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MegaMix 1983 2LP XTC Bauhaus John Foxx Heaven 17 Oldfield

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Karneval Megamix 2008

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Giving your customers the right hard drive for the right environment

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In today’s digital world, hard disk drives (HDDs) have become a critical component of life, both for the business and consumer markets. Having a reliable HDD is essential for ensuring that data, photographs, music, movies and more are kept safe and accessible. However, more important than simply having a hard drive is choosing the right HDD for the right environment.

Using the wrong drive for certain applications can cause the HDD to fail prematurely, not only causing data loss for the customer but also damaging your reputation as a reseller and the reputation of the brand of HDD you have sold. Resellers need to be able to recognise their customers’ needs and requirements, and ensure they recommend the right product for any given scenario to avoid these challenges. Luckily, WD, a Western Digital company, makes choosing the right HDD easy with its intuitive Power of Choice range of colour-coded drives, simplifying the process and ensuring your customers get the best drives to meet their needs.

The simple fact is that a hard drive is not just a hard drive, and different specifications are applicable in different environments. For example, if a customer requires a 3TB enterprise-grade drive designed specifically for a high performance environment, and the reseller advises a low-power eco-friendly drive, the drive is bound to fail as it is simply not designed to run at 7200PRM in a high-performance enterprise environment. If a drive fails within its warranty, the reseller then is obligated to replace it, however if it is replaced with another unsuitable drive, the results will be the same, which diminishes customer satisfaction with both the brand and the reseller.

With the Power of Choice from WD, choosing the right drive for any environment is made easy for resellers. WD’s drives are colour-coded into Blue, Green, Red and Black each of which represents the different class environments for which the drive was designed. The Black, Green, Red and Blue classifications assist resellers with giving the right advice to their customers, ensuring a more satisfied customer and a better customer relationship.

WD Blue
The WD Blue range offers solid performance and reliability for everyday use, featuring low noise levels, low vibration and a two-year warranty. This range offers a broad range of capacities (up to 1TB), cache sizes (up to 64MB), form factors (2.5” and 3.5”) and interfaces (SATA and PATA) for everyday PC and mobile use. The range also incorporates a 2.5” 7mm drive for ultrabooks, as well as a 5mm hybrid drive, the world’s thinnest drive. They are solid entry-level drives, perfect for everyday use, computer builders, upgrades and new users.

WD Green
WD Green drives are cool, quiet-operating, eco-conscious and efficient, featuring reduced power consumption and eco-friendly design, along with a two-year warranty. They are available in capacities of between 500GB and 3TB. With IntelliSeek technology, these drives calculate the optimal seek speeds to lower power consumption, noise and vibration. They are entry- to mid-level drives, ideal for PC users with large amounts of content to store as either secondary storage or in external enclosures. The AV-GP, which also forms part of this range, offers 24/7 reliability for video streaming, supports up to 12 high definition video streams and is designed specifically for the surveillance environment. This drive features a three-year warranty.

WD Red
The WD Red range are high-end drives designed specifically for small and home office (SOHO) network attached storage (NAS) systems with between one and five bays. The drives are available in 1TB, 2TB and 3TB capacities, and an IntelliPower algorithm varies the rotational speed of the drive while IntelliSeek ensures optimal power consumption. This helps to achieve the right balance between spin speed, transfer rate and caching algorithms to enhance power savings. These drives deliver optimal compatibility for NAS storage, and offer WD’s exclusive NASware software technology, as well as free WD Red premium support and a three-year warranty.

WD Black
The WD Black range are high end drives, delivering maximum performance for power computing, with a rock solid mechanical architecture. A dual-processor and optimised caching ensures extreme performance, intelligent features enhance durability and reliability, and a five-year warranty offers the highest available protection on the market. The VelociRaptor range of WD Black drives offers superior performance for power users and ultra-fast speeds of 10 000RPM, making these drives a favourite in the gaming market. The WD Black Enterprise drives offer 24/7 reliability, high performance drives with capacities of up to 4TB, ideal for enterprise users.

Not all hard drives were created equal, and when it comes to storing essential business data or keeping precious memories alive, your customers need a drive they can rely on. WD’s colour-coded Power of Choice offering simplifies this challenge and helps you sell the right drive at the right time. By helping them to choose the right HDD to meet their needs, you as a reseller can ensure customer satisfaction and boost your own brand, which can only benefit your bottom line.

Comztek provides customers access to new updates for Creative Cloud

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With the recent announcement of the update of Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC), Comztek resellers will now be able to offer their customers access to a solution that includes a range of next generation CC desktop applications that are able to deliver fully integrated cross-device collaboration, community and publishing capabilities.

Creative Cloud will be available from June and combines innovations such as an area where creative files can be stored, synced and shared, via Creative Cloud, on Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android.

“Customers who sign up for Creative Cloud can immediately download and use the latest cloud-enabled innovations from Adobe, including a range of new versions of the Adobe tools you know and love,” states Bishen Gosai, Adobe channel manager at Comztek. “This new iteration of the product also provides a series of tools and services that will enable you to take publishing as well as collaboration to a new level, as a result of its integration with Behance.”

Key features of the product include: desktop, Web and mobile access; the aforementioned integration with the world’s leading creative community Behance; the ability to synchronise, store, share and collaborate between the desktop, cloud and mobile devices; and seamless publishing. All of which can be done through access to the Creative Cloud, on the device of your choice.

According to Adobe this update to Creative Cloud includes the next generation of Adobe desktop applications, such as: Adobe Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC and Premiere Pro CC. The suite of desktop tools will now according to Gosai, be branded simply “CC”, and includes more than 30 tools and services by which to drive content creation across print, web, mobile apps, video and photography.

Some notable new features in individual aspects of the products include the fact that Photoshop CC will ship with new sharpening technologies and designer workflow enhancements, as well as the ability to post files directly to Behance from within the application. For designers, the Touch Type tool in Illustrator CC offers a new level of creativity with type. A new, modern architecture for InDesign CC turbocharges performance, and in-browser editing in Adobe Muse CC. Adobe Premiere Pro CC also includes new editing features, customisations and improvements to help editors work efficiently, to name a few.

“The updates to Creative Cloud are significant, and all aim to offer the designer more power, design flexibility, the opportunity to better collaborate, all of which can be done in the cloud and across multiple devices,” ends Gosai.

The new Creative Cloud will be available in June, customers who sign up now will be able to download the latest updates as soon as they become available.

SA e-commerce reaches tipping point of acceptance

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Picking the right partners will help retailers expand reach

As South African e-commerce gains momentum, retailers can expand their reach significantly by adding online and mobile channels and picking the right technology and fulfillment partners for the journey.

Digital participation curve
According to a 2012 report by technology research company World Wide Worx (WWW), e-commerce growth is accelerating. The study predicts that the Internet economy will increase its contribution to the overall economy from 2% in 2011 (R59-billion), to as much as 2.5% by 2016.

The authors say this can be explained at the hand of a ‘digital participation curve’. “It takes up to five years before new Internet users gain the confidence and experience in the medium to become active participants in the Internet economy. With the number of Internet users having accelerated from 2008, the number of experienced users will begin accelerating in 2013.”

This trend will continue until 2018, the authors say.

In the trenches
The experience of Cape-based e-commerce developer Realmdigital broadly corroborates this, says Wesley Lynch, CEO. “South Africans are becoming far more comfortable buying online, with value offerings like Groupon’s group buying playing a crucial role in making it more attractive.

“The natural appeal of e-commerce is the accessibility it gives products, something that store-only retailers cannot offer. The convenience of buying from anywhere in the world and having a physical product delivered at your doorstep is hard to beat.”

The market for digital products has further grown substantially, with music, books and other downloads leading the way, he adds. “The instant gratification of a digital download is even more of an incentive to buy online.”

Online boost
Academic book retailer Van Schaik confirms excellent uptake of its online presence, as well as a significant change in trading patterns and a net growth in sales.

The company says a massive increase in website traffic occurred after Realmdigital took over its development in 2011. “From 5 000 unique visitors per month 12 months ago, the site now registers on average 340 000 visitors per month,” says digital manager Melvin Kaabwe , adding that the company has had to invest in considerable extra capacity to manage the load.

Besides the effect of a new partner, he puts it down to a combination of progressively cheaper Internet access over time and the proliferation of non-PC devices sold with data bundles.

The prevalence of low-cost BlackBerrys on campuses – for two years the youth’s favourite phone according to the Sunday Times Generation Next survey – has also helped. “We view mobile commerce as key to accessing this market, and a boon for our serious entry into e-commerce as an academic resource. Making the site as accessible as possible to mobile users was one of the formative briefs for the site, and Realmdigital did that for us.”

If retailers dither about the online investment and the additional cost of selling (including distribution to customers), they should consider the spike in volumes they are likely to experience, says Lynch.

While Van Schaik’s increase in online sales has been less pronounced than its increase in visitors (30% up year-on-year in February), Lynch says retailers must not expect to be Amazons overnight. “That is a healthy increase in anyone’s terms,” he says. “In addition, online retail is now pretty competitive, with Kalahari, Loot, Wantitall and others all making their mark – and there can be no clearer argument for getting online now.”

Kaabwe concedes other extraneous factors. “Only about 2% of South Africans are shopping online ‘properly’, in the sense of using credit cards. The course most likely to lend itself to card purchases is the MBA – students are a more affluent demographic.”

With e-commerce finally shaping up to be the force it was always expected to become, real-world retailers will have to work out how to compete with a new generation of leaders – Amazon, Kalahari, Wantitall, Loot and many others.

At the heart of embarking on this new direction will be choosing the right digital partner, one that can greatly assist with working out a winning e-commerce and marketing strategy that will get the volumes to justify the leap into new territory.

With competition intensifying, Van Schaik is currently piloting a number of initiatives that will give it an edge over competitors, including multiple digital entry points to the company’s catalogue, any-device downloads of texts, same-day delivery and extra call centre capacity.

Domain consolidation delivers reduced costs and improved security, productivity for Powertech

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With help from its sister company, Bytes Systems Integration, Powertech has successfully completed an extensive project to consolidate multiple domains. The project is helping Powertech reduce its IT costs while improving security and boosting productivity.

Powertech, a wholly owned subsidiary of the JSE-listed Altron Group, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of world class products, services, expertise and solutions of electrical and power equipment.

A period of rapid growth had led to unplanned growth in Powertech’s IT environment. The result was a number of domains running different versions of Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange—a heterogeneous environment that was hard to manage effectively and delivered uneven service quality.

“It made huge sense for us to consolidate our domains with a centrally managed Active Directory and Exchange environment,” says Gavin Mack, group information manager at Powertech. “Our vision was to create a state-of-the-art environment managed according to Microsoft best practices, and with sufficient redundancy to be available 24/7.”

Powertech enlisted the services of its sister company, Bytes Systems Integration, to help achieve its vision. It was no easy ride for Bytes because Powertech, in line with the Altron Group’s pursuit of excellence, required a zero-defect rollout.

“It’s always risky making changes to Active Directory domains because they are central to the organisation’s total IT environment,” confirms West McMullin, director at Bytes Systems Integration. “Given the strain that the migration would put the wide-area network under, we needed immaculate planning and execution of the entire process.”

The migration included the synchronisation of e-mails, SharePoint and SQL installations, as well as the transfer of file and print servers to the central location.

To mitigate the risk inherent in this massive consolidation exercise, Bytes deployed swing servers to assist with the build of the second domain controllers and Exchange servers. The migration took place over weekends to minimise business impact. An additional challenge was that user profiles had to be kept as they were, creating an added level of complexity.

As part of the process, Bytes also designed and implemented a common security design for the entire domain.

The successful consolidation resulted in 1,800 users being migrated to a single domain that is secure, optimised and scalable for future growth. Other benefits include reduced costs through standardisation, improved services through centralised management capabilities, a solid foundation for Exchange and SharePoint, and improved workstation security. An additional benefit is that the single domain environment is easier to back up and restore in the event of a disaster.

“Our central domain has also enabled us to improve data governance, and supports better collaboration across the company—a vital benefit in today’s fast-moving business environment,” says Mack. “Because the simplified system is so much easier to manage, we have also been able to improve service levels for our users, thus enhancing their productivity.”

EnterpriseWorx partners with Informatica to deliver data management solutions

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EnterpriseWorx joins Informatica INFORM Programme

South African Business Intelligence (BI), data management and software engineering specialists EnterpriseWorx have become a member of the Informatica INFORM partner program to deliver data management solutions in South Africa. EnterpriseWorx has joined INFORM, Informatica’s worldwide partner programme, to expand its product portfolio to offer Informatica Data Quality and Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) to provide organisations an accurate and holistic view of their data.

EnterpriseWorx Managing Director, Michael De Andrade, says that the partnership with Informatica came as a result of its leadership status in the industry after a lengthy due diligence process by EnterpriseWorx.

“EnterpriseWorx is committed to delivering best of breed BI, data integration and software engineering solutions to our clients and we select our partners carefully. In Informatica’s data integration solutions, we see world-leading, robust functionality and a proven product suite that will enable our clients to maximise their investments in the people, technologies and processes around data storage and management. EnterpriseWorx’s clients are already showing great interest in what Informatica’s solutions can deliver,” he says.

De Andrade notes that the quality of data has become a critical success factor for maximising the value of information in an era of big data. “Companies are pumping money into hardware and software in a bid to leverage data, but unless they can obtain an accurate and complete view of their data, they will not see a full return on their data centre and analytics investments.”

“Local companies are now committed to making data quality a priority issue,” De Andrade says. “In South Africa, companies are viewing data as a strategic asset and competitive differentiator. As data proliferates, it will become increasingly important for them to be able to access clean data and a single version of the truth in order to fully utilise that data. In addition, increasingly stringent governance and compliance demands mean that clean and immediately accessible data is becoming even more important.”

“By teaming with organisations, such as EnterpriseWorx, Informatica can provide customers in South Africa with data integration solutions to enable them to maximise their data assets and increase their competitive advantage and extend Informatica’s reach in an important market,” said Fergal McDonnell, Director Regional Markets at Informatica.

“EnterpriseWorx has specialised in data management for many years,” says De Andrade. “But a changing environment has prompted the company to re-focus its data management offering to include more of an emphasis on data quality and master data management. Data management has evolved in recent years,” he says. “We have seen the BI revolution, and now big data is top of mind. How data is managed is increasingly important as businesses seek the competitive edge it can provide.”

“By bringing to market Informatica’s solutions, EnterpriseWorx believes it can help its midsize and large enterprise clients ‘sweat their data assets’. The sooner data quality becomes a focus in the business,” he adds, “the simpler and more cost effective it is to ensure successful data management as the company grows. It is important to invest in data quality from a relatively early stage in the life of a company,” he says. “With the newest solution added to our portfolio, we believe we can enable enterprises to achieve the level of data management they need to maximise the value of their data.”

Schneider Electric appoints new energy division director for southern Africa

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Global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric has appointed Canninah Mapena as director of its energy division, the largest business unit within the company in South Africa.

In her new role, Mapena will focus on customer relationship management, negotiations and deal closing within the utilities market, with particular attention on the mining, minerals and metals (MMM) and solar sectors, as well as the oil and gas market, a new avenue for the organisation at this level.

Mapena will report to Schneider Electric country president: southern Africa, Eric Léger and to the Energy business unit in France.

Previously commercial manager for utilities within the company, she managed all utilities accounts, as well as both the sales and transactional execution teams. In this capacity, she was also responsible for MV product promotions, customer relationship building and the client database.

Mapena has hands-on experience, having completed an electrical engineering technical diploma at Germiston Technical College and an advanced business management and BTech operations management degree at the University of Johannesburg.

Prior to joining Schneider Electric in 2008, she managed the ABB South Africa service departments over a period of 18 months, taking responsibility for a team of technicians, setting financial budgets and targets, implementing ISO 9001 quality management and marketing products to customers. She also has extensive experience in the site installation and commissioning of variable speed drives and in the training of technicians.

Says Eric Léger, Schneider Electric country president: southern Africa: “Canninah was carefully selected from our pipeline of talent and is more than ready to take up the challenge of her new position. I would like to wish her every success in her new position.”

Quocirca report names Xerox worldwide market leader in managed print services

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Xerox earned the top position in worldwide managed print services (MPS) for the fourth consecutive year, according to a new report by analyst research group Quocirca. The report cites Xerox’s lead due to continued expansion and investment in its MPS platform and the unrivaled geographical depth, breadth and consistency of its offering in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“Xerox excels in its broad coverage of enterprise offerings across office, mobile, production and offsite commercial environments,” said Louella Fernandes principal analyst, Quocirca. “Xerox continues to make differentiating investments for the marketplace with new assessment and reporting tools that provide customers with predictive analytics to simplify their print environment, and use the data to further cost savings and productivity benefits.”

The report, which provides an independent evaluation of providers, shows a mature market with three quarters of very large enterprises (more than 10,000 employees) and 41 percent of mid-market organizations with MPS in place for more than three years. Recognizing that many organizations are now entering their second or even third MPS contracts and looking to co-innovate with a provider, the report acknowledges Xerox’s strong heritage in MPS and commends its ability to adapt and extend offerings to address the changing needs of its customers.

“Xerox continues to expand the value of MPS by bringing customers new services and solutions for accessing data and content,” said Mike Feldman, senior vice president, Xerox Global Document Outsourcing and Managed Print Services. “We’re setting the bar higher by taking what we learn from the print environment and building it into content management and business process automation strategies – so customers also benefit from ways to work smarter and speed time to revenue.”

As the worldwide market leader in MPS, Xerox is working with businesses of all sizes to simplify the way work gets done – so employees spend less time managing documents, and more time focused on their core business. Xerox integrates MPS into the IT infrastructure to help intelligently organize information – from both paper and electronic sources.

In addition to the Quocirca recognition, Xerox earned the top spot in all major analyst reports published on MPS in 2012, including: being named worldwide market share leader1 and positioned by Gartner, Inc., in the Leaders Quadrant in the 2011 Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services Worldwide2 and recognized as a leader in IDC’s Managed Print Services and Basic Print Services 2012-2015 Forecast and Analysis report3 and 2011 MPS MarketScape report4. Additionally, Xerox was positioned as a leader in The Forrester Wave TM MPS 2012 report5.

Xerox is distributed in sub-Saharan Africa by Bytes Document Solutions, Africa’s leading document management technology and services company, and the largest Xerox distributor in the world.

Summer Dance Megamix Vol.1

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