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Infor helps Ferrari report sizable production increases

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High Quality Production Demands Met Using Infor LN and ION 

Infor, a leading provider of business application software, has announced that Infor has helped Ferrari achieve substantial production growth using Infor LN and Infor ION. Ferrari leveraged its ERP upgrade to Infor LN to meet a growing global demand and increases in production quantity without compromising on quality.

Infor provides Ferrari with the unique capability to build 7,000 individual custom-configured vehicles a year in sequence while maintaining high operating line efficiencies and full sequencing with the supply chain. Ferrari is confident that the speed of transition from Baan to LN will contribute a significant rise in annual production volumes expected especially on the engine production side.

News Points

  • Infor LN, together with Infor ION – Infor’s Intelligent Open Network which provides connectivity between Ferrari’s software applications, enables Ferrari to build individual custom configuration vehicles in sequence (in conjunction with the MES – Manufacturing Execution System), while maintaining a high level of operating line efficiencies within the supply chain. With Infor, Ferrari does not rely on multiple external sequencing, allowing for a decrease in complexity, risk, errors and cost.
  • Ferrari uses Infor to raise efficiency throughout the organisation. From order taking and manufacturing to the supply chain and providing the finished cars to customers. The process improvements allow Ferrari to obtain logistical supply chain efficiency at all stages of manufacturing.
  • Ferrari uses ION to provide connectivity between Infor and non-Infor applications, providing integrated business processes such as order configuration, advanced planning and scheduling, assembly line scheduling and sequencing and asset maintenance and management.
  • The solution will also enable Ferrari to optimise the supply chain processes, supporting the increase of production of engines for other members of the FIAT group such as Maserati.

Ferrari Quote

“Infor has enabled us to reduce the number of anomalies in the system, further allowing us to streamline the production process further,” said Vittorio Boero, chief information officer, Ferrari. “Not only has Infor helped us to increase production, but also helped us to established better relationships between many business departments and IT.”

Infor Quote

“Ferrari is constantly in demand for greater agility in its production processes. Infor’s products allow them to not only increase speed and efficiency but it also helps them to maintain a high level of production quality,” said Warren Smith, director of global automotive market strategy, Infor. “Our companies have a great relationship supported by close communication so changes can be made more efficiently. We have the right ways of working in place to continue to make Ferrari highly effective in satisfying their global customer demands.”

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WD dispenses backup tips to help you avoid tears later

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WD declares April to be backup month: “Don’t be an April Fool and push the backup button!”

You have taken the time to store it on your desktop or laptop, everything that matters to you, from financial documents to sentimental photos and videos.  However, you are just one virus, one spilled coffee, one stolen backpack away from losing it all. WD, a Western Digital company, urges consumers to put their own backup plans into place using five top tips to safeguard precious personal content for years to come.

“We urge consumers to backup all of their personal data that they store, regardless of platform. It’s more than just the purchase of a hard drive, we want to help consumers ensure that their content is being safeguarded with the help of automatic backup software like WD SmartWare and personal cloud products like the My Book Live range. We would like to send out this call to action as a stark reminder of the value of personal content, priceless and irreplaceable memories that we would hate to lose”, Anamika Budree, Branded sales manager, WD South Africa. 

Unlike CDs, DVDs and even cloud-based backup options, external hard drives with an automated backup solution remain the most cost friendly, hassle free, reliable, quick and secure approach to backup.

What is your backup plan?

WD has put together their top five back up tips so consumers can put together their own backup plan:

1.      Don’t wait until it is too late – get your hands on an external drive.

A backup means having no less than two copies of any data you deem valuable saved and external hard drives are a great way to backup files. They offer great value for money, are fast and offer larger storage capacities than USB sticks, CDs and DVDs.

2.      Use back-up software and make it automatic. Set and forget!

It is best not to rely on manually backing up your data as you will forget or sometimes be unable to backup your data. It is also easy to make mistakes or omit something important when you are backing up manually. Use backup software like WD’s SmartWare to automate your backup process. An easy-to-use backup program creates a backup copy of your data reliably and automatically, keeps logs and notifies you if any problems occur.

3.    Keep copies in different places: a backup of a backup of a backup…..

Make sure that you have at least two copies of your most important files. Several backups on different devices and in different locations, reduces your risk of complete data loss.

Remember that simply moving important files, i.e. maintaining only one copy of the data, from your computer to a hard drive is not backup but storage, so your files are still at risk of being lost should anything happen.

4.    Get your own personal cloud

Rest assured that your data is safe at home, yet is also accessible when you are on the go with your own personal cloud storage system. With personal cloud storage options like the My Book Live range connected to your home network, you can safeguard content from your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

5.      Test your backup plan!

Your backup software will log any problems it has encountered while saving your files, make sure it didn’t miss anything. It may just be that special photo or video that you can never re-take.

Our music, photos and videos can be digital representations of some of our fondest memories and this is why it is so crucial that everybody understands how to keep these files safe. Since the launch of our My Book and My Passport range of storage solutions, WD has been trying to make backing up data as easy as ‘child’s play’.

SAS appoints Desan Naidoo as Managing Director Southern Africa

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Naidoo to drive SAS’s vision of analytics for social and business impact 

SAS today announced the appointment of Desan Naidoo as the company’s Managing Director Southern Africa responsible for setting and managing the company’s strategy for the region.

Naidoo’s focus will be to bring SAS’s technology to life by highlighting the incredible potential analytics has to make a positive impact on both social and business issues. He will drive SAS’s focus on its stakeholders by continuously fostering improved relationships with clients, partners and the company’s wider community.

Additionally, SAS places great value on the importance of its staff globally and Naidoo will ensure that the company also drives a strong emphasis on employees locally.

In the Forrester Wave: Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions: Q1 2013 report, SAS was identified as a clear leader in the predictive analytics environment – it is through this leadership that it is able to make a tangible contribution to the way government and businesses operate and the solutions they implement.

“We live in a world where we have an enormous amount of information at our disposal. What we do with the information – how we analyse it and incorporate elements such as predictive capabilities, forecasting and optimisation – has the potential to lift whatever we do out of the mundane and into the extraordinary,” explains Naidoo.

“Imagine the power we will have at our fingertips when, in the medical environment for example, information is being utilised to proactively monitor and identify matters such as the availability of medical personnel, flagging possible disease outbreaks or even managing medical supplies.

“Another example is, from a crime point of view, we can be smarter in the way we bring together all the data available locally, regionally and nationally through analytics. This will enable government to track trends and hotspots and put plans in place for a possible risk area before it becomes a crisis.”

According to Riad Gydien, SAS vice president for Middle East and Africa, Naidoo’s appointment is the perfect fit for the company: “I believe that Desan is the ideal person to ensure the region delivers great value and I am confident in his appointment. His intimate knowledge of SAS and its people as well as his exceptional relationships with partners and clients will stand him in good stead. He excels at driving operational efficiency and is a trusted individual within the organisation.”

Naidoo was appointed at SAS in June 2008 as General Manager: Public Sector and in February 2011 he was promoted to Operations Director. In February 2012 Naidoo he moved to the position of Director Sales Operations and Customer Advocacy MEA. Before joining SAS, he held positions with Novell and Eskom.

Kathea announces the availability of Polycom SoundStation Connect

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Kathea, a distributor of video communications solutions has announced the availability of Polycom’s SoundStation Connect, an audio conference solution that lets users bring the gold standard in audio conferencing technology wherever they go. The SoundStation Connect plugs directly into any laptop or desktop USB port, letting users of soft-phone apps such as Polycom RealPresence Desktop 2.0, Microsoft Lync or IBM Sametime, experience HD-quality audio conferencing technology for small-group meetings in the office, at home or when travelling.

“Polycom SoundStation Connect lets customers take the legendary Polycom SoundStation audio conferencing experience anywhere they want to have voice or video meeting on their computer,” says Jim Kruger, Senior Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing, Polycom. “SoundStation Connect is ideal for groups of people in small to midsize rooms such as salespeople and customers in a huddle room, patients and doctors in an office, or creative designers and ad experts in a brainstorm area. Polycom’s best-in-class HD audio technology allows all of the meeting participants on the call to hear and be heard, making calls more productive.”

“South Africa’s mobile workforce is gaining impetus and the SoundStation Connect, is the ideal solution for mobile workers who are computer-based but still require the best-in-class voice conferencing experience with plug-and-play ease of use and HD voice quality. Methods of communication and collaboration are now increased and the need to wait for a boardroom to setup a voice conference is a thing of the past. Voice conferencing is now possible in meeting rooms, remote locations or even whilst travelling,” says Mandy Pretorius, Product Manager – Voice at Kathea.

Benefits of the SoundStation Connect include:

  • Clear conversations - Polycom Voice technology reduces background noise, echo and feedback, while microphone pickup covers more than 7-feet in diameter,
  • Easy to deploy with broad interoperability - Plug-and-play with no software driver needed, the device runs on USB power and works with any UC soft-phone app running on computers that support USB audio,
  • Easy to use and transport - The ultra-simple User Interface (UI) with volume up, down and mute makes it easy for anyone to use while the compact design is ideal for meetings on the go.

The announcement of the SoundStation Connect builds on the company’s Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) innovation, which includes more than 850 patents. Polycom, which has an expansive product line with industry leading audio technology, recently announced it has shipped more than 10 million audio devices since the company’s founding in 1990.

Polycom SoundStation Connect is available from Kathea to resellers immediately.

Kaspersky Lab signs up to actively support INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation

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Kaspersky Lab has agreed to work closely with the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI). This was announced after a meeting between Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, Ronald Noble, INTERPOL Secretary General, and Noboru Nakatani, IGCI Executive Director, held on March 19, 2013 at Kaspersky Lab’s headquarters in Moscow.

Topping the agenda for the meeting were the topics of cybercrime and emerging cyber threats, as well as  the importance of collective efforts in the fight against cybercriminals to better secure the Internet. The key results of the meeting were Kaspersky Lab confirming it plans to send on secondment its top experts to the IGCI once it becomes operational in 2014, and also to provide broad functional support and threat intelligence on an ongoing basis. Kaspersky Lab has also agreed to help with the IGCI’s capacity building efforts to increase the ability of law enforcement agencies worldwide to deal with cyberthreats in general.

The IGCI will equip international cyber police forces with the tools and knowledge needed to better tackle the cybercrime threats of the 21st century, for example by identifying criminals and by providing innovative training and operational support for law enforcement across the globe.

Commenting on the meeting with INTERPOL and the planned close cooperation, Eugene Kaspersky said: “I am most pleased with the outcome of this meeting. I have been pushing for the creation of what I used to call an ‘Internet-INTERPOL’ for over a decade now, and at last it has finally come to pass. It should come as no surprise that we wholeheartedly support this initiative, testified to by our plans to send some of our top analysts over to the IGCI in Singapore. Soon cybercriminals will have nowhere to hide – not able to hole up in this or that country, as they have been able to up to now. The net is closing in on cybercriminals – both the proverbial one and the Inter-net.”

IGCI Executive Director Mr. Nakatani noted that, “The strong support for the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation expressed by Eugene Kaspersky, the founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, will provide law enforcement in our 190 member countries with the expertise to generate actionable intelligence to protect cyberspace and to bring cybercriminals to justice.”

INTERPOL Secretary General Mr. Noble echoed his counterparts’ sentiments by adding that, “Transnational crime cannot be fought in isolation, and drawing on private sector expertise and support against cybercrime is essential. Fighting cybercrime requires that law enforcement at both the national and international levels works with the private sector, particularly its forward-thinking technological leaders such as Kaspersky Lab, in order to keep pace with today’s cybercriminals.”

TechCrunch editor Mike Butcher to headline the Net Prophet Conference

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Net Prophet 2013 returns on 23rd May 2013 for its 5th year in a row. Bringing together industry leaders, passionate entrepreneurs and innovative online professionals, this year Cape Town’s top Tech/Innovation Conference promises to be bigger and better than before, with 1 500 Net Prophet attendees packing out the Artscape Opera House for a day of inspiration and innovation.

News broke early this morning when Rob Gilmour from the RAMP Foundation announced that the first of the conference’s local and international speakers for this year’s Net Prophet is to be non-other than TechCrunch’s European editor, Mike Butcher. is the online voice of the Tech and Startup world. A daily read for most in the online industry.

About Mike

Mike Butcher is a leading tech journalist having written for media giants such as The Financial Times, The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph. Aside from writing and tweeting to over 54 000 followers, the former grunge rocker has also co-founded TechHub, a nurturing space aiding tech-startups with work space, guidance, collaboration and networking opportunities. As TechCrunch’s European editor Mike takes an interest in the emerging tech hubs in Europe and Africa. He also serve on the Mayor of London’s Smart London Board, advising on Smart Cities and Entrepreneurship. He has spoken at the prestigious Monaco Media Forum and Le Web, among many other conferences, and is a Davos / World Economic Forum “Media Leader”.

Get your tickets today before it’s too late.

Early bird tickets SOLD OUT!

Only 300 VIP Tickets to this year’s Net Prophet are still available!

Aside from the 1 000 free general entrance tickets (available from 8th April), this year conference attendees are able to purchase a select few VIP tickets which will gain them:

  • Golden Circle premium seats
  • Parking
  • Access to the VIP area
  • Mingle with speakers, media and like-minded people
  • Free lunch with the speakers
  • A pimped-out gift bag
  • Access to the after party
  • Free drinks at the after party

Three steps to enterprise cloud migration

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Cloud computing offers significant benefits to enterprises, and many are starting to factor it into their long-term planning. First, however, they need to understand the pros and cons of cloud—and how to make the move.

“Cloud offers enterprises the benefits of reduced capital expenditure and staff requirements combined with scalability and quick deployment—something that’s hugely important in today’s fast-moving business environment,” says Shaheen Kalla, Managed Services Manager at ContinuitySA. “Cloud services coupled with service-level agreements and fixed penalties make it a viable alternative to internal hosting.”

Mr Kalla was speaking at a webinar which formed part of ContinuitySA’s contribution to the annual Business Continuity Awareness Week, which took place between 18 and 22 March around the world.

However, there are disadvantages to cloud that also need consideration, among them reliance on the provider for troubleshooting and security concerns about sensitive data. It must also be borne in mind that cloud providers are natural targets for hackers.

In moving to the cloud model, Mr Kalla argued that enterprises should consider a three-phased approach. The first stage is co-location or rack hosting, a model in which hardware moves to an offsite data centre. Drivers for such a move would include the size of the current environment, and its requirements for power and other peripheral services such as cooling and humidity control. If the organisation plans to expand, co-location would possibly be indicated, especially if, for example, one is reaching the limit of the power available on the site.

The next stage would be managed services, with the hardware continuing to be owned but the services delivered by a third party. This model is particularly well suited to Web-based “thin” applications, and suits companies that want to benefit from the maximum amount of depreciation from recently purchased assets. Service-level agreements govern this type of environment.

The final stage is the move to the cloud, a move, Mr Kalla says, that requires a mature and long-term outlook. “It’s a totally hand’s-off environment which might not please technical staff who typically like control. Moving to this model warrants an in-depth assessment of the service provider and its levels of security and responsiveness.”

Key things to look out for include close reading of the fine print to understand exactly what the service-level agreement covers and does not cover, and how and when penalties kick in. “It’s also vital to consider the implications of where the service provider’s data centres are located,” Mr Kalla says. “If located outside of the country, this will affect the latency and so the user experience on certain applications. Location will also affect what you are paying for the link to the centre, and will in turn affect the costs of migrating to cloud.”

Location is also critical for certain industries such as financial services—data privacy regulations specify where sensitive client data can be kept.

In general, it is very important to look at how data will be returned to you in the event of the contract ending or there is a breach of contract or the provider goes out of business.

“The most important thing to consider is the user experience. Without their buy-in, the migration will be a failure,” says Mr Kalla. “I advise clients to run a proof of concept with a small user group to see whether the experience is acceptable.”

The professional touch – the Dell Optiplex 9010 All-in-One with touch-screen capability from DCC

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Extreme performance meets stylish design, leading-edge collaboration and intuitive, touch screen capability in the new Dell Optiplex 9010 All-in-One, available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). Featuring the latest Intel Core i7 processors, a choice of hard drive, Solid State Drive (SSD) or hybrid drives and high-speed memory options, and a 23” multi-touch panel screen, this sleek, space saving All-in-One integrates a high definition display panel and a powerful computer into a device that is the ideal business machine for maximum productivity.

“The Optiplex 9010 is perfect for high-end business users, thanks to its small footprint which reduces the desk space required. This machine delivers all of the functionality of a PC while offering a compact, aesthetically pleasing form factor. It is also perfect for office users as well as entry level design work, thanks to its large high definition screen and touch capabilities,” says Frank Lumley, Dell Business Unit Manager at DCC.

“Touch screen capability is the ultimate in natural interaction and this capability is brought to life for the business user in the Optiplex 9010. The edge-to-edge glass capacitive screen not only looks great on any desktop, it also works seamlessly with the Windows 8 interactive experience to deliver a familiar, intuitive user interface. Wireless connectivity, microphone and headphone jacks and an optional rotating webcam, optimised for Microsoft Lync, deliver incredible video conferencing and collaboration, and an optional articulated stand lets users easily type on the display, perfect for multi-user interaction,” he adds.

Intuitive design features, including native monitor support with HDMI/VGA ports and two side USB ports, allow for maximum productivity by adapting to unique working styles. An integrated power supply, international standards-based VESA flat-panel mounting and optional wireless mouse and keyboard eliminate cables and make for easy deployment that conserves desk space. The chassis has undergone intensive testing, ensuring the Optiplex 9010’s design offers excellent durability and reliability. It has also been engineered with the planet in mind, with a highly efficient power supply and containing a minimum of 10% post-consumer recycled plastic in the enclosure. This helps to minimise energy consumption and supports the recycling of legacy equipment.

“The Optiplex 9010 also features business class control, using the latest Intel vPro systems management iAMT 8.x, which delivers seamless out-of-band management. V-Pro is a set if security and manageability capabilities which protects your data from high-level security threats. Remote Basic Input / Output System (BIOS) management allows for remote control of firmware settings, and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and encrypted hard drive options provide data safeguarding. Long life cycles cut down on maintenance requirements, saving time and money and leaving the IT department free to focus on more strategic business objectives. Combined with a three year business warranty, managed transitions and improved management features, the Optiplex is the ultimate business machine,” says Lumley.

The Dell Data Protection, Desktop virtualisation Solutions and Systems Management Solutions included with the Dell Optiplex 9010 offer cost-effective security, management and end-user productivity. These offerings can be tailored to meet the individual needs of any business user or organisation.

The Dell Optiplex 9010 is available from selected resellers for a recommended retail price of R15 800.00 including VAT.

For more information, visit

12" – KOTO – The Koto Mix – 5:08 – Jabdah (Megamix) -

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12”:Imagination,Megamix[NM] (RCA)

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