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Samsung, MTN partner for entrepreneurial reality TV

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Helping develop SMEs through technology

Samsung Electronics South Africa has joined forces with MTN Business to support The Big Break Legacy show currently underway on SABC2. This programme will see entrepreneurs contesting the R5-million investment prize.

“The importance of helping develop entrepreneurs in the country cannot be over-emphasised. They fulfil an important development role for the country’s economy, which is required for growth stimulus. As such, Samsung offers a range of solutions that provide all the tools that a start-up entrepreneur will need to remain completely mobile and ensure that they are brought closer to their customers through technology,” says Paulo Ferreira, Head of Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

The Big Break Legacy show is aimed at identifying, educating, inspiring, and empowering entrepreneurs in the country. This weekly series, now in its second season, sees contestants compete in real-life entrepreneurial challenges.

“It is a critical business requirement to always be connected and to have access to technology. Entrepreneurs have very specific requirements and Samsung takes meeting those needs very seriously. Through the development of cost-effective and secure solutions, which are optimised for the mobile worker, we are able to provide SME’s the support they require.”

Samsung offers the SME market a vast choice of different solutions that cater for security, messaging, virtualisation, collaboration, and business applications.

In addition to having access to these enterprise mobility solutions, contestants on the show can also engage with Samsung and MTN for business advice and guidance on how to best utilise mobile technology to increase business growth in a competitive market.

Imperial Group Limited certified as a Top Employer South Africa 2014

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Imperial Group Limited is certified for its excellent employee offering. Based on independent research by the Top Employers Institute, Imperial Group Limited offers its employees outstanding working conditions and looks after its staff exceptionally well. The company has therefore received the exclusive Top Employers South Africa 2014 Certification.

The Top Employers Institute globally certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people. The company has just completed this year’s research into the employee conditions of a large number of employers in South Africa. Imperial Group Limited is one of the few organisations that received the Top Employers 2014 Certification.

It is key to the Top Employers process (formerly known as Best Employers South Africa) that participating companies must meet the stringent research criteria to receive the Certification. The employers examined were assessed on the following criteria: Primary Benefits, Secondary Benefits and Working Conditions, Training and Development, Career Development, and Culture Management. Only those companies that met the stringent research criteria received the Top Employers South Africa recognition.

Samantha Crous, Regional Director Africa & Benelux for the Top Employers Institute: “Optimal employee conditions ensure that people develop themselves personally and professionally. Our comprehensive research concluded that Imperial Group Limited provides an outstanding employment environment and nurtures and develops talent throughout all levels of the organisation. They offer a wide range of creative initiatives, from secondary benefits and working conditions, to performance-management programmes, that are well-thought-out and truly aligned with the culture of their company.”

Dr Johan de Beer, Head of Imperial HR department, is exceptionally proud of this achievement and reiterates that the Group is underpinned by a solid culture of ethical business practices and focused employee relations. “This focus allows us to deliver on our promise of creating a healthy level of competitiveness and goes a long way to ensuring a mutual respect between employees is harnessed. Working in an environment that fosters this type of culture creates room for personal growth – something that we believe is critical to the success of any business and of course, a key contributor to this great achievement.”

As a business that employs 39 251 staff, employee satisfaction is a top priority at The Imperial Group. “We are always looking for ways to ensure that our employees are provided the best the industry has to offer,” says Berenice Francis -Risk, transformation and people development at Imperial Group South Africa. “Our continued innovation in staff attraction and retention ensures that we are achieving our goals and of course, being named a Top Employer reiterates this commitment. In addition, it is a great honour to be part of such a niche group of organisations that boast this certification and demonstrates to our employees that we are really going beyond industry norm to bring them to the forefront of our business.”

For more information about the Top Employers Institute and the research, go to

Samsung named top electronics company in Sunday Times survey

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Third year in succession for prestigious accolade

Samsung Electronics South Africa has been named the number one Electronic goods company for the third year running and featured prominently in other categories in the recent Sunday Times Top Brands Survey. The survey, which is sponsored by Sunday Times, looks at a brand’s penetration in the marketplace, while examining its strength amongst its users and the attraction towards non-users.

“Samsung is committed to develop innovative products and to provide a world-class service which meets the diverse needs of our customers. We are proud and delighted that Samsung has again been voted as the Top Consumer Electronics Brand,” says Michelle Potgieter, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

Additionally, Samsung ranked third against eight other cellphone brands in the consumer mobile phone category and second respectfully in the Business categories for cell phones and computer tablets/E-Readers.

“These results are testament to how Samsung has been focusing on providing an integrated customer experience, from the design of its products all the way through to the support it provides users. This award is an honour, given the standing of The Sunday Times and the high esteem these accolades are held in.”

The survey conducted by TNS South Africa is now in its 15th year and looks at annual changes in consumer sentiment towards brands. More than 3 500 people over the age of 18 were interviewed with a significant number of them coming from outside metropolitan areas.

Dell networking introduces the S6000 data centre switching platform

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  • Dell Networking S6000 doubles 10/40GbE densities and throughput while lowering energy consumption by up to 50 percent, enabling denser, more efficient physical infrastructure.
  • Advanced software features for supporting network virtualization and software-defined networks to bridge the boundaries of physical and virtual environments, includes support for the VMware NSX controller for VMware vCenter deployments.
  • Integrated virtualization and automation features designed to scale and simplify virtual infrastructure through the Dell Open Automation framework across all Dell Networking products.

Dell Networking today expanded its S-series portfolio with the new S6000, the industry’s highest-density 1RU 10/40GbE switching platform for highly-virtualized data centres. A fixed form factor design, the S6000 doubles the density and throughput while consuming up to 50 percent less power than previous generation top-of-rack switches. Built-in advanced virtualization and automation features help customers scale larger virtual deployments in a smaller physical footprint, and helps solve the challenge of bridging virtualized and non-virtualized aspects of the infrastructure.

Accelerating Data Centre Transformation
Today’s data centres are going through substantive and rapid change:

  • Growth in server virtualization and cloud deployments are driving denser deployments with significantly increased bandwidth requirements.
  • The predominance of East-West traffic inside data centres generated by newer workloads such as Hadoop, virtual desktop infrastructure, web and cloud applications is causing many customers to consider new network architectures to maximise efficiency and economics.

Industry Leading Density, Throughput and Energy Efficiency

  • High-density: Deployed as 32 40GbE ports or 96 10GbE ports plus 8 40GbE ports in 1RU, the S6000 can support new, more flexible network architectures for high-density compute racks in top-of-rack position, or provide network connectivity for multiple racks in efficient end-of-row or middle-of-row configurations.
  • High-throughput: Provides up to 2.56Tbps performance, twice that of similar competitive products in a standard 1RU form factor allowing customers to aggressively invest in 10GbE for in-rack server and storage connectivity
  • Energy efficient: S6000 is Fresh Air capable and validated as part of Dell’s Fresh Air cooling solution for servers, storage and networking. By leveraging the thermal and reliability advantages engineered into this portfolio of equipment, customers are able to run data centres even warmer, helping reduce additional maintenance and infrastructure costs, while enabling lower overall energy consumption.

Built-In Network Virtualization, Software-Defined Networking, Automation Features

  • S6000 supports advanced network virtualization and software-defined networking features including hardware-accelerated layer 2 gateway functionality for use with VMware NSX, bridging traffic between virtualized and non-virtualized environments.
  • Dell is also previewing enhanced functionality with Active Fabric Manager (AFM) 2.0 specifically for VMware environments. Active Fabric Manager provides simplified configuration, management and monitoring of Dell Active Fabric leaf and spine elements. With AFM 2.0, Dell will be introducing command line interface functionality for VMware vSphere Distributed Switch allowing customers to now configure both physical and virtual fabric switches with common design templates and industry-standard command line syntax.
  • Like the rest of the Dell Networking S-series portfolio, S6000 supports OpenFlow for controller-based applications; Bare Metal Provisioning (BMP) for rapid and automated deployments; Virtual Server Networking (VSN) for automated VM mobility and VLAN configuration; and Perl and Python scripting for maximum programmability and interworkings with development operations (DevOps). All of this makes the S6000 highly adaptable and flexible and built to simplify operations.


Ellies connect offers showcase to consumers

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Ellies has recently announced the launch of Ellies Connect, its point of presence and the sales platform with a dedicated focus across entertainment, Wi-Fi and connectivity solutions, complementing its successful “Green store-within-a-store concept”. Ellies Connect currently comprises three different but integrated elements namely Entertainment, Connectivity and the specialised Accessories designed to enhance both experiences with ultimate expansion into a full professional service for the converging technologies becoming available within the home.

South Africa’s television entertainment environment is becoming more complicated and often confusing with so many existing and new tech based solutions on offer. Ellies Connect is designed, not only to showcase all the television entertainment offerings and solutions including Multichoice’s DSTV, OVHD, Top TV, Sentech, DTT amongst others, but the future converging technologies for the home and business. The Ellies Connect point of presence within the reseller allows a consumer to easily interact and experience all available options making an informed end purchase.

“In the not-too-distant future a homeowner may have three or four decoders in his home which are connected to multiple satellite dishes and digital aerials. This homeowner may expect the signal to be distributed to three televisions in the home. To add complexity, some of these signals will be in high definition and one of the decoders may be connected to the internet. These options potentially confuse the homeowner and most likely would require specialised advice and installation skills. Ellies Connect display stands will be installed in our selected retail, hardware, furniture and independent customer’s outlets where a consumer can view all these options first-hand and be offered end-to-end installation solutions,” explains Wayne Samson CEO Holdings.
Ellies will also utilise the Ellies Connect presence and display stands to market various internet connectivity solutions for the home and business markets. Ellies will initially focus on launching their satellite broadband platform in partnership with qualifying and leading ISPs. This will enable both business and the home access to a world of Internet services in areas with poor existing infrastructure assuring fast, reliable connectivity service, no matter where they are based – be it in a large city, rural farm, mountain top or the seaside.

“Ellies has always focused on being a manufacturer and distributor of hardware and to facilitate thousands of household and commercial installations per month for various service providers. With Ellies Connect we are not competing with any of our partners but rather investing in providing an even better platform to offer professional advice and services to consumers in an ever changing and sophisticated industry,” adds Wayne Samson.

Ellies Connect is in the formative stage, and will see in-store presence within the next 2 months.

Six HR technology functions that will help you retain your best staff

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New trends in technology are making it possible for organisations to engage with their employees on a deeper level, making the employees more likely to stick around and contribute to sustainable business performance.

Automated talent management is being enabled by new technologies such as cloud computing and mobility, which increase the frequency and depth of employee engagement significantly. Studies from Gallup, Hay Group and Towers Watson have shown that employee engagement has a quantifiable impact on business performance and employee retention.

“Companies with top quartile engagement generate revenue 2.5 times higher than the bottom quartile companies,” says Phil Lotter, CEO of Piilo Software, a people management and human resources software and services company. “The Corporate Leadership Council found that employees with lower engagement are four times more likely to leave their jobs than those who are highly engaged.”

He explains that technology can now automate the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to exit, making it possible to understand each employee and manage their relationship with the organisation. “Cloud services and mobility access have meant that relationships with employees are extending beyond the workplace, becoming more personal, which deepens engagement, which increases the likelihood of retention,” he says.

Lotter says that HR technology supports the retention of staff in the following ways:

1. Recruiting the right people at the right time
People are more likely to be engaged if they are right for the job and working with other people who are placed in suitable jobs. “With technology driving recruitment, it’s possible to really focus on the job requirements,” says Lotter. “A line manager can create a job profile, and the system will publish it across various locations and on various media, receive CVs and automatically reject those that are not suitable. It makes the whole recruitment process transparent and shortens the cycle, with higher accuracy in recruitment of staff.”

2. Managing people’s skills and careers effectively
People feel that they are in dead-end jobs if there is no visibility of their career paths. Technology brings the employee lifecycle closer to the employees themselves, allowing career and skills discussions to happen based on the availability of easy to use and practical solutions containing real-time information.

“Career discussions have to happen because they align the expectations of the employer and employee,” says Lotter. “They can temper expectations or create excitement about the employee’s current role. Today software guides discussion and creates a record as a base for meaningful skills development.” The same technology also allows for plans to be put in place to upskill employees in line with their career goals and the needs of the organisation. The value derived from development and training can then be measured against defined outcomes.

3. Managing employees
Line managers are tasked with the day-to-day management of their employees, but without supporting technology and data in place, this can be a near to impossible task. The flexibility afforded to employers by cloud services and mobility solutions is providing management with user-friendly tools to assist them in this task. “HR solutions can automate leave management, time management, succession planning and skills development, and even highlight low productivity or high productivity individuals, so that they can be appropriately managed,” says Lotter.

4. Managing staff issues proactively
“Managers often don’t want to deal with poorly performing staff, so they get sidelined or transferred out of the department so that they can do less harm,” says Lotter. “Many managers don’t have the tools to deal with weak performers.” Technology can facilitate this conversation, by putting a performance improvement plan in place, and creating opportunity for skills improvement. This process is completely transparent, so that both the organisation and the employee understand that procedure is being followed – whether the end result is an improvement in performance or the exit of the employee.

5. Providing business intelligence to support planning
Companies need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can implement a talent management plan to have the right people in the right place, recruit where necessary while addressing any weak areas. “Technology provides all sorts of business intelligence across the organisation – level of employee engagement, average performance, employee profitability, money spent on development and training. This allows managers to identify trends and understand what they need to do to drive the company forward,” says Lotter.

6. Managing performance and aligning it with organisational strategy and goals
“The key thing is that you want to utilise technology to drive the correct behaviour and cascade organisation strategy down to the lowest employee level,” says Lotter. “You can do this through having balanced scorecards in place, showing all employees what they need to contribute to for example grow market share and improve customer service.”

Performance management software can align all people’s activities towards achieving these goals, ensuring that their performance indicators are clear, and the measurement is agreed on. Automation forces people to weight performance objectives, provides for self-assessment online with interim discussions, so that staff understand what they need to deliver.

“This makes the processes fair, ensures that staff are engaged and motivated and even excited about their work and their careers,” says Lotter. “All of these different software tools deepen employee engagement and result in higher retention and a greater contribution to the bottom line. Technology is an enabler of business in reaching their business objectives. But this time cloud computing is making it affordable and easy to use for all size businesses across industries. ”


Innovative and world-class HR and payroll developed locally

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“South African businesses do not have to invest in international products to get to the latest and top quality technology for HR and payroll. The level of technology expertise in South Africa is world-class, especially when it comes to innovation,” says Sandra Swanepoel Sales Director at Sage VIP.

Sage VIP launched the VIP People Payroll and HRIS system in South Africa 24 months ago as a brand new, state-of-the-art HR and payroll application, targeting large to enterprise size businesses in Africa.

Swanepoel says Sage VIP wanted to develop a product that could cater for those companies that required more detailed and complex functionalities than what has been available in the South African HR and payroll market, but without having to pay up to ten times more for custom-built applications. “We employed the intellectual capital we’ve gathered over the last 25 years as leaders in the HR and payroll industry to develop a world-class system,” says Swanepoel.

Swanepoel continues by highlighting the system’s key capabilities which show how Sage VIP’s innovative solutions have produced a system that is globally on par.

Security, stability and improved processes – The VIP People system not only lends security and stability to the modern HR and payroll environment but also provides improvement of processes through innovation. The design also compliments existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and builds on the strength of SQL as a unified platform.

Online real-time design – The online real-time design provides substantial benefits to the end user, making processing easy to monitor, vastly reducing errors and minimising risk. The combination of an online real-time design with a date driven system is unheard of in the industry. It’s state-of-the-art technology.

Innovative design contributes to efficient implementation – Due to the software’s pioneering design, the time required for implementation of the solution is a fraction compared to other systems of this calibre. For example, we recently managed to complete a full implementation at Mr. Price for 19 000 employees in three months. Implementations of this size would normally take between six and 24 months.

Universal calculation engine – The system’s universal calculation engine can be used in any design area, from calculating medical aid deductions, printing detailed reports or generating complex job costing calculations and makes the system truly quick and efficient. This functionality highlights Sage VIP’ s commitment to deliver cohesive, comprehensive and configurable HR and payroll solutions with distinctive capabilities that enable users to break legacy configurations and embrace change.

“Companies are looking to continuously modernise their HR and payroll systems and the VIP People system provides them with an agile, cost-effective, world-class and innovative solution with tremendous benefits. Since its inception, more than 50 companies, representing 150 000 employees, are paid using the system. These companies include well-known brands such as King Price, McCarthy and Mr. Price,” concludes Swanepoel.

Mr Price, one of South Africa’s largest fashion retailers, also implemented VIP People recently. Jenny van Winkel, Group Payroll Manager says the implementation has been an amazing experience for the entire HR and Payroll team at Mr Price. The company needs to, for their Africa and South African operations pay casuals on a weekly basis and permanent salaried staff on a monthly basis. “From week one of paying staff on the new system everything went smoothly and the successful implementation can be attributed to the excellent support from the VIP project team. They have honestly listened to our needs, were professional and their turnaround time excellent,” says van Winkel.

McCarthy Motor Group, one of South Africa’s largest motor retailing groups, is one of the companies which implemented VIP People recently. Shelley Viljoen, Payroll Manager at McCarthy, said since they have implemented VIP People, their payroll processes are much more streamlined and automated. “We have a big staff turnover and the solution definitely assists in managing all our complex HR and payroll needs. We are also looking forward to the Employee Self Service (ESS) system which will simplify the process of leave applications and approvals and it will allow employees to print their own payslips.” Viljoen said McCarthy’s payroll team wants to implement a paperless office and the new system allows them to capture and edit any data electronically. Viljoen also complemented VIP People on the detailed management reports and business analytics.

Mr Price, one of South Africa’s largest fashion retailers, also implemented VIP People recently. Jenny van Winkel, Group Payroll Manager, says the implementation has been an amazing experience for the entire HR and payroll team at Mr Price. The company needs to, for their Africa and South African operations, pay almost 4 000 casuals on a weekly basis and almost 11 000 permanent staff on a monthly basis. “From the first week of paying staff on the new system everything has gone smoothly. The successful implementation can be contributed to the excellent support from the VIP Project team. They listened to our needs, they were extremely professional and their turnaround time was excellent,” says Van Winkel.


Bytes tees off with first Xerox Corporate Golf Challenge in SA

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Bytes Document Solutions (BDS), the authorised Xerox distributor, recently held its first Xerox Corporate Golf Challenge at the Country Club Johannesburg in Woodmead. The Xerox Corporate Golf Challenge began in the UAE in 1997 and was supported by the UAE Golf Association.

The Xerox Corporate Golf Challenge is celebrating 15 years of success with a series of events across the EMEA region, including countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and South Africa. The event has grown into one of the most prestigious sporting events in the golfing profession, with the objective of providing companies with a platform for mixing business with pleasure.

“The day was a huge success,” says Johan Basson, CEO of BDS. “The interest in the event was overwhelming and well supported by our partners and sales people. We will definitely repeat this exclusive event in 2014.”

More than 80 customers in Johannesburg competed for a place in the grand finals, which will be held in Abu Dhabi on 23 October 2013. The grand prize for this year’s winners will be a place in the Pro-Am of the 2013 DP World Tour Championship in Dubai.

Winners of the South Africa Golf tournament were:

  • 1st prize: Will Smith from Ireland Davenport and James Johnson from Digital Fusion
  • 2nd prize: Andrew During from Prodoc and Andre Bam from House of Print
  • 3rd prize: Kamal Singh and Harry Christoffi from Shereno Printers


Telkom Mobile gives South Africans a free unlimited Wi-Fi treat

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The country’s favourite 3G and LTE network provides unbeatable value for money on the go

Telkom Mobile, South Africa’s fourth mobile operator, has given free access to Wi-Fi to all South Africans at any of over 1 500 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country.

The promotion, which runs from 8 August to 15 December 2013, gives all Telkom Mobile and non-Telkom Mobile customers an hour every day to use an unlimited amount of data. This gives users an opportunity to experience why Telkom Mobile was recently voted the best data network in South Africa in the My Broadband June 2013 broadband survey.

Telkom Mobile has over 3 000 Wi-Fi Hotspots nationally, over 1 500 are already active, making it the largest Wi-Fi network in South Africa. The Wi-Fi hotspot network is an extension of the company’s award winning 3G and LTE networks, providing subscribers with access to an extended data coverage foot print.

The Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots can be found in varied locations from national chains to local mom and pop outlets. Some of the participating partners include Primi Piatti, King Pie, McDonald’s, Hungry Lion, Wimpy, Steers, Chesanyama and Ocean Basket. Customers can visit to locate additional Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

Wi-Fi is increasingly a lifestyle requirement. Many people take it for granted that when they go to coffee shops, to get their hair done or go shopping that they will be able to access Wi-Fi. This is why Telkom Mobile is rolling out an extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Telkom Mobile already offers existing customers on many of their voice, hybrid and data plans 10 gigs of free Wi-Fi per month. This promotional offer lowers the barrier to access for many more South Africans, providing them with an opportunity to experience Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi without the financial commitment.

For those Telkom Mobile customers that enjoy the experience and convenience of Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi and are not on a package offering free Wi-Fi, bundles are available to extend their access.

Connecting to Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi is easy. Customers who wish to take advantage of this offer simply SMS the word “free” and their email address to 32707 to receive logon details for their 60 minutes of free unlimited Wi-Fi access.

Users must have a device that can use Wi-Fi, such as a personal computer, laptop, video game console, Smartphone, tablet, or digital audio player. The device should have the ability to send and receive SMS.

The Free Unlimited Wi-Fi promotion is just one of the many products Telkom Mobile has on offer for the consumer who is looking for great value for money. Like the recently launched SIM-SONKE prepaid voice product that offers the lowest standard call rate in the country, or the 25+25 Gig data bundle that equates to a low 2 cents per megabyte, the Free Unlimited Wi-Fi promotion entrenches Telkom Mobile’s position as the mobile network that provides value for those who call a lot and data hungry consumers.

Real-world data should drive Self-Service strategies

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Companies that want to drive the best possible results from electronic Self-Service channels such as the Web, mobile apps and kiosks should invest in the right tools to capture and analyse data about how customers are using these channels in real-life. So says Kevin Meltzer, Business Development Executive of EOH Consology. He says that many organisations are relying on gut feel and traditional research methodologies such as focus groups to shape the user interfaces and functionality of their Self-Service channels.

Since user behaviour can be tracked on these channels through the data footprints people leave behind, organisations should instead be turning to analytics engines to understand how users are interacting with their channels in the real-world. They can gather accurate data at each electronic touch point to track customers’ activity and behaviour, and then use business intelligence tools to understand the underlying trends.

Such data can be used to see where users abandon Self-Service processes, how many clicks it has taken to finish a task, the paths they have taken through the channel and much more, says Meltzer. This is all information that can be used to optimise Self-Service offerings to make them more convenient and easier to use, he adds. “You can save a lot of work by looking at where you customers are and what they’re really doing before you build, change or enhance a Self-Service platform,” says Meltzer.

For example, one of the major challenges EOH Consology and its clients have encountered in implementation of Web-based Self-Service solutions is supporting the wide range of Internet browsers on the market, including legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 7. Many companies are reluctant to implement cutting-edge features on their Self-Service Web properties because they are afraid of excluding end-users with older browsers.

The result is that companies can’t take advantage of enhancements – HTML5, CSS3 or Webkit, for example-supported by newer browsers. They end up creating Web sites that are not as easy-to-maintain, appealing and interactive as they could be. But by gathering data about the browsers customers use to access their sites, companies can make an informed call on whether to support older browsers or not.

Says Meltzer: “In many cases the numbers usually justify a decision to end support for old browsers so that all users can enjoy the optimisations and features newer browsers support. With the right support – placing a well-worded message advising users to upgrade to a standards-based browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 10 – such a transition can be managed reasonably smoothly. This is a perfect example of how stats and numbers should drive features and functionality of Self-Service channels.”

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