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BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 to Include Extensive Catalogue of Songs, Latest Movies and TV Shows

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Unified Multimedia Storefront Will Carry Music and Video Content from All Major Studios, Labels and Broadcasters

Research In Motion (RIM) today announced that the new BlackBerry® World™ storefront (formally BlackBerry App World™) for BlackBerry 10 will offer one of the most robust music and video catalogs in mobile today. The new BlackBerry World will include an extensive catalog of songs as well as movies and TV shows, with most movies coming to the store the same day they are released on DVD, and next day availability of many current TV series. The competitive offering will feature content from all major studios, music labels and top local broadcast networks. Customers will be able to preview tracks and access the content using multiple payment options.*

“Music and video content is an integral part of a rich mobile experience. People want easy and convenient access to their favorite music, movies and TV shows wherever they are,” said Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer at Research In Motion. “RIM is committed to working with content providers to bring the best, most up-to-date content to our customers with BlackBerry 10, and to make it easy for them to get what they want.”

The video download and rental section in BlackBerry World will initially be available in the US, UK and Canada. Varying by region and distributor, customers will have access to movies from the following studios and independents: 20th Century Fox, Entertainment One (eOne), Lionsgate, MGM, National Film Board of Canada, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (US), Starz Digital Media, STUDIOCANAL, The Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures (UK), Warner Bros. Customers will also have access to TV shows from the following broadcasters and studios: ABC Studios, BBC Worldwide, CBC/Radio-Canada, CBS, DHX Media, ITV, National Geographic, NBCUniversal (UK), Nelvana, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (US), Starz Digital Media, Twentieth Century Fox Television, Univision Communications Inc, and Warner Bros.

The BlackBerry World storefront’s DRM-free music download section will feature an extensive catalog from all major and independent labels including: 4AD Records, Domino Recording Company, finetunes, Matador Records, [PIAS] Entertainment Group, Rough Trade Records, Sony Music Entertainment, The Orchard, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, XL Recordings and Zebralution. The music section will initially be available in 18 countries: Canada, USA, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Useful Links
BlackBerry World 
BlackBerry 10 Sign Up Page

* BlackBerry® ID required. For more information please visit

‘Game On’ with Samsung and the University of Pretoria

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Developing South Africa’s technology talent

Samsung Electronics South Africa, harnessing their legacy of innovation to transform communities and lives for the better, and to open new opportunities for people, partnered with the University of Pretoria to provide two of their final 2012 year student projects, in the Computer Science field, with Samsung technologies to use in the development of their projects.

The students exhibited their projects at the annual project day at the university after which they were assessed with the results contributing to their overall final year mark.

“We live in a mobile age and Samsung is excited to work with the University of Pretoria to stimulate development on this important platform within the academic environment. South African youth have many fresh and innovative ideas and this partnership allows them to put those thoughts into workable solutions,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung.

This resulted in two teams, Red Pheasant and Void, working on developing applications for Samsung Smart TVs and smartphones.

Red Pheasant consists of Alex Buys, Alexander Pittendrigh, and Gideon van der Merwe. Void consists of Marco Rudolf Botha, Andre De Kock, Willem Bijker, Justin Oosthuizen, and Obathalele Kganane

Red Pheasant worked on conceptualising and designing a suite of applications that interact with each other and utilise at least two geo-sensors. The application will focus on providing the ability to record the movement of users using a GPS and storing that information to allow the user to analyse and share it at a later stage. The suite is integrated with Facebook but also has an in-house friend system for users to share information regarding their track date.

Void has developed a system that creatively utilises DLNA technologies to play a poker game utilising a Samsung Smart TV and mobile devices. It can also allow for both local and online multi-player modes. When a mobile device is linked to the Smart TV, users would be able to use the mobile device as the controller – for each player to receive and view their hand of cards, for the game which is shared on the TV screen.

“As part of our commitment to the development of young talent we were very excited to see what the students could do with our technologies. These two group showed great initiative and creativity in delivering applications that utilise our technology across multiple devices,” says Fleischer.

Students can use their applications as a case study for potential job opportunities going forward, demonstrating their skills and abilities.

“This is another way in which Samsung provides people with a platform to empower themselves and live the digital life,” continues Fleischer.

To congratulate these students for their hard work and the display of high level technological skills, Samsung has rewarded them each with a Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, the latest in smartphone technology.

Dr Fritz Solms of the University of Pretoria expressed his appreciation of Samsung’s valuable contribution to the final year projects. “Samsung provided students valuable industry insights, exposure to software development within modern enterprises and the challenge of developing for modern devices.”

The success of this association with the University of Pretoria has led Samsung to consider approaching other leading tertiary institutions for similar agreements during the course of 2013.

New Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi Innovations

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Unveils SmartWay and BeamFlex+ Technologies that Improve the Performance and Administration of Mobile Devices and Mobile Device Traffic over Wi-Fi Networks

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. has introduced two new Smart Wi-Fi technologies, SmartWay and BeamFlex+, which simplify the administration and improve the performance of mobile devices and traffic over Smart Wi-Fi networks.

The proliferation of mobile devices within organisations of all types is creating new performance and management challenges for IT administrators. Not only are users now armed with multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices that are much more mobile in nature compared to traditional laptops, but network infrastructure services and devices, such as printers, projectors, digital media receivers and file servers, are becoming mobile with the integration of Wi-Fi.

“Network services devices that have historically been accessible through wired Ethernet connections are now integrating Wi-Fi to provide greater deployment flexibility,” said Steve Martin, VP of Engineering for Ruckus Wireless. “For these devices to be accessible by users on Wi-Fi networks, they must advertise themselves. These advertisements, often performed by multicast protocols such as Bonjour or UPnP, create unique challenges that administrators must struggle to solve.”

Real Problems that Need Smarter Answers

New mobile devices such as Apple iPhones, iPads and AppleTV operating on Wi-Fi networks can generate large volumes of traffic as these multicast protocols constantly advertise the availability of the devices. This broadcast traffic is transmitted at lower speeds and spills across the entire wireless local area network (WLAN), slowing down the performance and capacity of WLANs.

Beyond controlling new mobile traffic on Wi-Fi networks, the use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones present new performance and connectivity problems as the orientation of these devices constantly change.

With the typical use of mobile devices, users don’t always hold them perfectly vertical or horizontal. Consequently, Wi-Fi signals are transmitted and received improperly. This causes a signal imbalance between the communication of Wi-Fi access points (APs) and client devices, resulting in the degradation of Wi-Fi performance. The new Ruckus SmartWay and BeamFlex+ technologies were specifically developed to solve these problems.

Introducing SmartWay: Beyond Bonjour Bridging

Ruckus SmartWay is a new Smart Wi-Fi software technology that not only simplifies the administration and optimisation of service discovery traffic, such as Apple Bonjour and UPnP protocols over Smart Wi-Fi networks, it also supports advanced facilities to restrict or “fence” these services to a given access point, group of access points or a particular geographic area.

Ideally suited for K-12 and higher education environments, SmartWay helps organisations enable users with Apple devices to exploit other resources on their networks. For example, SmartWay makes Apple Bonjour services such as AirPrint, AirPlay, and the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) used in wireless printers and multimedia devices usable and controllable across subnets.

Current competitive approaches simply bridge all multicast traffic (e.g. Bonjour) between two virtual LANs (VLANs) or bridge the traffic from a single VLAN to all VLANs on a service-by-service basis. This means that a given service, such as Apple TV, becomes available everywhere – creating security concerns as resources are visible in undesired locations.

Without SmartWay a teacher, for instance, can use AirPlay to transmit from an iPad to the Apple TV in the classroom only if both devices are on the same subnet. But now, with SmartWay support for Bonjour, the teacher can access any AppleTV as well as have any student transmit from their iPad (on the student Wi-Fi network) to the Apple TV (on a different Wi-Fi network).

Wi-Fi deployments supporting multicast traffic such as Bonjour or UPnP can quickly get out of control if not scaled properly. Rather than flooding the network with traffic from all devices and subnets, Ruckus SmartWay selectively bridges this traffic to the subnets of choice.

Ruckus is natively integrating SmartWay support for bridging Bonjour and other multicast traffic directly into its ZoneFlex software system. This allows service discovery traffic to be selectively bridged across subnets to enable large-scale deployments without overloading the network.

Introducing BeamFlex+: Adapting Wi-Fi Signals to Changing Device Orientation

Another Smart Wi-Fi innovation, Ruckus BeamFlex+ adds essential technology to Ruckus-patented BeamFlex adaptive antenna arrays. BeamFlex+ is “polarisation-agnostic” and automatically adjusts to deliver the best performance, regardless of the way in which client devices are sending Wi-Fi signals.

As mobile devices change their orientation, BeamFlex+ enables Ruckus access points to ensure the highest possible throughput. Simply altering the orientation of a mobile device or the angle of a laptop can cause dramatic changes in Wi-Fi performance and reliable connectivity. Traditional access points typically don’t have the ability to optimise or adapt to these types of changes within new, mobile device-rich Wi-Fi environments.

AIGS announces new internship program bridging IT skills gap in SA

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The dearth of IT skills has been a cause of concern for many industries in South Africa. According to IT Web-JCSE Skills Survey, two-thirds (66%) of companies from a wide range of industries are severely impacted by a shortage of ICT skills. Moreover, IT spend is expected to rise by at least 9,9% this year, leading to an even greater demand for skilled professionals in this area.

These concerns formed part the motivation for AIGS, the sub Saharan distributor for Progress Software, to combat the skills shortage through an innovative internship program that will educate, train and employ young South Africans within the local Progress community.

“We formed the program with the assistance of Progress International and of course, the AIGS-Progress partners in South Africa,” explains Premie Naicker, COO of AIGS. “It’s a good example of an initiative that works to improve a problem that ultimately influences both public and private sectors.”

The initiative assists young Matric or tertiary level candidates with training and eventual placement in various software companies specialising in the development, deployment and management of business applications using Progress Software. Globally, Progress Software is used in more than 400 000 businesses in 140 countries and places special focus on the so-called “nexus of forces”, namely multi-tenancy, cloud, mobility and business analytics.

“We are looking for candidates that have graduated Matric with a final Maths and Science score of between 60-66%,” says Lizzy Netshikweta, currently managing the initiative for AIGS. “Tertiary students may also apply. Candidates will be shortlisted and then enter a testing phase to determine eligibility.”

The program will initially only be open to students in Gauteng, but with plans of expanding into other areas of the country as well.

“It is a great opportunity for young South Africans who can’t afford to attend college or university, or who are struggling to find work, to not only receive free training, but a reasonable starting salary and guaranteed placement in a very niche market,” Naicker explains. “They will receive hands-on training in the ABL programming language, which is very easy to work with and always in demand.”

Individuals that want to apply can send their CVs to with a short motivating letter stating why they would like to be considered for the program.


Samsung Galaxy range proves market popularity

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Stellar 2012 to be basis of continued growth

Samsung Electronics expects its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets to use the successes of previous years as the foundation for even more significant growth in the coming 12 months.

Says Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung South Africa: “The Samsung Galaxy family of devices set several significant milestones last year and showed the extent to which consumers were looking for smart devices that fit their unique requirements.”

The company received numerous industry awards including the Device Manufacturer of the Year and the Best Smartphone of the Year (for the Galaxy S II) at the prestigious Mobile World Congress which took place in Spain early last year. “With the continued enhancement of the broader mobile ecosystem, media consumption is growing exponentially, and we’re building on a trend that sees customers demanding larger screen formats with full touch integration. This trend has even migrated to our mid-range or feature phone products, “says Fleischer.

Furthermore, when the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone was introduced in May, it went on to pass several significant sales milestones including selling more than 30 million units worldwide within five months of launch.

“Sales figures like this are significant as it is testament to how popular the Galaxy brand has become. In fact, the entire Galaxy range, (including the S II and S III smartphones, the Galaxy Tab and Tab 2 tablets, and Galaxy Note 10.1 and Note II smartphone and tablet hybrids) sold in excess of 100 million devices to date making it one of the strongest consumer electronics brand names,” adds Fleischer.

During the third quarter of last year Samsung’s Galaxy S III became the world’s best-selling smartphone*. In December, international market research firm IHS iSuppli also announced that Samsung was the top cellphone brand in 2012 – in overall worldwide shipments. Furthermore, according to forecasts by analysts in a recent Reuters poll, Samsung is leading the global smartphone market.

“We are very proud of the successes we achieved in 2012 and are looking forward to another stellar year. With the digital lifestyle starting to become pervasive in South Africa as bandwidth continues to increase and data prices becoming more competitive, consumers and business users alike require smart devices that are intuitive to use, feature powerful specifications, and are aesthetically pleasing. And this is exactly the space that our Galaxy brand plays in,” he concludes.

*According to report released by market research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics.


Securing your cloud backup

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By Gareth Tudor, CEO of Altonet

Popular cloud storage and backup solutions deliver lower total cost of ownership and more convenience for SME’s, but are cloud backups secure? Many South African organisations don’t feel comfortable with the perceived parting with control of their company information. The data centre is after all the heart of their business, and not something to be handed over without any guarantees of full privacy and security.

However, organisations are faced with growing amounts of data, new compliance regulations with regards to archived storage, as well as viruses and hackers – which raises obvious questions about the integrity of their data. In addition, there are multiple reasons for data loss and, by far, the most common is data corruption followed by equipment failure. Other causes include total or partial data centre destruction and theft.

Employees are more mobile and the risk and costs associated with data loss for an organisation are becoming significant. Companies need a backup solution that takes care of everyday storage growth and backup needs while lowering repetitive administration tasks of key staff.

Will you have secure access to or backup of your stored data no matter where you are or what happens when you backup in the cloud? Are there flexible security configuration options to cater for your niche business needs in a stagnant economy?

Storage in the cloud requires a threefold approach to security: data security, the user interface, and physical security. Each of these aspects must be addressed by a service provider that has extensive hands-on experience with managing customer information in order to ensure its customers’ data is truly secure in the cloud.

  • Data security should include unique encryptions for each user, guaranteed end-to-end integrity (passwords, SSL encryption, VPN tunnelling) between the authorised user and the server. Data needs to be safe, available and unaltered. Real-time, 24/7 monitoring of servers should be in place to detect any latent issues before they can cause problems.
  • All hosted and cloud services use a User Interface for employees to interact with the service, gaining access via secure passwords and codes.
  • For all but the largest and most trusted service providers, enquiries should be made about the physical security of the data centre where the data is stored. Further questions in respect of mirrored sites, dual power sources, and full redundancy of bandwidth sources should also be asked, as well as how issues such as fire and water protection are handled.

Lastly, having satisfied themselves about the security of the cloud storage facilities, organisations need to ensure that their data is easily recoverable through web interfaces. This ability to access and recover data from any location regardless of the source location is critical. It is essential that such data recovery is simple, efficient and quick to minimise or eliminate financial losses as a result of lost productivity.

With backup and data protection in the cloud, organisations can leverage great benefits from simpler, less expensive and more powerful data protection and recovery solutions. By choosing a service provider that meets the most stringent security criteria with a solid track record, enterprises can leverage the capabilities of the cloud for a significant long-term strategic advantage.

Windows 8 – putting you at the centre of a new computing experience

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By Cindy du Toit, Microsoft specialist at Drive Control Corporation (DCC)

Now that the Windows 8 operating system is available – it was released to manufacturing in August 2012, and for general use at the end of October 2012 — the question is what benefits will make it worth the consumer’s while to upgrade. All new notebooks from major distributors are already being shipped with Windows 8, there are reports of four million upgrades sold worldwide within three days of its release, and 40 million licences (mostly OEMs) bought in the first month. As the world becomes increasingly mobile, it seems this Operating System (OS), designed for mobile and punted as signalling “a revolution in the way people use computers” has a lot to offer.

The Metro user interface is totally new with a dynamically updating grid of tiles representing applications and a Charms Bar (swipe it in from the right of the screen) with settings, search and shortcuts. While a new interface may be an immediate pain point for some, there’s a lot to be said for moving out of your comfort zone. While this OS is made for PC and mobile devices, it’s tailored for touchscreen devices. And it comes with a host of benefits for the fast evolving personal and business computing arenas.

Windows 8 gives you the ability to synchronise applications and setting between multiple devices e.g., your PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone or select which settings you want to sync. And it’s all cloud connected: the moment you sign in with your Microsoft account, your personalised settings are loaded, including Wi-Fi, email, calendar, and people applications, and they stay in sync across all your devices. SkyDrive lets you get access to your files, wherever you are.

Sharing information is also super simple with Tap and Do. It lets you tap two mobile devices together if they have Near Field Communications (NFC) to share information. Tap and Setup lets you tap wireless devices, like keyboards, mice, headphones, and speakers, against your PC to connect them, eliminating complicated setups.

Windows 8 also has built in support for 3G and 4G, so connecting to a cellular network is as easy as connecting to a wireless network. As for business users, features like Windows To Go lets users carry their Windows with them – booting and running from USB flash drives or external hard drives. Enhancements have also been made to BitLocker and AppLocker so data is kept safe while worker productivity remains high.

Windows 8 also introduces Internet Explorer 10. Internet Explorer 10 is fast and comes in two flavours – one for a desktop and another for touch screen devices. There is also a Windows store, which industry watchers expect will grow rapidly with the release of Windows 8.

As to the features of Windows 8 versus Windows 8 Pro, both come with the start screen with live tiles, the ability to personalise applications (pin your favourite apps), a picture password option, access to the Windows Store, and the ability to sync across devices. Windows Pro additionally has BitLocker, which lets you encrypt your entire drive to help protect you against loss and theft, Advanced Backup that allows you to backup your data to another drive, DVD or network location and Remote Desktop; among others.

Should you upgrade now? There’s a lot to be said for Windows 8. Major distributors now have Windows 8 in stock, so chat to your Microsoft specialist about what you need.

For more information, please visit


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CD Various – Ibiza Summerhouse Megamix 2012 NEU

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D.ST. – Megamix II Why is it fresh? – 1984 LP

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