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Data integrity at the source is critical to the success of BI implementations

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By David McWilliam, Director at Cortell Corporate Performance Management

Business Intelligence (BI) has evolved over the years to offer more functionality and reduced complexity, making solutions easier to use for the non-technical consumer. This has driven user adoption of BI solutions, and BI vendors have kept pace with this demand, delivering ever-more agile tools and offerings. However, one thing that remains constant is the need to use relevant information to deliver insights and recommendations. Data integrity needs to be assured and data quality issues must be addressed if BI insights are to deliver any business value. Ensuring users have access to the right data at the right time in a relevant form should be a top priority when it comes to any BI implementation.

In recent years much investment from vendors has gone into making BI products easier to use with less training than ever before. Alongside this, users are becoming increasingly savvy with regards to technology. This means that the consumption of BI is changing and many more people are now able to derive significant benefits from the presentation, manipulation and analysis of information. Cloud solutions have also made BI tools more readily available to a wider variety of businesses of all sizes. However, if analysis and manipulation is conducted on the wrong data, or on data which is unclean, incorrect or incomplete, any resulting data will be useless at best and at worst cause poor decisions to be made based on false insight.

As a result, the successful implementation of BI is no longer simply about getting the right software, but about assuring the accessibility and quality of the data. IT departments are now tasked with ensuring that the right information is available to the right users at the right time and in the right form, taking into account governance, risk, compliance and data quality issues. However, in order to achieve this it is crucial for the users to understand what their business problems and requirements are so that reports and analysis can be designed which will actively work towards solving these business problems.

Only once the business understands what it needs out of BI, will IT be able to ensure that the right data is supplied to achieve this aim. The data should not drive a BI implementation but rather business needs should drive the data that is used by BI tools to solve problems. This means that BI is no longer simply ‘an IT project’ but needs business to be heavily involved and should be driven from the top down.

Involving business in the BI process is increasingly important given the well documented data explosion, as it is becoming impossible to analyse every bit of data that exists. One of the common dangers of agile solutions that incorporate data discovery is the high potential for users to draw information from a variety of different data sets and sources, which will inevitably result in a confusion of different analyses and outcomes. It is therefore critical to select the right data for analysis to actively deliver value for business and address business needs and requirements.

Given the increased accessibility of BI tools, analysis and reporting are now closer than ever to the business user. However once again, all of the understanding and analysis in the world will simply fail to produce viable results if the answers drawn from the data are poor. The IT department’s role in BI has now shifted as a result, from being involved in the drawing of reports, which is now a business function, to the role of information lifecycle management, ensuring data integrity and availability for business users. IT needs the business to highlight what information is needed, to ensure that this data can then be made available in the right format at the right time.

Bridging the traditional disconnect between business and IT has never been more important. With buy-in from both sides and working in collaboration, IT and business can turn information into a strategic asset and use BI tools on the right data to deliver insights that will drive the business, improve agility and enhance competitive edge. The success of BI hinges on an integrated business/IT approach and the integrity and quality of data used.

ISPA takes proactive approach to “the future of voice”

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Association hosting fraud workshop on Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Globally, service providers’ revenue from providing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to businesses and households totalled $58 billion in 2011, up 16% from the previous year.

These and many other statistics show that VoIP will increasingly become the future of voice and in fact most voice traffic internationally is now actually VoIP. Unfortunately, success tends to attract fraudsters, and the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) is taking proactive steps to make South Africa’s VoIP industry a hard nut to crack.

The issue of fraud in VoIP came under discussion at the recent ISPA iWeek Conference in September, and a number of potential types of voice fraud were identified. From this discussion came the idea of holding an ISPA Voice Fraud Prevention Workshop. The initiative is being spearheaded by ISPA member, XConnect SA, within the ambit of ISPA’s Voice Working Group.

“As the volume of voice traffic on the Internet grows, Internet service providers will begin to face the same sorts of threat that e-commerce websites face from cyber criminals,” says Christopher Geerdts, CEO of XConnect SA. “We felt it was sensible to learn from the experience of the web community as a whole, and apply some of their successful techniques to the local VoIP industry sooner rather than later.”

Geerdts says that international premium numbers present one of the commonest types of VoIP fraud opportunity – known as “Toll Fraud”. Premium numbers operate on a revenue-sharing basis: the ISP mobile operator pays a portion of the call revenue to the company that “owns” the number, and that company thus spends marketing dollars to drive traffic to that line. Typically, a premium number would be used to gather audience votes for contestants in a television show like Idols, for example, or to enter a competition.

“What can happen is that a VoIP subscriber’s PBX system gets hacked during a weekend or at night because it now sits on the Internet, and the hacker uses the system to make multiple calls to a premium number registered by accomplices, often located in a foreign country. The hacker then receives a percentage of that revenue back from the ISP,” Geerdts explains. “But it’s the VoIP subscriber and ultimately his ISP who ultimately have to foot the bill.”

These and other scams are already growing globally, and ISPA’s intention is to build strong co-operation across the South African ISP industry now. The idea is that by sharing knowledge and information, alerting others to known offenders, improving collaboration with the police, and developing guidelines, the local industry will make South Africa seem like an unfriendly arena for this type of fraudster.

The workshop will be held on 27 November 2012 at time. The venues will be MTN’s offices in Constantia Park in Johannesburg, with a live video connection to MTN’s offices in Century City in Cape Town.

“Although this is an ISPA initiative, anyone connected to the VoIP voice industry is more than welcome to attend,” Geerdts says. “If we work together, we can make it hard for this type of fraud to take root in South Africa,” he concluded.

Towards the paperless revenue returns: CQS introduces Individual Tax Module

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Handling tax returns for individuals just got a lot easier with financial reporting and audit software leader CQS’ introduction of the Individual Tax Module. Used in conjunction with its popular TaxWare solution, the Individual Tax Module facilitates the completion and submission of individual tax returns to the South African Revenue Service (SARS.) It represents a further step in CQS’ vision for more efficient and productive paperless accounting offices.

According to CQS Technology Holdings director, Ross Hampton, the module is a much-anticipated extension of the TaxWare solution. “Having examined the market we realised that there was a need for a more efficient solution to process individual tax returns, one that could also integrate with the practice as a whole. With thousands of accountants and tax practitioners using a range of CQS solutions to guide the preparation of financial statements and tax returns for corporations and trusts, the Individual Tax Module is a logical next step. That’s because many of these practitioners also handle the tax affairs of individuals; with the Individual Tax Module, a familiar interface and proven method of working is extended further into the accounting practice,” he says.

The Individual Tax Module equips tax practitioners to integrate tax returns directly with SARS allowing the bulk preparation and authorization of individual tax returns as well as the management and tracking of successful submissions. It replaces the typical approach of using spreadsheets (or other tools) and transposing data manually into the SARS eFiling system. “With the Individual Tax Module, efficiency is improved drastically by reducing the time it takes to prepare and submit returns and accuracy is assured through a reduction in manual errors,” says Hampton.

He explains that as it is used in conjunction with TaxWare, client information is automatically populated into the Individual Tax Module, within which all tax calculations are performed and tax returns submitted to eFiling. “The module integrates seamlessly with eFiling allowing download, calculation, review and submission of multiple tax returns in one go. It populates required fields with information derived from the revenue authority, such as taxpayer data, carry-forwards such as retirement annuities, and other information as appropriate,” Hampton adds.

Providing insight into the detail that goes into the design of all CQS solutions, he says the company sought to automate the entire process from initial correspondence to clients, electronic storing of all supporting documentation provided by clients, automation of the tax calculation, enabling of bulk submissions to eFiling, right through to the final assessment and communication back to clients. “As a result of the successful creation of all these features, the use of the Individual Tax Module makes our clients more efficient than ever.”

In addition, the new module has a feature common to other CQS solutions: the ability to enforce appropriate workflow. “This heritage extends to the new Individual Tax Module,” continues Hampton. “With the inclusion of an approval monitoring function, each section of the ITR12 is assessed to ensure that it has been reviewed and authorized by a senior person within the tax practice,” he adds.

With the introduction of the new module, Hampton says accounting practices can boost revenue by increasing the efficiency of their tax specialists. “With the Individual Tax Module, TaxWare is a complete integrated solution that automates all tax processes for individual, provisional as well as corporate tax returns. It eliminates duplicate work and reduces manual processes that waste time and cause errors, resulting in a better-run business.”

SA company in the running for international IT award

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Local company sustainableIT has been nominated in two categories for the international Tech Trailblazers awards (

The Tech Trailblazers awards were designed specifically for tech start-ups and not only recognize innovation but also proactively helps companies to grow their businesses with exclusive coaching, mentoring and development services worth several hundred thousand rands. The awards are focused on the key enterprise IT sectors of cloud, infosecurity, mobile, networking, storage and virtualization. In addition, there is a sustainable IT category and an emerging markets category.

sustainableIT, a market leader in the field of green ICT and sustainable computing in South Africa, has been shortlisted in two categories, Sustainable IT and Emerging Markets. The company offers leading edge technology solutions and consulting services to organisations either embarking upon a carbon reduction strategy or wishing to run their IT departments more efficiently in terms of energy consumption and manpower.

The founding directors are both passionate about the environment, and chose to couple that passion with their extensive IT skills. “Over the past decade the IT industry started waking up to the fact that it was a large contributor of global emissions,” says director Tim James. “We recognised the market opportunity immediately and sustainableIT was born. Our value proposition is helping organisations measure, manage and reduce their emissions through the application of information technology.”

Stephen O’Donnell, chairman of the Tech Trailblazers judging panel, former CIO, author, and consultant said that the awards offers a forum for game-changing new technologies and young companies to showcase their products and services to the rest of the world. “We have assembled a world-class team of judges on the panel commensurate with the quality of entries we expect,” he said in a statement. “The prizes and publicity for winning entries will ensure an exciting contest.”

James commented that they are also excited about the prospects such an award could bring to South Africa. “If we were to win I think in the main it would provide recognition that South African startups have value to add on the global stage. There is a significant amount of innovation happening in South Africa, particularly in the Cape and we are really just humbled to have been shortlisted in the first place.”

Voting is open to the public and votes can be cast for sustainableIT at and on

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 Awarded AV-Comparatives’ Highest Rating for Malware Removal

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 has been ranked as one of the most effective security solutions and was awarded the highest Advanced+ rating following independent testing by AV-Comparatives in October 2012.

Quick Facts:

  •  AV-Comparatives, the renowned Austria-based laboratory, carried out malware removal tests in October 2012.
  •  The tests focused on how well products could remove malware.
  •  13 antivirus products participated in the testing.
  •  Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 finished in first place, earning Advanced+ status, AV-Comparatives’ highest rating.

How the tests were performed:
According to the malware removal testing rules, the participating products were installed on pre-infected machines. Eleven malware samples were taken randomly from a pool of specially selected samples and a further three samples which featured in last year’s tests were added to see if there had been any improvements. After the products were installed, a full system scan was run and the removal process was started following the instructions displayed by the antivirus programmes. The experts at the laboratory set out to recreate the experience of a typical home user confronted with a situation where malware needs to be removed. After the system scan the machines were rebooted and the experts conducted a detailed analysis of each PC to see how much malware had been successfully removed.

Test results:
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 secured first place with a score of 94 points out of 100. The product successfully removed all 14 malware samples used by the experts. The only minor blemish, which denied Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 a 100% score, was caused by some difficulty in removing the toughest malware samples. One was removed by the product, however a few fragments (executable files, MBR and/or registry changes) remained. Another sample was eliminated with help from the Rescue Disc.

Only three of the other 12 rival solutions managed to detect and remove all the malware samples. This outstanding result saw the Kaspersky Lab product earn Advanced+ status, AV-Comparatives’ highest rating.

“According to AV Comparatives, the main aim of these tests was to demonstrate that professional antivirus products need to do far more than merely delete malicious files. We are pleased to reaffirm that our consumer product has once again fulfilled the expectations of the experts and proven its high quality and earned the laboratory’s highest rating”, according to Oleg Ishanov, Head of Anti-Malware Research Kaspersky Lab.


Insure against cyber risk: Only with AIG

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With nearly every business dependent on information systems and the internet, the exposures associated with cyber crime present a clear and present danger. Until now, company directors largely had to mitigate that risk by depending on the IT department; that’s changed as AIG introduces its CyberEdge solution. Designed to protect against the full potential impact of a cyber breach, the solution covers financial, legal, investigative and reputation exposures from a single premium.

Uniquely, CyberEdge draws together subject matter experts including law firm Norton Rose, forensic investigations company Cyanre, and public relations practitioners LiveWired. This provides complete risk mitigation for the hazards associated with information crimes.

Quinton Kotze, Financial Lines Manager at AIG South Africa, says the time is right for the solution. “The internet is a fundamental service for business today, as essential to many companies as electricity. However, dependence on information technology also presents unique and potentially devastating risks: compromises to information security can and do cost money, impact on market standing and affect company performance.”

A compromise can also result in a domino effect, and include impaired operations, regulatory fines, brand damage, director liability, loss of confidence and ultimately loss of business.

Such consequences are undoubtedly boardroom issues, continues Kotze. “Directors have long appreciated the necessity to insure the companies under their stewardship against operational, credit and business risks. Cyber crime is another clear and present danger, with specific implications, all of which are covered by CyberEdge.”

A recent risk assessment published by the World Economic Forum ranks cyber attacks higher than nearly every other type of threat; Kotze adds.

Simplifying cyber threat
AIG’s CyberEdge breaks down a complex set of risks into clear and understandable categories. It covers a range of cyber threats faced by any organisation dealing with electronic information, from data liability to network interruption and cyber extortion. “CyberEdge anticipates the domino effect and provides the insurance and specialist advice, minimising lasting damage,” says Kotze.

Rohan Isaacs, director at Norton Rose South Africa, notes that the consequences of breaches of privacy or leaks of personal information are regulated by law; in the event of a compromise, his firm provides the necessary guidance to AIG CyberEdge policyholders. “Where a loss of private information or personal data has occurred, parties need to know what potential liabilities they may face,” he says.

Isaacs adds that privacy and data protection are issues of growing importance worldwide, given the ease with which data can be electronically stored, retrieved and transmitted. “Loss of private data exposes offenders to civil liability and public relations crises. In countries which have data protection specific laws, statutory penalties may also apply. South Africa does not presently have a data protection-specific law but there have been recent indications that the Protection of Personal Information Bill which will govern data protection will become law early next year. The timing of the launch of the CyberEdge product in South Africa is therefore particularly opportune.”

In addition, Cyanre provides policyholders with digital forensic investigations, IT risk management, data recovery and electronic discovery, while public relations practice LiveWired manages external relations. Says Cyanre managing director Danny Myburgh: “In the event of a breach, it is imperative that remedial action is taken, including identifying culprits and bringing them to book, recovering information and ensuring prevention of similar future attacks.”

Mike Durek, AIG South Africa CEO, says the introduction of the CyberEdge solution is a further step in AIG’s growth strategy. “This solution demonstrates the innovation and collaboration which is necessary to identify, understand, quantify and mitigate the complex risks associated with modern business. Certainly, it’s a solution we’re proud to offer in South Africa.”

ZACR Bid Strengthened by Zero Early Warnings from ICANN

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The ZA Central Registry (ZACR) has overcome the first hurdle in its .africa bid after receiving no “early warnings” from ICANN’s Government Advisory Committee (GAC). This is an encouraging development and justification of the ZACR’s bid for .africa which is endorsed by the African Union Commission (AUC).

The ZACR is aware that the AUC and 16 African governments have registered their intention to object to the only other bid for the rights to administer the proposed .africa Top Level Domain (TLD) name system. Conversely, no governments have opposed the ZACR bid for .africa.

The governments that sent in their Early Warning letters with respect to the bid competing against the ZACR were as follows: Kenya, South Africa, Benin, Gabon, Senegal, Cameroon, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Morocco, Mali, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Comoros.

Mohamed El Bashir, Chairperson of the ZACR .africa Steering Committee, confirmed that “no objections have been lodged against the ZACR bid”.

The Early Warnings are a mechanism used to raise an alarm to ICANN of applications that may raise public policy and interest issues. According to the Applicant Guide Book, the Early Warnings should be taken seriously as they may lead to GAC Advice being issued about a problematic application.

“Our deep technical expertise, commitment to specific initiatives designed to grow the African Internet and our consultative approach ensured that the ZACR bid was extremely compelling. This latest news is a vindication of an approach that aimed to include as many stakeholders as possible with Africa as the ultimate winner.

“ZACR has a record of running a successful registry and delivering technical training. It enjoys the backing of 40 governments as required by the Applicant Guidebook; this is important for internet and business growth in Africa,” added El Bashir.

The AUC, through lodging an Early Warning regarding the other competing bid, supports the legitimacy of the ZACR’s officially-endorsed bid for the .africa TLD. However, it must be understood that a number of phases, including a GAC Open Objection phase, still have to be completed.


TruTeq first to offer pre-paid security solution in SA

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TruTeq Devices, which focuses on providing wireless connectivity solutions to all market sectors, is the first company in South Africa to launch a solution for the pre-paid security industry, an industry expected to rival the pre-paid utility and airtime markets.

The company has implemented a number of pilot sites for its pre-paid solutions and has already announced the signing of commercial partners in the Philippines, France and Germany.

Said Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices: “While we are looking at the South African market – and this will initially be our primary focus – we are also aiming to supply our solutions around the globe. We believe this solution is possibly a global first – it is certainly a South African first.”

Commenting further, Roberts said his company has signed on a number of South African distributors, whom all offer complimentary solutions through their day to day business activities, products and services, and whom will be supplying shrink-wrapped offerings to various sectors of the local market.

These sectors include the Security space, Automation environment, Agricultural sector, Food and Restaurant industries, Utility arenas, Network Operators, VAS providers, Building Management Industry and Communications networks.

At the core of the company’s pre-paid security solution is its single box solution, which falls under the Smartoo modem family of products.

The Smartoo modem family of products is believed to be a new, market-leading concept which allows users to remotely run, and monitor, a wide range of business and home-based utilities and facilities.

The capabilities include voice monitoring with real time DTMF switching capability of vast numbers of peripheral equipment, remote device management, wireless remote utility metering and control devices, site management and monitoring solutions, CCTV and visual verification systems, high-speed wireless Internet connectivity, scalable wireless security solutions, home and industrial automated solutions, and access control solutions.

The pre-paid security solution is just one of the markets that TruTeq intends focusing on – a market it believes will be “one of the fastest growing in South Africa”.

“With crime as high as it is in South Africa, and with no real hope of subsiding, the South African population needs to protect itself. Beyond just putting alarm systems and burglar bars in, thanks to our Smart pre-paid security solution, even low income earners will be able to access ‘on the go’ affordable security.

“While they might not be able to afford security services around the clock, they will, for instance, be able to pay for services when they are away from home, for instance. By making use of our solution, low income earners have the choice of buying what they can afford in little bites – rather than having to sign expensive yearly contracts. Alternatively Security solutions that can act as add – on solutions to existing alarms are possible such as for the storeroom, barn, chicken pen, garden flat, caravan, boat, holiday cottage, low cost house or temporary dwelling where armed response either is not required or unaffordable and normal security company infrastructure such as response vehicles and personal cannot be deployed due to associated costs. Instead the community can respond to each others requirements through communicating incidents to local community or neighbors. There are a slew of potential options,” said Roberts an even address burning issues such as job creation through the deployment of these devices, and initiatives such as “Bobby on the Beat or on the Bicycle” type of environments… complimented by ease of distribution, installation and support functions where the community can become involved in. A great upliftment and infrastructure initiative securing communities from all walks of life.

He said top-ups can be facilitated remotely, via mobile devices from the company’s “Mobi” applications such as cellular phones, desktop vending terminals or the internet.

More about the offerings

The company offers a complete Control Room customer account management software interface, complementing its Devices to allow faster solution implementation and time to market for integrators, solution providers and ultimately end-customers This also provides for annuity based business opportunities through selling, installing, maintaining and monitoring of these solutions and associated services .

Because the solutions offer remote device control they are able to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce operational costs and downtime as well as ultimately increase revenue assurance and associated SLA agreements. In addition, GSM VAS (Value Added Services) compliancy means that annuity based income streams can be created for just about any business. Takes Black Friday Online

By admin, 22 listopada, 2012, No Comment, SA’s fastest growing online store, promises crazy discounts and slashed prices with South Africa’s first Black Friday Sale on Friday, 23 November.

Black Friday is traditionally one of the biggest shopping days in the USA and, signals the start of the festive shopping season. The term Black Friday started in Philadelphia in the US and was initially coined to describe the heavy traffic in the city on the day after Thanksgiving. As it evolved into a shopping day, it is also thought to be the first time in the year that retailers start to make a profit moving there their financials from the red to the black, hence Black Friday.

Consumers brave enough to face the early start with hordes of other shoppers are rewarded with great bargains and discounts.

“South Africa has never experienced anything like this before. We are used to having major sales after Christmas. This year decided to buck the trend and pioneer the Black Friday concept with SA shoppers. We see this as an opportunity to kick-start our festive season with great deals and specials that may help a little in these tough economic times,” says CEO Kim Reid. customers have the opportunity to take advantage of huge discounts and special offers that are valid this Friday only. The sale starts at 00:01am on Friday, 23 November and will close at 23:59. Thousands of individual items across 14 different categories will be on sale. Early birds will benefit the most and sale prices will be valid while stocks last.

“For those in the know, Black Friday is famous for its in-store mayhem and chaos, we however, offer customers a safe, secure and convenient online shopping experience. This is an opportunity for us to share the exciting shopping experience that Americans have come to love. Beat the crowds and get the biggest discounts for one day only at,” says Reid.

Online shopping in South Africa is growing at an accelerated pace. “As SA’s internet capacity and capability is growing we are noticing more people are choosing to do their shopping online due to convenience, wide product range and security. Join the online shopping revolution and be part of the phenomenon that is Black Friday,” he says.

In the spirit of Black Friday, all sale items ordered online on Friday, 23 November will be delivered free of charge.

Samsung, providing quality education through technology

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Smart School Solution delivers interactive enhancements to education systems locally

Samsung South Africa launched its Smart School solution at Crawford Preparatory in Benmore, Sandton last night – the first of many to come for the local market. ‘Samsung Smart School’ is a complete converged digital education package that provides learners and educators with access to 65-inch interactive eBoards (whiteboards) and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 devices which provides software for teachers – designed to improve classroom management and the overall learning environment. This is a solution that is aimed at empowering learners with more interactive and efficient educational systems.

“This is a fully integrated one-on-one learning platform that allows teachers to deliver an interactive learning experience, to provide students with immediate, reliable data access,” says Paulo Ferreira, Head of Enterprise Mobility at Samsung South Africa. “We are excited to launch this solution at Crawford College, in partnership with The Advtech Group, a brand equally as passionate as Samsung about continual innovation and incorporating technology into every facet of scholar’s lives. This partnership will allow us to derive a strong value proposition for both the private and public educational sectors on the continent.”

There are three key pillars to the Samsung Smart School solution – interactive management, learning management, and student information, utilising two devices and technologies: eLearning boards and Tablet devices.

The interactive management solution delivers content to students and allows for the sharing of screens inside the classroom, providing teachers with the ability to monitor student progress and conduct group activities, as well as run tests or instant polls.

On the learning management system side, provision is made for the supply of educational materials that include e-textbooks, learning apps and timetables, as well as delivering school notices that can be accessed by students at any time.

While the student information system tracks student attendance, includes grade history, and keeps record of prizes or demerit points. Furthermore, students are able to access their school information at any time – whether at home or at school – and are able to interact with their peers and teachers via online portals and engaging communication tools. Through this they are better able to share their views and queries on school work as well as engage with follow students and teachers in real time.

“Samsung is committed to delivering the classroom of the future – taking learning beyond the blackboard and supporting the adoption of new technologies into our teaching environments. Through the Smart School solution teachers are provided with the flexibility they need to conduct interactive lessons and engage with students quicker and more effectively. Ultimately, we see this as an ideal way to elevate education and foster a creative learning environment in a managed digital setting. Certainly our hope is to contribute to increases in student grades and classroom interaction through our technology capabilities,” concludes Ferreira.

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