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various – dancefloor megamix vol.2-pow (CD NEU!!!)

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SG U. K. Mixmasters/Night Fever Mega Mix

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Jasco Enterprise launches Presence OpenGate

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Presence OpenGate has been optimised to meet the highest demands by the Contact Centre industry in terms of performance and scalability

Jasco Enterprise, a provider of business communication solutions and services, and Presence Technology, a worldwide provider of Multichannel Contact Centre solutions, are working together to deliver a Multi-Channel Contact Centre Solution that uniquely addresses the evolving requirements and challenges of today’s mission critical, blended Contact Centres in South Africa. The result is Presence OpenGate, a powerful and flexible TDM and VoIP gateway that is fully integrated with the Presence Suite.

The combination of Presence OpenGate and the Presence Suite significantly reduces the financial investment needed to deploy a Multichannel solution for the Contact Centre. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to obtain leading edge technology and upsize it or downsize it with a minimum investment. Presence OpenGate has been optimised by Presence Technology’s R&D team to meet the highest demands imposed by the most stringent Contact Centres, in terms of performance and scalability.

This solution is an optimal option for those Contact Centres wanting to grow with their existing systems. OpenGate integrates with any CRM, ERP, CMI, and other systems used in most companies. It operates as a stand-alone solution or as a gateway between the contact centre and PSTN, throughT1/E1 interfaces or SIP trunk lines for VoIP. Presence OpenGate allows companies to extend an existing PBX/ACD system to include ACD and CTI capabilities even if the existing switch does not have an ACD or CTI package in place.

Says Paul Fick, Managing Director at Jasco Enterprise: “Jasco provides a broad range of integrated turnkey Contact Centre and enterprise telephony solutions to the corporate market. Presence Technology’s products have proven to be important components of the comprehensive platforms we offer our customers. It is powerful, flexible and easily implemented, providing our clients with greater operational efficiency and the competitive advantage that results from better performance management.”

New Roxio Game Capture HD PRO launched

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First Integrated Solution to Capture, Edit, Share and Live Stream HD Gameplay

International leader in graphics and productivity software, Corel, has announced Roxio Game Capture HD PRO, the most comprehensive and easiest way to capture, edit, and share gameplay. The latest version of this popular capture device is now fully-functional in HD, and the first to offer live streaming.

“Roxio Game Capture HD PRO is the perfect all-in-one solution; with a top-of-the-line capture card that encodes in H.264, enabling it to record in 720p and 1080 60i/30p, a fully-featured video editor tailored specifically to the needs of a gamer, and the ability to live stream without leaving the application via a new partnership with game streaming authority Twitch,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Corel’s local distribution partner, Phoenix Distribution.

Direct Live Streaming:
Thanks to its partnership with Twitch, the world’s largest video game broadcasting community, Roxio Game Capture HD Pro allows live streaming of gameplay directly from the application to a Twitch channel and a real-time voiceover to be added during gameplay to communicate with viewers.

“We’re proud to partner with forward-thinking companies like Roxio,” said Kevin Lin, COO of Twitch. “We believe in the very near future playing a game will be the same thing as broadcasting a game. As the world’s largest live video platform and community for gamers, we are very interested in making it as easy as possible for people to capture and share their gameplay. Roxio is helping gamers do just that.”

Custom Designed Video Editing:
The gaming edition of Roxio’s market leading video editing solution can turn gameplay footage into incredible movies. The software includes gaming-specific editing options to give every video a professional look and feel; use the integrated voice changer to match voiceover to game, the picture-in-picture feature to layer separate video tracks, and choose from over 90 different transitions to create impressive movies. Once finished, upload to YouTube and Facebook simultaneously or output to various formats to play on PCs or mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and iPods.
About Roxio Game Capture HD PRO

  • Record in HD: Record gameplay in 720p, 1080/60i or 1080/30p.
  • Live Stream to Twitch: Roxio’s partnership with Twitch makes it easy to live stream console gameplay directly to a Twitch channel. Add voice over in real-time to live stream gameplay and communicate with viewers.
  • Support both HDMI and Component for HD Capture: Record HD gameplay with either HDMI or Component inputs and outputs.
  • Console Capture: Capture gameplay from Xbox 360, Kinect, PlayStation and Wii
  • PC Game Capture: Capture PC gameplay using HDMI from selected graphics cards to Roxio Game Capture HD PRO capture device. Spare PC resources for the gaming fun with perfect performance.
  • Record in Full Screen Preview: While recording gameplay in the Capture application, enter Full Screen mode to see gameplay. Press the ESC key to return to the application with the normal preview window.
  • Adjust Video Quality: Easily balance video file size and quality using a quality slider and custom bit rate settings.
  • Hot Keys to Capture: In the Capture application, use Hot Keys to start and stop gameplay capture in both normal window and full screen mode. There are default keys set up, but both can be customised to fit preferences.
  • Social Media Sharing: Easily log-in and share gameplay to YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.
  • Voice Changer and Cool Voice Profiles: Roxio Game Capture HD PRO is the first solution with the option to change voice style to match specific games.
  • Change Speed: With 1x, 2x, or 3x speed templates fast forward or apply slow motion effects to highlight gameplay. This feature can be applied to the entire video, or selected segments.
  • Windows 8: Roxio Game Capture HD PRO is compatible with Windows 8 and works with Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Users get: Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Capture Device, USB Cable, Roxio Game Capture Software, and a “Getting Started” Guide

Pricing and Availability
Roxio Game Capture HD PRO is available from leading e-tailers such as Kalahari, Webantix, Loot, and Arx Valdex, and will be available in leading retailers from March.

Suggested retail pricing (SRP) of Roxio Game Capture HD PRO is R1259.99 (excluding VAT).

Michelin Selects JDA Software

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World’s leading tire manufacturer selects JDA to help deliver on customer-centric supply chain strategy

JDA Software Group, Inc., The Supply Chain Company, today announced that the world’s leading tire manufacturer, Michelin (Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin) a France-based company that manufactures and sells tires for a variety of vehicles, as well as publishes maps and guides and offers digital services, selected JDA Transportation Planner, JDA Transportation Modeler, JDA Transportation Bid Collaboration, and JDA Order Promiser in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The addition of these JDA solutions to Michelin’s ongoing use of JDA Demand, JDA Fulfillment, JDA Collaborate, JDA Inventory Policy Optimisation, JDA Vendor Managed Replenishment and JDA Master Planning will better position Michelin to execute on its customer-segmented supply chain strategy. By creating a customer-segmented supply chain, Michelin will be able to offer differentiated service levels based on customer segments to improve customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs.

“A one-size-fits-all supply chain approach is no longer the best option for our customers,” said Pascal Zammit, downstream OPE* program leader, Michelin. “Through its partnership with JDA, Michelin is creating a customer-driven supply chain that is driving maximum value for our customers and stakeholders. JDA’s solutions and services are key contributors in Michelin’s transformational process to provide a best class customer service in more than 170 countries.”

Of the solutions recently selected, Michelin will use JDA® Order Promiser as a strong lever to generate reliable customer commitments. Additionally, Michelin will benefit from JDA’s suite of transportation products to streamline transportation and logistics management.

“By enabling a customer-centric supply chain, Michelin is leading the way in designing and deploying an industry leading segmented supply chain,” said, Razat Gaurav, SVP, International. JDA Software. “JDA is proud to partner with a market leader like Michelin that understands the role of the supply chain in customer service, and ultimately, its competitive advantage.”

Westcon SA supports Microsoft certification of IronKey Workspace W300 device

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Westcon SA, the local value-added distributors of Imation’s IronKey devices, has announced that the IronKey Workspace W300 device has been fully certified by Microsoft as a go-to-market USB 3.0-based mobile workspace for deployment of Windows To Go. 

According to Westcon SA Microsoft Windows to Go, is a complete Windows 8 Enterprise workspace that can be booted from a USB flash drive or other storage device to run on any PC, regardless of operating system. 

“For mobile workers and workers on the go the Windows to Go platform provides an excellent platform to work from anywhere,” states Andrew Potgieter, business unit manager at Westcon Security. “Now with the Windows 8 desktop embedded on a trusted IronKey USB flash drive, they can also be assured of the security needed to support this form of mobility.” 

As per the certification of the IronKey Workspace W300 device customers can now rely on Imation’s portable desktop expertise as well as the proven dependability of Imation IronKey drives as well as take advantage of a fast, full Windows desktop that boots from USB and uses all host system resources. 

With a rich history in security the IronKey device will also protect portable desktops with full disk encryption and password authentication and automatically protect data upon device removal. According to Potgieter another benefit of using the device is that the Imation IronKey USB flash drives deliver up to five times the Windows to Go minimum average read/write performance. 

“Users of the Windows to Go platform on an IronKey Workspace W300 device can now take immediate advantage of an imaged and fully functional version of Windows 8. They will also be able to distribute mobile work environments that mirror their corporate desktop and ensure employees, partners and contractors are using mobile workspaces created and managed by IT,” ends Potgieter. 

IronKey Workspace builds on Imation’s renowned leadership and expertise in providing complete mobile workspaces and hardened, reliable USB flash drives.

Bharti Airtel to offer voice services to LTE customers via GSM

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  • Nokia Siemens Networks enables capability to automatically switch to GSM voice network in operator’s 4G network in Pune, India
  • Only operator to combine voice with TD-LTE services through GSM network
  • Will allow LTE customers to use 4G handsets for voice calls, voicemails

Bharti Airtel, a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa, will soon launch voice services for its 4G, TD-LTE (time division duplex long term evolution) customers in Pune, India, through its existing GSM network. The operator has selected Nokia Siemens Networks to deploy its Circuit Switched FallBack (CSFB) voice solution in the operator’s live TD-LTE network in the city. With CSFB, the network can transfer customers to GSM platform to make and receive voice calls and access voicemails while retaining the experience of ultra-fast data services on 4G smartphones.

Jagbir Singh, CTO & Director – Network Services Group, Bharti Airtel, said, “At Airtel, it is our constant endeavor to offer compelling service propositions to our customers. Bharti Airtel has the advantage of pan-India GSM and 3G networks and with the deployment of cutting edge CSFB functionality, we will have the flexibility of using either or both the networks to support voice services on our TD-LTE platform. The solution will enable our 4G customers to enjoy high-quality voice services on GSM network and ultra-fast data services on TD-LTE platform – thereby allowing them to have a unified experience on a 4G handset. Bharti Airtel has always been at the forefront in the Indian telecom revolution, and now with Nokia Siemens Networks’ CSFB solution, we are pleased to provide leadership in setting another technology standard by introducing voice services to TD-LTE customers.”

Thorsten Robrecht, head of Mobile Broadband portfolio management at Nokia Siemens Networks, said, “This achievement of enabling world-first voice call fallback from TD-LTE to GSM in live network is yet another milestone in our efforts to strengthen the commercialization and deployment of TD-LTE technology globally. Our CSFB assures a successful and reliable mechanism for voice services alongside any LTE data service.”

Nokia Siemens Networks deployed its radio network elements in addition to its voice core and packet core network elements to the commercially launched network of Bharti Airtel in Pune. The company deployed its Single RAN (radio access network) platform based on its award-winning, energy-efficient Flexi Multiradio Base Station. In addition, the company deployed its Mobile Softswitching (MSS) systems and its Liquid Core-based** Evolved Packet Core (EPC) platform, including Flexi NS (Network Server) and Flexi NG (Network Gateway). Nokia Siemens Networks’ network management system NetAct has been implemented to monitor, manage and optimize the whole network.

With its comprehensive mobile broadband and services portfolio, Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading supplier of CSFB core capability. The company has delivered CSFB to more than 30 customers across the globe.

How business can ride the four main technology waves of our time

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For the first time in IT there are four key technology waves impacting business. “the Cloud, social, mobile and big data are all simultaneously disrupting the business environment as we know it today, and companies need to learn how to ride these waves to capitalise on the potential value each holds,” says Advanced Cloud Technologies Managing Director, Patrick Evans.

Cloud technology is increasingly becoming a cheaper way to deliver IT. Businesses are starting to consider making more use of cloud technology as it provides an increased value proposition to companies, especially in the areas of business not traditionally serviced by enterprise’s IT departments. “We are seeing companies beginning to move their marketing, sales, and HR services into the cloud, and we expect data security functions to also move over time,” says Evans.

Social has taken the consumer IT market by storm, driven by consumers and their desire for social interaction. Enterprises have taken some time to grapple with the challenge of what is acceptable for business when it comes to social and are now beginning to interact with it using YouTube videos for product demonstrations, company Facebook pages and CEO’s are beginning to tweet to their employee or customer base. The challenge for enterprises remains that social spreads beyond traditional target markets and leaves room for spontaneous and unexpected messages that cannot be controlled by the organisation.

The growth of mobile is the ultimate game changer for business as devices can be used anywhere, anytime and by anyone. Mobile devices will soon become the internet communication device of choice, making people more productive and increasingly connected.

Big data is a by-product of the other three main waves as they all begin to produce and collect enormous amounts of consumer data that enterprises’ need to interpret and analyse in order to extract the value from it. “This customer information should ideally be used in a way that informs enterprises on how to improve the customer experience,” says Evans.

“By customising customer communication in relation to individual needs and retail habits, enterprises can increase customer loyalty and transactions while creating communities of customers that have things in common. Improving the customers overall experience is the critical factor that enterprises should be focusing on at present, and the way to go about it is to capitalise on the four main technology waves,” Evans explains.

“While most companies realise that they need a mobile and social strategy, they are still engaging in isolated ad hoc activities, such as launching a mobile application or developing a corporate Facebook page. What they need to realise is the importance of a holistic view of these four waves and to thus develop a comprehensive strategy that includes mobile, social, cloud and big data elements with the overall goal of improving the customer experience, which in turn increases revenue, share of wallet and higher margins,” says Evans.

While enterprise IT departments are still grappling with how to deal with the challenges of mobile, social and cloud technology, enterprise marketing and sales teams are interested in embracing these new technologies, realising the increases in market share, worker productivity and customer loyalty that they will bring. Early adopters of a holistic business strategy to ride these waves will experience the greatest benefits in business success.

ACT has launched a number of new offerings in 2013, including a comprehensive mobile communication platform, coupled with a social commerce transaction platform to provide enterprises with everything they need to communicate bio-directionally with customers and create alternate channels to market. ACT’s focus is on becoming the strategic mobile partner of choice as companies re-imagine and re-calibrate their businesses.

“These four main waves are here, and they are set to disrupt business as we know it. It is now up to enterprises to learn how to ride them if they want to survive and thrive,” concludes Evans.

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