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TeliaSonera International Carrier deploys new optical network to deliver 100G+ speed

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World’s leading fiber-based telecom service provider selects Nokia Siemens Networks for the 100G+ pan European network to handle future IP traffic growth

TeliaSonera International Carrier customers can now enjoy a significant increase in network capacity. The carrier has deployed a new overlay network across Europe to address the tremendous growth in data traffic. Nokia Siemens Networks has built this new network to deliver speeds of 100G and beyond. The existing optical network for the operator was also provided by the vendor.

“The increased adoption of bandwidth-hungry applications requires capacity upgrades,” said Mattias Fridström, vice president, head of technology, TeliaSonera International Carrier. “We share a long-standing relationship with Nokia Siemens Networks and are very satisfied with its installed base in 10G and 40G wavelengths across the European segment of our global network. Its leading technology for high capacity networks is exactly what we required for this major transition in our network.”

“TeliaSonera International Carrier is a market leader with its networks across North America, Europe and Russia. Maintaining that position requires greater network capacity to ensure the best end-user experience,” added Mikko Lavanti, head of optical networks customer sales and support at Nokia Siemens Networks. “The new overlay network with our latest technology is fully integrated with Juniper routers to offer a seamless service portfolio to TeliaSonera’s subscribers. It will initially have 40 and 100GE (gigabit Ethernet) capacity with the potential to be upgraded to 400G and beyond.”

Under this contract, Nokia Siemens Networks has deployed a new 100G DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) network based on its hiT7300* platform that is operating with coherent CP-QPSK** technology. By offering DCM-free transmission, this solution enables lower latency and allows a rapid, cost effective transition to 100G line speeds. The CP-QPSK modulation format is also used for TeliaSonera’s existing network to improve performance. Nokia Siemens Networks also provides a full set of care services including software maintenance, help desk as well as spare part management services.

TeliaSonera was honored with “The Best Next Generation Global Optical Service Provider” award at the 14th WDM and Optical networking Conference in Monaco, June this year.

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Virgin Mobile South Africa – A Fresh Start

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Virgin Mobile South Africa, now part of the Virgin Mobile Middle East Africa Group, announces plans to improve customer experience and revise its distribution footprint.  

It is a time for fresh thinking at Virgin Mobile South Africa.

Our company recently became part of the larger ‘Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa’ group (VMMEA). An important benefit of this change for Virgin Mobile in South Africa is a renewed focus on delivering a true Virgin customer experience at every customer touch point.

The aim is to deliver an improved and differentiated customer experience by leveraging VMMEA best practice and investment in improved systems and processes across all aspects of Virgin Mobile South Africa’s operations.

This initiative has already kicked off and is expected to conclude during the first half of 2013 and all activity is geared towards delivering a brilliant experience – in store, online or over the phone.

As part of the plan to accomplish this, Virgin Mobile South Africa will initially reduce its store footprint to fewer stores in key locations in each region and then, over the next 18 months, roll out additional physical points of sale across South Africa that will manned by Virgin Mobile’s customer champs.

Virgin Mobile South Africa will be converting eight key stores from sales focused franchise stores into full service stores offering our entire range of products and services including sales, renewals, upgrades and customer service and advice.

The company will also be offering online sales and service through a new improved website and is exploring new, alternative sales channels that make sense for customers.

Virgin Mobile South Africa’s key store locations will be as follows:

Gauteng – Eastgate, Southgate, Key West and Cedar Square; Western Cape – Canal Walk; Kwa-Zulu Natal – Pavillion, Galleria; Limpopo – Mall of the North.

Customers can locate their closest Virgin Mobile store via our web site or call us on (0741 000) 123 for more information.

Sharp Middle East Celebrates 40 Years of Leadership in Document Solutions

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  •       Total 16 million document units produced worldwide by December 2011
  •       First of two milestones celebrated this year 

Sharp Middle East is this month celebrating 40 years of bringing quality document solutions to customers and has pledged to maintain its commitment to delivering world-class, reliable, innovative and environmentally-friendly printing solutions across the region.

The anniversary comes in Sharp’s centennial year, and further celebrations are planned in the Middle East in September when Sharp officially marks its 100th birthday.

“Sharp is at the forefront of end-to-end business solutions in the region, and celebrating 40 years of our document solutions is testament to this,” said Tomoo Shimizu, Director – Business Solutions Division, Sharp Middle East. “It’s fantastic to recognise 40 years of document products in the same year as our 100th anniversary.”

Shimizu added: “With a Market Share of 20% for our document solutions in the region to date, we see exceptional growth potential as we introduce more end-to-end solutions which build on our 40 year knowledge base to offer cutting-edge value adding systems.”

Last year Sharp established a representative office in South Africa in order to have direct contact with its partners and customers in country. Shimizu says that South Africa is the prime focus territory for Sharp in the Middle East and Africa region in 2012.

“South Africa is a mature market and the potential opportunity of solution based sales is extremely exiting. We believe that our success in South Africa can be replicated in other parts of Africa, therefore, we will continue to invest in developing our local presence while building and nurturing the channel to expand our reach,” he adds.

Sharp’s current extensive line-up of colour and black and white multi-function printers (MFPs) builds upon its rich heritage in document solutions, which began in 1972 with the SF-201, Sharp’s first copier.

Since then, Sharp has continually expanded worldwide production of its document systems, which include copiers, printers and MFPs. At the end of 2011, total production worldwide had surpassed 16 million units.

Key to sales growth has been Sharp’s reputation for superb image quality, reliability and user-friendliness, in addition to excellent environmental performance. Sharp’s has consistently designed and built on its heritage of innovations and all of its products are packed with proprietary know-how, such as the MX-2310U colour network-enabled MFP, which includes Sharp’s Open System Architecture (OSA) Network Scanner Tool providing seamless integration with network applications; Document Filing, for reusing job data stored on a system’s hard disk; and large next-generation LCD touchscreen displays.

Such a long history of producing document solutions and the inclusion of these class-leading features, mean they continue year after year to receive accolades and numerous awards from the industry’s leading analysts, including Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), BERTL, and Better Buys for Business.

The BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour Arrives in Cape Town Today

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Fully booked event demonstrates excitement among SA developer community for BlackBerry 10

More than 250 developers have registered to attend the BlackBerry® 10 Jam World Tour event in Cape Town today at The Westin Grand, illustrating the high level of interest across the developer community in South Africa for creating apps for the forthcoming BlackBerry® 10 platform.

To date, the tour has come to key cities across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, bringing developers around the world the latest information about BlackBerry 10 and the opportunities the new platform offers for creating powerful apps.

RIM has transformed the developer experience with BlackBerry 10, creating an open platform to enable developers to leverage their range of existing skills, while at the same time providing them with powerful new tools to simplify the development process.

“It’s fantastic to see the level of excitement among developers for the BlackBerry 10 platform,” said Alexandra Zagury, Managing Director for South Africa and Southern Africa at BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion. “Whether developers choose to develop HTML5 apps or native apps, our environment will enable them to use their best skills to quickly create apps with great user experiences.”

Developers excited to create BlackBerry 10 apps 

There is already growing excitement among developers in South Africa.

Allan Wilson, Managing Director at Flat Rock Solutions said: “As an app development house with a focus on the enterprise we find that native app development is still often the best solution for the needs of our enterprise customers – so as a long standing BlackBerry partner we can’t wait to start using the new BlackBerry 10 SDK with Cascades to bring some additional flair to our native BlackBerry apps.  Having said that, where we do need to go cross-platform with HTML 5, BlackBerry WebWorks is going to help enormously in retaining the functionality of the BlackBerry native experience.”

Wim Morris, Managing Director at Polymorph Systems said: “We at Polymorph Systems are very excited to get our hands on a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device for testing, and we look forward to meeting with other BlackBerry developers and learning more about the road ahead with BlackBerry 10.”

Pietman du Toit, Business Development, AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd. said: “We were impressed with seeing what BlackBerry 10 had to offer at the BlackBerry World conference earlier this year, and we are excited to have an even closer look at the platform and its capabilities at the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour sessions in Cape Town.  As AfriGIS has been developing native BlackBerry applications as part of our enterprise solutions and products since the third generation OS, we are eager to start utilising the updated UI features offered by Cascades in BlackBerry 10.  Continuing to enrich the user experience will help ensure that our BlackBerry-based solutions and applications remain attractive and cutting edge in the competitive smartphone arena.”

Gidon Judes, Managing Director of Cytrus Technology said: “Our team is really looking forward to attending the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour. With Cytrus’ focus being in the mobile space, we have predominately focused on native development and we look forward to moving into web-based applications and exploring new options with BlackBerry WebWorks. As BlackBerry holds a strong share of the South African market, we believe it’s key to attend this event.”

To help developers get started on the BlackBerry 10 platform, qualified developers attending the BlackBerry 10 Jam event in Cape Town, will receive a BlackBerry® 10 Dev Alpha device to test the apps they develop.*

Currently in beta, the BlackBerry 10 developer toolkit includes the BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK with Cascades, which allows developers to create graphically rich, high performance native applications in C/C++. The Native SDK for BlackBerry 10 has a rich set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that give developers access to core device features and a range of BlackBerry application services, such as Push and Payment services. Cascades is a powerful native application development toolset that allows developers to easily build visually stunning applications in C/C++ or QML without having to write complex, low-level graphics code. Earlier this month, RIM released an update of the BlackBerry 10 developer toolkits.

The toolkits are available in beta as free downloads from

For more information on the Cape Town event, please visit

*Note: Qualified developers will be determined by RIM using applicant information from the registration system. If you have already received a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device at a previous BlackBerry developer event or from RIM, you are not eligible for this offer. Registrants who apply will be notified within 24 hours before the event if they are qualified to receive a device at BlackBerry 10 Jam. Qualified developers must collect their device in person at the World Tour event that they are registered for. Photo identification must be provided at the time of collection. Registrants cannot receive more than one (1) BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device during the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour.

Increase in unplanned power outages highlights importance of business continuity plans

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With the spate of unplanned power outages showing no signs of abating resulting in the negative effects of power outages being experienced by all industries, local businesses are being urged to implement an effective Business Continuity Management Program (BCM) in order to ensure no further financial losses are suffered. 

This is according to Ray Stride, Managing Director of Global Continuity South Africa – a group company of JSE-listed Metrofile Holdings Limited – who says that power outages are the second leading cause of business interruption in South Africa and account for approximately 14% of cases. “As a result, effective BCPs are becoming increasingly critical to local business survival and ultimately the growth of the economy.”

Electric power outages cost American business $80 billion every year, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. While there are no local statistics, this extremely high figure highlights the massive cost power outages can cause, further cementing the need to take adequate precautionary measures to avoid additional financial consequences.

Stride says the main function of a sound BCM plan is to enable a business to avoid disasters or survive and continue functioning at a sustainable level following a major disruption to critical daily operations. “This is done through the identification of certain businesses processes that must be recovered within a certain time frame in order to continue supplying critical products and services during adverse operating conditions or alternatively to ensure that business processes are not interrupted by disastrous events.” 

“The repercussions for businesses with no effective BCM solution can range from loss of revenue, assets, clients and staff to litigation, penalties and perhaps even worst of all, reputational damage. There are also personal consequences for the business leaders as they could face Director or Officer liability cases on the basis of negligence or criminal liability, which could even affect their reputation to act as a Director in future.”

Stride says some examples of essential services and activities, which are critical to the sustainability of a business include, but are not limited to: revenue collection; communication with staff, suppliers and clients; service delivery; logistics and procurement.

“Unfortunately, no insurance policy is able to keep a business running – it can pay for damages caused, but it cannot answer the phones, communicate with clients or satisfy stakeholders when a major unforeseen interruption renders the business incapable of continuing mission critical activities.”

However, the importance of testing the BCP cannot be stressed enough as a recovery plan is only effective if it is certain to work, says Stride. “Testing is the key activity which determines, firstly whether the implementation of the BCP has been worth the effort and expenditure, and, secondly how to address those issues which inhibit effective recovery.”

“In a time when disruptions to business operations can occur at any moment, all businesses have a responsibility to clients, employees and stakeholders to ensure a tested plan is in place which allows the organisation to continue functioning at an operational level even in the event of a disaster,” concludes Stride.

Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions Appoints Ramon Genemaras as Chief Operating Officer

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Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions (GWS), a leading provider of facilities, corporate real estate and energy management to many of the world’s largest companies, has appointed Ramon Genemaras to the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer. Based in the United States, Genemaras’ appointment ensures that the company has the global infrastructure to deliver consistent, high quality services to its customers wherever in the world they operate.

In the last three years, Johnson Controls GWS has doubled its sales and shifted from being a regional organization to one that’s aligned to five global vertical markets – technology, life sciences, industrial, financial services, and oil and gas. The company has also invested in proprietary technology to simplify its services delivery, as well as developed specific products and services for its vertical markets.

Johnson Controls GWS, Vice President and General Manager, Guy Holden, said: “This appointment reinforces our vision to be the leading provider of workplace services to the world’s major organizations. It’s strategically significant in the global development of our business, as it will bring the company’s operations and regional infrastructure under a single leader.  As our market has become more global, the scale and complexity of our operations have increased. Ramon will ensure that we continue to deliver excellent services to our global customers.”

Genemaras brings a wealth of experience in international business operations. He joins Johnson Controls GWS from Tyco Security Solutions, where he was Vice President of Global Operations and was responsible for driving operational excellence across the global business. Previously, Genemaras worked at GE for 17 years in a variety of international engineering, manufacturing and operational leadership roles.

Johnson Controls GWS, Chief Operating Officer, Ramon Genemaras, said: “I am looking forward to joining the business at such an exciting time of growth and opportunity. Operational efficiency and effectiveness are vital in times of economic uncertainty. To sustain the GWS vision as a leading provider of workplace solutions, global operational performance and strategic account engagement are essential.”

NCR Extends INETCO Partner Agreement to NCR Solutions Providers

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NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global technology company, and INETCO Systems Limited, a provider of business transaction management (BTM) solutions, have made the INETCO Insight transaction monitoring solution available to more than 300 channel partners and solutions through the NCR Interact Global Partner Program.   This is an extension to the exclusive software partnership announced by NCR and INETCO in October 2011.

“As the exclusive distributor for NCR products and solutions in South Africa and neighbouring countries, we believe this is a significant development for our customers in the banking and retail sectors,” says Alan Anderson, business development director, Bytes Managed Solutions. “With a combined solutions offering that includes INETCO Insight, and APTRA Vision or Gasper Vantage, we and other NCR partners will be the first to provide banking, retail and payment processing customers with a complete solution to manage multi-service, high-volume payments environments in a timely, cost-effective manner.”

INETCO Insight is currently used by banks, retailers and payment processors to manage ATM and POS network infrastructures and monitor the end-to-end performance of transactions originating from automated teller machines (ATMs), point-of-sale (POS) terminals, self-service check-out kiosks, online banking and mobile payment applications.  Complimentary to NCR’s APTRA Vision and Gasper Vantage ATM-level monitoring products, INETCO Insight provides real-time visibility into what is happening to the transaction once it leaves a customer-facing device, while APTRA Vision monitors the health and performance of the device and network.

IT operations, ATM operations and applications support teams can isolate transaction time-outs, third party response issues, and communications failures occurring at a specific device, service application, switch, network or interbank connection – on average 65% faster.  This faster problem isolation results in improved uptime and service availability, reduced support costs and a better end customer banking experience.

“This is a solution that will enable banks, payment processors and retailers to make every end-customer interaction count, wherever customers are, and however they interact,” says Anderson.

Heavy duty, affordable full colour all-in-one printing with the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 from DCC

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For a workhorse multifunction device that offers low cost, high quality colour printing, scanning, copying and web connectivity, look no further than the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 range from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). The range includes the OfficeJet Pro 8600 and the OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus, both of which have been designed with the small or micro business user in mind.

“The 8600 delivers premium quality colour in a web-connected all-in-one device with web based printing and network options and a range of productivity features, with print speeds of up to 32 pages per minute. A 6.75cm colour touchscreen offers easy, intuitive operation. For more advanced productivity features, the 8600 plus delivers faster print speeds of up to 35ppm, a larger 10.9cm touch screen and scan to email capabilities, amongst others,” says Caron De Fortier, HP IPG and Consumables Business Unit Manager at DCC.

“Using Thermal Inkjet technology, the OfficeJet 8600 range allows users to print professional-quality colour for up to 50% lower cost per page than most colour laser printers. This innovative inkjet printing technique enables printing of documents that resist fading, water and highlighter pen smears using affordable, individual inks,” she adds.

Workhorse performance is delivered thanks to the range’s ability to handle high volume print jobs with ease, with a monthly duty cycle of up to 25 000 pages, while built-in Ethernet allows for wirelessly networked printing, along with direct connection via high speed USB. The touch screen enables users to access a range of productivity enhancing apps, print forms and control key tasks, while ePrint delivers printing capabilities from virtually anywhere for improved productivity. AirPrint enables users to print e-mails, documents, web pages and more directly from iPads and iPhones.

“Automatic two-sided printing saves time and paper, and a 250-sheet paper tray lets you print more with less effort. Other productivity boosting tools include the ability to send digital faxes direct from your desktop and scan documents directly to a PC, email or network folder. Using CopyCrop via the touch screen users can select areas to copy directly from the document. These features allow users to easily create double-sided flyers, borderless photos, impressive leaflets and other professional-looking materials,” says De Fortier.

The OfficeJet Pro 8600 range includes eco-friendly features such as reduced paper consumption with duplex printing as well as reduced energy consumption of up to 50% compared to laser printers. Both devices are also Energy Star qualified.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 and OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus are available at a recommended end-user price of R2930 and R3505 respectively. Prices are inclusive of V.A.T.

Nokia Siemens Networks supports Optus network modernization and 4G implementation

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  • To modernize Optus’ mobile network including refarming the 900 MHz GSM frequency band to improve UMTS 3G coverage
  • To implement Evolved Packet Core and rollout parts of 4G LTE 1800 MHz radio access network

Optus, one of the leading mobile operators in Australia, has selected Nokia Siemens Networks as a partner for its key network initiatives. The agreement includes modernization of the mobile network, refarming the 900 MHz GSM frequency band, and providing infrastructure and services for LTE* (4G) rollout in Sydney and Perth. In addition, as part of this agreement, Nokia Siemens Networks is the sole LTE core provider for Optus.

“Spectrum is a scarce resource, so operators are seeking ways to make the best use of it. With this deal, Optus will re-use its existing spectrum to modernize its radio network and also offer 4G services cost-efficiently in one of the largest spectrum migration programs globally,” said Stephen McFeeley, head of Australia and New Zealand at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our mobile broadband offering, based on the Liquid Core and Liquid Radio architectures, will assist Optus in managing the dynamic capacity and technology demands in one of the most advanced mobile broadband markets.”

“Our major mobile network initiatives, including network enhancements, U900 MHz spectrum migration program and 4G services rollout aim to provide the best possible experience for our customers,” added Günther Ottendorfer, Managing Director, Networks at Optus. “Nokia Siemens Networks is a key network partner in supporting these initiatives.”

Nokia Siemens Networks is upgrading the Optus mobile network and deploying 4G using its Single RAN (radio access network)** platform, based on its compact, energy-efficient Flexi Multiradio Base Station. The company is also providing its Evolved Packet Core platform including Flexi NS (Network Server) and Flexi NG (Network Gateway). Optus’ LTE, GSM and 3G networks will be monitored, managed and optimized by Nokia Siemens Networks’ unified network management system, NetAct.

In addition to Optus’ in-house services capability, Nokia Siemens Networks will provide Optus with a range of services, including network implementation, spectrum refarming, radio planning, optimization, project management, and care including spare part management, software maintenance, third-party software support and training. Some of these services will be delivered remotely through Nokia Siemens Networks’ Global Delivery Centers. Nokia Siemens Networks will also implement its In Building Solution (IBS) that enables reliable mobile broadband connectivity by significantly improving network capacity and coverage inside buildings.

The company will provide reliable and secure 4G services over the network through its radio transport security solution. Nokia Siemens Networks will also provide network operations support to improve Optus’ network efficiency and quality.

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Real IRM first in Africa with ArchiMate Certification training

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Enterprise architects in South Africa seeking to take their craft to the next level with the ArchiMate modeling language can do so for the first time in Africa. That’s the word from Real IRM which has become one of only six organisations worldwide accredited  to provide an ArchiMate 2.0 certification training course.

Available as a free download for internal use, ArchiMate is an open, vendor-agnostic international standard. ArchiMate 2.0 is aligned with TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), with the association being deepened by members of The Open Group Architecture Forum.

Real IRM provides enterprise architecture products and services to both local and international organisations across industry verticals, says CEO Stuart Macgregor.

“ArchiMate provides the concepts for high-level modeling of the various architectural domains within complex enterprises,” he explains; these include processes, applications, information,  and technology.

He adds that enterprise architecture also stresses the relationships between domains, which is catered for within the ArchiMate modeling language. “The integrated models which ArchiMate facilitates are the basis for different visualisations, aimed at different types of stakeholders. It also provides for different types of analysis, such as the impact of change, gap and quantitative analysis.”

The high-level models created with ArchiMate may be linked to different domain-specific detailed design standards, such as Universal Modeling Language for software applications and infrastructure, or Business Process Modeling Notation for business processes.

Accredited by industry consortium The Open Group,  delegates of the two-day course can take an exam to achieve The Open Group’s international ArchiMate Certification.

ArchiMate 2.0 Certification Training is taking place in Midrand on 6 August, 10 September and 26 November 2012.  For more information contact Carla Bell at Real IRM on 011 805 3734 or email

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