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Western Digital makes strategic investment in Skyera

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Skyera Inc. and Western Digital have announced that Skyera has received strategic funding from Western Digital Capital as part of its recently announced Series B round of financing. Western Digital Capital co-invested in the $51 million round as an extension of the strategic relationship between the two companies that also includes joint technology development. Western Digital had previously funded Skyera as its initial outside investor.

“The backing of Western Digital has enabled us to ramp our business across marketing, sales and engineering which has been instrumental in creating the industry’s most innovative solid-state solution,” says Radoslav Danilak, chief executive officer of Skyera. “With our skyHawk family of enterprise solid-state storage systems, we are witnessing the next era of solid-state storage and I strongly believe that having a close working relationship with Western Digital, the world’s top disk drive vendor, is invaluable as we set out to reshape the storage landscape.”

“One of our primary goals in developing strategic relationships with technology innovators in the broader storage ecosystem is to enable customers to develop highly optimised storage solutions that meet their changing data management needs,” says Steve Milligan, president and chief executive officer, Western Digital. “We see companies like Skyera as offering a dramatic improvement over traditional approaches to emerging storage challenges. We will continue to support innovation by collaborating with customers and partners, and investing in companies who are addressing today’s most exciting storage opportunities.”

Skyera’s skyHawk series of enterprise solid-state storage systems, priced at an industry breakthrough price point of less than $3 per gigabyte, mark the first time that the latest generation 19/20nm solid-state technology can be used as a direct replacement for traditional enterprise hard disk-based systems.

Skyera’s skyHawk solid-state solution has received industry acclaim as a visionary and innovative product, substantiating Skyera’s approach to mainstream enterprise solid-state storage. Its SEOS solid-state operating system combines hardware, storage and data management into a unified solution that provides top performance, cost and power consumption attributes.

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HOUSE TOP 100 vol.9 The ULTIMATE 100 TRACK MEGA MIX * 2 CDs * Neu & OVP

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Sunshine Megamix 2006 *2 CD*NEU*

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Christmas Megamix

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Various Artists : Old School Mega Mix 2

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Intervate launches first SharePoint 2013 website in SA

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To correspond with the launch of Microsoft Office 2013, Intervate, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution provider and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is the first company in South Africa to develop a website ( using SharePoint 2013.

This website showcases the product’s latest web content management features and indicates Intervate’s enthusiasm and confidence in SharePoint 2013.

Susan Reid, Web Content Management Solution Specialist at Intervate says, “We are excited to be first to market in showcasing SharePoint 2013’s new functionalities through the Intervate website. The new SharePoint 2013 platform delivers a comprehensive list of web content management (WCM) features that have been lacking up until now, particularly regarding online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and user experience (UX).  This should excite businesses and their marketing agencies alike and SharePoint 2013 makes this easier ‘out of the box’.  “ is a responsive website that uses Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, a collection of tools used to create responsive websites and web applications. Responsive web design (RWD) is a design approach which provides an optimal viewing experience which adapts through resizing to match the device that the site is being viewed upon, such as a desktop computer, a tablet or mobile phone. With the proliferation and ubiquity of mobile devices for web browsing, responsive design is one important strategy for ensuring accessibility on multiple form factors. Intervate has standardised its responsive web design on Bootstrap and has completed a number of projects already on this framework, as a part of its mobile web strategy”, adds Reid.

Troy Gerber, Director at Intervate comments: “In previous versions of SharePoint a customer would need to purchase a separate licence to host websites and extranets on the SharePoint platform.  This hurdle created a significant barrier to entry which Microsoft have now removed in SharePoint 2013.  When customers purchase SharePoint 2013 now, they can decide to build their intranet, extranet and website without the need for additional licencing and cost which significantly increases the value proposition. One of the key benefits when customers do run all three solutions on SharePoint is cross-site publishing which is the process of publishing the same content to your intranet, extranet and public website without a lengthy and individual deployment process”

“Through cumulative improvements on previous SharePoint versions, the new features and capabilities makes SharePoint 2013 arguably the best commercial WCM platform for enterprise business and digital agencies. In 2012, Gartner positioned Microsoft SharePoint as a challenger in their magic quadrant and this was based on SharePoint 2010.  With the host of improvements across the board and with Microsoft’s focus on the user experience, SharePoint 2013 is bound to enter the leaders quadrant in 2013” concludes Gerber.

For businesses considering implementing SharePoint 2013, Intervate are offering a comprehensive demonstration of the product and a discussion around SharePoint 2013’s value-add and business benefits for their Enterprise Information Management needs.

Cambium Networks deploys world’s first IP wireless GIGATOWER

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Cambium Networks, a leading provider of IP wireless broadband access and transport solutions, has introduced the GIGATOWER, a new wireless broadband access solution that delivers the industry’s highest level of throughput for enterprises and triple-play service providers worldwide. Based on the Canopy point-to-multipoint (PMP) 450 platform, the GIGATOWER enables service providers to further expand capacity to existing customers and offer high capacity broadband to new customers in urban, suburban and rural environments.

Service providers and network operators around the globe use PMP access networks to provide significantly higher bandwidth in non-line-of-sight (NLoS) and line-of-sight (LoS) applications. Utilising both licensed and unlicensed bands, Canopy’s installed base of four million modules provides broadband services for demanding enterprise and residential use. For those looking to deploy a more extensive network, the PMP 450’s modular design allows the GIGATOWER to provide more than 1 gigabit of broadband capacity and extend coverage area to more than 120 square kilometers.

“Service providers need innovative solutions to deliver broadband to their users. Fiber/DSL is an expensive solution that lacks symmetrical capability. It has generally been deployed where it’s economically viable, leaving many customers underserved (unable to achieve the speeds and symmetry they desire) and unserved due to their proximity to fiber. The PMP 450 and new GIGATOWER offer the ability to deploy in greenfield locations or to overlay existing DSL footprint with a solution that delivers HD video and IPTV, voice and data services at a cost point that truly changes broadband economics,” says Tony Rodrigues, Regional Sales Manager at Cambium Networks. “We are also introducing an entirely new architecture, the PTP-C, (Point-to-Point Cluster) for small cell backhaul among other applications. It’s our more than 10 years’ experience as the wireless IP market leader and our deep engineering expertise in NLoS and interference mitigation that have enabled us to redefine the function and form factor that will revolutionize how small cell backhaul will be deployed in years to come.”

Backhaul Solutions Support Small Cells and LTE Deployments
Carriers are also aggressively employing small cells to increase capacity in urban areas and provide coverage where gaps exist. Cambium enables carriers to rapidly deploy reliable small cell backhaul or macro-base station LTE backhaul solutions that can connect where fiber and copper are not available or cost prohibitive.

Toshiba introduces the Satellite P850

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The Satellite P850 is Toshiba’s new design masterstroke featuring a slim and elegant, silver-coloured aluminium casing

The Satellite P850, a high-definition entertainment powerhouse offering the latest CPU and graphics processing, and a premium video and audio experience, is targeted at users looking for a laptop with superb power and graphics performance. The laptop makes using advanced high-definition multimedia applications or multitasking hassle free, and is able to simultaneously display 2D and 3D content(*1).

“The Satellite P850 is a high-definition entertainment powerhouse that offers the latest CPU and graphics processing with a premium video and audio experience,” says Jorge da Silva, Head of Sales for South Africa. “If you’re looking for a laptop with superb power and graphics performance for advanced, high definition multimedia applications, the P850 is sure to impress.”

Entertainment powerhouses
The new Satellite P850 is powered by Intel®’s latest CPUs and NVIDIA®’s latest generation graphics technology. Together the laptop delivers enough power to run the most demanding computing tasks including smooth multitasking and high-definition multimedia applications. The laptop comes with a large capacity HDD or an optional Hybrid HDD with solid state memory support to further improve its performance by providing faster response times and instant application loading.

A design masterpiece made from aluminium
The Satellite P850 with their slim, classic silhouettes is available with a choice of two textured aluminium casing designs – brushed aluminium with rounded edges or textured aluminium on both the cover and the bottom. The tactility of this high-quality material works in harmony with the visual appearance of the new models with their rounded edges.

Highly talented entertainers
The laptop is packed with a choice of HD entertainment features to provide a high-quality movie, music and gaming experience. The high-definition TruBrite™ displays playback movies, photos and games in brilliant colours and clarity. Toshiba’s Resolution+ ‘video up’ conversion technology breathes new life into users’ video libraries by up-converting standard-definition videos to near high-definition quality. This enables the Satellite P850 to add the third dimension to 2D videos in near real-time. The Satellite P850 is able to stream the 3D video data to a connected 3D-enabled TV via HDMI.

Satellite P850 features glasses-free 3D technology(*1)
In addition, the Satellite P850 features a 39.6cm (15.6’’) widescreen Full-HD TruBrite™ 3D display supporting glasses-free 3D technology. The laptop delivers a true 3D viewing experience without the need to wear 3D glasses while watching 3D movies on Blu-ray or DVD discs, or while playing a 3D game. Its face-tracking technology allows users to move their head in front of the display without losing the 3D view. Thanks to the laptop’s ability to simultaneously display 2D and 3D content, users can watch a 3D movie and, in parallel, browse the web to see additional 2D content.

Sweeping surround sound with rich bass and clear treble
The harman/kardon® stereo speakers – tuned with Slipstream technology – allows the bass to achieve high outputs with low distortions. Support of SRS Premium Sound 3D™ sound enhancement technology delivers a wider surround sound for music, movies and games.

Full connectivity
The Satellite P850 features four USB 3.0 ports to transfer data at a rate that is ten times faster than with USB 2.0. It also features a Bluetooth 4.0 interface for low-energy and fast wireless data synchronisation over larger distances. Plus the laptop has Intel® Wireless Display technology onboard. It allows the content of the laptop’s display to be wirelessly replicated on the large screen of a TV via a Wi-Fi adaptor, or via a projector on the presentation screen.

The Satellite P850 recommended retail price starting from R15 999 (Incl VAT). For stockist and additional information contact Mustek on (011) 237 1000.

Notice: Some individuals may experience health-related complications when exposed to certain kinds of 3D images. Please refrain from viewing 3D content if you feel any ill effects. Anyone who does experience any physical problem should immediately stop viewing 3D content and consult a physician. Perception of 3D effects will differ from person to person and according to content. Due to the possibility of impact on vision development, viewers of 3D video images should be aged six or older. Please refer to the 3D viewing precautions in the manual when viewing 3D images.

All trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

*1) Depends on the model. The Satellite P850 has multiple versions (models).

Dell Powering the Possible

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This year, Dell South Africa, through its “Powering the Possible programme” will once again be partnering with The Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (SHAWCO), and Christel House South Africa (CHSA). These partnerships seek to bridge the digital divide by making technology more readily available.

According to Natasha Reuben, head of transformation, Dell South Africa, “Currently, ICT literacy continues to be one of the biggest challenges that the South African education system faces. Dell believes that technology is an essential tool to bridge the digital divide and provides South African youth with the platform to compete academically with their global peers. Dell’s “Powering the Possible” programme and initiatives are aimed at addressing the existing need to equip young adults with both life and educational skills through a combination of Dell donated technology, expertise and employee volunteerism. It provides the opportunities for young people to discover new possibilities, change their lives, and unleash their true potential, giving them a future to look forward to.”

Dell has been partnering with these institutions for a number of years and has already established an ICT lab at SHAWCO, and will be providing equipment, software and teacher training at this institution this year. The investment in Christel House South Africa is valued at almost R1.5 million. This includes ICT technology as well as software and teacher training. Employee volunteerism is an essential part of the Dell’ Powering the Possible Programme and Dell staff are actively involved in volunteering Christel House.

“Dell prides itself on focusing on real transformation within the communities it calls home and is proud to be involved with the transformation in these organisiations. It is only through improving social conditions that business conditions can be improved and education is an essential tool to drive this transformation,” concludes Reuben.

Top technology cost-saving tips for SMEs

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At the centre of Nashua Mobile’s business philosophy is the promise to put its customers first and this includes SMEs, which are expected to drive the growth of technology. These businesses are always looking for ways, including increasing productivity and reducing costs, to make them even more competitive.

Here Nashua Mobile discusses ways in which its SME customers can do just this:

LCR can still save businesses money
Least-cost routing (LCR) is still a must for the small business with a big phone bill. LCR services offer you a range of opportunities to slice national and international call costs by up to 25% compared to fixed line costs. With the most recent round of tariff cuts in the mobile market, national calls cost as little as 60 cents per second and international calls as little as 85 cents, with true per-second billing.

Consider the cloud
Now that we have affordable, large-cap data broadband products for SMEs in South Africa, the cloud is becoming a viable option. Cloud computing allows small businesses to buy applications such as PBX services or customer relationship management tools as online services – think about how you use DropBox.

There is no hardware to install, software to licence or IT support staff to hire – online IT applications simply become a predictable running cost. Plus, applications and data stored in the cloud can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.

Think about VOIP’s cost-savings
VoIP telephony service may offer SMEs substantial savings on local, national and international fixed calls as well as cell phone calls, as the service enables them to make voice calls over the Internet. The quality of VOIP has improved dramatically, thanks to better bandwidth in South Africa.

Wi-Fi enable the mobile workforce
If you pay for your end-users mobile data, make sure that their tablets and smartphones have Wi-Fi connectivity. That way they can use Wi-Fi to access online services and even make VOIP calls when they are near a hotspot, including the office. The cost savings of using your office network or a Wi-Fi hotspot when available rather than a cellular data SIM are potentially enormous.

One phone, one number
If your users don’t spend much time in the office, go for ‘one number, one phone’ solution. Simply put, this allows them to connect their smartphones directly to the company PABX using a technology like Bluetooth and be reachable with a single number wherever they are. That means you don’t need to buy them desktop handsets, and they’ll be able to make cheaper VOIP or LCR calls from their mobiles while they’re in the office.

Look for a full service provider
Look for a telecommunications provider that offers you a comprehensive portfolio of voice and data services products on one bill. That gives you visibility into, and control over, your telecommunications costs.

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