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♫♫ DJ BOBO "megamix 2002" SONY MUSIC Neu & OVP ♫♫

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Various : Spring Break Megamix

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Absa launches ‘Branch-on-the-Move’ in the Eastern Cape

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Marching ahead with financial inclusion efforts by developing a mobile village branch model

Financial Services Group, Absa has announced its commitment to meet the growing need for community banking services, embarking on its first operational trial of a ‘Branch-on-the-move’ in Idutywa in the Eastern Cape – where the original branch had been destroyed by fire.

Explaining Absa’s ‘Branch-on-the-move’ concept, Absa’s Head of Retail Markets Arrie Rautenbach says it is designed to simulate the functionality of an entire bank branch in the form of a large container on wheels, that can be set up to be fully functional anywhere in the country within 24 hours of arrival.

Absa says its ‘Branch-on-the-Move’ serves as an emergency branch and does not require technology or equipment to be dissembled before being transported. In a commitment to improve access to financial services, the Idutywa pilot was built in only six weeks to serve the community while a new bank branch is being planned.

“It will move to areas of the country to extend its banking services where renovations, fire damage, water damage, ATM bombings or even construction interrupt normal branch operations,” continues Rautenbach.

He adds: “This service will especially be felt in remote rural villages. As we invest in our community, Branch-on-the-Move makes it possible for us to make our customers’ lives easier, through a facility that addresses the financial needs of these isolated rural communities.”

“As a leading financial services provider, we’re fully committed to serving the community. We continue to invest in branches and the launch of the Branch-on-the-move service in Idutywa is part of this programme – promoting a continuous effort to serve customers in and around remote parts of the country better.”

Rautenbach noted that there were several dimensions to Absa’s financial inclusion plan adding that through innovative technologies and an expanding network of banks, Absa was continuously addressing the financial needs of isolated rural communities with basic transactional services accommodated through Absa’s In-store banking model, the mobile phone, an extensive network of ATMs and point-of-sale devices, among others in rural markets.

Branch-on-the-move offers full banking services with two tellers, two sales consultants, a branch manager and an ATM. It also includes a kitchen and a bathroom for staff members.

“The introduction of the new branch concept not only ensures that Absa continues to operate in Idutywa, but more importantly continues to service the community without any interruptions or inconvenience,” says Rautenbach.

“This extends the reach of the bank without the immediate cost of establishing a full branch.”

NewsGator Enterprise Social Platform Taking SharePoint To The Next Level

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At this year’s Share conference which takes place on March 11th-13th, Intervate, an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions specialist and Microsoft Gold Partner for Content Management, Digital Marketing and Portals and Collaboration, will be the power behind the Newsgator and Software Innovation 360 stands.

NewsGator’s Social Sites solution is a leading Enterprise Social offering and is fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Windows 8-ready. The solution is bringing the benefits of the social media phenomenon to the business environment and integrates directly into the SharePoint collaboration platform.

While SharePoint 2013 itself and Microsoft’s recently acquired Yammer cloud platform do offer useful social feature sets for businesses, Newsgator’s offering is targeted at enterprises who are mature in their requirement for high-value advanced social use cases, and have deeply embedded on-premise SharePoint implementations. Customers include Citibank, Barclays, ING and HSBC in financial services, Accenture and Deloitte in consulting, Turkcell and MTN in telecommunications, and Adidas and Oakley in retail.

“It is common knowledge that communication and the sharing of ideas, knowledge and intellectual property (IP) are difficult, but essential to the success of any business. The NewsGator solution enables organisations to streamline communication, improve employee recruiting and retention, and boost overall organisational productivity to their benefit. This alone will set an organisation apart from its competitors and ensure the process of sharing business knowledge and ideas,” says Roy Hobson, Business Development Executive at Intervate.

A key challenge for users in an information-heavy workplace is that there are many streams of content flowing from many different sources. Newsgator starts to aggregate these streams together into a single place to get work done in a “social” way. New to the Social Sites solution is a personalised, universal toolbar, allowing users monitor notifications, initiate new conversations, ask questions, and respond to the items in their activity stream from any SharePoint page or web page. This means that Microsoft Outlook email, calendar and tasks are now brought into the solution, enabling users to do their work in a single centralised and personalised dashboard.

Also integrated in the solution is a secure social media monitoring function which tracks news sites, blogs, wikis, external social streams, like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and delivers them directly to a user’s activity stream. Employees are therefore always conscious of industry happenings, conversations and discussions that impact on their business to either contribute to or learn from. They are always in the know and not left behind.

The ‘Getting an Answer’ application allows users to ask and answer questions in real-time within a community and is one of the quickest ways to drive the value of cross-enterprise collaboration.

Fluid real-time and asynchronous conversations can be conducted through the Microsoft Lync integration with the Social Sites solution. It makes on-the-fly instant messaging, as well as audio, and video conversations possible, further prompting the sharing of ideas and increasing organisational communications.

“Understanding that mobility is a necessity for organisations has not been forgotten. ‘Glassboard’ is a free social mobile application integrated in the Newsgator solution that lets users anywhere engage in private group sharing with external stakeholders using their mobile devices,” adds Hobson.

“By integrating Newsgator directly into your SharePoint collaboration deployment it makes your organisation truly social. Companies can focus on delivering value to users and unify technology infrastructure while fully leveraging the SharePoint social network,” concludes Hobson.

For further information about the SharePoint Conference 2013 and Newsgator Social Sites solution stand, contact Talia Farber at or visit the Newsgator stand at the SharePoint 2013 Conference, 11 -13 March 2013 at the Sandton Sun, Johannesburg.

Samsung signs MITSUMI as Pan African Distributor

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Samsung Electronics Africa have cemented a partnership agreement with one of Africa’s largest IT distributors – MITSUMI – where the company will be an official distributor for all Samsung IT products, across sub-Saharan Africa.

Says Thierry Boulanger, Director for IT Solutions and B2B at Samsung Electronics Africa: “This partnership agreement is a first of its kind for us and certainly speaks to our continued investment in, and commitment to our African customers. This agreement not only enables us to expend our logistical footprint, but leverage on an established African distributor and support network.”

Through this partnership agreement, MITSUMI will deliver the full suite of Samsung IT consumer and business solutions to the market.

Says Mitesh Shah, Managing Director at MITSUMI; “As one of the leading African distributors we understand the broader African continent and hold a viable expertise, having been in operation for 17 years across 19 African countries. We intricately understand how to cost-effectively support the technology needs of end users of all sizes, including small- and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, and consumers and certainly see this partnership with Samsung as an opportunity to continue our growth across the continent.”

The partnership came into effect as of Friday, March 01, 2013 – where MITSUMI’s offices in 19 countries with in-country stock points will service Samsung’s African distribution needs.

“We have a Pan Africa distribution vision and strategy that will take IT distribution to the next level and with MITSUMI’s strong track record, solid financial standing and pool of African best practices, this is a strategic business partnership for us that we trust will go far in servicing the growing need for IT solutions across Africa,” concludes Boulanger.

Fulfiling the promise of mobile marketing

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Fulfiling the promise of mobile marketing2013 will be the year mobile marketing comes of age in South Africa, says Thumbtribe co-founder Graeme Haley, thanks to the “game-changing” WiCode technology platform from WiGroup.

“In the past everyone has got very excited about mobile, but the promise has seldom been fulfilled,” says Haley, who co-founded Thumbtribe in 2003. “People got drowned in the stats of who owned what handsets and how many consumers you could reach – but it’s been hard to translate that into real value.”

Part of the problem has been how to make good use of all the data generated from a mobile campaign, he says. “You can run an SMS competition to build a database of consumers – but most of them just want the prize. That’s box-ticking, not real brand engagement. What are you going to do with that expensive database afterwards? How are you going to make it useful?”

Haley says Thumbtribe has focussed on building a “check-in to check-out” ecosystem so that brand managers can actually tell whether their campaigns are selling more product. “WiCode has introduced the final piece of the puzzle, which is what happens at the till. Now you can not only get the eyeballs and entice people into stores, but also track what they are actually buying. That’s the real game changer.”

The challenge now is to develop campaigns that offer real value to consumers as well as brands, adds Haley. “Brands want to deliver relevance, not just spam,” he says. “The more detailed the profile you are able to build, the more finely you can craft your offer.”

As a result, he says, “this year is going to be all about how we mine the data. We have the opportunity now to get really creative about how we encourage and reward users. The platform allows a continuous relationship where brands can offer an incentive, reward people for taking it up and keep them interacting.”

“What’s interesting about the way WiGroup has put their platform together is that they’re open to all devices,” he adds. “Internationally everyone is hung up on smartphones, but in South Africa and Africa you need to cater to everything from smartphone apps through the mobile web to SMS and USSD. Agencies haven’t always understood that – there are only smartphones on their boardroom tables – but the awareness is growing.”

“I expect to see lots of really interesting campaigns coming out this year,” predicts Haley. “This is going to revolutionise the way people interact not just with mobile, but with digital across the board.”

MSM v12.5 IT Service Management Software now available from Marval SA

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Marval South Africa, local representative of the Marval Group (UK) and thought leader in IT Governance and Service Management, is pleased to announce the availability of Marval Service Management (MSM) v 12.5, the latest version of Marval’s award-winning service management software. MSM v12.5 features several enhancements and additions, incorporated into the release as a result of customer feedback from around the world.

“The MSM v12.5 software contains more than 20 major functional improvements, which are designed to improve usability and value derived from using the tool. We believe that it outperforms any 100% web-based IT Service Management (ITSM) software on speed, functionality and scalability,” says Edward Carbutt, Executive Director of Marval South Africa.

Highlights of the updates and improvements include:

  • New cutting-edge request modelling – intuitive, easily configurable business logic with no scripting, coding or professional services required.
  • Simplified self-service web page design – customers can quickly create their own self-service pages supporting their service portfolio. A menu-driven approach ensures no coding or programming knowledge is required.
  • New major incident command and control function – complementing the advanced Service Level Management and tracking functions within MSM, this functionality provides pre-determined, timed communication updates for stakeholders to review progress during the lifecycle of a major incident.

MSM v12.5 is ITIL process compliant and delivers a combination of ITSM process automation, continual service improvement, functionality, flexibility and scalability along with powerful business analytics tools. The software can be used in any organisation and department requiring service and support, including IT, Shared Services, Human Resources, Fleet, Facilities and Financial Services.

“Many organisations have embarked on ITSM improvement programmes, but fail to leverage any value from their effort and investment. MSM software is a critical component of our approach to delivering end-to-end IT Governance and Risk Management solutions, underpinned by Service Management and supported by ITSM software. This increases business value by enabling your organisation to run more effectively and efficiently. MSM v12.5 further adds value to this offering by providing enhanced functionality and ease of use,” Carbutt concludes.

MSM v12.5 is available immediately.

DCC and Targus deliver a new range of slipcases for your laptop

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Mobility is an essential element in this day and age and protecting your hardware while on the move is vital. Protect your asset by wrapping it in a protective skin with the latest range of Targus slipcases from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

The Targus Pulse TSS57401EU is compatible with a 15 to 15.6 inch laptops and the protective wrapping ensures your laptop receives no scratches or damage while on the move. The lightweight skin is available in purple or black and is completely durable.

Available in black and grey, the Targus Pulse TSS586EU is the ideal slipcase for your laptop, ultrabook or Macbook. The interior lining is made of neoprene to prevent scratches and damage and is suitable for laptops from 13 to 14.1 inch laptops.

“These well designed and fashionable looking slipcases are easy to use and provide all the convenience one would expect without the bulky look and feel. Not taking a lot of space, these slipcases are perfect to take everywhere and anywhere,” says Heinrich Pretorius, Targus product specialist at DCC.

The Targus slipcase provides functional design with an added pocket for all your extra accessories. Lightweight design and padded handles makes carrying a laptop more comfortable than ever before. With this new Targus range, you are guaranteed that your laptop is safe and sound while in transit.

“The Targus slipcase has a sophisticated design with subtle zip colours, giving consumers style at an affordable price. The slipcase is also robust for people always on the go and is a safe and comfortable ‘bag in a bag,” adds Pretorius.

The Targus slipcases are available from resellers and selected retail outlets. The Targus 13 – 14 inch slipcase retails for approximately R399.00 and the Targus 15 – 15.6 inch retails for approximately R449.00. All prices are inclusive of VAT,

For more information, visit

IQ Retail partners with Jasco to jointly deliver SaaS

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Following the launch of Jasco’s Virtual Data Centre, financial and business administration software developer, IQ Retail, has partnered with Jasco Networks, to move its retail accounting software and Point of Sale (POS) solutions to a secure cloud-based computing environment.

IQ Retail has been developing business systems specialising in accounting and retail management environments since 1986. IQ Retail’s business sites range from single site businesses with basic accounting and business process needs to large complex store installations. Today, the company has a range of software solutions servicing a loyal retail and franchise customer base throughout South Africa, Africa, Australia and some European countries.

According to Chris Steyn, Managing Director at IQ Retail, the company has evolved with the changing needs of its clients. “Retailers require a technology partner that can provide all the IT and business services they require,” says Steyn.

As a result, IQ Retail looked for a trusted ICT infrastructure provider that could consolidate our accounting and business process solutions onto a single robust hosted platform in the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS).

“Software and infrastructure as a service allows IQ Retail’s customers to budget for their IT expenses on a per user basis, and delivers scalability for future growth while having access to the latest in retail technology,” says Steyn.

Jason Watt, Business Development Manager at Jasco Networks, says that by utilising next-generation network access solutions, Jasco provides a secure virtual private network (VPN) to IQ Retail resellers connecting retail stores, warehouses, distributors, suppliers and even consumers.

“This gives them access to a range of software services securely and safely hosted in the cloud. The services are backed by a Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for maximum reliability and uptime.”

“Jasco Converged Solutions provides a complete range of last mile access solutions to connect retailers directly to the Jasco Retail Cloud.” “Whether it is for a single site or multiple locations, these access solutions cater for the needs and budgets of any sized business, from small, rural based retail outlets to large manufacturing factories in major city centres throughout South Africa,” adds Watt.

Watt says that by partnering with Jasco and consolidating its software solutions onto a single platform in a virtual data centre, IQ Retail now has a secure point of entry for its resellers to deploy and maintain its SaaS at end-customers cost-effectively regardless of their geographical location.

“IQ Retail customers now have a single point of contact for all their ICT requirements, with secure always-on access to a world-class facility. Customers also have additional benefits such as consolidated billing, disaster recovery, redundancy and unified patch management,” he adds.

Watt says the agreement paves the way for IQ Retail resellers to sell additional value-added IT services, such as access, voice and data solutions offered by Jasco.

“The IQ Retail resellers can now effectively compete with larger companies and can access SaaS markets which they could never sell to before. These can include hosted point-of-sale systems, training platforms, supply chain management and customised in-store shopper experience,” says Watt.

Concludes Steyn: “Jasco brings the expertise in almost all of the IT services required for retailers and business owners today. As a partner of Jasco, our resellers are assured that they can offer the best of breed systems and software, and that we have taken Research and Development out of their hands. Standardisation allows for the rapid development of the knowledge base and allows reseller to focus on sales, not troubleshooting.”


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