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WD ships new slim and sleek family of portable hard drives

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My Passport Edge™ Family Offers Super-Fast USB 3.0, Auto Backup, Password Protection and Hardware Encryption in Ultra-Compact Design

WD, has introduced its newest version of My Passport line of portable hard drives for PC and Mac with the debut of My Passport Edge. The My Passport Edge and My Passport Edge for Mac feature 500 GB of storage and a USB 3.0 interface for fast read/write speeds to help consumers effectively manage, share and enjoy digital content everywhere they go. Its sleek, ultra-slim design makes transport easy and convenient while a variety of security features protects the drive’s content from unauthorised access.

The My Passport Edge for Mac portable hard drive complements popular MacBookcomputers and MacBook Air computer designs with an all-aluminum exterior to protect the drive and its contents from everyday bumps. The My Passport Edge for Mac is also compatible with Apple Time Machine for added peace-of-mind and seamless operation out of the box with one’s Mac computer.

The My Passport Edge (PC-version) portable hard drive incorporates WD SmartWare continuous and automatic backup software to create a copy of users’ computers’ content to ensure personal digital files are backed-up and protected in the event of computer loss or theft. For a sleek look, the My Passport Edge was also re-engineered with a new design for a premium finish.

“WD’s new My Passport Edge portable drives for Mac and PC offer mobile users a safe, compact, attractive way to conveniently work or play anywhere life or business may take them,” says Anamika Budree, WD Country Manager – South Africa. “This is particularly relevant to the South African market as the uptake of mobility takes a grip.  Both business users and consumers on the move will benefit from these new portable hard drives, providing them with protection, convenience and peace of mind.”

Pricing and Availability

My Passport Edge and My Passport Edge for Mac 500 GB portable hard drives come with a 3-year limited warranty and will be available in South Africa during the month of November from selected retailers.  The approximate recommended retail price is:

My Passport Edge for PC – 500GB – R899.00 inclusive of V.A.T.

My Passport Edge for Mac – 500GB – R899.00 inclusive of V.A.T.

For more information regarding the My Passport Edge portable hard drives please visit the WD website at and for the My Passport Edge for Mac.

Print more for less with new HP Ink Advantage printers from DCC

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All-in-one printing just got even more affordable, thanks to a new range of compact, affordable and reliable multifunction printers with HP’s innovative Ink Advantage technology. The HP Ink Advantage range of All-in-One printers is ideal for home and home office users who want to print more for less. The range includes a number of models aimed at consumer and business users. All models are available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

“One of the biggest problems with ink printers, particularly for the home and home office user, has always been the cost of replacing ink cartridges. This has led consumers to use generic, refilled and even counterfeit print cartridges, which renders the printer warrantee null and void and impacts the quality of the print.  Ink Advantage technology allows us to offer high print volumes per cartridge, with up to two times the pages for the same cost, putting original HP consumables within reach of all consumers. The Ink Advantage range combines the quality and reliability that HP users have come to expect,” says Caron De Fortier, HP Imaging & Printing Group Business Unit Manager at DCC.

The HP Ink Advantage 2515 All-in-One is ideal for home users who want full colour printing, scanning and copying capabilities in an easy to set up, easy to use and affordable device. The HP Ink Advantage 3525 e-All-in-One combines the same easy to use features, with wireless capability, mobile HP ePrint solutions and automatic double-sided printing. Individual HP inks and borderless printing capability allow small and home office users to produce professional looking documents and leaflets, and AirPrint lets you print directly from iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices.

The HP Ink Advantage 4615 All-in-One Printer is designed with the business user in mind, offering affordable all-in-one technology with easy-to-use copy, scan and fax tools. It features a 35-page automatic document feeder for fast scan capability, and enables users to scan and fax to a PC directly from the all-in-one. The HP Ink Advantage 4625 eAll-in-One incorporates all of these features along with wireless-ready capabilities and ePrint technology to allow users to print from smartphones or tablet from virtually anywhere.

The HP Ink Advantage 5525 e-All-in-One Printer gives home users access to lab-quality photo printing, two-sided documents and more, with low-cost inks and a choice of mobile printing options. A large, touchscreen lets users print, scan and copy with ease.  Direct access to the HP Quick Forms app, allows you to turn plain white paper into notebook paper, graph paper, ‘to do lists’, games, music sheets and more.  Documents, photos and more can be scanned to email or a network folder, and users can print directly from a camera’s memory card.

All of the printers in the HP Ink Advantage range are easy and intuitive to use, featuring out of the box installation which allows users to be up and running in a matter of minutes. Intuitive controls on the built-in graphic display allow users to easily access and control print, scan and copy tools.  Furthermore, the all-in-ones power up in seconds, and are ready to use at the drop of a hat.

“Home and home office users can now enjoy the reliable performance of HP printers (the world’s top selling brand), more affordably and economically than ever before,” De Fortier concludes.

HP Ink Advantage printers are available from resellers and selected retailers. Recommended retail prices include V.A.T. and are as follows:

IA 2515 – R699.00

IA 3525 – R999.00

IA 4615 – R1199.00

IA 4625 – R1499.00

IA 5525 – R1299.00.

DCC debuts Lexmark’s OfficeEdge Pro4000 and Pro5500 colour printers

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Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is now stocking the Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro4000 and OfficeEdge Pro5500 colour multifunction printers (MFPs). Both all-in-one printers are part of Lexmark’s popular OfficeEdge range and are ideally suited to their Small Medium Enterprise (SME) target market, whilst also offering enterprise functionality.

These competitively priced printers offer an all-in-one solution for businesses that require cost-effective, yet high quality, volume printing. With a 50 per cent lower cost on laser-quality printing (10 cents a page for black and white prints and 11 cents a page for colour printing), as well as rapid scanning and printing, both the Pro4000 and the Pro5500 offer a fast, efficient and cost-saving office solution. Tested for heavy-duty printing, both printers can handle high volumes of printing and have an optional second tray, making loading extra paper easy. High-yield ink cartridges save on office supply replacements and also reduce the printer’s carbon footprint.

“One of the top five features of both the Pro4000 and the Pro5500 is wireless printing. This offers the convenience of printing from anywhere within the network environment,” says Tyrone Malan, Lexmark Product Specialist at DCC. “Printing speeds are also faster than most similarly priced colour laser multifunction printers (MFPs) at 21 black pages per minute and 14 colour pages per minute.”

“Another great feature is that both printers are Markvision Enterprise Compatible. This software acts as a diagnostic tool by monitoring ink levels, trouble-shooting and reducing customer downtime by sending e-mail alerts to the IT manager.”

Ease of use and functionality are also key features and the Pro4000 and Pro5500 have PCL and PostScript support, making them easy to integrate into an existing IT system. With a USB port enabling walk-up printing from several formats, including PDF and JPEG, and Ethernet and Wireless-N supporting flexible networking and multi-user workgroups, the Pro4000 and Pro5500 are truly built for business.

Although both printers share the same basic specs, there are some differences. To increase productivity and efficiency the Pro4000 comes with time-saving 1-touch shortcuts such as scan to e-mail, and scans rapidly at around five seconds per page with a 50 page automatic document feeder.

The Pro5500s intuitive touch screen has an easy-to-navigate menu, showing users what they need when they need it. The 50-page duplex automatic document feeder scans both sides of a page in less than five seconds. Time-saving software applications for scan to e-mail, scan to PDF, scan to network and multifunction workflows are easily downloadable, saving time and money.

For more information, visit DCC at

The mobile web goes mainstream: Absa

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Absa, South Africa’s largest financial services provider has announced that growth patterns in the use of its mobile website have exceeded expectations seeing over 1.3 million page views each month.

The bank has also seen year-on-year growth of 450% in mobile traffic. This is largely due to the portal’s redefined user experience, optimised for mobile visitors, including a range of handy tools and features along with useful content.

“Clearly the mobile channel has reached a tipping point – with users now using their cellphones for far more than just simple banking transactions or SMS alerts,” says Absa’s Head of Retail Markets, Arrie Rautenbach.

“Smartphones and feature phones are increasingly popular in the local market; data costs are declining; and users are generally becoming more comfortable using the mobile apps,” he adds.

Absa’s mobi site offers a comprehensive range of services – from ‘find a product’ tools that serve up appropriate package offerings based on simple information, to instant credit bureau checks, ATM, branch locators and calculators.

The portal also contains a suite of information on current promotions, product offerings, and the latest news from financial markets globally. is also the doorway to the secure WAP-based mobile banking platform.

Rautenbach says that the growth in the mobile portal usage mirrors the bank’s strong play in other areas of the mobile channel.

“We now have over 7 million people subscribed for SMS transactional alerts via our NotifyMe service – receiving almost a billion SMSes annually. We are also seeing over 3.6 million customers registered for mobile banking.”

Absa’s mobile banking services are delivered across three technology bearers (USSD, WIG and WAP) to cater for a variety of handset capabilities and user requirements.

“Added to this, we are leading the way in mobile payments and mobile wallets with our launch of South Africa’s first live trial of true Near-Field Communications via cellphones,” says Rautenbach.

Absa’s mobile portal is supported by other properties such as (student-focused content and information, as well as music downloads, games and wallpapers), and – encompassing fixtures, news, results, team profiles and supporter wallpaper downloads.

“Our strategy is to provide customers and prospective customers with an enriched mobile experience that adds value and allows people to keep control of their financial world, whenever and wherever they may be,” concludes Rautenbach.

Shaking the Apple Tree

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My Observations on the strategic impact of the iPhone 5 - Dean Falcke

Warning! Eight hour queues outside American iStores are forecast in late September, with a good chance of scattered product disappointment. Or the world will be blown away. Either way, the iPhone 5 is in my opinion make-or-break for Apple in the tightly-contested consumer smartphone market.

A Lesson From History

Looking back ten years, the predominant, then-untouchable market leader Nokia, was flying high in shipping millions of their popular 3310 handsets and various others in the 5xxx and 6xxx ranges. While Nokia have never lost their number one ranking in handsets sold since 1998, their perception as a leader has dropped. This erosion began in 2005 when Motorola’s Razr handset blew Nokia’s candybar design out the water and popularised the ultrathin flip-phone design.

Fast-forward to around 2007 and a new entrant with a full keyboard and push email arrived on the scene. The Blackberry became the go-to device for smartphone users and business people and emerged as the leader in the segment. However, around the same time, Apple released its first iPhone – a device that would shape touchscreen smartphones forever.

History has shown that, at some point in time, the incumbent leader is at risk from being pushed off their podium by a competitor who leapfrogs their innovation, captures the imagination of the fickle consumer market, and offers an experience that is superior in some way.

A Galaxy of Competition

So now we come down to a five-way fight (yes there are many others but let’s focus on the top five). The two big heavyweights are Apple and Samsung, with Nokia, HTC and RIM scrapping for what’s left over.

Apple has shown its dominance with essentially two models – the 3GS and 4.The screen size has not changed in five years and the form factor remains identical. With 89 million units sold in 2011, it does show the formula is working, despite what critics have said.

Apple’s biggest challenge lies in the hands of Samsung, who has brought the fight directly to Apple with the launch of the Galaxy S2 (24 million sold) and the follow-up Galaxy S3 (10 million sold). Granted, Apple has just won a landmark lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement to the tune of a billion dollars, but this isn’t going to make Samsung go away.

Apple’s iPhone has a major disadvantage to its competitors – it doesn’t have much in the line of a diversified product line. While keeping components similar and having bigger production runs on a single product line drives down manufacturing costs, it locks Apple in to try and please all its users with one design. For example, there has been pressure to increase the screen size, but where Apple has only one device, Samsung’s range varies from 3 inches in Galaxy Y to 5 inches in the Galaxy Note.

Another vulnerability with one device is a predictable launch schedule. This allows competitors to plan and attack the device from all sides, and if you have multiple ranges, you can keep the excitement of your brand going throughout the year.

Apple could argue that its strategy is not to own the smartphone market but merely offer a mobile phone extension of its Apple ecosystem that utilises iTunes and the App store. The revenues and lock-in factor of the App Store cannot be understated and offers Apple their biggest competitive advantage and almost a guarantee of sales of their next generation of products. Popularity of the iPad, iPod and Macbook act as their method of keeping people interested in the Apple family.

Rolling Down the Hill

So now back to the iPhone 5. There are still some disgruntled Apple fans that felt disappointed about the 4S and are expecting something big for the iPhone 5, and gauging from online blogs, Apple is expected to deliver.

I don’t believe that they won’t sell devices – they could take the 4S and paint it pink and it would still find buyers – but the strategy that they employ with the iPhone 5 will set the stage for their future. If the product turns out to be lacklustre and seen as not keeping up with Samsung’s Galaxy range, it can start the beginning of the end, where the dominance of Apple as a smartphone manufacturer will begin to erode (and with that, their $600bn market share cap). If they manage to pull off a superior device, they will continue to consolidate their rule in the smartphone market.

I also believe that unless they diversify their product ranges slightly, they will eventually lose the market share they have. Taking a look at their iPod strategy, they introduced two different form factors (Nano and Shuffle) which allowed them to cement their market share. Allowing just two different variants of the iPhone 5 in terms of screen size and shape, could be enough to give people the choice and keep sales strong.

There are rumours that the iPhone 5 could break with years of history and replace the connector with a mini Apple connector. Let me state that this would do some serious damage to the iPhone 5’s adoption unless they have some ace up their sleeve to make it seamlessly work with the millions of docking stations and devices out there.

I’ll put my head on a block and make my prediction: The iPhone 5 will be thinner, a bigger screen and look like a top-notch device. Its overall impression will not be mind-blowing, but more evolutionary from the iPhone 4. And therein lies the ultimate vulnerability that says the iPhone has reached the peak of its product lifecycle and will start to roll down the hill, just like the Blackberry did before it.

Megamix Dance Party Rezensionen

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Various Artists : Absolute Party Megamix

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Oldschool Hardcore Top 100 Megamix Vol.2

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CD***Maxi***2 unlimited***Let the beat control your body**inkl. MEGAMIX Part 2

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