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Best of Thunderdome ´96 [Megamix Mix]

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Eurodance Best of 1994 Megamix 2

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Hardcore Megamix Vol. 2 – CD MIXED

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My Megamix

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Village People, Mega Mix, VG+ EP

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Microsoft ‘to create opportunities for 300 million youth globally’

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Microsoft has launched a global youth initiative that aims to create opportunities for 300 million youth in more than a hundred countries over the next three years – and South Africa’s youth is set to benefit to the tune of more than 3 000 opportunities in the process.

The company-wide initiative, called YouthSpark, was launched last week via a live webcast by Microsoft Corp CEO Steve Ballmer. It aims toconnect young people with greater opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship, with a major focus on partnerships with non-profit organisations and NGOs that serve the youth around the world. The company is also launching a range of new youth-focused Citizenship initiatives.

Nyati says over the next three years, Microsoft SA will aim to create in excess of  3 000 opportunities for young people through Youthspark initiatives such as its Student2Business and Student2Government programmes as well as the company’s community technology support programmes and student initiatives. The company has already signed a partnership with the Deputy Presidency and the Department of Higher Education and Training to support youth in the country’s 50 FET Colleges and to develop their technology skills for employment.

“In South Africa, our youth is deeply frustrated with the lack of opportunities that exist,” said Microsoft SA’s MD, Mteto Nyati . “This was the overwhelming response from an online survey that we ran among the youth of South Africa during the ‘youth’ month of June earlier this year. We need to act now.”

According to the latest StatsSA figures released in August, South Africa’s unemployment rate stands at 24.9%. Of the 4.5-million job seekers, 68% have been searching for employment for over a year. A great concern for Microsoft is the number of South African graduates without jobs.

In response, Microsoft SA has refocused its social investment strategy to help South Africa’s youth overcome the opportunity divide through a single strategy that directly addresses key youth challenges: access to technology, skills for employability and jobs.

Nyati says YouthSpark goes beyond philanthropy and brings together a range of global programmes that empower young people with access to technology and a better education. The technology access programmes for students include locally relevant content, apps and collaboration technologies, including:

  • Office365 for EDU:  Free technology tools for all students and teachers with internet access to power learning and collaboration. It include features such as email, instant messaging, group video and voice chat, and online document viewing and editing.
  • Skype in the Classroom is a free, global community for teachers to connect their students with other students and guest speakers from around the world.
  • Partners in Learning is a professional development programme for government officials, school leaders, and educators to help them with new approaches to teaching and learning, using technology to help students develop 21st century skills. South Africa’s Partners in Learning Programme has reached 30 000 teachers and 3 million students locally in the past three years .
  • DreamSpark provides free access to Microsoft designer and developer tools for students and educators, helping advance key technical skills at a critical time in a student’s development during the high school and college years.
  • Imagine Cup is the world’s premier youth technology competition which challenges students to apply their knowledge and passion to develop technical solutions for social impact, engaging games and to demonstrate innovation that can benefit others, local communities, and the world.
  • BizSpark is a software startup program, providing young entrepreneurs with access to Microsoft software development tools and connections with key industry players, including investors, to help them start a new business.

Nyati says Microsoft will also be sharing best practices with other companies on how to develop public-private sector partnership around developing skills and driving job creation, which he believes has the potential to “turbocharge” job creation in this country.

International Athletes Endorsed Yurbuds Sport Earphones Now in SA

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Distributed exclusively by Gammatek 

Gammatek has been appointed the exclusive South African distributor for Yurbuds, the award-winning sport earphones company which is endorsed by world-class athletes across the globe.

The Yurbuds range of sport earbuds and earphones has been developed by athletes for athletes and features innovative design that enhances the entire listening experience for individuals performing at their peak. “…we are committed to transforming that experience into something exceptional through our audio products. Our goal is to inspire people to push themselves beyond the wall,” says Yurbuds.

The company was founded in 2009 by designer and CEO Seth Burgett, an Ironman triathlete and Ricard Daniels, chief operating officer and also a 27-time marathoner.  Designed together with a team of audiologists, Yurbuds’ mission was to transform athletes’ experience through personalised service and exceptional audio products that integrate ergonomics and emotive design.

Indicative of the company’s design success it, for example, won the Good Design Award in 2010 from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

Comments Zev Cherniak from Gammatek: “The Yurbuds range of sport earphones offers inspirational design that is optimised for athletes.  We have no doubt that South African sports enthusiasts , your casual gym goers and professional athletes will find the products’ design ideal when engaging in their fitness and performance regimes, ensuring a great listening experience for hours on end.”

The Yurbuds sport earphones and earbuds range includes the following technologies and features:

  • TwistLock – twists and locks the Yurbuds into place for a secure fit that never falls out, even under the most intense workout conditions.
  • Ultra Soft Silicone – ergonomically designed to avoid nerve rich areas of the ear. Made with flexible silicone it is also very soft and comfortable.
  • Exceptional sound quality – clinically proven acoustics for deeper, richer sound.
  • Performance enhancing – delivers consistent music which is clinically proven to inspire longer, harder workouts.
  • Sweat and water resistance for training in any conditions
  • Ambient noise awareness – designed to allow more ambient noise than most other earphones at the same volume levels.
  • Dry mic – water resistant three-button control and microphone for controlling music and calls on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
  • Woven cloth cord – no more tangled and torn coats.

The following products from Yurbuds will be available from all leading sport retailers, major consumer electronic stores and retailers. For more info contact Gammatek on 011 201 0800.

  • Yurbuds Iron Man Inspire White
  • Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Black
  • Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Talk White
  • Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Talk Black
  • Yurbuds Ironman Focus Black
  • Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Duro Black / Red
  • Yurbuds Focus Pro Black
  • Yurbuds Inspire Pro Black

Venture capital or private equity? The entrepreneur’s dilemma

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If you’re a small technology-based business and you want to grow, at some point you’ll need more money than you can raise from operations, or borrow from family and friends. That’s when you will need to turn to professional investors, in the form of a venture capital or private equity firm that will inject cash in return for a share of the business.

But which is the best option, and what are the risks and rewards of each?

“The biggest difference is that a venture capital firm will typically invest, for the short to medium term, in companies at a relatively early stage of their development, when the risks of failure are higher”, says Corporate Finance Attorney Adrian Dommisse.  Many investment companies will either fail, or just putter along without doing anything spectacular.

To compensate for that risk, the successful company had better do spectacularly well – and so the typical VC will want to exit within three years, for perhaps ten times their initial investment.

As a result, it’s an understatement to say that a VC investment comes with some strings attached; they’re more like heavy-duty industrial cables.  Strict performance requirements are standard, as are explicit dividends, determined upfront, which accrue until they can be paid. The VC will typically also demand the right to liquidate their investment – which may require the right to sell the company as a whole.

Also, don’t expect that as the founder you are automatically the right person to continue as MD or CEO. Part of the value a VC brings is to scale the business, and identify roles within the business (however senior) that need specialised managerial skills.  Successful VCs are not, in general, cuddly sorts of people. It’s their job to be hard-headed to the point of ruthlessness; there is, after all, a lot at stake.

So inviting and accepting a VC investment is not a step to be taken lightly, or because it’s some kind of startup status symbol. The purpose of VC is to provide the funds you need to grow, and so the investment is not a sign that you’ve made it – it’s the cue to work harder and more seriously than ever.

The typical private equity investor, on the other hand, has a slightly lower appetite for risk. They are more likely to take a five- to ten-year view, investing in a company that already has an established track record and can offer good turns – if not the spectacular ones demanded by the venture capitalist. A private equity investor will also bring a wider range of skills to the board.

On balance, if you can possibly afford to self-fund for just a little longer it may be worth hanging in there until you become worthy of the private equity funders’ attention. If you know that your growth ambitions are doomed to fail without that early cash injection, go for the VC option. But in either case, keep your eyes very wide open – and take all the experienced advice you can get.

Smartphones drive explosion in data demand

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The rapid penetration of smartphones into the South African market has spurred massive demand for mobile data from consumers, a trend that looks set to continue as new devices such as the Apple iPhone 5 hit the market.

That’s according to Tim Walter, Executive Head: Strategy and Business Transformation at Nashua Mobile. He says that the amount of data call number records Nashua Mobile processes has almost doubled year on year, reflecting a significant growth in data usage by the company’s mobile subscribers.  Many players in the mobile industry have seen data revenues grow by 20% each year, even though the cost they bill per megabyte is falling all the time.

The reasons that data usage has taken off so strongly include the number of consumers switching from cellphones and feature phones to smartphones as well as the fact that the devices are becoming more bandwidth hungry all the time, says Walter. Around 80% of the new devices Nashua Mobile is selling are smartphones.

“With the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SIII and many Nokia Lumia models all boasting large high resolution touchscreens, they eat data at a rapid rate. Many of them are now set to download email attachments by default. Since the browsing experience on these devices is so enjoyable, users are spending more time on the Web and social networks on their smartphones than they did before,” he says.

The downside is that many consumers who do not carefully track their data spending either burn through their data bundles early in the month or receive a massive bill for the data they have used at the end of the month, says Walter. As a result, the telecommunications industry is under pressure to deliver convenient data options that allow users to squeeze more data from their phones at an affordable cost.

One reason for the ubiquity of BlackBerry smartphones in South Africa is the BlackBerry Internet Service, which offers users unlimited on-device browsing, social networking and email for a flat-fee, says Walter. In time, we can expect to see more similar packages come to market to cater for users who want to enjoy similar services on other devices.

Nashua Mobile’s products Xtreme Data and Xtreme Data Premium, for example, are among the few flat-rate data packages available to people who don’t want to use a BlackBerry smartphone. Currently available with a wide range of Nokia handsets, these packages offer flat-rate data for users who don’t want to worry about the bill they are running up through social networking, email and Web browsing.

Yet in metro areas where mobile networks are already congested, mobile data is likely to always come at a premium over fixed-line broadband, says Walter. This means that operators and consumers are also likely to turn to tactics such as Wi-Fi offloading to take traffic off the mobile networks.

With the necessary technology rapidly maturing and complications of billing for services being addressed, the time is ripe for the operators to offer 3G to WiFi offload as an option to their subscribers, says Walter. We can expect to see hotspot operators and cellular networks coming up with some interesting business models of WiFi offloading in the months to come, he adds.

Walter says that data tariffs are tricky for consumers to manage, with costs that vary between 14 cents and R2 per MB depending on the package they are on or the bundle that they buy. One of the challenges that the industry will face in future is making these costs simpler and more transparent while providing flexibility to consumers, says Walter.

He adds that with tablets and ‘phablets’ (large touchscreen phones somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet in size) becoming more popular, data growth is set to keep growing into the future. Ensuring a high quality and affordable experience to the end-user while achieving decent margins will be a major challenge for network operators going into the future, he concludes.

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