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WD VelociRaptor hard drive reaches new performance peak with 1TB model

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10,000 RPM, 2.5-inch, 6 Gb/s SATA Hard Drive Gets Performance and Capacity Boost to Offer the Ultimate Storage Experience for Demanding PC Enthusiasts

Western Digital has announced it is now shipping the new WD VelociRaptor 1 TB hard drive, the latest addition to its award-winning drive family, the largest capacity 10,000 RPM hard drive on the market today. Designed for high-performance PCs, Mac computers and professional workstations that require a balance of high performance and capacity, the WD VelociRaptor drive is a favorite among enthusiasts and creative professionals. The WD VelociRaptor will also come in capacities of 500 GB and 250 GB.

Leveraging enterprise-class mechanics to provide 24×7 durability under high-performance workloads, the new WD VelociRaptor 1 TB hard drive is geared for creative professionals who demand the ultimate SATA drive.

“Creative pros use write-intensive applications that manage large, dynamic files; for example, video editing and digital content creation and management, which ultimately put a strain on storage devices that utilise write-challenged NAND memory for performance enhancement. WD VelociRaptor’s outstanding read and write performance across the entire disk capacity make it a perfect match for the creative professional and enthusiast who want to optimise their tools, enhance productivity, and increase storage space at the same time”, says Barber Brinkman, Western Digital Sales Manager Benelux and South Africa.

“WD is committed to providing customers with the best performing and most reliable SATA hard drives and our WD VelociRaptor family of drives underscores that promise,” says Darwin Kauffman, vice president and general manager of WD’s enterprise storage. “With ever-increasing demand for greater capacity, the new 1 TB WD VelociRaptor drive delivers the ultimate combination of speed and storage for the power user.”

The WD VelociRaptor 2.5-inch hard drive comes in the IcePack enclosure, a 3.5-inch mounting frame with built-in heat sink – a factory customisation that fits the drive into a standard 3.5-inch system bay and keeps the powerful drive extra cool when installed in a high-performance desktop or workstation system.

Says Anamika Budree, Western Digital Country Manager – South Africa, “The local market is ready for the new and improved VelociRaptor with the increasing demand for power, performance and capacity. The value lies in the combination of a high performance and now high capacity drive which improves read/write speeds as well as the overall performance of the drive. We expect the market to grow further and will see more users adopting this high-performance drive, thanks to the adoption of more ‘standard’ desktop values.”

Features of the WD VelociRaptor hard drives include:

Super speed – SATA 6 Gb/s interface and 64 MB cache optimise the 10,000 RPM WD VelociRaptor.
Higher capacity – WD VelociRaptor SATA hard drives employ Advanced Format Technology to achieve capacities up to 1 TB.
Rock-solid reliability – Designed and manufactured to workstation standards to deliver stellar reliability in high workload environments.
Ultra-cool operation – Consumes less idle power and uses similar active power as the previous generation WD VelociRaptor while offering greater capacity and performance.
Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward (RAFF) – Optimises operation and performance when the drives are used in vibration-prone, multi-drive chassis.
NoTouch ramp load technology – The recording head never touches the disk media ensuring significantly less wear to the recording head and media as well as better drive   protection when in transit.
Environmentally conscious – In addition to being RoHS-compliant, this generation of WD VelociRaptor is also a halogen-free design.

Price and Availability
The VelociRaptor will be available from resellers and select retail outlets.
The recommended retail pricing exclusive of V.A.T. is:
• VelociRaptor 250GB – R 1 342,00
• VelociRaptor 500GB – R 1 759,00
• VelociRaptor 1TB – R 2 500,00

Africa – fast realising ICT is an enabler of future economic growth

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Today, more than 70% of the world’s citizens live in societies that have just begun their digitisation journey. As the individuals and enterprises in these societies continue to progress in developing their own digitisation capabilities, they will only increase and accelerate these economic and social benefits. This is according to the 2012 Global Information Technology Report*, and it is a sentiment that is mirrored by MTN Business.

“South Africa has for many years been seen as the gateway to the African continent and while certainly in many cases it still is, other African countries are fast finding their own momentum,” says Johnny Aucamp, General Manager: Strategic Relations and Business Development Africa at MTN Business. “In fact, looking at the latest 2012 Global Information Technology Report, one could go as far as to say that in many cases, Africa is fast-tracking the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to advance the progress of society and business.”

According to The Networked Readiness Index in the Report, overall, Europe remains at the forefront of the efforts to leverage ICT to transform its economy and society. In fact, 7 European counties are positioned in the top 10. More interesting is the rise of countries such as Tunisia and Mauritius – who are positioned 50th and 53rd respectively, ahead of the usual African front runner, South Africa, who came in at 72, compared to 61 in the previous report.

Continues Aucamp; “It is estimated that even a 10% increase in broadband penetration can deliver a 0.1 – 1.4% boost in GDP and certainly countries such as Tunisia and Mauritius are benefiting from creating an enabling environment for ICT development. The same can be said for some of their African counterparts who may not have ranked high in the Index, but are certainly on the right path in terms of understanding that ICT development is a key pillar for economic development and, as such, are creating the necessary infrastructure and regulatory frameworks to drive ICT innovation.”

Kenya and the rest of East Africa, including the likes of Rwanda and Tanzania, have certainly benefited from access to the undersea cables and are driving the growth of ICT. In fact, at the recent Connected Kenya Summit**, it was highlighted that Kenya aims to aggressively drive growth in the ICT sector by 2017. The government wants ICT contributing up to 25% to the country’s GDP, and every Kenyan connected to the Internet – ultimately becoming one of the top ICT hubs in the world. The same can be said for Ghana and Cameroon where IT enabled services are seen as one of the key sectors for enhancing economic growth.

“While Ethiopia ranked 130 in the Networked Index, it is another country that is using ICT to drive development,” adds Aucamp. “There is a willingness by government to utilise and optimise ICT to enhance business development, create jobs and reduce poverty. A recent example is the creation of the Ethiopia ICT park that will feature a business zone and a knowledge park as well as commercial and institutional facilities to create a virtual ICT city.”

“While certainly the Global Information Technology report paints a somewhat gloomy picture of the Networked readiness of South Africa, it does however point to the massive progress made in the rest of the African continent. Africa is fast realising that ICT is an enabler of future economic growth and while there are certainly challenges, Africa can look forward to ICT changing the way it communicates, operates and grows. As devices become more available, costs continue to decrease and broadband connectivity is increased and services more widespread, Africa can finally benefit from ‘always available’ connectivity,” concludes Aucamp.

*2012 Global Information Technology Report – Living in a Hyperconnected World, World Economic Forum and Insead, 2012
**National ICT Master Plan, Ministry of Information and Communication, Connected Kenya 2012 Summit


Sophos develops IT Security Dos and Don’ts toolset

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According to a new survey conducted by Sophos on employee usage behaviour, a staggering 96 percent of respondents (IT professionals) do not trust their end users to make sound IT security decisions.

The survey results highlight the need to educate employees on IT security issues and best practices. In line with this requirement, Sophos has developed a free IT Security DOs and DON’Ts training tool for IT professionals.

In the survey, Sophos asked IT professionals from around the globe several questions about employee IT usage behaviour. Additional highlights include:

• 48% of respondents fix security issues caused by end user negligence at least once a week
• 26% of respondents say senior management commits the worst IT security offenses
• 19% of respondents say that IT commits the worst IT security offenses

These results underscore the impact that a lack of understanding of security policies and best practices—in every department and at all levels of an organisation—can have on an IT infrastructure.

In its ongoing commitment to aid IT departments in educating employees, Sophos’ programme aims to assist IT professionals in teaching their colleagues about security. The IT Security DOs and DON’Ts kit includes materials such as:

• A launch guide with quick tips for IT professionals to begin an educational program
• IT Security DOs and DON’Ts posters and a handbook for end users with top-ten tips
• Bite-sized reminder email templates
• A password DOs and DON’Ts one-pager to help end users create strong passwords
• A PowerPoint presentation for IT professionals to use for training.

“Sophos has transformed its security expertise into a range of educational tools that will both inform and entertain,” adds Brett Myroff, CEO of Sophos distributor, NetXactics.

For additional information on the program, please visit

QlikView SA User Conference 2012 bulges at the seams

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Social and mobile business discovery themes wow big and small.

Already buoyed by excellent financial results and customer growth, business intelligence (BI) vendor QlikView wowed an extraordinary turnout of 630 delegates at its 2012 SA User Conference with the social and mobile features in QlikView 11, the new version of its software.

Business discovery for everyone
In a welcoming address to customers, partners, corporate luminaries and media, QlikView SA MD Davide Hanan introduced the delegates to Business Discovery, the next stage in BI which aims to change the way people use BI and work with data to make better decisions and catapult their businesses forward.
The next revolution
Follow-up presentations by QlikView SA staffers highlighted the key themes within QlikView 11 that are extending and popularising QlikView’s vision of self-service BI.
• Social Business Discovery – Just as user-driven BI disrupted that industry; next-generation collaborative decision-making will disrupt it by leveraging the collective intelligence of a group, organisation or department to accelerate better, more aligned and transparent decisions.
• Mobile Business Discovery – Business users are further empowered with new mobile capabilities in QlikView 11 that leverage immersive touch capabilities while accommodating smaller screen size.
• QlikView 11 also marks the next generation of associative search pioneered by QlikView with the introduction of comparative analysis, which enables interactive comparison of user-defined groupings.

• IT managers will appreciate the tool’s unified management functionality, which allows control and governance at the core while pushing usage out to the edges of the organisation.

• Other key benefits of the release include easier application development and enhanced manageability and security capabilities for large enterprises.

Pre-emptive wowing
Sean Taylor, partner at Insight Consulting, a leading QlikView implementation and services firm, says the “wow factor” was clearly evident at the event. “QlikView seems able to foretell people’s wants and needs from BI. Just watching the audience’s response to the various existing and forward-looking features made it clear they were blown away.”
Henrik Been, QlikTech vice president of product strategy, was responsible for two such wow moments with visualisation features that had the audience gasping and applauding with appreciation.
Multiple value settings
To round out the day, presentations by leading customers, including Pepsico, the Bombela Operating Company (which built and operates the Gautrain), Santam and Standard Bank highlighted the multiple settings in which QlikView can deliver value.
• Standard Bank described the role that QlikView played in their drive to change the face of banking.
• Bombela Operating Company realised value from QlikView in the unusual setting of an engineering environment, while defying the perception that data models must have permanent use.
• Santam’s implementation proved QlikView’s suitability in large installations.
• Pepsico demonstrated the concept of actionable insight versus run-of-the-mill analytics.
Who’s the smartest of them all?
But perhaps the most startling success story of all – other than possibly that of your own company – is the case of a CIO in the retail industry who downloaded the Personal Edition of QlikView (for free) to build an app that saved his employer R1 million – within four days.
Citing this as an example of what success stories are still waiting to be told, Hanan issued a challenge to delegates to search for the ‘hidden millions’ in their companies in pursuit of similar successes and launched the Business Discovery Competition.
The first 3 people that make or save their company R1million with QlikView will each get R50000!
QlikView 11 can be viewed in action at



Experience the affordable tablet computing revolution with @lantic

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Pretoria residents have a chance to be the first to test the new Huawei MediaPad, an affordable 7” tablet computer, at the opening of the new @lantic retail store in the Kolonnade Shopping Centre in Montana this month.

“The MediaPad is the first tablet in the world to feature the new Honeycomb version of the popular Android operating system,” says @lantic’s Sales & Marketing Director, Dederick Venter. ”With a touch screen, fast dual core processor, two cameras, 3G and wifi capability and a six-hour battery life, it’s the ideal portable device for surfing the internet, watching videos, playing games or catching up on your email.”

@lantic, the consumer and small business ISP in the Vox Telecom group, has partnered with Huawei to launch the MediaPad in South Africa, and the device will make its first local appearance from April 17th to 22nd. “The grand opening of our new store is on April 21st, but customers will have a chance to try out the MediaPad at our interactive stand in the mall for several days before that,” says Venter.

Customers will be able to touch, feel and play on the tablet, says Venter – and the winner of an on-site Angry Birds gaming contest will get their very own MediaPad.

“@lantic is as committed as ever to bringing easy, affordable technology to all South Africans,” says Venter. “We’re delighted to be the first to give our customers the chance to experience the tablet revolution that is the MediaPad.”


LG announces global launch of 3D World, next generation premium 3D content service

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3D World to improve access to high quality 3D content for LG customers and boost efforts to increase 3D content collaboration

LG Electronics (LG) announced the worldwide opening of 3D World, a premium content service that will be available to LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV users in nearly 70 countries. With DNA from LG’s original 3D Zone Smart TV app launched last year, 3D World gives LG customers access to an expansive selection of high quality 3D content via a “card” on the Home Dashboard.

3D World allows customers the ability to search through high quality 3D content across numerous content categories such as entertainment, sports, documentary, kids, and lifestyle. Once the content is selected, LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV brings it to life in beautifully rendered 3D images. The action scenes in sports become more dynamic and exciting, documentaries more realistic, educational videos in the kids’ category more captivating.

Whether it’s cooking, travel, fashion or any other interest, there’s something for everyone. In addition to the content, LG plans to pursue further collaborations with global 3D content providers in order to bring the most sought after 3D content to LG customers.

“3D World is a critical part of LG’s long-term strategy which includes controlling more of the 3D ecosystem that CINEMA 3D owners experience,” says Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “With the global roll-out of 3D World, LG is demonstrating its commitment to providing diverse, high quality 3D content.”

3D World will be offered in app-format for CINEMA 3D Smart TVs that were produced in 2011, while 2012 models will use the streamlined card system on the Home Dashboard.

Storming the ramparts of roaming

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VoIP carriers attack last bastion of mobile telecoms cost

“As high mobile telephony and data costs are steadily whittled down by regulation and innovative Voice over IP-enabled communication models, exorbitant roaming costs are among the last remaining bastions of high mobile charges,” says Rob Lith, Director of Connection Telecom.

A world-wide phenomenon, exorbitant roaming costs came about because of the price-making power of mobile market oligopolies. But even as these powerful companies lose their hold over pricing, they are digging in their heels by keeping roaming charges as high as possible for as long as they can.

But the VoIP offensive is taking several forms, and it is steadily winning the war. In one battle falling to VoIP, smaller operators are making quick inroads in cross-border roaming markets with low-cost data-based mobile telephony.

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), which already use other operators’ networks to avoid the cost of building their own networks, are making further innovative use of host networks by offering cross-border VoIP telephony on them.

Eschewing call minutes for data traffic, their cost is minimal, as it excludes the per-minute roaming charges they would have had to pay host operators for use of their in-country networks. Their only stock in trade, besides use of a network, is a partnership with a SIM card company, which orders data SIMs manufactured in small production runs from Far East manufacturers.

In another VoIP-enabled attack on roaming costs, VoIP carriers offer their customers a facility to route calls to roaming employees through a local 087 number (called ‘forward function’).

Calls to and from roaming mobile phones enter the cost-free long-distance VoIP network via a local access point and break out onto the public network again in the destination country, via a local SIM card – for a total cost of as little as a third of a normal roaming call.

For the past decade at least, VoIP offered little refuge for business travellers in territories like Europe, with roaming voice charges up to five times higher than domestic rates on average, and data rates 500 to 1000 times higher (source: Wikipedia).

This was the case despite a sector enquiry initiated by the European Commission in 1999. Finally, new regulations introduced the “Eurotariff” in all EU member states, removing exorbitant data charges and, by and large, introducing voice relief as well – thus making VoIP possible as a cost-saving communications model again in this territory.

Further refinement
As subsequent enquiries still found prices to be too high, further refinement followed. Among others, it is envisaged that the price difference between domestic and foreign calls will be zero by 2015.

In addition, 3G data roaming prices will be abolished completely over the next few years, in favour of flat rate data charges. EU roaming is likely to flourish under this increasingly vigilant and sophisticated regulatory regime, but it is also possible that other dynamic economic territories (such as SADC, the East African Community and South East Asia) can likewise benefit from flat rate pricing.

And even when that day arrives, the aforementioned emerging business model involving MVNOs and SIM providers can still be viable, given the low capital and operating costs of such arrangements.

With mobile roaming costs remaining high, VoIP remains an effective and quality-proven means of sending calls over the lowest possible route. Customers should look into hosted enterprise VoIP solutions with guaranteed relief from the pain of roaming.


Safe surfing is possible – but is every device covered asks Kaspersky Lab?

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With an estimated figure of over 2 billion¹ Internet users globally, it is evident that Internet penetration is certainly increasing. Yet, considering the fact that 780 signatures for new malicious programs that target sensitive financial information are added to Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus database on a daily basis, it is also obvious that surfing the Internet is not safe. Yet it can be, according to Kaspersky Lab.

“Today PCs no longer have a monopoly on storing personal information. A significant amount of very sensitive data is now also kept on smartphones and tablets and of course, more recently, in the cloud. The personal data on a smartphone can be of the most valuable type – that is sought after most by cybercriminals. In fact, any connected smart device is continually exposed to new, sophisticated threats daily, especially as more and more people use these devices to engage on virtualised web sites such as social media sites. However, for many people, installing appropriate security is an afterthought, which can leave devices dangerously vulnerable and exposed,” says Alexander Erofeev, Head of Strategic Marketing and Brand Communication at Kaspersky Lab.

According to statistics released by GSMA², by 2020, there will be an estimated 24 billion connected devices – a huge jump from the figure of 9 billion in 2011. Continues Erofeev; “More connected devices means more opportunity for cybercriminals to exploit these devices, especially as we continue to use them to conduct various online activities and considering their ability to sync information for our convenience. However, Internet users want to be able to grab bargains online, keep in constant contact with their friends via social networking sites and update their Twitter feeds using all their various owned devices with the comfort of knowing that they are not at serious risk doing so. This is possible with a universal Security, such as Kaspersky ONE, which enables users to protect all their Internet-capable devices at once – whether it’s a Windows PC or a Mac, surfing on the go from a smartphone or using a tablet in the evenings on the couch, Kaspersky ONE provides the perfect all round protection.”

With Kaspersky ONE Universal Security, users only have to think about security once. It protects PCs, Macs, smartphones and Android tablets easily with a simple, one-license solution. Award-winning Kaspersky Lab technologies work behind-the-scenes to deliver real-time protection from new and emerging malware and cybercrime. No matter which devices are used to bank, shop, surf, or chat online, the user is safe.

The installation and activation of Kaspersky ONE Universal Security is easy, with just one universal activation code. As a one-stop solution, there is no need to upgrade the subscription for each device-specific application. Local users can select a five license option and can choose the combination of devices to be secured by the product. The ‘five-device’ Kaspersky ONE Universal Security license would protect, for example: a home desktop, two laptops and two smartphones; or two tablets, two smartphones and a Mac; or two laptops, two smartphones and one tablet.

“Just mix and match to suit your personal needs regarding the devices you own, and start enjoying a more safe Internet experience across your connected devices. It is that simple!” concludes Erofeev.

System requirements
Kaspersky ONE Universal Security is compatible with devices running Windows or Mac OS X, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile (6.5 and below) or BlackBerry smartphones and Android based tablets.

To learn more about Kaspersky ONE Universal Security, please visit:

¹Internet World Stats,
² Internet of things will have 24 billion devices by 2020, Gigaom, October 2011,

Johnson Controls and BP to exceed 20-year partnership with contract extension

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Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions (GWS), a leading provider of facilities, commercial real estate and energy management to many of the world’s largest companies, has extended its global partnership to provide facilities management services to BP.

The new four-year agreement will take the relationship between the companies beyond the 20-year mark. It was awarded to Johnson Controls GWS for its proven track record in delivering world class workplaces supported by rigorous health and safety processes and standards.

Under the agreement, Johnson Controls GWS will provide facilities management services to BP offices, plants and a refinery in 16 countries in EMEA including Belgium, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and the UK.

In total, Johnson Controls GWS will manage 36 BP sites, which house 15,400 employees and have a combined internal area in excess of 2,000,000ft² (200,000m²). The contract also covers BP’s North Sea exploration, development and production sites in Scotland at Aberdeen and Grangemouth, along with Stavanger in Norway.

Johnson Controls GWS provides facilities management services to BP sites in South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and the US under separate agreements.

Johnson Controls GWS, Vice President Oil and Gas Market, Paul Morgan, said: “The relationship between the two companies epitomizes what a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership in business should be. Although this is Johnson Controls GWS’ second oldest contract, we move into this next phase with even more determination to deliver the best possible workplaces and health and safety standards through innovation and creativity. That drive is testament to the people that we have on the account.”

Johnson Controls GWS first began working with BP in 1993, when it managed facilities at a single building in Stockley Park, just west of London. The scope of the contract was later expanded in 1994 to include BP’s prestigious International Centre for Business & Technology in Sunbury UK, which accommodates close to 5,000 employees. BP sites in mainland Europe and locations around the world were added later.


DCC appoints new Retail Business Unit Manager

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Drive Control Corporation (DCC), one of the largest distributors in the Southern African market, recently appointed Zandré Rudolph as its new Retail Business Unit Manager. Rudolph will be responsible for DCC’s retail focused business, providing its partners with quality products and dedicated resources for all retail needs and requirements.

Rudolph brings to the DCC team 12 years of distribution experience. He says: “I have always had a passion for the fast-paced world of technology. This is reflected in my addiction to all things technology related including gadgets. On a serious note, I have been privileged to be mentored by large industry players. For most part of my career I have been involved in distribution, providing me with an understanding of the workings of this environment and the challenges that we face. I am also excited and optimistic about the growth potential of the retail market.”

The retail market is unique in that consumers today are informed, they know what they want and they demand quality. My goal is to not only to grow DCC’s retail business, but also further cement the company as the preferred partner in the retail space. Through key relationships and a solid basket of products on offer, I’m looking to build strong, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships.”

Rudolph sees the retail market as the cornerstone of the distribution channel. “The digital divide between consumer and business is closing rapidly, and DCC is leading the way.”

DCC’s retail client base includes large retail stores as well as telecommunications service providers. Rudolph will focus on retail and vendor relationships within this segment. He will also play an integral role in managing the company image with the consumer market.

Adds Rudolph, “I am fortunate to work with a great team at DCC. Each one brings skills and experience to the table. They are a group of exceptional people, driven and passionate – important factors to our success.”

Rudolph concludes, “I believe success is the result of motivated, dedicated teamwork, quality products and value-added service. My team and I are very excited about the role retail will play in the future chapters of the DCC success story.”

For more information, visit DCC at

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