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Cortell merges with SIM, pools skills to deliver true business analytics offering

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Cortell Corporate Performance Management (Cortell) and the Smart Information Management (SIM) division of the Pro Solutions Group, have joined forces in a merger that will see both companies pool their various skill sets to deliver a complete end-to-end information management and business analytics offering to the southern African market.

The merger is effective as of 1 August 2012. The merged entity will operate from Cortell’s offices in Woodmead, Johannesburg, and all staff members of both sales and technical expertise have joined the Cortell team from SIM.

David McWilliam and Craig Hart will be joining Greg Bogiages and Max Ottavini on the Cortell executive team. McWilliam is a business intelligence industry veteran, having been at the helm of Cognos through its buyout and merger with IBM. Bogiages is likewise an industry stalwart, having qualified as a Charted Accountant in 1985 and spending time as a lecturer before joining the Financial Performance Management (FPM) space. Hart and Ottavini have years of experience from both a technical and a business perspective. Together, the directors of the new Cortell form a powerhouse of knowledge and experience.

“SIM are specialists in business analytics and optimisation, where Cortell have always focused more on the FPM and predictive analytics aspect of information management,” says Bogiages. “Bringing these skills together was a logical step for both companies. With Cortell’s combination of financial, accounting and technical skills, as well as our footprint in Africa, and SIM’s skill in business analytics, we are perfectly positioned to meet the business intelligence needs of the South African and African market.”

Both companies are accredited and certified resellers of IBM business analytics solutions, with different and complementary areas of focus, including IBM’s TM1 FPM solution, SPSS predictive analytics, Cognos business intelligence, business optimisation and more. In an environment where the specialist skills required to design and implement such solutions are in limited supply, this merger enables resources to be combined to deliver better services and solutions to customers across the board.

“We have always been in the business of helping organisations improve decision-making. Following this merger we will now be able to offer our customers a comprehensive solution offering. From analytics to information optimisation, finance to predictive analytics, we can now help our clients to make better business decisions across all areas of their business,” McWilliam concludes.

New Eco-Friendly Osungo Charger Range Available from Gammatek

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Features GreenZERO technology 

Gammatek, leading distributor of Branded Technology Accessories in Southern Africa has introduced OSUNGO’s range of award-winning, eco-friendly battery chargers which aren’t only great to look at but feature the company’s patented GreenZERO technology.

Available immediately to South African users are the MUSHROOM GreenZERO travel charger; Stone Battery iPhone/ microUSB; CarJuice Blue 2100 car charger and Apple and microUSB cabling.

OSUNGO’s GreenZERO offers an eco-friendly way to charge mobile devices while totally eliminating the wasteful stand-by consumption typically experienced when chargers are left in AC outlets.

When the electronics detect the device is fully charged or unplugged, it automatically shuts off therefore eliminating any idle power to save energy which also extends battery life by limiting the top off charging time.

“The OSUNGO range not only saves on energy but preserves the device’s batteries; an important consideration in a time where most users simply charge their devices without thinking twice,” comments Zev Cherniak at Gammatek.

Looking at the chargers, the Red Dot award-winning MUSHROOM GreenZERO is an ergonomic, eco-friendly travel charger for portable devices as cellphones, tablets or cameras. Incorporating GreenZERO technology, the MUSHROOM automatically shuts off when the device is fully charged.

Also, you can simply press the MUSHROOM with your hand or foot when you want to start charging your device again.  Furthermore, it is easily transportable due to its compact design and silicone head which can be used to rewind any cable.

The Stone Battery iPhone and microUSB is a standalone device that is charged beforehand and then serves as a portable charger that works respectively with all iPhone, iPad and iPod and all microUSB devices.  Both chargers are also compatible with any casings.

The Stone Battery Charger iPhone and microUSB chargers feature fun design and a LED indicator which reflects battery availability.

The OSUNGO CarJuice Blue car charger is compatible with most cellphones, GPS, iPhone iPad and iPod. The biggest benefit of the CarJuice Blue is the fact that it adds no bulk but offers a USB charger in your car.

Available in a chrome metal, soft touch finish, the CarJuice Blue also includes a blue light indicator.  The CarJuice Blue does not ship with any cabling, however it is compatible with any Apple or microUSB cabling. Osungo also offers the relevant cabling for the CarJuice Blue.

Retail Values

The OSUNGO range is available at all major retail and cellular stores:


R    249.00


R    249.00


R    399.00


R    299.00


R    149.00


R    129.00


R    149.00

Major changes in the A2P SMS messaging industry

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By Dr Pieter Streicher, MD of

A recent change in how Cell C is terminating application-to-person (A2P) SMS messaging has opened a can of worms in the local mobile messaging industry. The move by Cell C seems sure to undermine the “gentlemen’s agreement” between mobile network operators not to compete on A2P SMS messaging. 

For years, all incumbent mobile network operators had a “gentlemen’s agreement” not to compete on A2P SMS messaging traffic. Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs) that provided bulk SMS message sending services had to send all their Vodacom messages via Vodacom, MTN messages via MTN and Cell C messages via Cell C. Consumers would receive A2P SMS messages from originating numbers with prefixes belonging to their own network. For example Vodacom subscribers would receive A2P SMS messages from numbers starting with +2782007….

A2P SMS traffic includes one-time passwords, appointment reminders, transaction notifications and booking confirmations but unfortunately also unsolicited direct marketing communications – also known as spam.

The “gentlemen’s agreement” resulted in higher SMS prices for A2P SMS messages, benefitting the network operators and the WASPs, but negatively impacting on the communication costs of businesses and banks. Consumers perhaps benefitted from receiving less spam (unsolicited direct marketing communications), but also suffered indirectly as businesses had to pay more to communicate with them, ultimately including this cost in their products.

During last year, consumers might have noticed an increase in A2P messages from unusual numbers, such as those prefixed with +2711… and +2787… These numbers belonged to emergent operators such as Neotel and Telfree. Neotel and Telfree realised that since there is no interconnect (interworking) fee on SMS messages, they were able to terminate messages to the incumbent operators, with no per message charge.

This loophole was a direct threat to incumbent operators, with revenues from A2P SMS messaging approaching R 100 million per month. Within days of this issue hitting the press, messages from +2711…. and +2787…. numbers ceased completely.

Recently, Cell C began allowing all WASPs to terminate A2P SMS messages onto other networks. Consumers on the Vodacom and MTN network are starting to receive A2P SMS messages from numbers starting with +2784000. However, it appears that Cell C has enabled a reply path to these messages to only one WASP. At this stage, only Cellfind was identified as receiving replies to these messages from consumers.

This could have a major impact on the revenue of Vodacom and MTN. As Cell C is a more formidable opponent than emergent network operators, it will be interesting to see how long it takes before messages from +2784000……prefixed numbers to Vodacom and MTN phones continue. Another aspect to watch would be whether this issue would be addressed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) leading to the possible introduction of SMS interworking fees, or would the network operators return to another “gentlemen’s agreement” negotiated between the competitors in this industry.

In my view, the bulk pricing of SMS messages for parties such as WASPs or emergent operators should be the same, and regulated by ICASA. Whether A2P SMS messages are sent via the SMPP protocol (as a WASP) or via SS7 (as another operator) should not matter. Both connections are a form of interconnect used for exactly the same purpose (sending and receiving A2P SMS messages), and both should be governed by the Electronic Communications Act, allowing healthy competition and a level playing field for all.

So you love music?

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Then prepare to be wow’ed.   Now not only can you catch up but you can also leap frog to the future of music by using an easy and always-accessible music streaming service fully customized for South Africans.

How can I get it?
By signing up for a 14 day (no obligation) free trial today at If you like the service you can then choose to subscribe.

So what do you get?
In a nutshell:

  •          Access to 18 million songs (with an average of 500,000 new songs being added monthly)
  •          Find all your favourite music and artists, local and international, in seconds
  •          Stream as much as you like. 24/7. 365 days a year*
  •          Listen offline through the simfy africa mobile apps
  •          Create personal playlists to suite every occasion and every mood
  •          Instantly share your playlists with friends via simfy africa, Facebook, twitter or email
  •          Discover new music through streaming radio and branded playlists
  •          Have a totally smooth and portable experience as all your devices sync with each other
  •          Listen to all this high quality music with no advertising and no interruptions
  •          Support your favourite artists through a legal streaming service

Where has it come from?
simfy africa is a partnership between the European streaming provider, simfy, and local digital content company eXactmobile. The service therefore brings together superb backend technology and general streaming know how from simfy on top of over a decade’s worth of in-depth experience from eXactmobile of dealing with digital content, local infrastructure and customer support on the ground in South Africa.

Tell me more please

  • simfy africa can be accessed on your laptop and on up to 3 mobile devices (including tablets) for only R60 a month.
  • The mobile and desktop apps mean you can listen online or offline – saving data charges.
  • Phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), PC, Mac, tablet? We support them all.
  • You can use the service via your docking station, your car stereo or any Bluetooth speaker connection.
  • simfy africa will also be the first streaming service world wide to allow consumers of all the networks to pay via their mobile phone accounts.  In addition, you can also pay via credit card, direct debit, EFT and more.

Want to find and enjoy music you have never experienced before? Or how about seeing what your favourite artist’s personal recommendations are? With simfy africa you will be able to find the latest new releases across any genre. Branded playlists from your favourite artists, music magazines and the simfy africa team also mean that the latest releases and hottest music will practically find you. You can listen, download or even share any of these playlists to discover and explore music like never before.

How do I load my music?

We have a dedicated music team who will take you through the licensing process.  Browse to or send an email to .  Our local aggregator, Exactmobile, will digitise the music from CD and load it as soon as contracts are signed.  Its that easy.  We encourage all South African artists and labels to sign up to the music revolution.

Davin Mole, the CEO and co-founder of eXactmobile, says “Over the past 12 years plus I am proud to say we have achieved some remarkable feats in helping to shape the way South Africans consume digital content, especially through mobile. However it is no exaggeration to say that everything we have done to date has been a warm up for this – the main event. Even as early as 2005 we knew that eventually with the way the internet and mobile phones were evolving there would be an ‘end game’ way to consume music and we knew that roughly speaking it would look like simfy africa. Hence to have just launched a service which we know will dramatically change the way South Africans consume music in the years and decades to come, is a very satisfying milestone for eXactmobile and the great team of people behind it”.

It’s simple.  It’s simfy africa. It’s full stream ahead!

Sign up for your simfy africa 14 day free trial here:

*data charges apply. Check network / service plan.

SimCity is the winner of the official gamescom 2012 Best PC Game of Show award.

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“SimCity” (Best PC Game):

“With this charming revised version, the developers have struck the right balance between retaining the trademarks of the old parts and making it interesting for beginners. Fantastic graphics, very easy to get into and from the first moment that feeling of having the right game in your hands.”

About the awards:

They are the most coveted prizes in the European games industry and an accolade for outstanding software and hardware: the gamescom awards. Last week, more than 275,000 visitors to Cologne experienced the spectacular innovations presented at gamescom 2012. Among them were the 20 international jurors and experts from the world’s leading games media who made up the jury for the gamescom awards 2012. It was this jury that picked out the winners of the awards for this year’s best games and hardware from more than 100 entries.

The studio team is incredibly proud to have won this award. Here’s what Lucy Bradshaw, GM of Maxis Label, had to say:  “Following on from an amazing showing at E3, where SimCity garnered 17 awards from press outlets around the world, we went into gamescom 2012 with a real sense of anticipation. This was the first time that we had let anyone have hands on our game and the gamescom judges clearly enjoyed and appreciated the experience. I couldn’t be prouder of the studio team in Emeryville. SimCity is one to watch!”

We will be talking to you very soon about more opportunities to get hands on with the hottest simulation game of the year. If you need any more information, or just want to chat about city building, please get in touch.

Please refer to the Gamescon link for more information:

African start-up makes global impact

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Snapplify reflects on 10 months of explosive international growth and recognition

Just 10 months after its official launch at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2011, Snapplify – Africa’s leading mobile app producer on iPad and Android platforms – already boasts global recognition and lists an impressive array of achievements.

Earlier this year, the company won its first award at the Cape Town Entrepreneur Competition with its innovative ‘applification’ platform, which enables users to sell and distribute content of all formats into mobile apps, at the touch of a button and with no upfront cost.

Shortly thereafter, in June, it represented Cape Town at the Barcelona Global Entrepreneurship Competition, where it was placed fourth. Snapplify’s most recent victory came when it was chosen as a finalist in the run-up to the inaugural Asia Digital Publishing Awards this year.

Global growth and innovation

In its short existence, Snapplify has already attained global stature.

Undertaking a series of whirlwind global charm offensives since 2011 – including the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs – it has signed top-ranking clients in important markets. These include Ka Boom Studios in the US (the creators of the Peanuts strip) and Kotobarabia (the first online e-book store that specialises in Arabic content).

Launched last year with support for the iPad platform, it announced Android support in London and will be launching ePub support at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair where the Snapplify team will be exhibiting.

Snapplify’s cloud-based platform can efficiently service any company anywhere, and a global partner network supports clients with centralised, instantaneous distribution of locally relevant apps.

Snapplify maintains an aggressive channel recruitment campaign. The latest partner signings have come from Kenya, Nigeria and the United States, but Snapplify has for some time maintained offices in the UK to support partners further afield.

Metrics and insights

In the time since its launch, Snapplify has racked up considerable numbers and built up first-hand insight into the world of mobile apps.

“We’ve noticed excellent uptake among expatriates of content from their countries of origin. Much of it in our context has come from Arabic-speaking Americans requesting localised Middle-Eastern content, and South African expats requesting news from the old country,” says Wesley Lynch, Snapplify CEO.

Snapplify’s Android launch has given it traction in emerging markets, where it realised that uptake, still modest, would take time to pick up. iPad apps, on the other hand, have stormed the developed world.

At this early stage, Snapplify is the largest mobile content distributor in emerging markets, and is making an aggressive push in developed markets. It has close to 100 apps in Android and iPad app stores, reaching over 100 000 downloads across all apps and averaging over 1000 publication downloads a day.

Interestingly, media clients have marked an increase in advertising revenue with the addition of video content apps, and have thus been able to expand their rate cards.

The app model has further enabled new sales and distribution models. The library model has been particularly promising, whereby readers access books for a lesser charge than if they were to buy it. And with subscriptions, too, mobile apps have opened new doors on new commercial possibilities. 

Let’s get applified

Industries across the board have content requirements and can benefit from the distribution-related and green benefits as well as the innovative consumption models and revenue opportunities of the app model.

With no upfront cost and instantaneous DIY conversion, Snapplify offers a winning way to get applified.

Visit to start using the platform.


The rise of the tablet

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Note your potential

Tablet computers have moved beyond being seen as a fashionable accessory, to becoming an integral part of the arsenal of any mobile user. Long battery life, small form factor, and all-round features have contributed to making the humble tablet a multi-functional device with significant potential, says Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung.

Even in developing markets, tablets are walking a fine line between aspiration and must-have. Each new generation of device is introducing more nuanced features that cater for a variety of users. While there are still many tablets in the market that serve a niche purpose, the ones that will excel are those that can appeal to business and consumers alike. After all, even the CEO of a multinational organisation is a consumer on one level.

And that appeal is part of the pedigree of how Samsung develops its tablets. “It is easy to launch a device and tell the market which segment it is aimed at. The challenge lies in understanding the needs of the market across business and consumer, and innovating fast enough to meet the needs of a cross-section of users,” continues Fleischer. “This is done through how potential users identify with a device for their specific needs instead of being told by marketing departments what the product should be.”

Samsung’s devices are not only beautiful to look at and intuitive to handle, but they are distinguished by powerful specifications that give users the peace of mind that they can experience true tablet computing without having to be told how they should use the device. Samsung understands that while the majority of the tablets in the market are seen as nothing more than content consumption devices, it is capable of offering users something that has the power to create content as well – content that is relevant and customisable for their specific industry/core requirements.

This is especially important for users who require a tablet that is able to do more than just being something to run a presentation off. Designers and photographers require something that can give them the power to create while at the same time not being limited to running just one application at a time. Even business users need tablets that can offer greater productivity and are flexible enough to meet any number of challenges while being out at presentations, meetings, or just catching up on email over lunch.

However, Samsung is cognisant that affordability is the key to marrying innovative design and features to make a tablet accessible to a broad cross-section of the market. We also understand that users are hungry for a device that can combine the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet and the ease of use of a smartphone.

“We are very excited that South African users will be able to get access to such a device in the very near future as we are about to embark on a new product innovation, locally. The power of choice is something that cannot be rated too highly and the local market is hungry for a tablet that can provide them with the power, flexibility, and performance that is beyond the status quo,” concludes Fleischer.

Watch this space as Samsung look forward to announcing further details around a new device that will be launched to market soon – one that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

When UCC and BYOD collide

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By Dean Young Dean Young, Head of Telecommunication Pre-sales at T-Systems in South Africa

A lot of businesses today are working towards creating Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) systems that replace the disparate mixture of voice, e-mail, video, instant messaging (IM), SMS’ and used by their employees.

However, it would seem that the progress towards UCC is on the verge of colliding with bring your own device (BYOD) mobile device management.

The reality is most companies won’t be able to standardise on a single mobile-device platform. Workers are accustomed to using their own personal devices and switching back and forth from a company-provided appliance to their own may prove to be intrusive and time-consuming.

The question therefore is how can BYOD be integrated with a corporate UCC systems strategy that will only be effective if everyone is engaged at all levels?

What and how

A good place to start is to determine what and how. Therefore, what mobile devices are supported and importantly, how?  This will give organisations a clearer picture to work with and provide a good foundation to start for developing a UCC strategy that incorporates BYOD.

Quite logically the next step is to ascertain which devices are used by employees.  Undoubtedly there will be a myriad of products and manufacturers to deal with.  Here it will be important to list the ‘most to less’ in order to identify the devices to priority. Chances are two or three operating systems (OS’) will dominate the list.

The next is then what features should be supported and how. For example, for those companies that feature a large contingent of remote/mobile workers, e-mail accessibility is a must.  Another example is access to enterprise business applications which is particularly beneficial to sales people who have to provide answers on product availability on-the-fly.

Drilling down to essential services that must be provided by the UCC system is half the battle won.   Coupled with OS’ and manufacturers profiles, the sheer volume of devices will become less complex.

Consider hosted UCC

For companies that are driven by BYOD user needs, a hosted UCC system is a compelling solution.  Hosted UCC provides access to systems via the cloud which means the physical software doesn’t have to be installed on the device.

Hosted UCC systems work well with collaboration whiteboards, e-mail and IM applications.  Smartphones for example use standard mobile voice services and integrate with most voice systems that support the PSTN (public switched telephone network) used in SA and most parts of the world.

Tablets, however, typically require a compatible VoIP client even in the case for browser-based UCC systems.  Fortunately most hosted UCC providers have developed plug-ins that can be installed with minimum disruption.

Another important consideration is managing and monitoring all these devices.  Hosted UCC takes over the management and monitoring of devices, controlling access to applications and minimising potential risk to the organisation and its data.

The major plus though is that hosted UCC providers are constantly developing new mobile applications that overcome interoperability and access issues, keeping trend with new devices and their required features.

It therefore takes away a lot the headache associated with managing a BYOD environment.

The human element

Once you have your BYOD integration in place there is another important issue to contend with: the human element.

For one, BYOD users must be able to add applications / components to their devices to conform to company communication standards.  Also, if some applications / components are not available for a specific device it is up to the user to report this and work with what is available.

Lastly, chances are good that business critical functionality will stay within strict accessibility parameters only accessed via fixed technology such as thin clients and user PCs. BYOD users will have to accept this and realise that they will lose some accessibility features when using their mobile devices.

What is clear is that integrating BYOD as part of a UCC strategy is a must for the future.  The devices aren’t going to become less feature-rich and companies should harness the productivity gains associated with BYOD.

Intelligent mobile backhaul – WiFi and DAS offload– solving the problem of information overload on mobile networks

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By Martin Ferreira, Executive Head of Technical Operations at Jasco Networks

Mobile communication and always on connectivity have become a way of life, smart phones that use constant data connections are becoming increasingly more affordable, and other devices such as laptops and tablet PCs with 3G and wireless connectivity are ever more common.  However, as more and more subscribers make use of these networks, it places a strain on existing infrastructure.

All wireless traffic needs to be relayed to a central, wired point at some stage in order to be routed to its destination. This routing of traffic, or mobile backhaul, is what makes communication possible.

With a multitude of devices constantly communicating with mobile base stations, attempting to use multiple connection methods to connect to a single point simultaneously, the mobile base stations have become unable to cope. This results in mobile backhaul systems becoming overloaded, delaying the routing of voice and data traffic and in some instances even shutting services down for subscribers in certain areas.

The problem in many cases is that capacity requirements are ever shifting, making demand difficult to predict and plan for, since traffic volumes dynamically increase and decrease at different times. When traffic on the mobile backhaul becomes congested, subscribers experience delays or denials in their service, causing intense frustration for these customers. Further exacerbating this is backhauling that features older technologies. Upgrading to newer systems that address these ‘overload’ issues can be costly for operators when considering these problems are usually isolated to fluctuating high traffic areas such as shopping malls, office blocks, campuses and hospitals, to mention a few.

The solution is an intelligent mobile backhaul system that is able to automatically cope with a dynamic environment, connecting communications from point to point in the shortest possible time, with little management required. The real issue on mobile backhaul systems is that traffic overload happens so quickly in so many places that intelligence has become a vital component of this switching system, in order for this process to happen seamlessly.

With a next generation system, parameters can be set so that the mobile backhaul system can intelligently decide what actions need to be in overload scenarios. New mobile backhaul technology is also highly resilient, ensuring 99.999% uptime and achieving data throughput on a one to one threshold as far as possible – something which older generation switches cannot achieve and can be managed remotely for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness. This updated switching technology built specifically for mobile backhaul scenarios is also better equipped to handle multiple protocols, having been designed with this need in mind, which means that data can be disseminated quickly.

However, as said, investing in this technology can be a costly affair.  Operators are beginning to take advantage of the trend whereby independent telecommunications partners are increasingly investing in WiFi infrastructure in these areas that can assist with the 3G/WiFi offload, as well as indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solutions, relieving capacity for the GSM operator.  It uses the same ‘core’ network but makes use of WiFi technology to establish Internet connectivity in a faster, more efficient manner.  These partners would be able to ‘rent’ services to GSM operators and because of their independence, do not limit this service to one operator. It also allows the GSM operator to save on capital expenditure, making this an attractive option for them.

Also notable are the benefits to consumers that make use of the connectivity in these high traffic areas.  As WiFi is less costly than 3G, they incur lower connectivity costs and as the network is no longer under strain, the connectivity is faster and more stable.

As mobile connectivity continues to grow in popularity and the complexities of these networks grow, new solutions become increasingly necessary. Mobile backhaul has become overloaded and the current technology cannot cope with traffic volumes.  It is time to usher in the next generation of backhaul switching along with the added option of WiFi and DAS offload to ensure that service providers can continue to provide the levels of service their customers have come to expect.

For further information contact:

Martin Ferreira

Jasco Carrier Solutions

Tel: 011 266 15000


Metalogix Software Named To Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies

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Explosive four-year sales growth of 800% makes Metalogix the only Washington, D.C.-based software company on elite list

Metalogix Software, the trusted provider of content lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms, has announced that Inc. magazine ranked Metalogix on its 31st annual Inc. 500, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy – America’s independent entrepreneurs.

“On behalf of our more than 5,000 loyal customers, partner network and employees, I am thrilled to accept this Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies honour. This recognition highlights our dedication to helping organisations overcome the challenges they face in managing the staggering growth of content, estimated to reach 35 zettabytes by 2020,” says Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix. “Our content management solutions, which improve how organisations organise, store and access content, drove 2011 revenue growth that puts Metalogix in the top 5 of all software companies in the Inc. 500 list. We thank all of our customers, partners and employees who made this record growth possible.”

Says George Amoils, Director at Soarsoft, distributor of Metalogix solutions in Africa: “This accolade reinforces our confidence in the Metalogix toolsets and complements the growth in customer demand for ‘intelligent’ solutions that can enhance Microsoft’s Messaging and Collaboration platforms.  Over the past few years our experience of the functionality and support for Metalogix’s product sets has left us in no doubt as to the quality and innovation in the tool sets and we expect this growth trend to continue for the foreseeable future. We have completed many successful projects with Metalogix’ solutions and their ranking as one of the US’ fastest growing companies is yet another indication of their product excellence.”

Within the Inc 500 list, Metalogix is the only Washington, D.C.-based software company, the only content management company and the only SharePoint solution company to qualify based on revenue growth.

The 800 percent growth of Metalogix between 2008 and 2011 was driven by a suite of solutions that enhance and extend SharePoint – the content and collaboration platform of choice for modern enterprises. Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint is the de facto standard to upgrade SharePoint, and consolidate file shares and disparate content stores into SharePoint. Metalogix StoragePoint is the leading Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) solution to decrease SharePoint storage costs. Metalogix Replicator for SharePoint is the trend-setting replication solution to synchronise SharePoint content in real-time across multiple environments.

“Now, more than ever, we depend on Inc. 500 companies to spur innovation, provide jobs, and drive the economy forward,” said Eric Schurenberg, Editor, Inc. Magazine. “Growth companies, not large corporations, are where the action is.”

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