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Mobile to drive BI this year

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Mobile is top of the big four influencers of BI change across Africa this year, says Ayanda Dlamini, Business Development Manager at LGR Telecommunications.

The massive growth in mobile across Africa is driving resurgence in BI growth, as executives across the continent see the value of having relevant, updated data at hand at all times.

The mobile wave
At LGR Telecommunications, we are seeing mobility as the biggest key trend in the BI space in the foreseeable future. With device proliferation and massive surges in mobile data usage – close on 900 Petabytes per month around the world last year – mobility is showing massive uptake. A large proportion of those users are on internet applications as well as enterprise applications on mobile. This is particularly true in Africa, where enterprises have leapfrogged fixed line into the mobile era, and the cost of mobile data is dropping. We expect mobility to drive the adoption of BI in general, as more and more executives see the value of BI that has become user friendly and portable. Soon, all levels within the enterprise will have to have a dashboard and a ‘mini BI engine’. Globally, we are seeing numerous mobile BI suites coming to market, and the focus on this area is likely to continue.

Self-service and interactive BI
As users become accustomed to consumer applications, they are starting to demand the same functionality in their enterprise applications. Thus, we are seeing growth in self-service, interactive BI that allows users to drill down into the information they need – even on mobile devices. This is putting the power increasingly into the hands of the users – they want to be the next ‘IT gurus’. In line with this, users getting smarter in what they use and how they want to see it, therefore data visualisation is also a key trend emerging across Africa.

The demand for access to self-service BI is beginning to extend across the enterprise as executives start regarding data as their ‘untapped gold’, delivering real business value. It’s becoming a case of ‘BI for everyone’.

Integrating unstructured data
Unstructured data from outside the organisation is becoming an important factor as enterprises grapple with understanding market conditions, consumer sentiment and demographics from sources outside the enterprise. As social media becomes a key area for gaining an understanding of customer sentiment, social media analytics will see increased uptake.

The incorporation of geographical data is also becoming increasingly important in looking beyond just ‘who’ and ‘what’, but also ‘where’. And as growing numbers of end users acquire smartphones with map applications, we will also see location-based information playing an ever-increasing role in BI.

Advanced analytics and Big Data
The massive growth in the amount of data being generated will also force enterprises to look beyond traditional database systems. Big Data analytics will play a bigger role in future, and with it, we will see increased uptake of in-memory analytics. Even across Africa, we will be seeing increased interest in Big Data focused solutions such Hadoop and NoSQL (which can also take unstructured data) , as well as in-memory analytical engines. With these advanced new in-memory analytics engines, enterprises may discover a need for new, specialised skills, possibly driving a need to import skills.

We are also starting to see a great deal of growth in demand for automatic feedback to transactional platforms – organisations are starting to say ‘what can I do with this insight?’ and seeking automatic feedback to all platforms, allowing for functions such as upselling and cross selling. This is where you see the true value of advanced analytics – not just using it to understand, but also using it to sway customer behaviour; and this is a game changer.

Intervate partners with KPMG on finance event

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KPMG will be presenting the results of their 5th annual Sourcing Advisory Pulse Survey at an event in Johannesburg and Cape Town on the 24th and 30th of April 2013, respectively. Through analysis of local organisations, the survey provides insight into trends and projections and compares these to global benchmarks.

Results show that finance and accounting are key focus areas for improvement in performance and service delivery. The trend is to implement technology as a solution to improve processes and cut costs. By attending the event, companies can catch up on global trends within the financial, shared services and accounting arenas, as well as commentary and insight into improved productivity through technology.

In conjunction with KPMG, Account Payable and Process Automation Specialists, Intervate will present case studies and solutions on how organisations can improve manual finance processes through automation, thereby reducing the associated time and cost. The company will also reveal how an integrated software solution can augment a company’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) process for better results.

Using accounts payable as an example, Intervate will go on to demonstrate how organisations can accelerate processing by automating up to 98% of information capture. Reducing invoice processing time results in lower operating costs and even makes it possible to take advantage of early payment discounts.

Gia Thom, Intervate’s Business Development Manager for Imaging and Capture Solutions comments: “We’ve seen organisations cut their rejections by 50%. This in conjunction with automation of query handling, frees up the AP team allowing them to focus on tasks requiring human intervention. At the same time, management gains additional visibility allowing them make better and quicker decisions”.

To attend and register for either the JHB event on 24 April or the CT event on 30 April contact Talia Farber:

Cost-saving, high-performance multifunction printing for the SMB – the HP OfficeJet Pro 276dw

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Now small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can have it all when it comes to printing – ease of use, superior performance, high-quality printing, scanning and copying, resource-saving features and a low cost per page – thanks to the new HP OfficeJet 276dw from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). The OfficeJet Pro 276dw Multifunction Printer (print, copy, scan, fax and web) has been designed with the SMB in mind with work teams that need a professional-quality, low cost per page MFP with wireless/mobile connectivity, plus industry-leading management tools and extensibility solutions.

“One of the most appealing features of the OfficeJet Pro 276dw is its low cost per page printing. Users can save up to 50% on printing costs, compared to laser printers. HP original inks not only deliver superior prints, they also offer a high yield of up to 2300 pages in black or 1500 pages in colour, all from a single cartridge, representing excellent value for money and affordability,” says Caron de Fortier, HP Printers & Supplies Division Manager at DCC.

The OfficeJet 276dw is also easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage, thanks to integration tools and remote management through HP Web JetAdmin. The HP Imaging and Printing Security Centre ensures that print security can be easily managed without the need for specialist skills, and the printer is scalable enough to move with your business as it grows, protecting your technology investment.

“The OfficeJet 276dw also features tools that help users to save time, streamline workflows and simplify basic office tasks. Print tools and handy business apps can be accessed right from the printer, using the intuitive control panel and large full colour touch screen, and a monthly duty cycle of 1500 pages ensures this printer can handle even the most demanding of SMB workgroup environments,” de Fortier adds.

Automatic double-sided printing, copying and scanning helps to save time, and paper, and an optional paper tray allows users to load up to 500 sheets at once. Wireless connectivity and an Ethernet port means that the MFP can be added to both wired and wireless networks with ease, and built-in Wi-Fi means that the printer can be shared between various devices, even without network access or a router. HP ePrint capability extends this functionality to smartphones and tablets, allowing users to print from mobile device via the web, from practically anywhere in the world. A USB port enhances connectivity, allowing users to print directly at the printer with a flash or thumb drive.

“In addition to productivity, performance and functionality, the OfficeJet 276dw also conserves resources without sacrificing performance. Print settings can be customised to save energy, and energy consumption can be optimised to use up to 50% less than colour lasers. Automatic double-sided printing helps to save paper, and HP’s intelligent packaging uses fewer resources and can be recycled. Ink cartridges too can be easily recycled at no cost using the HP network of Planet Partners,” de Fortier concludes.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 276dw printer is available immediately from resellers and leading retails for a recommended retail price of R3 899.00 including VAT.

Supersizing security monitoring – enterprise grade security control centre solution for large-scale fixed and mobile CCTV deployments

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By Mark Chertkow, Managing Director of Graphic Image Technologies (GIT)

As more and more CCTV cameras are deployed in safe city networks, at residential and business sites, in industrial complexes and in moving vehicles, taking advantage of new and smarter security technology is becoming vital. In the control room, the heart of any security operation, making use of enterprise grade software is crucial to facilitate more efficient monitoring of multiple video gateways, and deliver a more proactive, responsive, effective and auditable service to customers.

As security awareness grows and technology advances, the number of customers requiring the services of security firms is growing and more surveillance cameras, with varying levels of functionality, are being deployed. But having a CCTV surveillance solution in place is pointless if you can’t monitor it and respond in a timely and effective manner. It is also becoming increasingly important for security service providers to be able to provide customers with the assurance that the right procedures were followed and policies implemented. This is difficult to do with entry level control room solutions.

Limitations on management, auditability
In typical surveillance implementations, servers, also known as video gateways, are deployed to record video from security cameras, stream live or recorded video to remote users, monitor sensors, interface with GPS tracking systems and notify users if problems are detected. They also allow users to control on-site pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras and other activators (e.g., arming or disarming a lock based on audio-visual input). A challenge arises, however, when many of these video gateways need to be monitored by dozens of staff in a control centre.

The limitation of security monitoring solutions meant for management of a small number of video streams and inputs is that the alerts from these feeds cannot be intelligently routed. In addition, procedures related to the type of alert do not accompany the alert, nor can the actions or activities of personnel responding to the alert be recorded for later audit or analysis. To do this, a more powerful server-based, enterprise-level management solution with a database is needed.

Grouping of video gateways, customisation of the video field
The benefit of these enterprise-strength security control room solutions is that the server retrieves the data from the video gateways, stores it in its database and then makes this data accessible to multiple operators simultaneously. The server also manages the alarm and notification system, enabling staff to, for instance, view live and recorded video from multiple sites, locate and monitor fleets of commercial vehicles, and receive immediate notifications about circumstances that require their attention.

But perhaps most importantly, a server-based control centre solution with the right intelligence will facilitate grouping of gateways to simplify the monitoring process, and allow customisation of the video field so users can view multiple streams in various sizes. Administrators can also limit users’ access to certain groups of video streams and information, securing the privacy of individual customers.

Features you need – Wi-Fi, 3G, compression technology and flexibility
In selecting a control centre solution, look out for efficient and comprehensive CCTV alarm handling. This can be facilitated by functionality that allows automatic assignment of certain alarms to specific staff members. At the same time, the system needs to be flexible enough to allow for reassignment of responsibility for handling an alarm on-the-fly. Managers should be able to easily monitor the entire alarm-handling process, seeing the current status of each alarm and a rundown of how it has been handled.

For optimal performance, identify technologies that take into consideration the unique infrastructure limitations of remote locations, as well as other issues such as bandwidth constraints and costs, and demand for fast rollout. In particular, look out for DVR technology that can make use of wireless and 3G connectivity options, and incorporates the best compression technologies.

The bottom line, however, is that the ability to intercept alerts and trigger alarms is only the first step. How the incident is handled is the real measure of the service. Response can be complex, but it must be effective for security to have any effect. Having the right software in place to ensure alerts will be handled in the most efficient and appropriate way can make all the difference.


Maxi CD: DOLPHIN´S MIND – The Flow & DREAM DANCE Megamix (1997)

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SG Wham/Club Fantastic Megamix (NL)

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House Clubhits Megamix Vol. 1 – VARIOUS [3x CD]

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SG SOS Band/The Official Bootleg Mega Mix (NL)

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Flim Flam Mr.Newbeat & Doctor House 12" Megamix 1989

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B.B. & Q. Band – On The Beat – 88 Break Out Mega Mix – 12" Disco

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