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Data quality will help insurance companies gear up for impending SAM regime

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By Gary Alleman, MD  at Master Data Management

The Solvency and Asset Management (SAM) regime, the South African equivalent to the European Solvency II, is due to come into effect in January 2015. While the implications of non-compliance to SAM are unknown as yet, compliance is mandatory and experts have predicted that weaker insurance companies may not survive the transition. Insurance companies of all sizes need to find a cost effective solution which addresses the underlying issue of data management to ensure not only compliance with SAM, but more efficient processes going forward.

Similar to Basel II and III for the banking industry, at the heart of the SAM is the fact that risk calculations must be based on provably correct data. Data is the key here, and insurance companies should learn from the experiences of the banking industry in their early attempts to comply with Basel II. In many cases very large, expensive projects were undertaken that did not address the underlying issue – data management.

According to the Financial Services Board (FSB), ‘the primary purpose of SAM is to improve the protection afforded to policyholders and beneficiaries and encourage insurers to adopt a more sophisticated approach to risk monitoring and risk management.’ Poor data quality will therefore have a significant impact on risk calculations. If insurance companies are not certain of the quality or integrity of their data, they must assume the worst case scenario when calculating risk, which in turn may raise the required holding capital amounts to prohibitive levels which may make doing business impossible.

Assume, for example, that we have two related client records. One record shows the client to be low risk. The other, due to missing information, causes a high risk assessment. Under Solvency II the second record takes precedence and the client must be assumed to be high risk. This then ties up unnecessary capital and can eat into profitability. Because of an inability to accurately assess risk, and a resulting higher capital holding level, the insurance organisation itself may also be seen as a bad credit risk. This in turn means that money borrowed will be at a far higher interest rate. Aside from the increased cost of doing business, non-compliance with SAM is sure to have other penalties, which may include fines and trading bans, and other consequences similar to those around Solvency II.

Compliance is not an option, it is something that all insurance companies must do, and the cost of compliance will require certain systems and processes to be put into place. However, insurers should not make the mistake of addressing SAM compliance as a once-off, standalone project, as this will mean that any solution will not be cost effective.

SAM compliance should instead be viewed as a strategic imperative. Insurers should look towards ensuring data governance, in other words the process of managing data as an asset, within a more holistic and reusable framework. The same systems required for SAM compliance can also be leveraged for other purposes, including addressing other regulatory requirements, such as the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) or privacy legislation such as the Protection of Personal Information bill.

This investment will then not only enable compliance to SAM and other legislation but deliver benefits such as improved operational efficiency. Data quality improvements and a more accurate view of customers can also be used to provide more effective marketing, more efficient client service and an enhanced customer experience.

The bottom line is that a short-sighted, tactical approach to SAM compliance may well have the effect of culling weaker companies from the herd. However, SAM by no means dooms these companies to failure, since a strategic approach centred around data governance can drive significant value for the organisation. Using this approach, investments in data quality and data management can be leveraged to address multiple needs.

SAM compliance need not be a death sentence for smaller insurers, and nor should it be viewed as a money pit that requires huge resources and infrastructure. Rather it should be viewed as an opportunity to improve the quality of data within insurance organisations to deliver positive returns across the organisation.

CNN International takes ECOSPHERE on the Road to Rio

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  • Award-winning Website visualizes Twitter discussion on key topics at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio20+
  • Sustainability topics will be discussed live via 30 Twitter Trees

CNN International is taking the award-winning CNN ECOSPHERE – – live in the run-up to Rio20+, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Tweets with the Hashtag #Rio20 will become visible in a digitally rendered ‘living sphere’ on approximately 30 ‘Topic-Trees’. This unique computer-generated sphere made its debut at the Durban Climate Change Conference 2011, where it collated and displayed users’ ideas on key aspects of the conference.

The ECOSPHERE allows CNN International to gather opinions, ideas and thoughts of the worldwide twitter community on sustainability and climate change policy and makes them visible. Visitors can observe the growth of the Twitter ‘trees’ in real time. ECOSPHERE can be watched in a livestream via an internet browser, which can be easily embedded in other websites.

The Hashtag #Rio20 filters tweets on the topics discussed at and around the UN conference and sorts them by relevance. Visitors to the ECOSPHERE can examine the main discussion topics of the Twitter community by zooming on the different ‘tree branches’, while a separate timeline documents the development of the discussions and the ECOSPHERE environment itself.

ECOSPHERE was most recently awarded with two Cannes Lions at the 59. International Festival of Creativity, one Silver Lion in the category “Publications & Media” and one Bronze Lion in the category “Best Integrated Campaign Led by Promotion and Activation”. Earlier this the year the Ecosphere won gold and silver prizes at the ADC and Clio Awards in New York, at the Montreux Festival, at the ADC of Europe Awards in Barcelona as well as with the Grand Prix of ADC Germany.

CNN International will be inviting viewers around the world to make their voices heard, by joining the Rio conversation in the Ecosphere. Our viewers’ opinions will be showcased online as the Ecosphere grows. In addition, the ECOSPHERE Project will be part of the June edition of “Road to Rio: A Green City Journey”. In the months approaching the summit, CNN made the journey to Rio starting in the UAE and travelling across India, China, the USA and Mexico reporting on local climate protection projects. In June “Road to Rio: A Green City Journey” will be dedicated to the themes of the Earth Summit. For more information please go to

Find more Information on ECOSPHERE on A youtube video can be shared via

A first in mobile history

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For the first time in mobile history, a body has emerged that is representative of most stakeholders who will shape the wireless, cellular and ICT landscape in South Africa.

The newly established ZAT Mobile Forum is not driven by government or a political party and it is not another annual talk-shop that is aimed to generate income, merely as a networking event in name only.  Forum events are also not designed to have high profile speakers merely draw large crowds.

ZAT Mobile Forum Events are rather aimed at giving industry players across the board the opportunity to actively engage with each other towards finding solutions, shaping the sector and realising genuine opportunity in an industry that is rife with logistical obstacles and ripe for explosive growth.

The forum is administered by the ZAT (ZA Telecoms) Foundation.  Forum activities will include regular network meetings where industry specialists, and those who wish to do business with the Mobile and ICT sector can engage with each other on a variety of focussed topics.  The forum will circulate a newsletter of which the content is supported by

Small, Medium, Large and Platinum Corporate Members will have the opportunity to participate in regular brainstorming sessions where the ZAT Mobile Forum Policy will be shaped as an official forum position.

Corporate members will automatically have a seat on corporate and government delegation visits where positions will be communicated for industry benefit, in an effort towards creating a healthier, more competitive electronic communications environment for the consumer.

The Inaugural Network Meeting

The inaugural network meeting will be held in Woodmead at the Country Club Johannesburg on the last Wednesday in June and may be attended at a networking fee of R350 per person.

Forum members and interested parties currently represent more than 150 South African and international mobile, wireless, telecoms and ICT companies.  ZAT Mobile Forum coordinator, Abigail Khumalo, said this week, “we have been swamped with requests for more information on the forum, by people asking how they can be more actively involved.”

On a practical note…

At formal network events and cocktail functions, forum guests may join any one of a dozen “themed” meeting tables to discuss specific industry issues.  The topics to be discussed at the upcoming network event, include Spectrum; 4G LTE, EMF transmissions; ICT/ Mobile Recruitment; Mobile marketing and branding; Regulatory & Compliance; Evolved Packet Core; Radio Planning; BSS/OSS/VAS and Channels to Market. Non-industry specialists and interested parties who have also joined the forum, include companies who wish to trade with and engage with industry players.

As part of a fundraising initiative, an executive dinner will be hosted after the event, where Directors and CEO’s in the industry may when a company donates R3000 towards establishing the Forum.  Several leading companies in the South African mobile sector have already committed to this initiative.

Bookings for the event can be made through and Abigail Khumalo can be contacted for more information, either on or

Joining the Forum

Membership to the ZAT Mobile Forum can be taken out as Individual Members at no charge; and at varying rates: Individual Network Members; Small and Medium Organisations; Full Corporate Membership and Platinum Corporate Membership.

More information on the forum, can be viewed on

Norton is Windows 8-Ready; Helping make it Safer and Faster.

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Norton security products will be Windows 8 compatible upon release of the new operating system (OS). Additionally, Norton is developing several exciting new apps specific to the Metro environment in Windows 8. Security remains a key issue with the launch of any new OS, and Windows 8 is no exception. A few of the Metro apps previewed this week include:

  • Norton Studio – New touch-based main UI for Norton security products.
  • Norton browser (To Be Named) – Expanding our current mobile safe browsing products, this browser from Norton will allow consumers to maintain secure web transactions and Identity Safe password management functionality in the Metro environment.
  • Norton cloud scanner (To Be Named) – This new lightweight scanning app in Metro finds malicious links on Facebook walls and other common apps to stay protected from online fraud.

Norton product preview.

 Norton Hotspot Privacy is an upcoming offering that lets consumers connect to Wi-Fi securely by creating a virtual private network (VPN) on any public hotspot.

Public wireless networks aren’t as secure as many consumers think with Wi-Fi sniffing now being as easy as installing a browser add-on. Research by Norton shows that safe Wi-Fi is the biggest consumer need for any mobile security offering.

Norton Hotspot Privacy lets users surf the Web privately and helps keep their identity, Web accounts and transactions safe – all without the hassle of having to log on each time. When a device detects and connects to a Wi-Fi network, Hotspot Privacy will automatically configure and start for the user. The product will be available for iOS and Mac later this year.

RSAWEB Launches SA’s First Content Delivery Network!

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 RSAWEB – ISP Specialising in Cloud

ISP RSAWEB are rapidly establishing themselves as a truly innovative player in the tech space and have announced today that they are launching South Africa’s first CDN called AfriCDN (Content Delivery Network).

Content delivery networks can dramatically decrease data costs for content heavy websites – as RSAWEB’s MD Mark Slingsby says ‘CDN’s can typically slice up to 30% – 50% off the costs of hosting for websites, we see CDN as a revolution for the hosting market in South Africa – much reduced data costs for hosting, and dramatically increased site speeds!’

‘Essentially, a CDN is a content delivery system built in the Cloud, we help your website load fast all across the world, by placing the heavy, data munching and server crushing content like images, CSS, HTML and video into our server network, each time a user visits your site, we serve them this content from the server geographically closest to them. This shaves time off your sites load time, thus increasing your sites conversion rate and can even improve your sites Google ranking.’

Says RSAWEB MD Rob Gilmour – he goes on to admit that ‘although we are proud to be the first African CDN supplier, we realise that we have some way to go in educating the market as to what CDN is its capabilities.’

RSAWEB have been steadily building their worldwide network and now have POPs across the world which means that they can offer a locally built but world class CDN service at a price that won’t hurt.

Additionally RSAWEB say that CDN implementation is simple – they ask you 3 questions, give you some code to implement on your site, and within 15 minutes, you can have a fully functional CDN enabled website.

The rise of the Self-Service Manager

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By Kevin Meltzer, co-founder of Consology

South African companies are increasingly embracing Self-Service as a key strategy for the years ahead. One sign of the growing sophistication of their approach to Self-Service is the way that many of them are creating dedicated management roles and teams to focus on creating and implementing their Self-Service strategies.

Just two years ago, banks and telecommunications companies delegated responsibility for Self-Service to the teams looking after their mobile or electronic channels. Today, we are starting to see them look at channels such as kiosks, mobile devices and the Web as part of an overarching Self-Service strategy.

Take the example of a South African telecommunications company that has created a dedicated Self-Service team led by a full-time Self-Service Manager. This multidisciplinary team draws on a range of skills, from technical to business process engineering to user experience to marketing, to create Self-Service experiences that delight customers while reducing costs for the company.

This is a positive trend and reflects the way that South African companies are tackling the problem of servicing a growing volume of customers in a manner that is efficient and convenient.  Many companies look at just how expensive it is to outsource customer service to a contact centre firm and ask whether there isn’t a way to serve customers that is both more cost-effective as well as more pleasurable for the consumer. Companies look at the postal service and wonder how they can cut postage costs and delays in bills getting to their customers. They question whether it should really be necessary for someone to step into a branch to change their address details or query an invoice.

Companies are also realising that Self-Service strategies need to be integrated and consistent across all channels. Companies can no longer build Web, mobile, kiosk and other Self-Service channels in isolation from each other, but as an interconnected fabric of services that address different customer needs and deliver appropriate services through the selected channel.

For example, in the financial services industry, channels might include ATMs, online banking, mobile apps, cellphone banking, in-branch Self-Service kiosks and IVR services. Some of them serve the needs of different customer bases, while some customers might use different services at different times or for different purposes.

The role of the Self-Service team is to understand how all these different channels may be used to automate business processes that once required the customer to speak to someone on the phone or at a branch outlet. They are expected to look at how Self-Service across these channels can grow revenues and profitability while increasing customer satisfaction.

The rise of Self-Service Managers and their teams also marks a shift towards greater customer-centricity among South African companies. Self-Service is no longer just about saving money, but an important way of retaining customers and keeping them happy. These are among the most important benchmarks against which the performance of the Self-Service team should be measured.

Kaspersky Lab’s Number of the Week: 60% of Users Consider the Loss of Financial Data the Most Dangerous Threat

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There are many computer threats that can cause headaches for users. Among them, the most damaging are those which threaten the safety of our valuable information or, even worse, its confidentiality. And of all the personal data we store online, financial information is what gives us greatest cause for concern.  60% of users from Russia, the US and Europe surveyed by Harris Interactive in February and March 2012 said the exploitation of financial info was their biggest fear.

Information about passwords for online services comes a close second – 58% of users are concerned about the loss or theft of this data by cybercriminals. Next, in descending order, come personal email and documents, address book contacts and different kinds of multimedia files. Despite their obvious concern about data safety, however, a considerable number of users store information on poorly protected mobile devices. In particular, 15% of respondents use their tablet to make credit card purchases online, work with electronic payment systems or to perform other financial operations; 12% perform the same activities using their mobile phone. About one third of all users (31%) entrust their personal information to their home computer or laptop.

What do users do to protect sensitive data? According to the results of the Harris Interactive survey, just under half of respondents (46%) choose to back up all their devices. 30% of users resort to encrypting valuable information, while another 32% protect documents with a password. These measures are obviously not sufficient in themselves, but coupled with high-quality antivirus software they can ensure a decent level of protection. In this instance, the best option is to use a single security package with a full set of capabilities. This protects against modern Internet threats and offers tools for data backup, file encryption and safe password storage. This all helps to protect important information against unauthorised access, theft or loss.

The full report on the survey by Harris Interactive is available at:

HP Empowers Small and Medium-size Businesses to Thrive in a Mobile World

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New solutions, services and programs simplify, secure and optimise IT to support a growing mobile workforce

HP recently announced new offerings to help small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) prepare their technology infrastructures for a growing mobile workforce.

With more than 1.1 billion mobile appliances in use worldwide,(1) organisations of all sizes are challenged by the need to access, manage and secure mobile devices and the data generated by them. HP Converged Infrastructure provides the ideal platform for secure continuous access to data and applications. With partner solutions from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, HP also delivers improved employee accessibility and productivity as the requirements for mobility continue to grow.

New offerings from HP include technology solutions and services, as well as financing and training programs that enable resource-challenged SMBs to simplify IT while enhancing collaboration in an increasingly mobile world.

Predefined solutions secure, simplify mobile access

According to Gartner research, by 2016, at least 50 percent of business email users will rely primarily on a tablet or mobile client instead of a traditional desktop.(2) The trend to use devices to access email and other business data requires SMBs to prepare their infrastructures to support increased mobility.

New HP solutions and services enable organisations to:

  • Improve security with HP Client Virtualisation SMB virtual desktop solution. The solution includes reference architectures—such as HP ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) servers and client virtualisation software from Citrix, Microsoft or VMware—that protects company data by storing user profiles and data on a centralised server. This enables SMBs to provide secure access to applications from thin clients, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Information remains protected on the server even if the device is lost.
  • Reduce risk and complexity of client virtualisation projects with HP Client Virtualisation, Analysis and Modeling, a prepackaged service that analyses the existing IT environment to simplify and speed deployment of virtualisation for medium-size organisations and help them embrace mobile technology.
  • Simplify adoption of mobile technology with HP Transformation Experience Workshop for Mobility, a service that aligns business and IT stakeholders to ensure employees have access to data while upholding security requirements.
  • Increase uptime for a growing mobile workforce with HP Business Protection Solutions, preconfigured reference architectures based on HP Converged Infrastructure and best practices in data protection, network security and disaster recovery. These customised solutions guide SMBs in the design of a risk-mitigation program to ensure continued accessibility to company data from a mobile device.

Collaboration tools improve productivity for mobile workforce

To support the acceleration of mobile devices, HP and its partners are helping SMBs improve employee productivity and drive business efficiency.

  • Improves collaboration with HP Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) Solutions with Microsoft Lync, an integrated hardware and software solution that enables SMBs to securely video conference, share information on desktops and collaborate to improve productivity. The comprehensive UC&C solution includes Microsoft Lync software, HP Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, HP networking and HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, storage and services.

Simplified infrastructure for SMBs embracing mobility

Small and medium-size organisations need simple, reliable and economical computing to support growing data and new applications across wired and wireless environments. New solutions based on HP Converged Infrastructure help companies to:

  • Simplify network management with the expanded HP Multi-Service Router (MSR) Series, an all-in-one, customisable platform that allows clients to streamline deployment of networks by integrating security and wired and wireless networking features into one device.
  • Reduce power costs with the HP 1910 8G Switch Series, which features energy-saving Power over Internet (PoE) technology to deliver simple, reliable and cost-effective network access for rich-media applications, such as voice and video.
  • Address the explosion of unstructured data from a growing mobile workforce with increased capacity and simplified management featured with HP X5000 Storage. This highly available clustered network attached storage (NAS) platform reduces IT administration time for SMBs by ensuring users have access to file data from their mobile devices.

Increased support for SMBs and channel partners

HP provides SMBs and channel partners with a broad range of programs to drive growth, create new revenue streams and ensure collaboration. Enhanced programs provide:

  • Improved sales skills for small-business owners through HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) e-Learning. The new cloud-based platform, hosted on HP Converged Cloud infrastructure, offers free information and courses in 20 languages to help SMBs establish or grow their businesses. HP LIFE has helped create 43,000 jobs with 20,000 organisations worldwide since 2007.(3)


The HP Client Virtualisation SMB Reference Architecture for Microsoft VDI is scheduled to be available in September. All other solutions and services are available now through HP and worldwide channel partners.

Additional information about HP’s new SMB offerings is available at

Zetes’ enrolment system ensures efficient management of military personnel in Republic of Chad

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  • Zetes first contract with Chadian government
  • Biographic and biometric registration of Chadian troops in central data archive
  • Zetes system optimises personnel management, prevents duplicates and facilitates production of secure ID cards

The Chadian government has awarded Zetes a contract to complete an enrolment and identification project of its military staff.  Zetes’ solution will be used to create a new database with biometric and biographical data relating to troops, enabling more effective personnel management. The solution is being implemented within the administrative departments of the Ministry of Defence and army. This is the first contract awarded to Zetes by the Republic of Chad.

The project comprises a large-scale operation covering the entire national territory and implementation began in early May 2012. Chadian authorities estimate they will subsequently complete registrations of around 35,000 active Ministry of Defence personnel.

Zetes is responsible for every phase of project execution together with local ID partner Group Royal Chad. The ID specialist collects biometric and biographical data from Chadian soldiers then centralises and de-duplicates the data using AFIS technology. Following the registration process, each soldier is presented with a secure card, containing photograph and fingerprint information processed within a bar code.  The first ID cards to result from the project will be in circulation from the third quarter of 2012.

Zetes’ CEO Alain Wirtz says, “This project provides another opportunity for Zetes to apply its expertise to people identification. It also strengthens our position on the African continent, where the need to biometrically register and identify civil servants, military staff and other public sector workers is growing. Illustrating this trend, Zetes has already completed similar projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. The solutions we offer allow governments to build reliable people databases, which are essential for effective HR management.

Jasco expands into Central Africa, partners with Warid Congo on carrier neutral co-location data centre

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New Jasco Congo subsidiary provides dedicated, ongoing presence in Central Africa, ensures skills transfer

Jasco Networks has expanded its operations into Central Africa with the formation of Jasco Congo, a subsidiary company with dedicated presence and local shareholders in the region. Following this expansion, the newly formed Jasco Congo subsidiary has signed a partnership agreement with Warid Congo to manage and maintain a carrier-neutral co-location data centre in Congo-Brazzaville.

Warid Congo is part of the multinational Warid Telecom and is one of the fastest growing mobile operators in the region. As the owners of the data centre infrastructure, they will share in the revenues generated by the data centre and benefit from skills transfer as a result of the partnership. Jasco Congo will in turn benefit from the ability to tap into local expertise, knowledge and market presence.

“Data centres are one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry, but the data centre built by Warid was not being used to full capacity. We were looking for a seasoned, highly experienced partner in the field to help us reposition our organisation to meet the needs of corporates around data centres and carrier neutral services. Jasco delivers on all of our requirements and are the ideal partner,” says Michel Elame, Managing Director of Warid Congo.

Market research conducted by Jasco in Central Africa showed that the Internet market is still in its infancy, being very expensive and only accessible via satellite due to lack of infrastructure. However, users in the region are well aware of technological innovations and businesses are eager to embrace connectivity. This is becoming easier to achieve thanks to the recent landing of the WACS undersea cable connecting West Africa to the world and growing investment into improving infrastructure. Local Internet in the region remains expensive as a result of a lack of local hosting and local Internet exchange.

Jasco Congo has entered into a service partnership with Warid Congo, using the local company’s existing infrastructure and taking over the operational costs and maintenance of the data centre. Jasco will be designing and building an Internet switch exchange and providing local Internet hosting from the Warid Telecom data centre, helping to drive down the cost of Internet access. The company will also be hosting local telecommunications operators, providing a carrier neutral switching location for international traffic.

“Our research indicated that the region was ripe with opportunities, which are being held back due to the expense of building infrastructure. The situation is reminiscent of the South African market several years ago, and our experience in South Africa puts us in an ideal position to not only harness these opportunities but to assist with growth and skills transfer in the Central African region. The Jasco Congo operation, in partnership with Warid Telecom, enables us to expand our co-location solutions offering into Africa without the expense of physically investing in infrastructure, while creating local empowerment and business stimulation,” says Eckart Zollner, Business Development Manager for Jasco Co-location Solutions.

“Expansion into Africa is an important part of Jasco’s growth strategy, and this venture offered the perfect opportunity to launch into a new market. Congo Brazzaville is one of the more stable and economically active countries in Central Africa, the government is on an aggressive growth drive and a lot of investment is being injected into the economy. Jasco Congo and our partnership with Warid Telecom will enable us to be a part of this development and to build relationships with local suppliers in this region. This in turn will provide a launch platform for future growth and expansion,” adds Paul McKibbin, Divisional Managing Director of Jasco Networks.

The Warid partnership and launch of Jasco Congo represent the start of an exciting growth phase for Jasco in Central Africa. There are many opportunities to take the full range of complementary Jasco solutions, from networks to broadcasting, converged communications, energy, security and more, into the region. Jasco Congo will be working with local shareholders, telco’s and Internet service providers to develop new business in the region in line with the ONE Jasco philosophy of fully converged, intelligent solutions that deliver value for customers and end users.

“This type of business has high barriers to entry in Central Africa due to the cost of infrastructure, but there is not much competition so margins can be very lucrative and growth happens fast. However, we are also a fairly isolated region which can be difficult for companies to break into, as a result of vastly different clients and culture. Our partnership with Jasco is mutually beneficial and will enable both parties to leverage opportunities in this active and growing economic region. We are looking forward to working together and are also exploring further opportunities with Jasco,” Elame concludes.

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