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The Sims 3 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Available on January 25 in South Africa

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            Warp Your Sims Back in Time with the Newest Stuff Pack for The Sims 3    

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Today, EA announced that The Sims 3 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack will be available on January 25 in South Africa and available for digital download on In the latest stuff pack to launch from The Sims 3 franchise, players will be able to recreate iconic looks from decades past inspired by the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The pack includes fashion essentials, such as clothing, hairstyles and a facial hair and on-trend décor like a console stereo system, distressed furniture and arcade games to outfit Sims and their homes in stylish looks of yesteryear. 

From the groovy 70s Sims will have all the right moves when boogying the night away in their flare jeans, bellbottoms and wide-collard suits. After a night of dancing the disco, Sims can continue the party with their very own Starlight Party Ball – the perfect décor piece to add that subtle bit of flare to any Sim home. 

Next comes the 80s with big hair, bright colors and lots of fun. Sims will be ready to get physical as they throw on a leotard,legwarmers and a headband and hit the gym in true 80s fashion. Or if success is what they are after, Sims can dress in a vibrant suit with shoulder pads tobound up the career ladder. Whichever they choose, Sims will be dressed forsuccess with the awesome attire introduced in this decade. 

Finally, Sims get grunge in the 90s with tattered jeans, flannel t-shirts and layered tops. Alternatively, Sims opting for the 90s casual-chic style can don an asymmetrical hemline handkerchief skirt and rock a slick new hairdo. From this decade, Sims can outfit their homes withdistressed and metal furniture creating a laid-back, rocker environment. 

The Sims 3 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack has been rated PG by the Film and Publication Board (FPB) of South Africa and will be available from January 25th at your local retailers on PC/Mac and also available for download on PC at 

Press assets for The Sims 3 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack can be found at:  For more information, visit, “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

16 x 7,5cm Kautschukband PVC Mega Mix bunt 1800

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JENNIFER LOPEZ Love don´t cost a thing CD Maxi 3track Megamix-

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Schneider Electric introduces its SmartStruxure solution

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Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has announced the release of its SmartStruxure solution, which maximises building efficiency and reduces operating costs across the entire lifecycle of a facility. The SmartStruxure solution integrates customised hardware, software, engineering, installation and services to ensure our customers’ facilities are energy-efficient and effectively managed.

“People who design, own or manage buildings today face a number of challenges, including a sluggish economy, tighter regulatory requirements, aging equipment and rising energy costs,” says Artur Socha, Building Management System (BMS) product manager, Schneider Electric South Africa. “To stay competitive, their buildings need to do more with less.”

The SmartStruxure solution breaks down traditional information silos and delivers integrated building information and real-time data via web access, powerful graphics and trend visualisations, rich reports, and mobile applications to ensure buildings are running at maximum efficiency.

Socha adds: “Our SmartStruxure solution provides benefits across the spectrum of building stakeholders: Architects and engineers save time and money with an integrated solution from a trusted business partner. Building owners and managers get a robust platform that is scalable and easy to use. Business executives have instant access to energy and sustainability metrics, enabling them to better make decisions and control costs, and occupants enjoy a safe, comfortable environment.”

The SmartStruxure solution is powered by StruxureWare Building Operation software, which provides integrated monitoring, control, and management of HVAC, energy, lighting, and other critical building systems. Additionally, this application will connect easily to other StruxureWare software within suites, developed to address the unique needs of key market segments. Supported by EcoStruxure Web Services, the suites will unify key software applications across all levels of an enterprise, providing a scalable platform, easy integration with legacy and third-party systems, and a consistent user experience. StruxureWare software delivers the right information to the right person, anytime, anywhere.

Key features of StruxureWare Building Operation include:

  • Support for multilingual buildings with the following architectures as native protocols: BACnet, LonWorks and Modbus.
  • New level of scalability – from a small area in a building to a global enterprise.
  • All systems, regardless of size, have the same robust feature set.
  • IT-friendly and able to withstand the most malicious attacks on the IP network.
  • Broad range of hardware modules to meet customer requirements.
  • User-friendly with customisable workspaces, amazing graphics capabilities, out-of-the-box reporting functionality, and robust online help.
  • Easy to install – modules are hot swappable and plug and play.
  • Both backward compatible and forward thinking – will work with existing field devices while supporting future growth.

The most important benefit of StruxureWare software is the ability for users to combine the management of their power, data centres, process and controls, building management and security onto one seamless system through the SmartStruxure solution – reducing energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

The SmartStruxure solution represents the building management domain of expertise in the larger Schneider Electric EcoStruxure solution architecture. Introduced in 2009, An EcoStruxure architecture connects five domains of expertise – power, data centres, process and machines, building management, and physical security – within an open and flexible technology architecture that delivers significant savings on capex and opex.

To learn more about how the SmartStruxure solution can future-proof facilities and ensure a more efficient and sustainable world, please contact Artur Socha at or on +27-11-254-6400.

Taking a leaf from Konica Minolta SA’s sustainability book

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While the concept of sustainable development steadily receives growing recognition, many organisations still find it difficult to take this business principle from an abstract form and integrate it into their planning and measurement systems.

One local company, however, that has managed to successfully weave sustainability – from an environmental, social and economic perspective – into the very fabric of its business practice, is Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa.

Says Laetitia Coetzer, special projects manager at Konica Minolta South Africa: “The key to sustainability becoming a priority for Konica Minolta South Africa was to change the mindset of our staff members so that they understood that sustainable business practices encompass much more than just the environment.

“The three interdependent elements of sustainability are the economy, society and the environment, and a business needs to meet the requirements of all three to be considered sustainable.”

From an environmental point of view, Konica Minolta South Africa has put a number of initiatives into practice, which all contribute to its status as a “carbon neutral” business, this aside from its environmentally conscious products. The recycling programme in place at its Johannesburg head office and sales branch, in conjunction with Hands-on-Waste, has resulted in less than one third of the company’s total waste generated being taken to landfill.

Furthermore, Desco Electronic Recyclers, as a preferred service provider of Konica Minolta South Africa, dismantles and recycles end-of-life electronic equipment, with Certificates of Destruction issued for 54,636 kg of equipment over the 2011/ 2012 financial year.

In order to use less fuel for travel, Coetzer states that it has put effective and efficient route planning in place for all branches, using functionalities available within its SAP ERP system. “Due to be launched nationwide in December 2012, the new mobility solution will allow for a faster turnaround time on calls as our engineers will also have immediate access to more detailed information on the problem, including error codes and spares needed, before they are dispatched, thereby removing any diagnostic guess work on site and fewer site visits,” she says.

The organisation has also received final approval from Eskom to subsidise a planned energy saving project, which involves the replacement of conventional high-intensity discharge (HID) fluorescent tubes with T5 linear fluorescent lamps that employ a high performance aluminium reflector system. All lighting at the company’s head office, Johannesburg branch and respective warehouses has already been replaced, resulting in a usage saving of 54.6kw, according to an onsite inspection conducted by Eskom and Galaxy Projects. In addition, an energy management system has been installed by TST Power Utility Forensics, which will provide a monthly comparison on consumption, power factor and phase balancing.

What’s more, Konica Minolta South Africa’s corporate social initiative (CSI) programme has reached new highs during the 2011/2012 financial year, with more than R1 million being donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) African Rhino Programme and the conversion of a light commercial vehicle into a mobile library, entrusted to The Edu-Care Foundation, providing children who do not have access to books in their schools and communities with the opportunity to improve their literacy skills.

“Our Life Starter Programme, where we pay all school fees and related expenses on behalf of historically disadvantaged learners identified in Grade 10, has seen another successful year assisting two Johannesburg students and one learner in Port Elizabeth.”

Konica Minolta South Africa has also donated 3,000 trees, through the Food and Trees for Africa programme, to the residents of Lotus Gardens in Pretoria, Entokozweni in Nelspruit and Thembalethu in George. “These trees will provide other environmental and social benefits, such as preventing water runoff and erosion, providing shade and shelter and beautifying the neighbourhoods,” Coetzer explains. “All of the trees donated have been planted and Food and Trees for Africa has trained community educators on how to look after these trees, basic climate change, the benefits of trees and clean and green suburbs, as well as the value of trees and how to plan and maintain this wonderful natural resource.

“Konica Minolta South Africa is passionate about meeting and surpassing its social and moral obligations,” she adds. “We truly believe in doing whatever is possible to ensure a sustainable future for South Africa, at whatever level that might be.”

Warning! Corporate data loss – customers are also effected

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Whatever the causes, data loss affects everybody – the company, its employees and even its customers. According to the B2B International survey customer information as well as financial data, both at 36%, are lost most often. This is closely followed by employee data – lost or stolen in 31% of cases.

The causes of data leakage can be both external and internal. 35% of IT specialists confirmed their companies had lost data due to malware infection – the most common external threat. The next most common causes are email-based attacks (21%) and phishing (17%). When it comes to internal threats, the loss of important data is most often caused by vulnerabilities in a company’s software (25%) that cybercriminals exploit to infect victim computers.

A high proportion of data leaks were from mobile devices – 23% of respondents identified the loss of data and 15% the theft of a mobile device as the cause of a data breach. In 13% of cases, important information fell into the wrong hands due to negligence, for example, sending messages to the wrong email address.

Petr Merkulov, Chief Product Officer, Kaspersky Lab points out that the range of cyber-threats leading to data loss illustrates how important it is for every company to realise the necessity of multi-level protection. “An effective corporate security solution must protect against both external and internal threats using the right tools for the job – anti-malware technologies, corporate security policies, data leakage prevention methods, control tools and many other features. I’m glad to say you can find all these security measures and more in Kaspersky Lab’s business solutions.”

The survey involved over 3,300 IT specialists in 22 countries worldwide and was conducted in conjunction with Kaspersky Lab. The participants represented all business sizes: small, medium and enterprise. The full version of the report of the results of the survey by B2B International in July 2012 is available at

Mindjet research reveals European employees care about business success but lack support

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At the start of another economically challenging year, research conducted across the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands by collaborative work management software provider, Mindjet, encouragingly reveals that the majority of employees within these regions – 54 percent of British, 53 percent of Swedish and 60 percent of Dutch office workers – care passionately about the success of their employers.

In fact, 47 percent of the British workers interviewed believe that they can influence business success, a figure surpassed by Swedish and Dutch employees at 56 and 53 percent respectively. The research, which was conducted by Opinium, was gathered from more than 2,000 British, over 1,000 Swedish and 1,000 Dutch office workers.

However, after two years of tough times, some seem to be feeling battle weary – 32 percent of UK office workers recognise they need to change their everyday working practices to drive success, but 19 percent are happy to admit that they lack the motivation to do their job to the highest possible standard.

Of the Swedish sample group, a third (33 percent) acknowledged that they need to change their way of working for greater achievement. At the same time, 11 percent confessed that they lack the proper motivation to do their job to the highest possible standard.

In contrast, only five percent of the Dutch employees feel that they are not motivated enough to operate in the best possible way, despite 22 percent of respondents indicating that they are overworked, 19 percent complaining of a lack of funds and 17 percent citing inefficient communication as a major barrier to better work performance.

Many businesses set themselves tough goals at the start of this financial year – further research by Mindjet shows that FTSE100 companies are striving to achieve operational efficiency, consolidation and growth in emerging markets, amongst other. The results of this research go some way to explaining why they have struggled to do so. Whilst individuals recognise a need for change, a quarter of those asked said this hadn’t happened because they “haven’t got around to it”. This attitude is not going unnoticed – almost a third of both UK and Sweden-based managers (30 percent) know they need to improve the way their team works but struggle to motivate them to do so.

Tim Ohlenburg, senior economist, Centre for Economics and Business Research, reflects on UK business performance: “As this research shows, UK businesses have been working towards clear goals. However, economic growth has been disappointing this year, which has dramatically limited business profits and constrained expansion. The Eurozone crisis has also hampered aims to expand in emerging markets. Unfortunately the outlook for 2013 is still lacklustre. Given that the fourth quarter GDP growth is likely to be negative at the end of this this financial year, businesses are looking at a slow start. At a time when businesses are still striving to do more with less, they need the full support of their employees to do so, which means they need to address the issues identified by Mindjet as a priority.”

Efficient working practices and communication are clearly key to achieving those all-important business goals and making 2013 a more positive year, explains Frank Reinelt, senior director for Northern Europe & Emerging Markets at Mindjet. “UK employees are not alone in feeling stressed (27 percent) and enjoying their jobs less (27 percent). Twenty three percent of Swedish employees are also feeling the pressure, with the common perception across all three regions that they are being held back by a lack of resources and senior direction and inefficient communication.

“It is clear from the results of our research that – aside from the devastating impact of our ongoing economic issues on business – there are other, more internal issues that need to be tackled to ensure organisational success. For 2013, businesses will need to address these problem areas and seek ways to inspire employees to accomplish greater achievements.”

According to Professor Nelson Phillips, Chair in Strategy and Organisational Behaviour, Imperial College London, “Motivated and engaged employees are at the heart of business success, and there’s no time when this is more true than in tough economic times. Yet, it’s just at this time that employee motivation and engagement drops as their employers lack the resources to support and reward them, whilst constant cost-cutting and pressure undermines morale and enthusiasm. The key to turning things around and getting 2013 off on the right foot is to focus on improving and developing working practices and efficient communication. Business leaders must not get bogged down in cost-cutting, but should strive to communicate a vision that moves employees beyond the current downturn and excites them about the future. This two-pronged approach will help re-engage a workforce badly affected by years of recession.”

You can find out more by visiting to read the full report.

Mindjet helps people generate better ideas and work smarter, which aids brainstorming, the organisation of plans and the management of projects – anytime, anywhere. Both corporate (50 percent) and enterprise (38 percent) organisations say they found Mindjet to be really effective at helping them to achieve their objectives. For a free trial go to

CIH invests in Project Portfolio Office for enhanced processes

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Capricorn Investment Holdings (CIH), a Namibian-based financial services group with interests in banking, insurance, asset management, investments and microfinance, is improving project status reporting, resource utilisation as well as timesheet management, with the rollout of Project Portfolio Office (PPO), an online project portfolio management (PPM) and collaboration application.

CIH’s flagship brand is Bank Windhoek Limited, which was founded in 1982, but the group also has a diversified business portfolio, including Botswana and Zambia, and is constantly exploring new investment opportunities throughout the Southern African region.

According to Gida Nakazibwe-Sekandi, executive director: Group Professional Services at CIH, the organisation’s decision to implement PPO was based on the ease of use of the solution.

“The system is simple to use, particularly for those staff members who do not typically operate within a project environment, and its flexible pricing model makes it a most attractive option. Furthermore, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, PPO’s web capability will allow our Africa-based practitioners easy access to the system.”

In addition to better project, resource and time capturing management, CIH needed to enhance its data management for client billing and invoicing. “A number of our staff members will be utilising PPO, including our professional services staff, business process management practitioners, legal team, secretarial services employees, the group marketing and communication department and our internal auditors,” Nakazibwe-Sekandi explains. “We are also currently investigating the expansion of our current reporting output of PPO.”

“From a resource and capacity management perspective, PPO allows users to identify existing resources, their skills and experience, as well as to see which resources are available when,” explains Guy Jelley, CEO at Project Portfolio Office. “Not only this, but it provides for the central storage, retention and access to project-related documents, knowledge and lessons, crucial actions for any project team.

“By using PPO, project teams and other involved stakeholders are allowed far greater visibility of the status of work, projects, programmes and portfolios. It also creates a collaborative environment for teams to work, plan and complete projects together and provides the required communication and alerts to keep all members informed,” he concludes.

Mobilise workforce, reduce IT demand and improve ROI with Datacentrix cloud mailbox offering

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In order to help local companies cut data centre demand and shift IT infrastructure capital expenditure to a short-term, pay-per-user model, IT solution provider, Datacentrix has introduced its cloud mailbox offering.

Says Jan Dry, CTO and head of consulting at Datacentrix: “There is no doubt that the workplace, as we know it, is changing. With an increasingly demanding environment driven by the rise of the cloud, the consumerisation of IT, escalating infrastructure costs and complexity, as well as a mobilised, multigenerational workforce, organisations are expected to provide anywhere access to employees’ essential applications, while also maintaining corporate security and data integrity.

“Physical office space is expensive, and so, more and more employees are starting to work remotely. In fact, according to Gartner, 84 percent of organisations today have some form of remote workforce. Not only this, but information workers are starting to use their own devices for work. Forrester says that 15 percent of information workers use at least three connected devices, operate from a minimum of three different locations and use more than seven applications for business.”

Dry states that this new, multigenerational group of employees is also not happy with just e-mail access, they want to be able to use social networking sites at work too.

“As companies battle to keep up with these demands, they are spending ever increasing amounts on infrastructure. In fact, Forrester also states that around 70 percent of IT budgets are being spent on maintaining inflexible and siloed data centre equipment.

“We believe though, that these new pressures mean that IT staff needs to change tactics, focusing on high level, business-changing applications rather than the nuts and bolts of infrastructure. The key is to provide access and services to any device at any time to employees, while also freeing up IT resources. This is something that can be achieved by opting for a cloud service with predictable costs and the requisite service level agreements (SLAs) in place, that will allow you to remain in control and be more productive.”

The Datacentrix mailbox in the cloud offering will give businesses the opportunity to move away from in-house legacy systems to state-of-the-art infrastructure and services – including a Tier 3+ data centre and the first Security Operating Centre (SOC) of its kind within the EMEA region.

The service offering consists of Microsoft Exchange and Lync technologies, and will provide access from PCs, tablets and phones with flexible per user/ per month billing. Companies can choose which users’ e-mails should be archived, giving them the flexibility to comply with legal requirements while, at the same time, reducing costs. Secure and reliable, the Datacentrix cloud is proactively managed by the company’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) and is compliant to privacy practices, following global and local regulatory standards for data handling and transfer.

The cloud services self-service portal provides different identity options for businesses, including full support for single sign on with the cloud, and granular, role-based access for client administrators, partners and end users. It also delivers enterprise grade support, featuring a self-service health dashboard that provides current information on the service status accessible on the web and 24×7 online and phone support.

Furthermore, the company can provide a hybrid environment, with flexible workload and user migration, all covered within a single licensing agreement.

“E-mail services is a natural starting point for Datacentrix, following the launch of our cloud offering earlier this year,” explains Dry. “We have plans in place to launch our ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ and ‘Platform as a Service’ offerings later in 2013.”

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