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Why public Wi-Fi hotspots don’t work for executives

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When travelling on business, relying on Wi-Fi access can be problematic.

When travelling on business internationally, relying on public Wi-Fi access can be problematic and comes with potential security concerns too. Utilising a PocketWifi device is a far safer way for executives to get online when travelling.

Craig Lowe, execMobile MD, says that the company’s PocketWifi solution is much more secure because the data connection to the device is trusted (password protected) and the SIM card is known to the network.

“Wi-Fi hotspots can be a serious security threat because it’s very easy to spoof a Wi-Fi hotspot’s name, which tricks people into joining the wrong hotspot. The controller of the spoofed hotspot can then access any user name and passwords entered by people into their devices while connected to the hotspot.

“And even if you’re on the right hotspot, you still have to make sure your security levels on your device are up to scratch as you could be port scanned by people on the network looking for vulnerabilities in other machines on the network. Both security threats are something most companies would look to avoid,” he says.

The other disadvantage for executives using a public Wi-Fi when travelling is that Wi-Fi access is not pervasive. For example Wi-Fi may only be available in the hotel lobby and not in the rooms, meaning you may have to end up working in a public place. Alternatively a crowded coffee shop might not be the best place to work on the company budget!

The Wi-Fi network may also be congested if there are a number of people using the service making it very slow to use thereby lowering productivity levels and you may find yourself paying for time spent online and not how much data you use.

PocketWifi makes it easy.

execMobile’s PocketWifi device circumvents these problems because it creates a secure hotspot, protected by a password, to which the business traveler can connect up to five devices to.

“That means if you’re travelling with colleagues or have multiple devices you want to connect to the Internet, you’re able to get online without risking joining a spoofed network and your connection to the Internet is encrypted,” he says.

Lowe says BlackBerry users of the BIS and BES services may find the services are not available with a foreign SIM. However, by connecting the BlackBerry wirelessly to the PocketWifi, all BlackBerry services will continue to work, which is important given that 80 percent of South African corporates run BlackBerry services.

The device also makes things a lot simpler as you simply turn it on and all your devices will automatically connect, enabling you to have Internet access from wherever you are, making it far more convenient than public Wi-Fi.

Given that 38 percent of corporate travelers switch off their smartphones for fear of large data bills, the PocketWifi solution gives a viable data solution and business travelers can now simply set their phones not to roam on data and leave their phones on to receive calls when needed.

PocketWifi may also be a cheaper solution than public Wi-Fi where you can pay per device for access or monthly subscriptions of around R700 for international Wi-Fi hotspot access. More importantly, execMobile data rates offer savings of up to 98 percent on mobile data roaming rates, thereby completely eliminating data roaming “Bill Shock”.

execMobile offers users Giga or Global solutions. The Giga service offer better coverage and rates across 128 countries but require a bundle to be loaded prior to use. The Global service offers “arrive connected” convenience in 74 countries with no administration required. All services are billed at month end for any usage in the month with no fixed monthly costs. No use, no bill.

iGroup nominated as the eBusiness partner for Dis-Chem’s online store

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Leading South African Pharmacy Ensures That It’s Online Shop Extends Their Service Offering

iGroup, the innovative technology-driven digital solutions company and provider of eBusiness solutions, recently announced that Dis-Chem, the South African pharmacy, health and beauty retailer, has launched a new online store running on iGroup’s zeroPoint enterprise grade platform.

Dis-Chem decided to introduce their online store with the dual objectives of improving their shoppers’ experience and developing a multi-channel online presence that can convert to sales. After a rigorous audit, Dis-Chem selected iGroup to help the company achieve these goals. Both the zeroPoint platform’s flexibility and its functionality were powerful reasons for the selection, among others. With an increased focus on the importance of securing customer data, especially in the health sector, iGroup has been able to give Dis-Chem peace-of-mind by offering tailored bank grade secured payment mechanism and delivery systems on a multi-channel enabled platform, giving their customers ease of access, no matter where they are.

Managing Director of Dis-Chem, Ivan Saltzman, acknowledged the need for identifying a company that will be able to provide his business with a superior eBusiness solution, “We have defined objectives; we want to extend the unique user and brand experience whilst driving efficiency in our business. Numerous industry experts have noted that protecting those in the medical community will be a major focus area in the near future. The risks can be potentially damaging to various entities and people that no company involved in the sector can afford. We are therefore taking the necessary steps in aligning ourselves with best practices in order to avoid these risks. iGroup supports this vision.”

The Dis-Chem online store is partially integrated with the POS system used in-store, allowing pricing and new product information to be updated automatically. This system, connected with Dis-Chem Head Office, allows efficient management of stock levels. In future, Dis-Chem will be able to bring together physical stores, the online store and head office operations and will help the pharmacies to develop new sales channels while focusing on customer engagement.

“Working closely with Dis-Chem, we look forward to our platform continuing to help Dis-Chem achieve its eBusiness goals,” said Marc Seymour, iGroup CEO. “Dis-Chem’s new online store compliment the company’s information website and we couldn’t be happier that our zeroPoint enterprise grade platform is underpinning their objective to create positive consumer experiences and turn online browsers into buyers, regardless of their location.”

Cooler Master debuts wide range of products for COMPUTEX 2013

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Cooler Master plans to reveal a new compact Cosmos, CM690 III, Elite 130, five new water cooling systems, nine new additions to the CM Storm gaming line and much more. Stop by the Cooler Master booth at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, M0220 on the 4th Floor for hands-on product demos.

The latest and greatest Cooler Master cases
Cooler Master will debut new models in several signature series with improved handling, performance and water cooling support. Our new Cosmos case brings a sense of luxury to mid-tower systems with its race car inspired wing doors and space for a 360 radiator in front and a 280 radiator at the top. The next generation CM 690 manages to encase up to 3 massive 200mm fans and two 280 radiators in the all familiar subtle 690 design lines. A David among Goliaths, the mini ITX Elite130 packs an entire high-end system into incredibly compact dimensions with nothing but a case and mainboard upgrade. Compared to its highly successful predecessor it features a full mesh front panel for much improved airflow, and even front mounted water cooling support.

A complete Range of Top Performing Water Cooling Systems
We will exhibit our highly acclaimed modular Eisberg series with the latest water cooled motherboards from Asus and Gigabyte. Another highlight will be our flagship Nepton 140/280 coolers which will be on display next to our new premium Glacier series, providing outstanding cooling performance at extremely low noise levels

Best Performing Efficient Power Supplies
We will display the successor to our extremely popular Game Extreme series, our GX2, as well as our brand new modular V-series and its extremely powerful, yet efficient single 12V rail. Most systems spend 90% of their up-time in idle and low-power states, which is why we fine-tuned the V-series to offer notably higher efficiency in idle and low-power states, making it the perfect match for Intel Haswell.

CM Storm Gaming Gear
With recent additions of CURSE, MYM, CMStormPolt, CMStormPandaTank and Li Chen to team CM Storm, we have bolstered our roster to over 18 international pro-gaming players and teams, helping us develop more advanced gaming peripherals. The highlight is our aluminum series featuring a powerful fully programmable keyboard with 32bit processor and on-board memory for 75 macros and 5 profiles, an ergonomic Avago powered 8200DPI laser mouse with 8 fully programmable buttons and a light yet durable headset with 42mm drivers.

Dark Fibre Africa positions itself for future growth

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In the pursuit of future growth and sustainability, Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) has begun to bolster its top management capabilities with the appointment of two senior executives. Reshaad Sha has been appointed as DFA’s Chief Strategy Officer whilst Brian Alwar joined as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

Over the past five and a half years DFA has experienced significant growth and its open access business model continues to provide for an environment that encourages competition in the South African telecoms and Internet service provision market.

DFA’s active fibre optic infrastructure now spans over of 7300 km nationally with a planned increase of approximately 1300 km over the next 12 months, making it the largest provider of open access fibre in Southern Africa.

This growth has fuelled both direct and indirect employment across South Africa. “In a recent measurement, DFA has estimated that through its open access fibre deployment, at least 4500 jobs have been created directly as well as indirectly. Additionally, an innumerable amount of businesses and consumers are experiencing the benefit of the DFA fibre network deployment.”

DFA CEO Gustav Smit says these appointments are key to the future growth of DFA. “Sha’s responsibility is to lead DFA’s future growth strategic planning as well as an increased focus in areas of the businesses that require both medium and long term direction. He recently served as MD of a wholesale long distance voice termination company and prior to that was director of strategy for Cisco Systems in the emerging markets where he covered Middle-East, Russia, Turkey and Africa.”

In Sha’s role as Director Strategy, he provided advisory services to telecom operators and national governments across the emerging markets in new revenue and connectivity strategies. He brings along a wealth of experience in the telecoms sector with international and local perspectives.

Until recently, Brian Alwar served as Executive Sales and Marketing for Grintek Saab. He started out as a technician, designing and fault-finding down to component level. After this, he moved into management to head up a surface mount technology unit, thereafter cultivating his passion within the sales and marketing arena.

“As Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Alwar’s responsibilities include seeking new market opportunities and co-ordinating the business development and sales teams. His professional career within the telecommunications sector spans over 20 years in different facets of the industry,” concludes Smit.

BlackBerry voted best brand by young South Africans for the third year running

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The youth of South Africa has once again independently voted BlackBerry® as the ‘Coolest Brand Overall’ in the Sunday Times Generation Next 2013 Brand Survey Awards. Young voters also named BlackBerry the ‘Coolest Cellphone’, and BBM™ as the ‘Coolest Cellphone App’ for the third year running.

The results of the ninth annual Generation Next Brand Survey Awards were announced at an event at Montecasino, Johannesburg tonight (30 May). The ongoing popularity of the BlackBerry® brand among young South Africans is a result of the company’s focus on offering an experience that enables tech-savvy young people to lead increasingly connected lives.

Alexandra Zagury, Managing Director for South and Southern Africa at BlackBerry says: “We are delighted that BlackBerry is the coolest brand for the third year in a row and sincerely thank our young fans for their loyalty and support. Smartphones are a lifestyle choice in the youth market, so BlackBerry focuses on designing cool and stylish handhelds that are also packed with excellent features that keep young people engaged and connected, such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), social networking and plenty of apps.”

She adds: “Success in the youth market is not about selling products, it’s about sincere engagement with your audience. Young people want a relationship with the brands that they love and BlackBerry gives South Africa’s mobile and hyper-connected youth the tools to communicate and co-create with the world around them.”

Zagury says that the award is especially pleasing in the year that BlackBerry has successfully launched the new BlackBerry® 10 platform and smartphones. BlackBerry 10 has been re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented to create a new unique mobile computing experience. Both the new BlackBerry® Z10 (all-touch) and BlackBerry® Q10 (touch with physical keyboard) smartphones are available in South Africa, and the newly announced BlackBerry® Q5 smartphone is coming soon. The BlackBerry Q5 is the perfect smartphone for young people and makes it easy for them to have fun, create, share and stay connected.

BlackBerry 10 builds on many of the strengths that made earlier BlackBerry platforms so popular with the youth .For example, BBM, which enables users to share text and voice messages, pictures and video clips – provides an even richer experience on BlackBerry 10 as it includes video chat, and introduces the ability to share your screen with other BlackBerry 10 contacts.

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