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Kaspersky Lab announces SA Head of Operations and African expansion

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Kaspersky Lab reaffirms commitment to African market

Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions, is aiming to boost its presence and intensify its business activity within the African market – a region that is a key focus for the brand.

Says Vasily Dyagilev, Managaing Director of Kasperskly Lab Emerging Markets; “Our aim is to become the number 1 IT security vendor in South Africa and the leader in the African region within the next 3 years. It is for this reason that the company recently undertook a restructuring process within its office located in Johannesburg, South Africa.”

In line with this Kaspersky Lab today announces the appointment of Riaan Badenhorst as the Head of Operations for Kaspersky Lab Africa. Riaan will be in charge of all Kaspersky Lab’s operations in more than 40 countries of the Sub Saharan African region. Having been with the brand since 2011, where Riaan has worked as the corporate sales manager focusing on growing Kaspersky Lab’s market share in both the enterprise and small business sectors, Riaan brings a wealth of insight into this role. Continues Dyagilev; “We are excited about the appointment of Riaan in this position and welcome him into this role. With more than 15 years of experience in the broader IT industry, Riaan has acquired extensive knowledge of IT over the years and we look forward to the value this will bring to the brand in Africa.”

Says Riaan Badenhorst; “I am honoured to have been appointed in this role for Kaspersky Lab in SA. In the local region, we will work hard on expanding our reach and service offerings, paying special attention to developing our channel and supporting our partners, where soon we will be able to present new services for our African business customers.”

Since the brand opened its local office in South Africa in the November of 2009, Kaspersky Lab has experienced phenomenal growth and has shown strong results. Today, the brand is number 1 within the retail sector in the country, and when comparing results of 2011 to 2012, the brand has experienced a 30% YTD growth rate in the retail sector, and a 15% growth rate overall. Continues Dyagilev; “Going forward, considering the fact that more and more businesses are becoming entrenched in the digital world, where concepts such as virtualisation are growing at an astonishing rate, coupled with the fact that 125 000 new samples of malware appear every day, according to our research, our aim is to strengthen our presence and growth within the corporate solutions market. We want to become number 1 among the IT security vendors in South Africa. Our goal for other territories remains to enlarge the partners’ database and increase our share in all segments.”

The restructure of the local office has been undertaken to assist Kaspersky Lab in reaching these high goals. Africa has been hailed as the next big growth market and it is for this reason that the world has its ‘eye’ on the contient, due to the ample opporutunity it presents. Opening an office in the SA region formed part of Kaspersky Lab’s international expansion strategy to establish its footprint across the emerging African region, which has and continues to show stong IT competiveness.

Further to this, Kaspersky Lab has also established a new branch in the Kenyan region – a market that is growing by the day. Bethwel Opil has been appointed in the role of Channel Sales Manager for East Africa, where he is responsible for 5 East-African countries. This brings the total African Kaspersky Lab staff count up to 8 highly-professional specialists by the end of 2012.

Adds Dyagilev; “According to Kaspersky Lab statistics in Q3 of 2012, every fifth user in South Africa and Nigeria and every forth in Kenya faced a form of malware while surfing the Internet. This proves the reality of cybercriminal activity here and makes us work harder on raising awareness of the necessity of protection measures and offering a robust line of consumer and corporate solutions in the region.”

“We are committed to delivering only the best in products and services to our customers where the restructure of the African office reaffirms Kaspersky Lab’s commitment to the region,” concludes Dyagilev.

Is it possible to train the 50 000 new artisans needed by 2015 asks Artisan Training Institute?

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If government’s mooted multi billion Rand investment in South Africa’s infrastructure goes ahead, the country’s already serious shortage of trained artisans is going to get more serious, said Sean Jones, a director of the black empowered Artisan Training Institute (ATI), formerly known as Ikhaya Fundisa Techniskills Academy (IFTA).

Jones said the government’s infrastructure push would create a bigger demand for artisans across several disciplines and would place greater pressure to find talented youth who are trainable in an effort to “deliver the goods”.

“We are already sitting with a huge backlog of artisans and, if the government’s New Growth Path does conjure up the work demand it says it will, the country will have to train 50 000 new artisans by 2015 and at least 30 000 additional engineers by 2014.”

Speaking to the press earlier this year, Blade Nzimande, the minister of higher education, stated that the training of artisans must be given the highest level of priority, as highlighted in the government’s intentions to strengthen the manufacturing sector – and in line with the New Growth Path and the Industrial Policy Action Plan II.

“There is nothing more patriotic than developing artisans, they are the heart of South Africa’s economic development, and will be the main driver behind the manufacturing sector in years to come.”

Last year, 24 000 artisans were registered in further education and training (FET) colleges in the country. But only an estimated 13 000 artisans were qualified. While this in itself is not a good sign, the pace of economic growth remains muted and is being exacerbated by government’s delays in awarding tenders, despite its frequent talk of investing R845 billion in infrastructure.

This is also the conclusion of the 2012 Infrastructure Sector Research Survey, conducted by executive search firm, Landelahni Business Leaders Amprop SA.

Signs are that across the world crucial infrastructure schemes are competing for a dwindling skills pool amid fears that the skills shortage could delay projects in major markets. Driven largely by China and India, construction is expected to grow globally by 67% over the next eight years. The study reveals that developing and retaining key technical skills is essential if South Africa is to meet the challenge of building a massive new infrastructure envisaged by the R845 billion input.

The 2012 Landelahni Infrastructure Sector Survey researched 75 companies with just over 300 000 permanent employees in the electricity, water, waste, road, rail and ports sectors, as well as consulting engineers, major listed and unlisted construction companies and large suppliers to the construction industry

Construction is expected to grow from $7,2 trillion to $12 trillion in 2020, driven substantially by emerging markets. An Oxford Economics survey estimates that construction will make up 13,2% of global GDP by 2020.

Growth in sub-Saharan Africa is expected to be about 14% higher than that in South Africa. An estimated $20 billion in infrastructure projects are already underway on the continent of Africa.

Multisource’s super WiFi with 10km2 range sets MyBroadband conference buzzing

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The MyBroadband Conference, held at Vodacom World yesterday, revealed that one of the top trends in the telecommunications industry is the quest for mobility. Multisource Telecoms, wireless communication specialist and platinum sponsor of the conference, launched its Altai product suite at the event, bringing to South Africa Wi-Fi products that blow the capabilities of other Wi-Fi systems out of the water.

The ability of the Altai products to provide truly wide area access, to create “hot-zones” or “hot-regions” as opposed to hotspots was a major talking point of the show. While existing Wi-Fi systems typically produce Wi-Fi hotspots with a maximum range of 200 to 300 square metres, the new Altai range is capable of creating a Wi-Fi hot zone of up to 10 square kilometres.

“Where internet connectivity via fibre to the home was previously considered to be the utopia, it is now more about the ability to receive high capacity broadband access whilst on the move and between disparate mobile access mediums,” said Richard Smuts-Steyn, chief executive officer of Multisource. “It’s all about the device and a search for exceptional wireless access and in this regard, the Altai product suite delivers superbly.”

The launch of the Altai range also opened up a renewed interest and confidence in the ability to seamlessly hand off voice and data communications from GSM to WiFi in select regions. “The Altai range allows for high capacity data offload onto a Wi-Fi network that not only reduces the data burden on the GSM infrastructure, but provides far higher throughputs than currently provided by even the 4G networks,” Smuts-Steyn explained.

Data throughput using super Wi-Fi is capable of transmitting up to 80 megabits per second, compared to 3G, which has a capability of 10 megabits per second and basic ADSL, with a capability of only 512 kilobits per second. The system is also very stable and reliable.

The second trend clearly forefront in most service providers’ minds was the quality of their backhaul links. Where Dark Fibre Africa is doing a superb job of providing fibre access to most players, there remain strong requirements for the immediacy of microwave backhaul. Sadly there are still long delays and expenses in seeking ICASA licenses and thus the availability of the Alcoma 17GHz link as a high capacity, medium distance, license free link was another point of excitement for most that visited the Multisource stand.

“Multisource would like to thank MyBroadband for their support of the industry, for facilitating this show, and for the opportunity to present our state-of-the-art product offerings to the industry,” Smuts-Steyn said.

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New Beat Sensation – Megamix by Flim Flam Tolga Balkan (1989) CD Album

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Super Dance Megamix Vol.3 Maxi-CD Rednex Winx Corona 2 Unlimited

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12”:Steve Arrington,Dancin’ In The Key Of Life (Megamix) (Atlantic)

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MCD Boney M – Christmas Mega Mix – 1992

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Barry White- Barry’s Theme Mix Megamix Vinyl Bootleg

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Boney M. – Christmas Mega Mix 12” Disco Vinyl SPAIN ONLY

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Madonna – GHV2 Tracy Young Megamix US 12” Vinyl

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