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Mapping: the unexpected solution to business problems in financial services sector

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Most people would be hard-pressed to explain what “geospatial data” is, but chances are: they are using it in their daily lives. From location-aware mobile tools to satellite imagery such as Google Maps or GPS driving directions, we are using geospatial data for a number of purposes every single day.

Geospatial data refers to information associated with a particular location – simply put, anything that can be put on a map. The volume of data is exploding, and technological advances have allowed businesses to store, catalogue, and display the information for business or personal purposes. Companies who are able to use this data effectively have a significant competitive advantage – particularly in the financial services sector.

Organisations like the World Bank have been using geospatial data for their projects surrounding the effects of climate change, urbanisation, public health and land use. This enables teams to view all other Bank projects in their country or region of interest and access historic information about the environmental and human living conditions in that particular area. All teams can view data at any time, regardless of the time zone. This enables the organisation to make informed decisions regarding loans and relief across different territories.

Geospatial data (through Geographic Information Systems, or GIS) has also come to forefront in South Africa, as the advancement in communication and need for dissemination of financial information and services have had a keen impact on the banking industry in particular. In order to remain market driven and responsive, banks require up-to-date, detailed information about their customers and markets, as well as a platform for effective planning, organising and decision-making.

“GIS can provide any company with the ability to conduct market and competitor analysis, identify customers, plan for expansion, or to simply manage their assets,” Mike Steyn, of Aspire Solutions explains.

The increase of competition, as well as the popularity of mobile and internet banking, means that banks are under extreme pressure to perform. “GIS can provide the answers to important questions in this industry,” Steyn says. “Banks can use it to conduct site selection for new branches or ATMs, for example, because they can pinpoint where their customers, facilities and competitors are located, and then identify and target underserved areas. It can also provide an overview of additional services, such as how many home loans are being given out in which areas, by mapping loan applications processed by various financial services. That way, they can target the postal codes with the highest mortgages and offer re-financing or step-up advertising efforts in those areas.”

Steyn believes that maps are the single most effective way to display complex information so managers can use it for decision making. “With a map, you can see in seconds what might otherwise take hours of combing through diagnostic information buried deep in complex multi-page tables,” he says. “You instantly enhance your understanding of risk, customer interaction and economic decisions.”

The banking networks that support card machines at retail points of sale (POS) are a case in point, says Steyn. “Everyone loses out when there is trouble at a POS,” he says: “Retailers lose sales, banks lose transactions and customers can’t make purchases. Yet South Africa’s banks are mostly still only learning about problems when their customers call in a report.”

It should be the other way around, says Steyn: “The ideal situation is when the banks phone their customers to say ‘we’ve picked up a problem on your network but don’t worry, we’re dealing with it.’ But for that to happen, they need better information access.”

The problem is not that the data doesn’t exist, adds Steyn – it’s just that’s hard to find. “Sifting through real-time data feeds is a challenge, but increasingly one that businesses have to meet if they’re going to stay competitive. Taking inaccessible data and putting on a map turns it into a simple, useful decision making tool.”

This is particular popular in the insurance and risk management industries, where GIS is used to discern risk patterns in clients portfolios. Risk levels are based on factors as such density of buildings, environmental disasters and property values – which are all clearly displayed with geospatial data. GIS technology helps insurers and lenders prepare for natural disasters by being able to monitor and assess a portfolio by geogra­phy and confirm whether they have the appropriate reserves necessary to assist their customers and protect their own bottom line should a disaster, such a flood, hit a specific area.

Disaster management services can use datasets such as satellite imagery and topographic and street maps to bring aid to communities during a catastrophic event.

Steyn says there are few business problems that can’t benefit from taking a spatial view. “Humans are fundamentally visual thinkers, and seeing things mapped in space can help us to see patterns and connections that are otherwise obscured. Spatial systems are a great way to bridge the gap between data collection and business intelligence.”

Kaspersky Lab Rolls Out an All-New Security Suite to Combat Emerging Mac Threats

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Kaspersky Lab announces Kaspersky Security for Mac, the all-new security solution designed to protect users of Apple computers from emerging threats. Kaspersky Security protects the Mac OS X environment from all kinds of threats, combining traditional security technologies with cloud-based methods and offering a rapid response to the latest dangers. Besides protecting computers from Mac-specific threats, the new solution also prevents Windows and Linux malware from spreading to other computers and, for the first time, provides an effective Parental Control feature set, protecting your kids from viewing inappropriate content online.

Mac Threat Landscape: Stable Growth with Significant Outbreaks:

Why should Apple computers be protected with a proper solution, offering the best-in-class protection against all types of threats? We at Kaspersky Lab think that the value of your personal data is the most significant reason. As the market share of Apple computers grows, cybercriminals are paying much more attention to it. The result is a steady growth in the number of malicious programmes for Macs, and a number of highly dangerous incidents that are emerging more often.

The most recent example is the Flashfake Trojan, which has turned at least 700,000 Mac computers into zombie machines – meaning they could be controlled fully by the attacker. Considering the market share of 6 to 10% (depending on the source) for Mac computers, such a high number of infected computers from just one malicious program is a truly alarming fact. The rise of Flashfake started from a large number of hacked online blogs that criminals seeded with the malicious component. When visiting these blogs, users were prompted to update Adobe Flash Player – a seemingly legitimate request. However the downloaded package exploited vulnerabilities in the installed software, resulting in a massive epidemic.

Apple’s reaction to similar threats in the past has been to release patches closing the software vulnerabilities – however up to two months after the breach is discovered. Until that happens, a computer operating without a third-party security solution remains vulnerable.

New Protection Technologies:

Kaspersky Security for Mac utilises the latest protection technologies to better fight all types of threats, including Trojans, worms, spyware, adware and keyloggers. The file scanning module is activated during start-up and checks new and updated files automatically, minimising impact on system resources. The ability to detect and block Mac-, Windows- or Linux-specific malware also prevents the spread of malicious objects to other computers at home, or those belonging to friends and colleagues. The antivirus database is updated hourly to ensure protection against the latest threats, while cloud-based security technology reacts to the most recent malicious objects within minutes.

To provide even better protection, Kaspersky Security for Mac now provides Web Protection features that detect and block malicious, fraudulent and phishing websites and alert users about each online threat detected.

Anti-phishing technology makes your Mac more secure, especially when you are using online banking or payment services. To protect confidential data such as credit card numbers or passwords, Kaspersky Security introduces the Virtual Keyboard. It comes as an extension to the standard Safari browser and also works with Google Chrome and Firefox. Using this keyboard to enter sensitive information makes it impossible for criminals to intercept sensitive data using keyloggers. The keyboard pops up on screen at your request, and is accessible from all relevant password forms on web pages. 

Feature-rich Parental Controls:

Parental Control is the latest addition to Kaspersky Lab’s new Mac product, providing a safe and regulated online experience for your children. Parents are able to set a time limit on their kids’ Internet activities, or specify the exact times each day when children are allowed to go online. Kaspersky Security for Mac will ensure that SafeSearch in search engines like Google will always be enabled, ensuring that only appropriate content will be displayed in search results.

Specific file types can be restricted for downloading when your child uses the computer. Of course, certain undesired websites may be blocked as well: either manually or by category. Moreover, Kaspersky Security monitors kids’ activity in social networks like Facebook. This feature allows parents to monitor who the child communicates with, and to restrict certain contacts or whole social networks. The extensive reporting functionality ensures that parents always know when and how their children use the World Wide Web. 

Better performance and simplified user interface:

Overall, the new Kaspersky Security for Mac provides better performance and usability. Kaspersky Lab’s own set of iSwift technologies offers intelligent file scanning, checking only items which have been created or modified since the previous run. The revised user interface, with easy-to-understand settings and all necessary information in the main windows, makes it as user-friendly as possible.


Kaspersky Security for Mac is currently available online at a Recommended Retail Price of approximately R509.58. Please click on the following link for further information:


DCC appoints Lexmark Product Specialist

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Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has recently appointed Tyrone Malan as its Lexmark Product Specialist who is responsible for the vendor’s complete range of printers, multi-functional devices (MFDs) and consumables. He will manage all Lexmark related hardware and supplies matters, such as sales and marketing, stock management, training and relationships.

Malan has been in the business of selling printers for over seven years, providing him with an in-depth understanding of this market.  His career started out at a document management solution provider as a consultant and then progressed onto selling MFDs and Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (PABXs). Having sold to the end user for seven years, Malan understands their needs and requirements and this knowledge will assist DCC’s resellers.

“The MFD industry has changed over the past three to four years, due to the popularity of these devices and expansion of  products and brands now available to the end user. Ultimately, your product and service has to outperform the competitors in order to sell – that is the over-arching factor.  I have confidence in the Lexmark brand and will drive the vendor’s value added benefits through our channel to the end user.”

According to Malan both the hardware and consumer side of Lexmark’s printing solutions are aimed at being top-quality, yet economical, easy to use devices, created with customer insight. This, he believes, is what distinguishes Lexmark from other brands.

Malan will manage Lexmark stock in order to guarantee resellers have access to the range of Lexmark printers and consumables, ensuring the needs of supply and demand are met. He will also handle all internal and external marketing for Lexmark at DCC, as well as provide resellers with the necessary Lexmark training.

“DCC is in the coveted position to offer both hardware and supplies. I want to optimise this opportunity and create awareness around the Lexmark solutions that DCC offers.”

With the support of the excellent Lexmark sales team and back office staff at DCC, Malan is well equipped to face the challenging task of growing DCC’s market share with the Lexmark brand and targeting the retail market in sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information, visit DCC at or contact:

Drive Control Corporation

Tyrone Malan

Lexmark Product Specialist

Tel: 011-201-8927


Keeping with the Olympic spirit, Samsung offers Olympic Apps

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New inspiring opportunities for everyone to experience and take part in the London 2012 Olympic Games at a click of a button 

Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, a global leader in consumer electronics and a Presenting Partner of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay have expanded their apps by including Olympic related global apps to the local apps store.

Says Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa: “We have created a specific ‘London 2012’ section on the App store – which not only provides consumers with the opportunity to access the latest information and guides while in London for the Olympic Games, but for those who aren’t as fortunate to be attending the Olympics, they can access all the latest game information and activities at the click of a button – allowing them to be part of the Olympic action.”

‘The London 2012’ is a pocket guide to the Games! In the summer of 2012 London and the UK will come alive with events, celebrations and activities during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but regardless of where you are in the world, you have an opportunity to be a part of the festivities. All Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and Tablet owners will have access to all of this and more, with some of the Apps included, but not limited to:

London 2012 – Official Mobile Game (Lite)

This app allows you to play the Official London 2012 Olympic Game on your smart phone! Get ready for the London 2012 Olympic Games, train the ultimate athlete and compete in 4 fast paced events – 100m sprint, 110m hurdles, 100m freestyle, double trap. Additionally, you also get to train and customise your athlete. Easy to play – difficult to master, all while enjoying authentic London 2012 Olympic venues.

Coca-Cola My Beat Maker

This app allows you to combine Olympic sport related musical beats to make music that you can share on Facebook. Be creative and make a melody using your movements, so bust out your own loops and beats based on the official Coca-Cola anthem for the London 2012 Olympic Games. When your beat is ready, upload and share it to The Global Beat – the biggest musical collaboration ever!

Around the Rings – Olympic News

Keep up with the latest news about the Olympics from Around the Rings, the world’s leading source of news about the Olympic Games. ATR is required reading for the Olympic Movement and your best source for Olympic news and the London 2012 Games. Reporting on the scene of virtually every important event on the Olympic calendar, ATR’s information is accurate, contextual and immediate because they know the players, and who and what is important.

“As the worldwide Olympic partner for wireless communications equipment and a presenting partner of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, we encourage everyone to celebrate the Olympics by creating inspiring and memorable experiences for everyone around the world. Technology is the unifying factor and with the GALAXY S III, Samsung’s Olympic Games phone during the London 2012 Games, London 2012 becomes ‘Everyone’s Olympic Games,” concludes Fleischer.

For more information on London 2012 and all the Olympic related apps please visit:

The Espresso Book Machine has arrived in South Africa

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Good news for book-lovers: the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) from On Demand Books in New York is being launched by Self-Publish Press and Xerox at the University of Johannesburg’s Main Library.

The EBM brings to South Africa a revolutionary book-publishing technology that is the only digital-to-print at retail on the market. Within minutes the EBM produces a bookstore quality paperback book with colour cover, in any standard trim size, at point of sale. The content is fed to the machine via EspressNet software, On Demand Books’ growing digital network of over 8 million titles.

Much like an iTunes for books EspressNet retrieves, encrypts, transmits and catalogues books from multiple English and foreign language sources (including public domain sources, traditional publishers and self-published authors). Writers can upload their own books for printing into a physical book, and, if so desired, for inclusion on Espressnet.

The EBM technology offers libraries and bricks-and-mortar retailers the opportunity to become community self-publishing centres. In addition the EBM provides a new sales channel for publishers and vastly increases the availability of titles for physical bookstores, thus significantly reducing loss of sales due to books being out of stock. The EBM improves efficiency and sustainability by eliminating shipping, returns and pulping of unwanted books.

Dane Neller of On Demand Books says: “The implications of the EBM for education in Africa are enormous”.

Dr Rookaya Bawa, Head of Library and Information Services at UJ says: “We are excited to be working with Self-Publish Press on this pioneering EBM.  Following the lead of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and other prestigious universities in the USA and Canada, UJ can claim a first for South African Universities.”

To date Espresso Book Machines have been placed in bookstores, libraries, universities and other locations in the USA, Canada, the UK, Japan, China, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.

Xerox will play an important role in South Africa by providing the X4112 high-speed printer that produces the book-block and by maintaining and servicing the EBM in South Africa. They will also be marketing the EBM throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Enquiries to Self-Publish Press: John van Heeswijk on 083 402-9807.

Learn how to run fail-proof projects with Barnstone

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Projects are the lifeblood of any business. Whether it’s the rollout of a new enterprise resource planning application or the development of a new mine, the ability to implement a project successfully is a key competitive differentiator—and a career-enhancer for ambitious professionals.

However, the rate of project failure is high, with some research suggesting as much as 37% fail. One of the key reasons for project failure is that project implementation itself is often sidelined by a range of other issues.

Help is at hand. Professional services firm Barnstone has conducted research into the most common issues that plague project implementation—and then developed a course to help project managers overcome these challenges in their work environments. The course was designed in conjunction with education specialists Pro-Active College, and will offer four modules over two days: Ensuring a sound foundation, Critical enablers, Project leader competencies, and Approaches that work.

“Barnstone consultants are extremely skilled and experienced when it comes to implementing projects across a wide range of industries,” says Deon Crafford, MD of Barnstone. ”We created the Barnstone Corporate Learning as a way to increase South Africa’s pool of professional skills, and we are pleased to team with a training leader like Pro-Active College to make that experience available by means of the most effective learning methods.”

The course will offer a total-immersion approach. The number of attendees is limited to 20 to give a much more intense learning experience and ensure optimal communication of the insights and methodologies contained in the course. Courses are scheduled during August, September, October and November, and will run in Pretoria.

For more information or to register please contact 0866 191 193

VMware recognises outstanding achievements from partners

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At its recent partner awards evening, held at Rand Lords in Johannesburg, VMware recognised the achievements of partners, distributors and staff for their outstanding contribution to the company over the past year.

The awards recognise the efforts of the people on the ground who continue to take the VMware message and technology to market, as well as those individuals and companies who have achieved exceptional success with the company’s solutions at customer sites.

“As a vendor company we rely heavily on the efforts of our partners to take the VMware message and technologies to market,” states Chris Norton, regional director Southern Africa at VMware. “This past year has been a really successful one for the business as we have managed to mobilise more people throughout the continent, significantly grown our mind and market share, and are now recognised as a local leader in both virtualisation and cloud computing.

Awards were presented to: Dell as the highest revenue contributor of 2011; Aptronics as the 2011 Solution Provider of the Year with nominees First Technologies and Dimension Data close behind. The Rising Star of the Year2011 was awarded to TCM with nominations coming in for both Bytes and iSquared. The OEM Partner of the Year for 2011 was awarded to HP and nominees included IBM and Cisco.

The OEM Reseller of the Year2011 was awarded to Datacentrix and nominees included T-Systems and Aptronics; whereas Distributor of the Year2011 was awarded to Workgroup with nominee First Distribution following shortly behind. VATC of the Year2011 was Torque IT and Bytes People Solutions and Dell were also recognised for their contributions in this space.

WECA (West East & Central Africa) Distributor of the Year2011 was awarded to Westcon Africa with nominations being received for Workgroup and First Distribution. On the flipside the WECA Partner of the Year2011 award went to Dell
whereDimension Data and Systems & Information Technology were congratulated for their nomination.

A number of special commendations for outstanding achievements in 2011 were also awarded to a number of individuals including: Reza Bodiatfor his effort and contribution to VMware inAfrica; Ken Marsdenfor his effort and contribution to VMware inSouth Africa; Ian Russellfor his effort and contribution to VMware in SouthAfrica; as well as Willie Jansen van Rensburgfor his effort and contribution to VMware in South Africa.

“We would like to congratulate all of our partners on their success to date, and extend a special congratulations to those companies and individuals who received awards this year We would not have been able to achieve any of this without the commitment and dedication we receive from our people and our partners,” ends Norton.

Too little or too much, how to determine the right amount of project planning?

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Project planning is a critical component of every successful project, but how do you strike the balance between too little and too much?

CEO of Project Portfolio Office, Guy Jelley, is of the opinion that too much planning can be just as harmful to a project as not enough. “Many companies are so concerned about wasting time in planning that they get started on a project without fully understanding its scope or even having an end goal in mind. This is a recipe for disaster as critical elements, such as change, communication and risk management, will not have been properly addressed and this will most certainly lead to failure.

“Too much planning, on the other hand, can end up eating into precious resources, considering both budget and time. Not only this, but morale can drop if the process takes too long, as goals seem to be completely beyond reach and it is difficult to keep staff motivated and excited about the new project. Too much time spent on planning generally means that once again, the project scope and user requirements are not fully understood, or even that too many people may be involved with planning.”

So, how much planning is just enough? Jelley maintains that a good rule of thumb is to dedicate around 20 percent of the overall project effort to the planning process (which includes the initiation phase).

“It is critical that the full extent of the project is understood upfront, so that it can be broken into smaller, more manageable iterations or phases if necessary. Also of great importance is that the correct stakeholders are identified, involved and committed from the start.

“However, the planning team needs to be limited to the appropriate individuals as well as to the correct level of people, as the wrong type or rank could lead to too much detail or too little. Should the team involve a number of different stakeholders, smaller, more detailed planning sessions can be held with different members of the team as needed.”

Jelley maintains that the correct processes, techniques and methodologies must also be in place in order to create the perfect planning environment. “For example, many companies find that planning workshops with fixed agendas are helpful, or that using certain tools facilitate planning as specific structures and processes are already in place. Others make use of specific non-related facilitators and even off site venues to drive out planning sessions.

“Using a solution like Project Portfolio Office (PPO), an online project portfolio management (PPM) and collaboration application, can highlight where and why projects get stuck in the planning process. This can be done as projects of all sizes and complexities have been benchmarked in order to set medians built into PPO, against which projects can be tracked. Should a project exceed an average benchmark, users are then alerted.

“Another benefit of PPO is the visibility that it creates, something that is key when going into planning. In fact, the tasks and activities to complete project planning should be your first set of deliverables loaded on a PPO project.

“Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ resolution that can be applied to all projects. There are far too many different types of projects and diverse environments for this to be the case,” Jelley adds. “Each organisation needs to find the right balance for itself and the type of visibility created by a solution like PPO is the first step to understanding and correctly gauging how much planning is enough for you.”

The key to more effective onsite resource management

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Concerns around the treatment of employees, particularly contract staff, raised by the recent labour broker controversy, have highlighted the need for resourcing companies to seriously improve the way in which they operate.

So says Arlene Boing, resourcing business unit manager at Datacentrix, a provider of high performing and secure ICT solutions, who believes that local businesses needing access to quality technical skills and those IT resources seeking employment alike, need to ensure that they partner with a reputable resourcing company that can add value to all stakeholders.

“Organisations, in particular, really need to question whether their IT resource vendors are adding value to their business’ bottom line,” she explains.

Boing maintains that in order to ensure the most effective management of resources, the service provider must form a tri-alliance, between itself, the client and the resource. By remaining actively involved with both the resource onsite, and the client company, you can ensure that both parties are meeting all requirements.

“From a resourcing perspective, this means that resources are remunerated both at a market related level and on a timeous basis, receive the benefits to which they are entitled, as per the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), and are imbued with a sense of belonging to the company at which they are placed. This type of hands-on approach helps eliminate some of the serious resourcing issues, including high absenteeism levels and low productivity.”

From a business perspective, a frequent complaint is that resources are not properly vetted. “Each candidate must be properly screened, calling for face-to-face meetings, in-depth reference checks, ‘stay’ and ‘exit’ interviews, as well as regular discussions and meetings to check on resource satisfaction.

“As a provider of IT resources, Datacentrix facilitates regular interactions with both the client and the resource, and also conducts frequent face-to-face meetings and sets bi-annual key performance indicators. Communication to this degree is the only way to ensure that performance matches with the long-term expectations of both the client and the resource.

“A happy workforce means that companies are more likely to retain top talent and become ultimately more competitive,” she adds.

Schneider Electric Teams with Cisco to Showcase the Future of Sustainable Cities at Cisco House in London

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Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has showcased its headline sponsorship of Cisco House, a dynamic, connected environment that demonstrates a shared vision of transformational opportunities for countries, cities, and organizations today and in the future. Open for five months from April 2012, Cisco House overlooks London’s Olympic Park and is dedicated to showcasing new and innovative paths to growth and efficiency.

“Our cities around the world are experiencing unprecedented growth, and it’s clear the only practical and sustainable way to manage that growth is through efficiency,” said Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President and CEO, Schneider Electric. “We are pleased to partner with Cisco on Cisco House 2012 to showcase how urban efficiency can be delivered, today, through integration and collaboration.”

Schneider Electric is demonstrating, through their role in Cisco House, how energy costs can be reduced by implementing simple solutions and new business models across the entire energy lifecycle. The fully integrated building and energy management systems provided and installed by Schneider Electric allow the Cisco House teams to make better decisions with regard to the energy consumption of sub-systems providing for more sustainable operations and an improved visitor experience.

In addition to the building and energy management systems installed in the House, a Schneider Electric demo showcases the core facets of a smart city: smart energy: smart mobility; smart water; smart public services; smart buildings, data centres and homes; and smart integration.

Visitors to the 20,000 square foot world-class business showcase center will be challenged to re-think the future, changing their perceptions of cities, countries, and society. They will be taken through a multi-media business transformation journey that looks at how innovative organizations are transforming the world today, as well as the opportunities they can look forward to in the future. The interactive experience features Schneider Electric’s best practices and case studies.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Schneider Electric and some of Cisco’s leading global Alliance Partners on this exciting and innovative project,” said Jim O’Donnell, Managing Director, Cisco House. “The Schneider Electric systems are not only demonstrating energy management strategies to visitors; they’re helping us to run Cisco House itself more efficiently. So far they’ve provided a predictive look into potential HVAC system issues prior to the heat of the summer games and helped us better manage consumption during off-hours for the House.”

Schneider Electric joins Citrix, EMC, Intel and SAP in working together with Cisco to provide technology and resources, including virtual desktops, data storage, processing power, analytical software and energy management to the House. The involvement of different companies from far corners of the technology and energy fields demonstrates the ability to create expert solutions through collaboration.

For more information, please visit:

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