythm and routine and no interference whereas data packets and the IP technology can cope with delays and retransmission of data – so the two types of traffic don’t sit naturally together where networks are congested – which they are. So the voice packets require prioritisation and preference either in the compartmentalisation of the network – mostly used or this could be achieved by the use of Vibe technology that prioritises the voice over data packets, manages failover conditions, manages the number of calls that could be presented and offers increased monitoring capability which uses 100% of the available bandwidth. An engineered network is self liquidating through call cost savings if the monthly Telco spend is above R 7500 per month.

It is evident that VoIP’s liberation from the dominance of the traditional old style PSTN service has many facets, and all indications are that it has matured into a viable alternative with good service quality to boot.


EA conference hailed as a success by The Open Group South Africa

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The Open Group Enterprise Architecture (EA) Practitioners Conference, held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand, Johannesburg on 5 September 2013, was attended by more than 130 enterprise architecture practitioners (EA) as well as local and international EA experts.

The theme for this year’s conference, the sixth to be hosted by The Open Group South Africa, a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium, was “Positioning Enterprise Architecture to Deliver Business Value”, with attendees sharing their experiences and know-how in the EA environment.

“With King III and COBIT 5 making the CEO accountable for EA, its implementation as a strategic business capability and even as a source of competitive advantage is becoming increasingly important,” says Stuart Macgregor, CEO of The Open Group South Africa. “The conference gave the EA community the opportunity to explore how companies have positioned EA and the experiences that EA practitioners have had while implementing it within their organisations.”

Macgregor says the highlight of the conference was the quality of the presentations in general, which were of a particularly high standard, and both entertaining and informative.

“Overall, the presentations were edifying, relevant and practical,” says Macgregor. “The conference was a great success in that it gave the EA community the opportunity to interact and network with other practitioners and share experiences and demystify the concept of EA. This is the only event of its kind in the country, and we are excited to be at the centre of the drive to build a vibrant EA community and to generate ongoing enthusiasm for the discipline of EA.”

To download the speaker presentations go to

Complaints of overregulation of financial services industry a tactic to distract from high fees

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Complaints from South African financial services industry players about the amount of regulation in the industry is an attempt to deflect attention away from the most important challenge facing investors; which is high fees and not the cost of regulation.

This is according to Steven Nathan, Chief Executive Officer at 10X Investments, who says that while many may argue that regulation is a cost that is ultimately borne by investors, they fail to mention the total fees many investors’ face, which are often prohibitive and opaque. “The industry attempts to blame regulation for the cost of investing because they cannot defend their high fees.”

Nathan says Treasury explores the impact of fees on the local retirement investing sector in its latest retirement reform discussion paper entitled ‘Charges in South African retirement funds’. “The intention of the paper is not to propose a particular approach but ‘to assist South Africans in getting the best possible value for the retirement savings they make’.

“However, reading between the lines, it is apparent that Treasury advocates simple, low cost default solutions using passive investing, rather than the complex product options that currently underpin many financial intermediaries and high-cost active managers.”

He says the paper confirms that an investor paying an annual fee of 0.5% per annum will receive double the retirement income as one paying 2.5% over a 40 year period, highlighting the ruinous impact of high charges. “The number of 2.5% per annum is pertinent as, per the paper, this is the average fee paid by savers in Umbrella Pension and Provident, Preservation and Retirement Annuity Funds). This number captures some R440bn in savings and 5.4m savers. The additional 2% fee means that the retirement funds industry skims R8.8bn off these investors’ savings every year.”

The industry argues that, without compulsory saving and preservation, the remaining participants do not enjoy the full benefits of scale, says Nathan. “This is exacerbated by too many small-sized funds.”

However, treasury sees other reasons, one of which is that the retirement fund market is not competitive, says Nathan. “This manifests in poor comparability of product terms and prices, poor portability, low transparency and high barriers to entry.”

He says in addition to this, neither the level nor the disclosure of fees is properly regulated, enabling providers to manipulate both. “Without a standard measure of the cost impact, price comparisons are impossible. The paper argues that providers make it deliberately difficult for customers to compare prices to avoid price competition.”

Nathan says this complex model is used to justify layers of financial intermediaries, which further inflates costs. “Many intermediaries are incentivised to sell the industries’ products, which perpetuates the use of high-cost active asset managers at the expense of passive low-cost investing. This entrenches the incumbents. Uninformed investors are unaware of, and insensitive to, the level of recurring charges, and do not push back.”

The complexity is exacerbated by flexible fund designs, and by differentiated products and services, says Nathan. “The industry offers many options that essentially just disguise close substitutes. This practice reduces economies of scale, raises charges – and again necessitates the use of intermediaries. The industry spin creates a vortex that draws investors in, and under.”

Treasury’s paper confirms 10X’s industry experience: that it is heavily tainted by excessive fees, choice and complexity, by poor disclosure and governance, and by conflicts of interest that reveal a scant regard of the investors’ need, says Nathan.

“There are many areas in our financial services industry that require stronger regulation and stronger policing, to ensure that investors buying products from financial institutions also get a fair deal. Clearly, one of these areas is fees,” concludes Nathan.

BlackBerry introduces the new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone with 5″ display and BlackBerry 10.2 OS

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Biggest, Fastest, Most Advanced BlackBerry Smartphone Lets You Take on Any Task and Always Be in Control

BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today introduced the new BlackBerry® Z30 smartphone, BlackBerry’s biggest, fastest and most advanced smartphone. Featuring BlackBerry® 10 OS version 10.2, the new all-touch BlackBerry Z30 smartphone comes with a beautiful 5” display and the largest battery yet on a BlackBerry smartphone. It is designed to keep you hyper connected, productive and always in control, and lets you share like you’re there and collaborate with ease.

“The new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone builds on the solid foundation and engaging user experience of the BlackBerry 10 platform with features like the powerful BlackBerry Hub, its exceptional touchscreen keyboard and industry leading browser,” said Carlo Chiarello, Executive Vice President for Products at BlackBerry. “The smartphone rounds out the BlackBerry 10 portfolio and is designed for people looking for a smartphone that excels at communications, messaging and productivity. Having apps like the full Documents To Go suite that comes preinstalled, together with its 5” touch display, the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone gives you a best in class productivity experience on the go.”

The new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone comes with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2, which includes hundreds of refinements plus many new features that help you be more productive. Among key features are:

BlackBerry® Priority Hub – BlackBerry® Hub is the one place to manage all your conversations and notifications. The new BlackBerry Priority Hub can now learn what conversations and what people are important to you making it fast and easy to find the messages and information you need. It collects priority messages across your email, social networking and other accounts and gives you instant access to the conversations most important to you to help you stay organized and focused on the most important tasks.

BBM™ Now in Any App and Message Previews Everywhere – BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2 continues to refine the unique communications experience of the platform. You can now get a preview of any message as it arrives in whatever app you’re using, and immediately dismiss it or tap it to read the full content and respond. If a BBM message arrives, you can instantly reply to the message without even leaving the app you’re in. In addition, if your phone is locked, you can tap the various icons on the Lock Screen to see an instant preview of your most recent messages and notifications.

5” Super AMOLED Display – The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone features the latest in display technology with a 5” Super AMOLED display that makes whatever you’re running larger, clearer and more vivid. The smartphone also houses many top of the line components, including a 1.7 GHz processor with quadcore graphics that makes browsing web pages faster and games more detailed.

Stereo Audio and BlackBerry® Natural Sound – The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone comes with stereo speakers that immerse you in your music, videos, apps and games, and makes conversations sound like you’re face-to-face. BlackBerry Natural Sound is new technology exclusive to BlackBerry and part of BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2 that makes BBM Voice and BBM Video chats sound more natural and realistic. BlackBerry Natural Sound lets you hear nuances and variations in tone, making conversations sound like you’re in the same room.

New Antenna Technology – The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone features BlackBerry’s new generation antenna technology that dynamically tunes reception to give you better connectivity in low signal areas. BlackBerry® Paratek Antenna can give you faster data transfers and fewer dropped calls in low signal areas, keeping you connected in more places.

Longer Battery Life – The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone includes a 2880 mAh battery, the largest battery ever built into a BlackBerry smartphone. Combined with the battery enhancements in BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2, you can get up to 25 hours of mixed use* to keep you moving from dawn ‘til dawn.

The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone will roll out from select carriers and retailers around the world beginning next week in the UK and Middle East, and all other regions going into the holiday season. Specific pricing and availability will be announced by partners at the time of their respective launches. A variety of accessories including cases and chargers will also be available.

Subject to carrier approvals, BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2 is expected to be available for the BlackBerry® Z10, BlackBerry® Q10 and BlackBerry® Q5 smartphones beginning mid-October.

For more information about the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone, please visit To view a video of the new smartphone, visit and for “How To” videos, visit

* Based on mixed usage scenario. Many factors affect battery life, including network connectivity, application usage, feature configuration and battery age. Actual results may vary.


iPhone 5 battery live extended with the anticipated Boostcase

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Boostcase for iPhone 5 has hit South African shores and follows last year’s very successful release of its predecessor the Boostcase Hybrid. Made available exclusively by Gammatek, the external battery and cover hybrid offers a very practical and nifty-looking solution to low battery issues, whether you’re commuting to work on a very important business call.

Like its predecessor, the Boostcase for iPhone 5 is essence a combination of two products; a slim, form-fitting snap-on protective hard case and a battery charger attachment both available in black bundled with a micro USB cable.

Usage is also very simple; the cover remains attached to the phone at all time while the attachable battery sleeve that can be clipped onto the back of the snap-on case in a jiffy, delivering 1,500mAh of raw, recharging power.

“The Boostcase for iPhone 5, like its predecessor, offers a great solution to low battery issues. Very easy to use and awesome looking, it adds some serious power without compromising on style and protection,” comments Zev Cherniak from Gammatek.

The case does not compromise on protection; it is made from a very study plastic and covers the back, sides and corners of the iPhone to ensure that its svelte aluminium body won’t get scratched or damaged if it happens to take a tumble.

Also, when using the battery charger, you will still have complete access to your iPhone’s buttons, ports and cameras. Plus the “Power On” V light indicates battery level.

Boostcase for iPhone 5 retails for R799 and is available from major retail, cellular and online stores.


Frost & Sullivan recognizes QlikView business discovery platform for top customer value

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QlikTech Presented 2013 Customer Value Enhancement Award for enabling manufacturing companies worldwide to overcome Business Intelligence challenges
and improve performance

QlikView , a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced that Frost & Sullivan awarded the QlikView Business Discovery platform with the 2013 Customer Value Enhancement Award. This award is a result of Frost & Sullivan’s independent analysis and primary research performed while compiling its “Top 50 Game Changers” manufacturing report, which identifies the top hardware and software companies impacting and accelerating U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.

This latest recognition builds on LARSON Manufacturing Company being named a winner of the 2013 Manufacturing Leadership 100 Awards (ML100). With more than 200 business users using over 90 QlikView applications, LARSON has improved visibility into product quality and supply chain effectiveness plus decreased cost and time of reporting. In addition, Frost & Sullivan named the QlikView Business Discovery platform as the Emerging Analytics Player of the Year in Le Meridien, Delhi, honoring the outstanding achievements of QlikTech’s domestic market strategy and marketing and sales initiatives.

Today, manufacturing companies require more flexible business models and real-time decision-making intelligence. QlikView delivers measurable success quickly with no risk, minimal investment, and without having to commit substantial resources. Anyone within the business, as well as suppliers and distributors, can use QlikView with applications customized to each user’s needs. Through QlikView’s powerful information analysis, more than 2,000 manufacturing customers such as Amcor, Mitsubishi Electric, Sandvik, Panasonic Home Appliances Company, Toshiba Europe, and Weir Services now have an integrated view of information to improve performance across their organizations.

“Manufacturing environments today are extremely detailed, with global models encompassing many distinct enterprise solutions and pulling in data from disparate sources and storing them as either structured or unstructured data,” said Muthuraman Ramasamy, Sr. Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “QlikView’s ability to recognize the complexity of the data, the volume, and the solution into which it is plugged in order to make overarching insights demonstrates its unmatched capabilities, thus ensuring that it is uniquely differentiated from its competitors. We firmly believe that QlikView can help the growing number of manufacturers that are extending the implementation and utilization of analytics in order to enable faster and more profitable decisions in a highly competitive and complex environment.”

“Putting the information in the hands of the people on the front line – those planning and managing production, buying materials, planning supply and demand, managing quality, inventory, waste or compliance – is key to enforcing a culture of fact-based decision-making in manufacturing industries,” said David Telford, Senior Director of Global Manufacturing & High Tech at QlikTech. “QlikView’s differentiation is its ability to deliver the simplicity users need to interact with data and generate new insights which impact profitability, risk and customer satisfaction, and loyalty. Receiving this recognition from Frost & Sullivan is a testament to the thousands of manufacturers globally that have turned to QlikView to overcome their information challenges.”

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers with a focus on improving the return on the investment that customers make in its services or products. This award recognizes QlikTech’s inordinate focus on enhancing the value that its customers receive, beyond simply good customer service, leading to improved customer retention and, ultimately, customer base expansion.

To learn more and download a copy of this report, please visit:

New business: getting it right

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SA IT consultancy Cybervine is making significant inroads into the local market on the back of serial start-up experience and a whole new approach to doing IT business – turning it down occasionally.

By Grant Vine, Technical Director at Cybervine

Starting a business in South Africa is fraught with challenges and lessons to be learned. As a serial entrepreneur, I have discovered a lot about the mistakes entrepreneurs make. High among them are getting into business for the wrong reasons, poor planning, and bad choices in business partners.

With Cybervine, we have capitalised on past mistakes and brought in the necessary skills and experience to introduce new ways of doing business. And they are paying off. From a start-up run by me and my father, retired banker Edward Vine, four years ago, Cybervine has shown 100% plus annual revenue growth and now serves clients across the country.

We have in our ranks some of the top technical minds in the country and have channelled a large portion of our annual profits into building and continually expanding our own lab environment.

Getting it right has been the result of a number of factors. For one, Cybervine launched with the collaboration and input of an experienced banker. Techies tend to avoid paperwork and overlook the fine print on contracts. They tend to throw themselves into risk. When you’re opening an IT business run entirely by techies, you are exposing yourself to the potential for serious future risks. With the right partner, offering business experience and an alternative viewpoint, a new IT business can draw on the strengths of both sides to offer innovation in solutions while remaining risk averse when it comes to managing the books.

In addition, new businesses usually launch either due to a founding member’s passion, or to make money. Either approach in isolation is bound to fail. To be successful, a new business needs to find a good balance between passion for the work being done and generating revenue. At Cybervine, we have this balance right. Our techies are encouraged to experiment with new solutions and are free to test new use cases in the lab. This allows us to develop a deep understanding of solutions and apply them to use cases in a test environment. None of this knowledge is wasted, because at some point in future, the understanding and experience gained from experimenting with the technology can be monetised to meet the needs of a client.

Because Cybervine’s people are passionate about what we do, we have a vested interest in doing it right. And because we are not on this business purely for the money, we are not averse to turning down a project. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of taking on every job that comes their way, without considering its impact on their brand. We consider the long-term impact – both on our brand and on the client. If the client wants a solution that does not suit their needs or is not future proof, we will tell them so. We will be painfully honest with the client and even turn down the opportunity if necessary. While this approach may seem counter-productive, in fact it has the effect of building trust and establishing us as an ethical company.

A key learning from my previous business ventures has also supported the success of Cybervine: before you even register a business, get a good lawyer and a good accountant. Many new businesses try to avoid hiring accountants and lawyers at first, in a bid to keep start-up costs low. Cutting these costs can prove significantly more expensive in the long run. With the right start-up advice from an accountant, a new business is in a position to register and run itself in the most efficient, financially viable way. And with a lawyer drafting partner agreements and service contracts at the outset, the new business faces much less risk in the long run.

The successful modern start-up needs to adopt new approaches to business: remain ethical, have a flattened hierarchical structure, and do the work primarily for the love of it. With this approach, business and revenue will follow.

Jasco and UCOMS launch innovative IaaS solution with Secure Vault Services Centre

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Telecommunications specialist Jasco Networks has partnered with infrastructure services provider UCOMS to deliver an innovative new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution through a joint venture known as the Secure Vault Services Centre (SVS-C). The SVS-C, based in the secure environment of Teraco’s data centre in Isando, Johannesburg, offers specialised ICT solutions to small to medium business (SMB) and to Enterprises by aggregating a variety of cloud-based and hosted applications to securely deliver utility services to customers throughout Africa.

“Over the past few years, South Africa has benefitted from substantial investments in international and terrestrial optic fibre and wireless broadband infrastructures. These have paved the way for the delivery of new, secure and innovative customer-centric services. We recognised a need in the market for secure, services portfolio driven-solutions, and the SVS-C addresses this need. Customers can select services that meet their business needs, and we will configure a unique portfolio that has been tailored to meet these requirements. Customers subscribe to these services on a monthly basis, giving them the freedom to change and grow as the market and their business demands,” says Benjamin Mouton, Managing Director of UCOMS.

Through the provisioning of aggregated carrier-neutral connectivity, access capacity and broadband transit to and from the Jasco/UCOMS platform within the Teraco secure environment, the SVS-C offers a full spectrum of services. These include the secure hosting of servers, IP telephony, managed services and satellite earth station hosting, automated data backup and recovery, cloud brokerage as a service, security as a service and many other ICT utility services. The SVS-C also provides customers with secure single sign on-access management, Intellectual Property (IP) protection, secure management of identity and individual privacy, and reduced risk though the effective use of Privilege Identity Management.

The SVS-C is a single point of entry to aggregated services built on a secure platform jointly developed by Jasco Networks and UCOMS Services. This platform is based on class-leading virtualisation technologies from VMware, operating on a best-of-breed server platform backed by high-speed and resilient solid state storage and switching technology. Bringing together UCOMS’ expertise as a specialised services provider in Africa and Jasco’s extensive experience as provider of open access ICT and communication solutions, the SVS-C is a unique offering in the market.

“Our partnership with UCOMS combines, within the SVS-Centre, Jasco’s ability to deliver class-leading communication requirements with UCOMS’ market experience and insight into customer infrastructure solutions. Together we are able to deliver a wide range of tailor-made quality services that meet the growing demand by leading enterprises for a wide range of ICT services, securely and reliably, from a single infrastructure platform,” says Eckart Zollner, Business Development Manager, Jasco.

With a wide range of solutions to choose from, or tailor-made, both Jasco and UCOMS customers will benefit from improved economies of scale, enhanced efficiencies and cost savings. Delivered on a ‘pay per use’ model, the SVS-C services remove the need for costly capital investment, instead enabling organisations to take advantage of new services for a fixed, predictable monthly fee from a single source and services provider. The SVS-C also ensures the highest levels of security, addressing one of the biggest concerns around the cloud and making cloud services and applications a reality for a wide range of customers throughout Africa.

The SVS-C joint venture between Jasco and UCOMS became operational at the beginning of September 2013.

HP urges customers to rethink security strategy

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New offerings disrupt adversaries, manage risk and extend organisations’ security capabilities

HP recently announced new products and services that enable enterprises to disrupt the adversary marketplace, manage risk and extend their security capabilities to better protect themselves against a growing threat landscape.

Cybercrime continues to increase, with 92 percent of Forbes Global 2000 companies reporting data breaches in the last 12 months.(1) This growth is due to adversaries forming a more sophisticated and collaborative marketplace through which they share information and advanced data theft tools. Studies estimate that the global cybercrime black market has a value of $104 billion per year.(2)

Evolving regulatory and legislative requirements are further adding to enterprises’ security burden, with an estimated average cost of noncompliance at $13.7 million for global organisations.(2) Additionally, in the world of bring your own device (BYOD), IT no longer controls the endpoint, offering the adversary many more control points to attack.

HP’s new products and services enable enterprises to approach their security challenges with a single view of information security, and to manage risk and compliance. Leveraging HP’s industry-leading security research and security professionals, these new offerings are designed to help organisations disrupt the adversary marketplace, optimise their risk postures and extend their own capabilities.

“Enterprises today aren’t facing a single attacker; they are fighting a well-organised, well-funded adversary marketplace,” said Lorna Hardie, Software Country Manager, HP South Africa. “To succeed in thwarting attacks, you need a trusted partner that can provide end-to-end security with enhanced threat intelligence to disrupt the adversary. Only HP can deliver this.”

“An organisation extends well beyond its four walls—it’s made up of a vast ecosystem of suppliers, devices that can go anywhere and, not to mention, a web that is literally worldwide,” said Arthur Wong, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Security Services, HP. “HP helps clients reduce risk and manage the complexities of protecting the flow of information—both internally and externally—enabling them to focus on driving innovation.”

Disrupting the adversary through next-generation solutions
HP’s approach to security disrupts the life cycle of an attack with prevention and real-time threat detection, from the application layer to the hardware and software interface.

New and enhanced HP offerings provide real-time threat disruption and self-healing technology combined with crowd-sourced security intelligence:

  • HP Threat Central, the industry’s first community-sourced security intelligence platform to facilitate automated, real-time collaboration among organisations in the battle against active cyberthreats.
  • HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) addresses risks introduced by cloud, mobile and BYOD by delivering easy-to-use, reliable, high-performance security effectiveness with granular application visibility and control.
  •  HP ArcSight and HP Fortify offer data-driven security technologies, including HP ArcSight Application View, HP ArcSight Management Center, HP ArcSight Risk Insight and HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) v6.5c , that empower security operations teams to run more effectively with accelerated and real-time application-level threat detection.
  • HP SureStart, the industry’s first and only self-healing technology that automatically restores a system’s PC Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) to its previously safe state if attacked or corrupted, delivering a “future proof” technological breakthrough to HP EliteBook customers. This offering is part of the HP BIOSphere, a firmware ecosystem that automates data protection as well as robust configurability and manageability for HP business PCs.

Manage risk exposure through security services
As the adversary marketplace intensifies, internal security teams are struggling to respond to the velocity and severity of threats.

HP Managed Security Services (MSS) help internal security teams accelerate threat identification, response and remediation by providing expertise and advanced security intelligence. With HP MSS, intrusions are detected within 11.8 minutes, and 92 percent of major incidents are resolved within two hours of identification.(3) HP MSS security professionals also possess global and regional knowledge of legal, regulatory and standard developments to improve overall risk posture.

New offerings from HP MSS and HP Enterprise Services help boost security posture, manage regulatory challenges and reduce risk:

  • The HP Supplier Security Compliance Solution protects the flow of information across an organisation’s network of suppliers. After a data breach, organisations can gain control of their data to minimise the loss of money, trade secrets and customer trust.
  • HP Continuous Monitoring for the U.S. Public Sector helps government agencies identify and report IT security vulnerabilities in real time, providing security-situational awareness and enhanced protection of public agencies’ sensitive information.
  • HP Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) Protection Services leverage leading security tools, HP MSS and 24/7 event monitoring by skilled security analysts to help organisations detect and take immediate action on DDoS and web-application attacks. As a result, clients can reduce potential losses from system downtime and lost productivity.

The new HP Security Risk and Controls Advisory Services for Mobility enable organisations to understand, identify and implement an effective security strategy to manage employee-owned devices in the enterprise.

HP’s annual enterprise security event, HP Protect, takes place Sept. 16-19 in Washington, D.C.

HP’s premier EMEA client event, HP Discover, takes place Dec. 10-12 in Barcelona, Spain.




XDSL expands network infrastructure offering with addition of 600m2 data centre

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XDSL, a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) has expanded its data centre with an additional 600m2, bolstering its existing data centre facility. This will enable the provider to expand its service offering in the network and infrastructure space. These include a carrier-neutral co-location service, along with hosting, Disaster Recovery (DR), wholesale products for other ISPs, hosted services and super-fast broadband fibre Internet connectivity.

As a carrier-neutral hub, the data centre will provide interconnections with multiple carriers and ISPs, offering customers a choice of carrier for the best possible pricing. XDSL will also offer value added services such as competitive Internet pricing out of the data centre on the WACS and SEACOM cables for ISPs and wholesalers. The data centre is connected to all of the major fibre infrastructure rings in South Africa.

For corporate customers who already make use of XDSL’s super-fast fibre broadband services, DR services are offered with no additional charge for connectivity. Corporates pay only for the co-location space, using their existing connectivity within the data centre and for offsite backup and redundancy.

Says Danie Fourie, Director at XDSL: “This product is a first in the South African market. Traditionally, for backup and DR services, ISPs will charge for Internet connectivity at the company’s premises, as well as at the data centre, and then charge separately for a link between the two sites. This makes DR an expensive exercise. We are removing this barrier to entry and making DR far more affordable and cost-effective.”

Customers will be able to take advantage of high-speed broadband fibre and XDSL’s MPLS network, creating a platform for cost effective data backup and recovery, with the ability to mirror environments in multiple data centres for additional failover capabilities. XDSL will also provide access links through the data centre to ADSL, Diginet, 3G, satellite, microwave and fibre, offering a range of connectivity options to customers.

“We feel that there is a massive gap in the market for better pricing and value added services on solutions such as disaster recovery. Our aim is to open up the market and create a more competitive environment in this space. Our products and solutions are aimed at the corporate market, and with this new data centre we will be able to offer additional services to our existing customers as well as focus on gaining new customers with our expanded solution offering,” Fourie concludes.

The new XDSL data centre is currently operational and fully functional.

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