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AfricaCom 2012 Leads a New Generation of Tech Informers

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In October 2012, Informa Telecoms & Media, the organizers the of AfricaCom, the African continent’s single largest and most important digital communications conference and exhibition, launched a competition to attract new blood into the tech writing world. Aimed at the youth, they teamed up with a local television programme Hectic Nine9 on the SABC (South Africa Broadcasting Corporation) platform. From the entries received, nine were shortlisted from which two finalists were selected.

Lauren Leonard (19 years) and Simone Johnson (21 years) spent three days at AfricaCom immersing themselves into the world of technology. Neither of the two young girls had a background or experience in the tech sector before this but this has not stopped them from making the most of their experience. Armed with an ipad each – part of their winnings – they explored sessions, workshops and the exhibition, providing a fresh take on the business of technology.

Leonard (from Kuilsriver) who is currently studying journalism and also aims to become a cinematographer, took to blogging like a duck to water – although having never blogged before she has set up an interesting and insightful look into the business of digital communications. Her “eyecatcher” blog (on WordPress) tracks trends, innovations and developments in the world of ICT. In her own words, “my eyes have been opened to a whole new world. I now see the how and the why the technology we take for granted everyday, is delivered to something like our mobile phones. I have stopped living for today and am now living for tomorrow”.

Johnson always wanted to go into media, but a scholarship to study project management and accounting saw this hardworking, future-looking young lady from Mannenberg, take a different route until watching Hectic Nine 9 and fate intervened. Simone’s first language is Afrikaans and after discussion, has decided to create South Africa’s first online tech blog (aiming to become a fully fledged magazine) in Afrikaans. She is creative and intrepid, having sat in on many of the high level discussions at AfricaCom 2012 and then boldly interviewing some of the continent’s top tech contributors, including writing a piece on women in the tech world. As this is an area that is still mainly dominated by the male of the species, there are plenty of opportunities for both girls to carve out a significant place for themselves – if they want..

While still novices and with a ton of research and reading ahead of them, the three mentors and South African judges (Liron Segev of Swift Consulting and thetechieguy blog; Bradley Shaw managing editor of Africa Telecoms magazine and Kaz Henderson Founding Partner of Networx) have seen an encouraging growth and development in these two bright young women and are themselves enthusiastic not only about the girls’ future but at the prospect of a fresh outlook on the subject of tech and communications.

In the post show wrap-up grilling, both girls correctly interpreted that the common theme of the 2012 conference had been about “DATA” – how much of it there is and still needed, the cost and how to get it to more people across the continent; that apps are here to stay; how content is king and how cloud computing is leading the way for a more connected and communicative united Africa.

In a post event interview on Hectic Nine 9, both Lauren and Simone clearly demonstrated their joy about being a part of this brave new world. In chatting to them in the Green Room before the show, they confirmed they have become fast friends. According to Lauren, “we thought we would be highly competitive against one another, but one of the other things that we learnt at AfricaCom is that while there are many journalists writing on the subject, there are different angles and different opinions that can be offered which is the same with us as we each have a different viewpoint – yet like the people we met last week, there is a great camaraderie and that is something we would both like to continue to grow.”

Both girls have been offered a short internship at Africa Telecoms magazine under the auspices of Bradley Shaw and the tech team, while CNBC Africa having met the two young pioneers at AfricaCom has also opened the door to a brief stint if they would like to see the business desk of this international broadcaster. They will be invited back to AfricaCom in 2013. So, watch this space.

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Follow Simone on: (SJtechnowhiz)

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 gets MRG Effitas seal of approval for financial data security

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 was one of just four antivirus products to impress independent analysts from MRG Effitas by blocking all attempts to steal financial data in a recent test.

Quick Facts:

  •  MRG Effitas, an independent organisation which specialises in testing IT security solutions that protect financial data, assessed 15 popular antivirus products, including Internet Security class products
  •  The products were expected to prevent the theft of data entered on a payment system website
  •  Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 successfully completed all the tasks and blocked all attempts to steal financial information
  •  The advanced protection for financial data provided by Kaspersky Lab’s new Safe Money technology assured impressive test results

How the tests were performed:
MRG Effitas sought to test the ability of popular security solutions to protect against malware designed to steal financial data. For testing purposes, experts created three programmes that emulated the behaviour of widespread threats such as Zeus and SpyEye. The platform used for testing was the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 installed.

In each of the three tests, MRG Effitas experts emulated an attempt to steal user data entered on a website supporting SSL – a protected data transfer protocol used by most banks and by many popular online services.

In the first scenario, experts downloaded malware from a special website using Internet Explorer. Next, they executed the downloaded emulator, opened the payment system website in a browser and entered personal data using a hardware or virtual keyboard. The latter was used if it was available in the security solution being tested. Emulators for the second and third testing scenarios were created by MRG Effitas engineers specifically for the new study. The developers intended these emulators to easily circumvent standard antivirus protection. These malicious programmes were loaded into the system from a USB drive. They gathered all the stolen information on the computer’s hard drive, waiting for the cybercriminals’ request.

For purposes of these tests, a positive result was defined as the security solution preventing the interception of financial data, even if the malicious object was present on the hard drive in stealth mode. However, if a security solution prevented an emulator from being loaded on the computer or blocked the emulator’s operation, the experts also counted this as a success. Those security solutions which were unable to prevent the theft or clearly alert the user to the danger were deemed to have failed the test.

Test results:
Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 was one of only two antivirus solutions that blocked all the financial data theft attempts. Most other products only passed the first – the easiest – test. Two more security solutions detected the malicious emulators using traditional antivirus technologies only, which does not guarantee full protection in all the real-life situations which users may encounter. It should be noted that only four products out of 17 successfully passed a separate test for dedicated solutions designed to protect financial data. Kaspersky Lab’s excellent result was largely thanks to the new Safe Money technology developed by Kaspersky Lab experts in order to provide comprehensive protection of users and their financial data against advanced cyberthreats.

Nikita Shvetsov, Vice-President Threat Research Unit, Kaspersky Lab
“Every day, more and more people across the globe use electronic payment systems and tools providing remote access to their bank accounts. These people want to know they are protected from financial cyberthreats, and they are counting on antivirus software for that. The results of independent testing conducted by MRG Effitas clearly show that our solution, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, which includes the new Safe Money technology, meets users’ needs and provides reliable protection of financial data.”

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Protect PC and mobile storage media data at the source with Beachhead Solutions from Altonet

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In light of the fact that the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Bill will become legally enforceable in the near future, data protection has never been more important. However, many organisations have focused their efforts on protecting data stored on their servers and have not included notebooks, PCs and even mobile data storage media into a comprehensive data protection strategy.

These devices have always been more difficult to protect, and as a result are often forgotten. Given the mobile nature of much of today’s workforce, this oversight could see organisations falling foul of the POPI Act and facing the penalties of non-compliance. An even greater concern is the possibility of confidential and sensitive corporate data in the public domain after a notebook is lost or stolen. Beachhead Solutions from local service provider Altonet offers the ideal solution to protecting data at the source, on hard drives, flash drives and even optical drives. These innovative first-in-class encryption and security tools deliver ultimate protection, access control and rights management to protect data on PCs and mass storage media.

“One of the principles of protection of personal information as outlined in the POPI bill states that security measures need to be taken to protect personal information against loss, damage and unlawful access. And POPI does not only apply to human resources or sales information, but any data that could contain information relating to race, gender, age, health and so on, the personal opinions of a person, confidential correspondence, even data which contains a person’s email address of telephone number. This means that POPI applies practically unilaterally to any business in any sector,” says Gareth Tudor, CEO of Altonet.

“The penalties of non-compliance are applicable to both companies and individuals deemed to be responsible for data breaches. For organisations the penalties include payment of damages to civil class actions and fines of up to R10 million. For the individual, the consequences include jail sentences of up to 10 years, personal fines and even being fired. POPI is not something that any business can afford to take lightly, and one of the biggest challenges involved in securing data is ensuring that data which is mobile and liable to loss or theft is adequately taken care of,” he adds.

Beachhead Solutions enforce encryption of data and provide a platform to manage security policies across PCs, notebooks and portable data storage devices, including external hard drives, flash drives, CDs and DVDs. From rights management and access control to compliance with data protection legislation, the software incorporates innovative and sophisticated security to ensure data is protected from the start.

The core Beachhead solution is a cloud-managed PC encryption and security tool which is licensed on a subscription basis. Beachhead Media is an additional plug-in module which provides tools that allow administrators to determine who may write data to what devices under what conditions, and ensures access control and encryption of this data when allowed. Encrypted data is password protected, and following access management rules can be forced into quarantine should the device containing the data go missing. Drives can even be remotely wiped if necessary to prevent data falling into the wrong hands. These and other measures work to protect confidential information and enable POPI compliance.

“Ultimately an all encompassing data protection strategy is good business practice, but when POPI comes into effect this will also be legally enforceable. Furthermore, the loss of PCs and notebooks due to theft in South Africa is a stark reality. Organisations should therefore take steps as soon as possible to prevent their customer information falling into the wrong hands, and to ensure that all devices are protected, from PCs to storage media. Data is currency in today’s organisation, and it needs to be protected, not only for compliance purposes but to maintain the competitiveness and reputation of the organisation itself. Beachhead Solutions can help businesses to develop comprehensive data management and protection across their organisation, ” Tudor concludes.

Beachhead encryption and security tools are available solely from Altonet in Southern Africa.

For more information visit

EA Sports FIFA 13 available now for Wii U

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Exclusive Features Using GamePad Create New Ways To Play On Wii U

Electronic Arts Inc.  today launched FIFA 13 on Wii U™ in South Africa, bringing the world’s biggest sports videogame franchise to Nintendo’s brand-new console. With beautiful HD graphics and exclusive new features using the Wii U GamePad™, FIFA 13 Wii U delivers FIFA’s award-winning HD console gameplay—including the Player Impact Engine, Precision Dribbling and Tactical Defending—an authentic football experience, and new ways to play.

FIFA 13 on Wii U earned a perfect five out of five review score from Snackbar Games, a score of 90/100 from Nintendo World Report, and 89/100 from Family Friendly Gaming, who said “the touch screen opens a whole new world of features.”

“We’re very proud to be offering our most popular sports franchise to a brand new audience,” said Andrew Wilson, Executive Vice President, EA SPORTS. “The FIFA development team has created new and different ways to play utilizing the GamePad and we believe fans will really enjoy the unique experience they can get only on Wii U.”

FIFA 13 features innovationsutilizing the GamePad that create new ways to play and immerse fans in the action on the pitch. During a match, simply shake the GamePad to activate the shooting zone, touch the screen to pick a spot precisely on goal, and fire away. With free kicks and penalties, look through the GamePad screen for the player’s on-field perspective to aim the ball, and then let fly. Take control of a specific defender by tapping on the player using the touch screen or tap on an attacking player and watch your closest defender mark or tackle him.

FIFA 13 features new modes exclusive to the Wii U. Take the reins as manager in all of the main game modes and make key strategic real-time decisions using the GamePad. Control all of your players with the Interactive Radar and create your own defence-splitting runs. Analyze match or player stats—including the opposition—in real-time to make managerial decisions and then change any facet of a team’s tactics without interrupting the game. Experience the thrill of managing your favorite club in Manage Match, directing players from the sidelines and even giving half-time talks. Compete with friends in Co-op Mode, Career Mode or Tournaments with one player managing and up to four others playing. Go online and play head-to-head in FIFA Seasons, one of the most popular mode in FIFA, competing in ranked online seasonal play with promotions and relegations. Plus, connect and interact with friends like noother FIFA title. Use the Friends tab to see your friends online and invitethem to play using touch screen typing and real-time messaging.

Join more than 10 million fans in the EA SPORTS FIFA community at or follow us on Twitter at The FIFA 13 website is Developed by EA Canada, FIFA 13 on Wii U has been rated PG by the Film and Publication Board (FPB) of South Africa. Assets are available at

Kaspersky Lab’s CEO Eugene Kaspersky Named a 2012 Top Innovator, Top Channel Executive by CRN

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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, has announced that Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the company, was named one of CRN’s Top 100 Executives in the IT Channel for 2012. This annual list salutes the most influential and innovative channel executives in North America. Mr. Kaspersky was also featured in CRN’s Top 25 Innovators group which highlights top executives that are bringing new and game-changing technologies to the market.

Winners were chosen based on nominations from solution providers and ranked executives based on channel influence, effectiveness and visibility, along with business and sales impact. Among the criteria were channel sales volume, channel investment and resources, channel advocacy and visibility, and performance in UBM Channel research projects (including the Annual Report Card and Channel Champions). A panel of UBM Channel editors made the final selections.

This award adds to the growing list of Kaspersky Lab’s channel accolades, coming on the heels of CRN’s Annual Report Card in which Kaspersky Lab swept the Client Security Software category by winning the product innovation, support and partnership subcategories. In July, the company announced a new deal registration program offering Kaspersky Lab resellers additional rewards and greater profitability.

“Highly successful and trusted business partnerships go hand-in-hand with the culture that Eugene Kaspersky has created and continues to foster at Kaspersky Lab,” said Christopher Doggett, Vice President of Channel Sales, Kaspersky Lab North America. “Eugene’s leadership, vision, and unparalleled passion for continuing to deliver innovative and cutting edge technology is what has earned Kaspersky Lab the reputation as being one of the best technology providers in the world. Our channel partners have discovered that this unique combination results in a partnership that sets a new bar in value and reliability.”

“We’re recognising this year’s Top 100 Executives for their commitment to the channel,” said Kelley Damore, Vice President and Editorial Director for UBM Channel. “For 2012, our goal was to once again shine a spotlight on the most influential executives in the industry today. But we also wanted to pay homage to the channel advocates, sales and services leaders, innovators and disrupters. We salute all these leaders for their devotion to the technology channel and their willingness to adopt new strategies and policies in order to drive greater sales for partners, while positioning their own company for future growth.”

Expanded coverage of the 2012 Top 100 Executives will be featured in the November issue of CRN Magazine and online at

Bluekey Supports Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation at World Aids Day

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Bluekey Software Solutions to sponsor Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation World AIDS Day exhibition at the Baxter Theatre

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) will be celebrating the many successes achieved in HIV prevention, treatment, research and training in South Africa at this years’ World AIDS Day with a week-long exhibition at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. Leading South African cartoonist and guest speaker, Jonathan Shapiro, will be giving guests an illustrated talk on the journey of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and local photographer, Clive Grey, will be exhibiting inspiring photographs that were taken at the DTHF’s Youth Centre.

The rapid increase in South Africa’s HIV prevalence took place between the mid-nineties and early 2000. This was also the time during which the country underwent its most prevalent political turmoil and media attention was focused on political issues – allowing HIV to become unknowingly widespread throughout communities. In 1985, a State of Emergency was declared in South Africa that would last for five years and it was during this time that the DTHF was founded.

The demand for professional and dedicated medical staff and social workers to help those infected and create HIV awareness led to the DTHF’s affiliation to the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine – where their head office is located. It is here where the DTHF was given the resources and facilities to change the face of HIV in South Africa and help people living with HIV through counselling, research, medication and education.

To accommodate their growth and complement their vision of HIV prevention, treatment and training in the communities of the South Africa, and to meet the needs of grantors and sponsors, DTHF decided to implement a business management solution. This was the start of a fruitful partnership between Bluekey Software Solutions (Bluekey) and the DTHF. Bluekey recently helped the DTHF upgrade their legacy systems with an NGO solution, embedding best-practice, transparency, control, compliance, NGO-specific reporting, and accountability to make the Foundation more efficient and more attractive to potential donors.

Jill Thorne, General Manager of the DTHF adds, “Our projects are funded through grants, sponsorships, and donations, and run through partnerships with public health departments. We need to be able to track and report on where and how each rand is spent. So, the system had to have the capability to support our high standards of corporate governance and compliance requirements. A welcome side-effect of more streamlined financial management would be faster, less complicated and less costly audits.”

After helping the DTHF increase focus on what they do best – saving lives – Bluekey is helping others in the NGO community increase their compliance, credibility and controls. By taking care of their business management and accounting Bluekey enables them to focus on their mandates without having to be concerned whether their current systems can support their vision.

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