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Microsoft selects Binary Tree’s software

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Microsoft to Incorporate Binary Tree’s Migration and Coexistence Technology for -On-boarding their Customers to Office 365

Binary Tree, a provider of software solutions for migrating to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, announced that Microsoft has selected Binary Tree migration and coexistence technology to streamline the migration process for customers moving from Lotus Notes / Domino environments to Microsoft Office 365. This agreement allows Microsoft to offer Binary Tree technology to streamline the customer’s migration coexistence experience.

As the official distributor of Binary Tree’s migration tool set in Africa and the Middle East for over two years, Soarsoft Africa and their Partner Ecosystem, are well positioned to assist local companies with their messaging migrations. This allows them to leverage the full benefits of Binary Tree’s migration tools for smooth migrations to Office 365 from almost any platform.

“As more and more customers migrate to Office 365, we are pleased to have a partner like Soarsoft, that we can trust will deliver a seamless migration experience through use of our products,” said Carl Baumann, vice president of sales and marketing at Binary Tree. Customers can’t afford to wait to take their advantage of the many benefits of Office 365, and with Binary Tree, Soarsoft can migrate them today while taking advantage of the principal technology that Microsoft selected.”

Microsoft has not announced when Binary Tree’s technology will be available in conjunction with Office 365. Until then, customers can continue to purchase migration and coexistence software directly from Binary Tree or a registered Binary Tree partner such as Soarsoft Africa.

“Microsoft’s endorsement of Binary Tree as their choice of partner has reinforced our confidence in the brand and is testimony to its ability to underpin successful migrations from Lotus Notes to the MS Office 365 platform. This is particularly relevant as the local market is increasingly recognising the benefits of cloud and hosted solutions. Our technical know-how, expertise and experience is also of particular benefit to resellers as we are able to jointly ensure rapid and smooth migrations for their clients,” says Chris Hathaway, Director at Soarsoft Africa.

“This is a significant milestone for Binary Tree and we are honoured that Microsoft has selected our software to be offered with Office 365,” says Steven Pivnik, Chief Executive Officer at Binary Tree. “As we enter our 20th year as the messaging migration leader, the agreement further strengthens our leadership position, as well as our relationship with Microsoft.”

Under the terms of the non-exclusive agreement, Microsoft will be able to offer the following Binary Tree technology with their migrations to Office 365:

  •  CMT for Exchange – seamlessly migrates email, calendar and contact data from Lotus Notes
  •  CMT for Coexistence (excluding ZApp) – establishes robust interoperability between users on Lotus Domino and users on Microsoft
  •  CMT for SharePoint: easily migrates Lotus Notes application data to Microsoft SharePoint.
  •  CMT Inspector for Lotus Notes: helps analyze Lotus Notes environments in preparation for a migration off of the platform.

When Binary Tree’s technology components are offered with Office 365, customers requiring the application coexistence component known as Zero-Touch Application Remediation (ZApp), will continue to be able to purchase it directly from Binary Tree or a registered Binary Tree partner. ZApp allows users who have been migrated to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to continue to run email-enabled Lotus Notes workflow applications.

VMware Announces VMware vFabric™ GemFire® 7.0

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Cutting-edge in-memory data grid addresses enterprise demand for lightning fast, highly available and scalable data access for modern applications

VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, today announced the availability of VMware vFabric™ GemFire® 7.0, the premier in-memory data platform delivering speed and dynamic scalability, together with the reliability and data management capabilities of a traditional database. Faster and more flexible than ever before, this latest release enables users to process massive quantities of data and scale within the cloud to suit the needs of the user, while providing new tools to simplify monitoring and management. Also included in this version is native support for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents. Popular with mobile and other web developers, vFabric GemFire brings high performance, scale-out, transactional support and other enterprise-grade features to JSON not available from competing data offerings.

“The monolithic database of the past cannot meet the needs of modern applications,” said Jerry Chen, Vice President, Cloud and Application Services, VMware. “Proven through nearly a decade of production deployments in some of the most high-availability low-latency applications, VMware vFabric™ GemFire® 7.0 solves difficult data challenges presented by modern, highly distributed web-oriented applications.”

With this release, vFabric GemFire enables speed with scalability in the cloud, supporting terabytes of data in-memory and enabling high-performance within enterprise production deployments. Engineered for low latency, vFabric GemFire provides lightning fast, highly available and scalable data access for highly transactional modern applications, allowing businesses to run applications significantly faster than a traditional database.

What’s New in VMware vFabric GemFire 7.0:

  •  Cloud scale at the speed of business – With enhanced caching and wide area network (WAN) capabilities, vFabric GemFire was engineered to support low-latency applications that can scale to support terabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of users. New, high-speed parallel WAN processing allows customers to scale vFabric GemFire across global sites without sacrificing speed or performance.
  •  Simplified monitoring and management – vFabric GemFire includes new graphical dashboard and performance monitoring capabilities that give customers visibility across distributed vFabric GemFire environments through a singleconsole. A simplified command line interface (CLI) and new “DataBrowser” functionality allow customers to easily view data, make queries and control all aspects of the vFabric GemFire environment.
  •  Increased developer productivity – vFabric GemFire’s modern APIs and integration with the Spring framework speed and simplify development. Now, vFabric GemFire includes integration with the Spring Data GemFire project, including documentation and code samples to make it even easier to develop and support scalable, transactional enterprise applications. Further, applications using Memcached can transition smoothly to vFabric GemFire with minimal to zero developer impact since vFabric GemFire 7.0 supports the Memcached client protocol.
  •  JSON document support – vFabric GemFire 7.0 natively supports storing and querying of JSON documents. vFabric GemFire brings enterprise-grade capabilities to a JSON store including very low latency, horizontal scale-out, transaction support, security and continuousquery. It supports the ability to query between multiple JSON documents as well as across JSON documents and key/value objects. With this new capability, vFabric GemFire can be effectively used as a production-ready backend document store for REST and mobile applications.

Leading global 1,000 companies utilize vFabric GemFire including those in the financial services industry,online retail, travel and many others.

VMware vFabric GemFire 7.0 is currently available. For more information, please visit:

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A comprehensive solution for application security in the Cloud

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Application threats are constantly evolving. Recent international high-profile Internet attacks on organisations prove that no one is immune and perpetrators are extremely organised, skilled, and well-funded. The attacks are multi-layered and constant, and seek not only to deface a website, but to steal valuable data. Customer data, intellectual property and other highly sensitive information are the top targets.

Many organisations do a decent job of securing their infrastructure components, but are challenged when it comes to securing their web applications, whether they are hosted in house, in a cloud environment, or both. The majority of security breaches are the result of web application attacks which can cost companies significant amounts of money and seriously damage brand reputation. In addition to financial losses, an organisation may also have to address compliance and legal issues, public scrutiny, and loss of trust among shareholders and customers.

It’s clear that protecting applications, while still making them highly available to valid users, is critical to the lifeblood of an organisation. In response to these evolving challenges F5 has released F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) version 11, which provides the application protection organisations require to block evolving threats, no matter where the applications are deployed in today’s dynamic environments. BIG-IP ASM is a high-performance, ICSA-certified web application firewall (WAF) that provides a strategic point of control within the infrastructure from which enterprises can dynamically adapt to changing conditions to securely deliver crucial applications.

“Companies often grapple with how to secure their applications in the cloud, especially when they are unable to deploy their own security appliances and must rely on the provider’s solutions, which may leave organisations vulnerable and potentially liable for failing to meet regulatory requirements,” says F5 Senior Systems Engineer, Martin Walshaw. BIG-IP ASM is available in a Virtual Edition (BIG-IP ASM VE), which delivers the same functionality as the physical edition and helps companies maintain compliance when they deploy applications in the cloud. “If an organisation discovers an application vulnerability, BIG-IP ASM VE can quickly be deployed in a cloud environment, enabling organisations to immediately virtually patch vulnerabilities until the development team can permanently fix the application. Additionally, organisations are often unable to fix applications developed by third parties, and this lack of control prevents many of them from considering cloud deployments. But with BIG-IP ASM VE, organisations have full control over securing their cloud infrastructure,” explains Walshaw.

BIG-IP ASM is designed to block all known web application vulnerabilities including the OWASP Top 10, which includes attacks like XSS, SQL injection, and cross-site request forgery (CSRF). AJAX, which is a mix of technologies (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), is becoming more common within enterprises as it allows developers to deliver content without having to load the entire HTML page in which the AJAX objects are embedded. Unfortunately, AJAX code can allow an attacker to modify the application and prevent a user from seeing their customised content, or even initiate an XSS attack. Additionally, some developers are also using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) payloads, a lightweight data-interchange format that is understandable by most modern programming languages and used to exchange information between browser and server. If JSON is insecure and carrying sensitive information, there is the potential for data leakage.

“BIG-IP ASM v11 can parse JSON payloads and protect AJAX applications that use JSON for data transfer between the client and server. F5 is the only WAF vendor that fully supports AJAX, which is becoming more common even within enterprises. An organisation should only buy a WAF that can handle AJAX, because even if it isn’t currently using AJAX, it certainly will be in the near future,” says Walshaw.

Coding script is not the only thing to worry about when considering online security threats. Threats can come from a variety of sources, including malicious hackers, unscrupulous users, and valid users. File upload forms and users uploading their own files can pose a significant risk to applications. Often, the first step in attacking a system is to insert code into the system and have it execute. File uploads can actually help an intruder accomplish this, enabling attackers to deface a website, introduce other vulnerabilities like XSS, add a phishing page to the website, or even upload a file in hopes that the IT administrator launches it.

In BIG-IP v10.2, F5 introduced antivirus inspection using a remote device via the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP). This was only applied to files uploaded using HTTP multipart transactions, like when a user fills out a browser form or includes file attachments and sends the entire message to a server. With BIG-IP v11, BIG-IP ASM will now extract every file upload and send it to an antivirus scanner for inspection. BIG-IP ASM can inspect file uploads via HTTP, as well as files that are attached to SOAP or transactions that are embedded in XML documents and every file upload within a multi-part request.

Managing compliance is yet another daily consideration for IT. Organisations need an at-a-glance, up-to-the-minute view of their regulation requirements. While IT departments might have a grasp on it within their own environments, compliance in the cloud can still be a significant hurdle. BIG-IP ASM is the first product to offer integration between a vulnerability assessment tool, WhiteHat’s Sentinel, and a web application firewall. The WAF provides the web application protection while scanners provide insight into application vulnerabilities. The BIG-IP ASM and WhiteHat Sentinel combination enables organisations to quickly scan their applications for vulnerabilities and virtually patch them with the press of a button, closing the gap between vulnerability checking and detection, and remediation and protection.

“Overall, F5 BIG-IP ASM v11 is the most comprehensive WAF on the market. The virtual edition is cloud-ready, offering flexible deployment and cloud security for virtualised applications,” concludes Walshaw.

Samsung Targets Quality and Convergence with New A4 Colour Laser Line up

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Samsung’s new multi-function printers offer complete technology convergence

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has today launched its new A4 colour laser printer line up.

Samsung showcased the complete range of new A4 multi-function printers (MFP) at the Johannesburg launch, held at Urban Tree in Sandton. Designed with both single users and businesses in mind, and based on in-depth customer research, Samsung’s latest innovative printing solutions offer users total technology convergence.

Says Mike Van Lier, Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung South Africa, “We are extremely pleased with our new range of colour laser printing technologies and are confident they will offer added value to our existing product line up whilst addressing customer trends in printer usage.”

Samsung’s new multi-function printing series includes eleven new devices designed specifically for small businesses (CLP-36x series, CLX-3305 series, CLP-415 series, CLX-4195 series) and large corporate enterprises (CLP-680ND and CLX-6260 series) with all devices boasting printing speeds of 18 to 24 pages per minute.

Samsung printers have seen a great deal of success in recent years with its monochrome laser offerings receiving eight Buyers Lab awards including ‘Picks’, ‘Line of the Year,’ and the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award for its Easy Eco Driver.

Exceptional Colour Quality
The new models are all equipped with Samsung’s most advanced colour printing technology. By applying Samsung’s latest image processing technology ‘Rendering Engine for Clean Pages (ReCP),’ they now offer crisper and more vivid print and scan results. When printing, colour edges and text/graphic clarity are amazingly enhanced. The new Polymerized toner delivers extremely sharp professional image qualities for maximum results.

Effective Cost Control with Award Winning Easy Eco Driver
Cost is an important aspect in the B2B business, and with Samsung’s award winning Easy Eco Driver* enterprises can effectively manage printing options and save overall total cost of ownership (TCO) by an average of 20%, disabling unnecessary text, images or space prior to printing. The Eco-simulator within the driver allows customers to set up their preference and shows how much toner, electricity and paper have been saved in real-time, depending on the settings of the user. In addition, the one touch Eco-button instantly activates previously set Eco-printing function.

Print From Any Device
Samsung Easy Mobile Print enables printing and scanning from any mobile device with Samsung’s network/wireless printers. Users are able to print images, PDFs, web-pages and office documents. The Samsung Mobile Print application can be easily downloaded to the users’ smartphone or tablet. The application supports Android, Windows and iOS smartphones. With Wi-Fi Direct, there is no need for a router; The Mobile device can connect directly to the Print Device.

Smart Business Solutions for a Smarter Working Environment
Integrate your documents into a digital workflow for faster, cost-efficient processing and sharing. Samsung’s SmarThru solution captures paper documents digitally for fast, accurate, electronic archiving, indexing and file searching. In addition, SmarThru simplifies information sharing across different departments through the direct application on fax, FTP, print, e-mail and Microsoft SharePoint. The solution allows reduction of costs by eliminating wasteful manual filing and searching.

Samsung SyncThru solution allows easy management of printers and other devices within a business, raising productivity through optimization of the printing environment – a true device management solution from job accounting control to hardware eco-settings not only from PCs but also from any mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Compact and Ergonomic Design
Through the convergence of technology and design, Samsung Printers are now more compact and lighter than existing competitive models, leaving maximum office space for other purposes.

The Samsung Design Team created a new compact design by separating the interface and storage zone of a printer, providing a cleaner compact look and ergonomic characteristics. Apart from the external aspects the user interface (UI) has also been renewed by implementing a 4.3-inch touch screen display on selected models.

Reliable and Credible
Samsung Electronics has been manufacturing industry-leading printers for more than 20 years. It laser printers are renowned for their quality, reliability and energy efficiency. Samsung Electronics is also the second largest laser-engine manufacturer in the world, and manufactures approximately 70% of printers in-house—a key factor behind the quality and market success of its laser printer portfolio.

“Our brand is focused on delivering innovate technology and sophistication in design. The new laser printers launched today set a benchmark for this brand focus and continue to show the commitment that Samsung has for our customers in delivering products of the highest quality that deliver on its performance promises to meet local market expectations,” concludes van Lier.

The CLP-365 Series will retail at R1 399 – R1 799, the CLX-3305 Series at R2 599 – R3 399, the CLX-4195 at R5 999 and the CLP-415NW at R2 999.


Samsung Unveils Its All New All-in-One PC

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Powerful performance packed in a stylish slim design – AIO PC Series 7
Exclusively preloaded with Jamie Oliver’s Recipes application

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has unveiled the new All-In-One PC Series 7. Building on the premium aspects of the Samsung Series 9 Notebook, the new All-In-One (AIO) PC inherits Samsung’s advanced engineering craftsmanship with highly finessed and stylish design.

Beyond high performance, the new Samsung AIO PC Series 7 has been crafted to deliver an entirely new AIO PC experience. Driven by a 3rd Generation IntelCore i7 processor, 8GB RAM, dedicated AMD Radeon HD graphics and a WQHD display with resolution of 2560×1440, the new AIO PC Series 7 embodies innovative sense recognition features such as 10-finger multi-touch screen control and hand gesture commands.

“The All-In-One PC market carries enormous potential to grow by taking convergence technologies to the next level,” said Mike van Lier, Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung South Africa. “The new All-In-One PC Series 7 lives up to the true promise of all-in-one, incorporating every hardware and software feature that offers a maximised home entertainment experience.”

“This device truly demonstrates our commitment to innovation in technology. Today customers not only gain a PC that is stylish to look at, but more importantly, one that is backed by strong features to deliver real user convenience.”

Samsung All-In-One PC Set for Unlimited User Experience
With the new Windows 8 platform, demand for All-In-One PCs is expected to increase further as AIOs will have stronger, as well as more convenient, features and is expected to largely replace the existing desktop PC.

To provide such user benefits, Samsung has perfected not only the AIO’s hardware but also its software aspects to offer completely new experiences.

Intuitive Touch Function and Wider View
For an unlimited premium user experience, Samsung AIO PC Series 7 has been equipped with a 10-finger multi-touch screen – a technological leap in interactivity, surpassing traditional two-finger multi-touch by providing full touch control using all ten fingers. Its enhanced sensitivity enables users to enjoy the full capabilities of the latest entertainment applications or perform complicated content editing. Pinch to zoom on content or rotate images, and scroll through pages with complete ease using 10 multi-touch functions.

To enjoy its full capabilities as a home entertainment system, the new AIO PC has a viewing angle of 178 degrees** vertically and horizontally, which makes watching a movie with friends a true pleasure.

Gesture – It couldn’t be easier
To further expand user experience, the new AIO PC has five hand gesture recognition features that conveniently let users control the device with just a flick of the wrist from up to a meter away, perfect for enjoying home entertainment, for example. Swipe right or left to turn the pages of an e-book, or rotate your palm clockwise or counter-clockwise to change the volume while watching a movie. You can simply close your hand to click on an option in a programme and stop watching a movie by just waving your hands. The option of controlling and interacting with the device through motion control is breaking the physical boundaries between the consumer and screen, and is offering more convenience and enriching the consumers’ experience.

The True Performer
Power and performance are ensured with a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB RAM. A powerful AMD Radeon HD 7850M graphics processor, Blu-ray drive, and up to 1TB HDD and 64GB SSD ensure that content in a wide array of formats is readily available in no time, and enable seamless playback, editing, creating and saving of content.

To further expand the true all-in-one experience, the new device is equipped with 14-Watt speakers, while Tweeter and Dolby sound*** deliver rich sound quality in any environment.

The AIO’s latest WQHD** display, featuring 2560×1440 resolution, delivers a crisp, clear and all-encompassing viewing experience. Users are now able to fit more windows into a single screen without compromising on scale. Browsing online while simultaneously watching a movie is no longer an issue.

Samsung PC Windows 8 Exclusive: Jamie Oliver Recipes
Samsung AIO PC Series 7 users can now enjoy Jamie Oliver’s award winning application Jamie Oliver’s Recipes, which is available now on Windows 8 and exclusively pre-installed on Samsung Windows 8 PCs. Enjoy delicious recipes from around the world, developed specifically for the application and displayed in an easy to follow step-by-step format, each with beautiful high-definition photographs. Now supported by a large PC screen, cooking has never been easier.

Timeless Design
Samsung AIO PC Series 7 accentuates your home with a modern and minimalistic look. Its clutter-free and space-saving design features a uniquely stylish metallic arch stand, an ultra-slim display with a durable metal edge, and an edge-to-edge glossy black screen. This elegant new AIO PC adds a premium look to any living space or office.

Recommended retail price: R14 999. Available from December 2012 through Samsung Brand Stores and leading retailers

FrontRange Partners with Bytes Systems Integration

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Leading Provider of Hybrid ITSM Solutions and Cloud Service Provider to deliver Industry Leading Cloud Service Management Platform across Sub-Saharan Africa

FrontRange Solutions, the leading provider of hybrid IT service management solutions, today announced a joint partnership with Bytes Systems Integration, a leader in innovative cloud-based solutions serving the Sub-Saharan market in Africa.

As a result of the new partnership, Bytes’ business unit, BytesNet, will become the cloud platform partner for FrontRange’s HEAT Cloud software serving customers in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, Bytes System Integration is now a regional reseller of the FrontRange HEAT Cloud ITSM solution.

FrontRange HEAT Cloud ITSM solution is a robust, highly flexible solution built on IT best practices that helps customers meet the dynamic service and client management needs of a growing business and achieve the highest level of service quality, delivery and performance. Validating its market leadership, Cloud Computing magazine recently named the FrontRange HEAT Cloud ITSM solution as a Cloud Computing Excellence award-winner for the second year in a row.

BytesNet is an established aggregator of voice and data network services, and is leveraging its expertise as South Africa’s first cloud systems integrator.

Today’s partnership provides customers a high-availability cloud solution for comprehensive service management capabilities that address a wide range of service desk business requirements. These best practice services fully leverage the expertise of Bytes’ technical team and BytesNet’s highly reliable infrastructure.

“As South Africa’s largest IT company, Bytes Systems Integration and BytesNet have an impressive track record delivering seamless IT services to clients,” said Kevin Smith, VP and GM of the Cloud Business Unit at FrontRange. “This experience is crucial in enabling Bytes to deliver on the promise of the cloud and achieve the highest level of service quality that our customers demand. This strategic partnership offers our joint customers world-class service that will optimize operational efficiencies while reducing cost and complexity associated with essential service and client management requirements.”

“FrontRange has an impressive installed base in Southern Africa, and we look forward to building on this foundation,” said Mark Neethling, SOA and BPM division manager at Bytes. “Adding premium software services to our cloud offering builds the credibility of our cloud platform, and lowers incremental costs for our customers and partners. We are redefining the cloud systems integration market in South Africa, and our relationship with FrontRange is a key element in positioning BytesNet as the de facto cloud leader.”

Samsung Redefines Computing and Modernises Mobile Integrations in new Series 5 Smart Station

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Second generation unified desktop hub increases productivity, versatility and offer mobile connections for users’ on-the-go

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, recently introduced the next evolution of its award-winning Central Station, the Series 5 Samsung Smart Station.

This HD monitor, part docking station, the second generation Series 5 Smart Station (CB550) builds upon the successes of its predecessor and now integrates with mobile devices in addition to notebook PCs, peripherals, network and AV, providing users with a simple and convenient way to increase productivity. Additionally, the new Series 5 CB550 integrates with mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, for added versatility. The Series 5 Smart Station is available in a 24 inch configuration.

“The PC market has been slowly evolving as users move away from desktops in favour of the convenience of laptops, tablets and even smartphones,” says Mike van Lier, Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung South Africa. “By doing this, users are limited to comparatively small screens, touchpads, limited keyboards and multiple peripheral connections. The new Series 5 Smart Station solves these problems by providing users with an easy way to reduce desktop connection clutter and combine the convenience of a laptop or mobile device with the traditional advantages of a desktop PC.”

““The addition of the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station to the Smart PC product line-up marks the culmination of Samsung’s Smart PC’s and desktop offerings and duly demonstrates our understanding around the importance of using a functional product with stylish design and innovative technology,” continues van Lier.

Series 5 CB550 Smart Station, Simple Solution
As more and more users consume digital content on their tablets and smartphones, screen size has become an increasing concern. By linking their Android MHL-compatible smartphone, users can take advantage of the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station’s new Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) and enjoy content from their mobile devices directly on the much larger screen and with the benefit of rich, built-in stereo audio. Users can more easily keep an eye on their smartphone, seamlessly browse to it and even charge the device for a truly unified experience.

The Series 5 (CB550) includes a new Mobile Control feature which allows users to simultaneously connect to a tablet or smartphone, granting them complete control over their mobile device via the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station’s unified hub interface and a traditional mouse and keyboard. Users can quickly and seamlessly browse between their laptop and smartphone interfaces to reply to incoming SMS messages or alerts on their mobile devices and return to more involved tasks on their laptop within seconds.

Sporting an updated, sophisticated design, the Series 5 Smart Station features smooth lines and Samsung’s attention to aesthetic style with a wide-angle viewing panel and new base-mounted connection ports that reduce desktop clutter.

Elegant, Efficient Styling
Samsung’s new Series 5 Smart Station sports an elegant single-hinge base, providing an easily adjustable monitor and simplifying the silhouette into a minimalist desktop display.

Featuring three USB ports (two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0) for connecting peripherals; the Series 5 Smart Station boasts fast, versatile data transfer and device communication and the ports are aligned on the sides of the monitor’s base for easy access. In addition, the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station includes an HDMI input, enabling users to connect Blu-ray players, set top boxes, or gaming devices in order to take full advantage of the 1080p LED backlit display.

Designed with sleek ergonomics and superior viewing in mind, the Series 5 CB550 Smart Station features a Samsung’s hallmark Magic technologies, ensuring crisp, detailed images and bold colour from any vantage point.

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