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Vaal University of Technology launches French- South African Schneider Electric Education Centre

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Global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric South Africa has teamed up with the French Ministry of Education and the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) to launch a centre aimed at developing programmes to train technicians and higher technicians in the fields of energy, electricity and maintenance of automated systems.
Named the French-South African Schneider Electric Education Centre (F’SASEC), the new facility is in line with the Department of Higher Education and Training’s vision of accelerating artisan training across the country and will focus on preparing young South Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds for the job market. The first intake of students will be enrolled in April 2012.

This project enjoys the support of the Embassy of France in South Africa, under the auspices of its partnership programme (from the French Ministry of Education) with the South African government, and is aimed at addressing the shortage of disadvantaged, young, skilled South Africans.

According to Prof. Deon de Beer, Executive Director: Technology Transfer and Innovation (TTI) at the VUT, the purpose of the training centre is to provide a number of programmes in the field of energy, electricity, automation and renewable energies, from basic certification right through to advanced certifications, that are equivalent to university graduate and postgraduate level studies. In addition, it is his vision that the centre will act as a hub from which to support and service the community, educational institutions and industry.

“The centre was completely refurbished by VUT to provide a well equipped, state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with Schneider Electric educational systems, as well as intensive guidance and support to the students in order to ensure that they are well skilled and competent upon completion of their studies,” he explains. “It has been designed not only to assist the underprivileged to become a viable part of the local workplace, but also to allow professionals already within the market to further develop their skills.”

In terms of involvement in the centre, the French Ministry of Education, in collaboration with VUT, has provided infrastructure and will manage the process and supply technical experts to spearhead curriculum development, while Schneider Electric South Africa has kitted the centre out with the power supply, home automation, automation and renewable energy equipment needed for training and research.

“Schneider Electric has also agreed to place qualified students into a working environment so that they can be mentored by a qualified artisan within the industry for a period of six months,” explains Carl Kleynhans, Schneider Electric South Africa country president. “This is to ensure that they display the necessary competence to operate successfully within this sector.”

In addition, the French Ministry of Education has committed to find placements for qualified experts for more than three years.

Furthermore, the Schneider Electric Foundation, an organisation under the aegis of the Fondation de France that is dedicated to concrete and sustainable training, reconstruction and awareness projects around energy management, has provided additional funding toward the total project from an infrastructure perspective. For the coming years, it will continue funding the project with scholarships and support to self-entrepreneurship.

“Schneider Electric South Africa is proud to be associated with an initiative of this calibre,” adds Kleynhans. “We truly believe that the centre will be instrumental in increasing our local skills pool, empowering graduates to start their own businesses and, ultimately creating broader employment opportunities.”

Kaspersky Lab Starts the New Racing Season with Scuderia Ferrari!

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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, is back at the sharp end of Formula One in partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. The legendary Italian racing team unveiled its new single-seater for the 2012 season on the 3rd of February – and the Kaspersky Lab logos on three sides of the nose cone took their F1 bow in the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on the 18th of March.

“We are delighted to continue our presence in the world of Formula One. Our partnership with Scuderia Ferrari has brought new passion to the company and remains outstandingly successful. Kaspersky Lab share the same core values of Ferrari: we aim high, always move forward and keep on innovating. We are happy to root for Scuderia in the forthcoming season, speeding ahead on the nose cones of the 2012 Scuderia Ferrari single-seater!” said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab entered the world of motor racing in May 2010, sponsoring the Ferrari GT2 cars of the AF Corse team in the Le Mans Series Championship, and assuming the status of ‘Supplier’ to Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One. Half a year later Kaspersky Lab became a ‘Sponsor’ of the team and the Kaspersky Lab logo appeared on Ferrari’s Formula One cars. The companies have also released a co-branded product – Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition. This security solution comes with a Ferrari-style user interface and the Ferrari Virtual Academy video simulator game to align Kaspersky Lab’s best-of-breed anti-malware technologies with the world-famous image of Scuderia Ferrari.

The high-profile Kaspersky Lab logo featured on the cars’ nose cones and sides, on the drivers’ overalls and the team uniforms will be on display at all Formula One races in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. This is part of the new expanded sponsorship agreement between Scuderia Ferrari and Kaspersky Lab which was unveiled at the final Formula One Grand Prix of the 2011 season in São Paulo.

PPO helps Softline Pastel grow project management capacity

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Softline Pastel, one of the divisions within specialist accounting and business management software provider, Softline Group, has selected Post Vision Technology’s Project Portfolio Office (PPO), a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project management solution, to assist the division in realising a more mature project management culture.

“Softline Pastel identified the need to develop its project staff and to implement an effective project management collaborative project toolset,” says Blessing Mate, consulting manager at Softline Pastel.

The deployment of PPO within its Softline Pastel division is envisaged, with the assistance of targeted training, to thus grow its project management capacity through people and processes. “In line with its business growth strategy, Softline Pastel has to expand its deployment capacity from a people perspective. This needs to take place in alignment with an improvement in both the understanding and the execution of project management across all employees involved in deploying solutions to customers, thus enabling Softline Pastel to effectively and efficiently utilise staff involved in projects,” adds Mate.

According to Guy Jelley, CEO at Post Vision Technology, PPO offers Softline Pastel the functionalities to better manage its projects, as the project management application includes an inherent methodology that clearly defines the process required, and also allows for reporting to show which projects are aligned to the methodology and which are not.

“Through the management and monitoring of this, a client is able to mature employees to use the application and the process. Intertwining an organisation’s people with PPO is thus a significant factor in achieving Softline Pastel’s objectives. As a project management solution, it is crucial that all users and not just project managers use the tool. This is to ensure the greatest degree of adoption- and success of PPO within the organisation. We are therefore pleased that all Softline Pastel project team members will be utilising the software,” says Jelley.

According to Mate, PPO’s ease of use, excellent customisation capabilities and the need for minimum ongoing support, were all large motivation factors in the software purchasing decision-making process.

PM.Ideas, PPO partner and project management consultants, completed the PPO deployment at Softline Pastel and will also focus on entrenching a project lifecycle development and a project management office mandate in order to ensure that projects are executed efficiently and effectively by all Softline Pastel staff involved in the development and deployment of its solutions to customers. “This, in turn, will lead to the improved delivery and implementation of Softline Pastel’s solutions to end users,” concludes Jelley.

HP Unveils Powerful New Line of Workstations

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HP recently unveiled a new design, multicore updates and increased expandability on its powerful, line of HP Z Workstations.

Engineered for the most demanding and compute-intensive visualisation needs, the HP Z820 is ideal for customers using oil and gas, computer-aided design (CAD), and engineering, medical or media and entertainment applications. The HP Z820 provides up to 16 processing cores, up to 512 GB of ECC memory, up to 14 terabytes (TB) of high-speed storage and up to dual NVIDIA Quadro 6000 graphics.

For quiet environments and minimal space consumption, the HP Z620 is a great choice for customers in financial services, video, animation, architecture and midrange CAD. Updated to support both single- and dual-socket processors, the powerful and versatile HP Z620 provides up to 16 processing cores, up to 96 GB of ECC memory, up to 11 TB of high-speed storage, and up to NVIDIA Quadro 6000 or dual NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics.

Engineered to meet mainstream computing and graphic needs for customers in product design, architecture, video and image editing, the HP Z420 includes up to eight processing cores using the latest Intel Xeon processor E5-1600 and E5-2600 product families, providing up to 64 GB of ECC memory, up to 11 TB of high-speed storage, and up to NVIDIA Quadro 5000 or dual NVIDIA Quadro 2000 graphics.

The new workstations feature the latest eight-core Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family, offer up to 512 gigabytes (GB) of DDR3 memory, (1) and support multithreaded workstation applications that professionals rely on.
The latest additions to the industry-leading line of HP Z Workstations also feature third-generation PCI Express technology, providing customers increased performance and seamless integration of new graphics cards.

“As the workstation industry leader, HP continues to invest in technology that allows our customers to push the limits of innovation,” Kobi Elbaz, director, Commercial Solutions, HP Personal Systems Group EMEA. “Our investments in R&D and technology have led to workstations that meet and exceed the needs of the world’s most demanding customers.”

More cores for “megatasking”

The Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family allows for up to 16 physical cores in a single system and let 32 threads run at one time when using two processors, each with eight cores and Intel Hyper-Threading(2) Technology enabled. The new processors include Intel® vPro™ Technology,(3) integrated memory controllers and Intel Turbo Boost Technology. (4)

“HP Workstations based on our new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family are helping workstation users fast track the way they create, test and modify their innovative ideas” said Boyd Davis, vice president, Architecture Group, Intel. “Our new Intel Xeon E5 processors combine an increase in computational capacity and proficiency with an optimized I/O infrastructure. These advanced capabilities enable professionals to quickly and efficiently interact with their models while concurrently executing simulations, renderings, ray tracing and modelling their ideas on their HP Workstations.”

The new HP Z Workstations include 90-percent-efficient power supplies – reducing both overall energy usage and the amount of waste heat released.
All HP Z Workstations offer BFR/PVC free configurations(5) and more than 90 percent recyclable by weight.

HP workstations are used by some of the world’s most demanding customers in industries such as graphic arts, broadcast, CAD, engineering, medical imaging, finance, and oil and gas exploration. Companies use HP workstations to design everything from running shoes to race cars, animated characters to deep-sea submersibles, and to manage everything from billions of dollars of tradable securities to mission-critical IT environments.

More information about HP Workstations is available at

Pricing and availability
The HP Z420, Z620 and Z820 are expected to be available worldwide beginning in April. Pricing starts at R 10 999 for the HP Z420 Workstation, R13 249 for the HP Z620 Workstation and R16 749 for the HPZ820 Workstation. (6)
(1) (1) With 32-GB DIMMS, available Q2 of calendar year 2012.
(2) (2) The hyper-threading feature is designed to improve performance of multi-threaded software products; please contact your software provider to determine software compatibility. Not all customers or software applications will benefit from the use of hyper-threading. More information, including which processors support HT Technology, is available at
(3) (3) Some functionality of this technology, such as Intel® Active management technology and Intel Virtualization technology, requires additional 3rd party software in order to run. Availability of future “virtual appliances” applications for Intel vPro technology is dependent on 3rd party software providers. Microsoft Windows required.
(4) (4) Intel Turbo Boost technology requires a PC with a processor with Intel Turbo Boost capability. Intel Turbo Boost performance varies depending on hardware, software and overall system configuration. More information is available at
(5) (5) Configurations where SAS 3 ½” HDD, Creative Audio Card, Removable HDD Carrier and Frame, and/or Broadcom NIC are not selected are brominated flame retardant and polyvinyl chloride free (BFR/PVC-free); meeting the evolving definition of “BFR/PVC-free” as set forth in the “iNEMI Position Statement on the ‘Definition of Low-Halogen Electronics (BFR/CFR/PVC-Free).’” Plastic parts contain <1,000 ppm (0.1 percent) of bromine (if the Br source is from BFRs) and <1,000 ppm (0.1 percent) of chlorine (if the Cl source is from CFRs or PVC or PVC copolymers). All printed circuit board (PCB) and substrate laminates contain bromine/chlorine total <1,500 ppm (0.15 percent) with a maximum chlorine of 900 ppm (0.09 percent) and maximum bromine being 900 ppm (0.09 percent). External peripherals, connectors and cords/cables are not BFR/PVC free.
(6) (6) Estimated street price, excluding VAT. Actual prices may vary.

HP Announces Organisational Realignment

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HP today announced an organisational realignment to improve performance and drive profitable growth across the entire HP portfolio.
As part of this realignment, HP’s Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) and its Personal Systems Group (PSG) are joining forces to create the Printing and Personal Systems Group. The combined entity will be led by Todd Bradley, who has served as the executive vice president of PSG since 2005.

Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president of IPG, is retiring after a highly accomplished 31-year career at HP. Under Joshi’s leadership, IPG has grown revenue from $19 billion to $26 billion, and doubled its operating profit to approximately $4 billion.

“VJ embodies the spirit of HP and his impact on the company has been tremendous,” said Meg Whitman, president and chief executive officer, HP. “Under his leadership, IPG accelerated innovation and pioneered solutions that transformed the printing market. We wish him the very best as he embarks on a new chapter in his life.”

Combining these two entities will rationalise HP’s go-to-market strategy, branding, supply chain and customer support worldwide. This will lead to a better customer experience and drive innovation across personal computing and printing. This realignment is expected to provide opportunities for cost savings and accelerate HP’s ability to pursue profitable growth and reinvest in the business.

“This combination will bring together two businesses where HP has established global leadership,” said Whitman. “By providing the best in customer-focused innovation and operational efficiency, we believe we will create a winning scenario for customers, partners and shareholders.”

In addition to combining PSG and IPG, HP also is taking steps to unify and streamline certain key business functions.
The Global Accounts Sales organisation will join the newly named HP Enterprise Group. This group will be led by David Donatelli and includes Enterprise Servers, Storage, Networking and Technology Services.

The new structure is expected to speed decision making, increase productivity and improve efficiency, while providing a simplified customer experience. A new role for Jan Zadak, executive vice president for Global Sales, will be announced at a later date. Zadak will work with Donatelli to ensure an orderly transition.

HP also announced that it will unify its Marketing functions across business units under Marty Homlish, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, HP. This will allow for even more effective brand-building and marketing activities, and will create efficiencies across the business units.

HP’s Communications employees worldwide also will be similarly unified under Henry Gomez, executive vice president and chief communications officer, HP. Together these two moves will create a more powerful voice to demonstrate the power of “One HP.”

Finally, HP is moving the Global Real Estate function from Finance into Global Technology and Business Processes to address real estate consolidation and improve the workplace experience for HP employees.

“Ensuring we have the right organisational structure in place is a critical first step in driving improved execution, and increasing effectiveness and efficiency,” added Whitman. “The result will be a faster, more streamlined, performance-driven HP that is customer focused and poised to capitalize on rapidly shifting industry trends.”

Samsung Showcases 2012 Vision to African Regions

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Samsung inspires the future with smarter devices, content and services – stimulating the nation

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today showcased its diverse array of new, and specifically tailored to the African market, products at the 2012 Samsung Africa Forum held in Cape Town, South Africa. Embracing its new guiding philosophy of “Built for Africa – Inspire the Future” the company shared its strategy to expand its African market and deliver connectivity and content across multiple devices – from TVs, mobile phones, tablets, Notebook PCs, cameras and home appliances.

“At our very first Africa Forum, in 2010, I announced the plan to grow our business in Africa to $10 billion by 2015, as measured by the sales of our partners – and today, I am pleased to announce that we are well on track to meet this objective. This year, not only will we continue to maintain growth in key regions, but so too are focused on targeting growth of 100% in West, East and Southern Africa,” says; KK Park, CEO of Samsung Electronics Africa. “Over the next 3 – 4 years this growth will be underpinned by a focus on 3 key premises; Built for Africa research and development; B2B and B2G partnerships supported by key CSR initiatives and of course, growing and strengthening our partner network across Africa to reach our core mission – to inspire the future of Africa!”

1. Built for Africa research and development:
Samsung believes in investing in developing technology that is specifically relevant to the African market – technology that meet the needs of the African people’s local environment; to live lives that are easier, healthier, and more connected. In this way, Samsung inspires the future of the African consumer electronics industry, and serves as a signpost towards how it will evolve in the future. Through our Hope for Youth program, we have taken part in activities such as The Samsung Engineering Academies for African students. Furthermore, for younger students, we are building solar-powered Internet schools that can bring advanced education technology to communities. In this way, Samsung inspires future generations of African youth.

2. Business to business and Business to Government partnerships:
Samsung has been at the forefront of the information technology revolution and Africa is a hub for technological innovation and uptake given that in the last few years it has leap-frogged the age of fixed lines, and instead embraced the age of wireless communications. Samsung as a business is prepared to help African businesses and governments build the efficient and technology driven infrastructure that is necessary to succeed in coming years and of course understands the core of these business models in increasing efficiencies while providing solid technological opportunity. In this way, Samsung inspires the whole community with its latest IT technology.

3. Partner network growth and expansion:
Samsung cannot be strong in Africa without strong partners and therefore, we are deeply committed to growing the capacity of our dealers and distributors in Africa. This means we will provide training and the correct tools for our sales channel as well as ensure that our actions guarantee the long-term growth of the Samsung brand in Africa. Furthermore, we have an ambitious retail strategy to increase our market penetration in Africa and to increase Samsung’s retail presence, with more branded shops, mobile plazas and service centres. In this way, Samsung inspire a sustainable future for both its partners and itself.

“Through this strategic approach, we will look to fast track growth across the continent and today is yet another step in our approach to delivering innovation on the African continent – displayed through our key technologies and product portfolio,” states Park.

Smarter devices for everyone
In 2011, Samsung achieved #1 position in market share in the smartphone category and have continued to expand its device portfolio as well as the GALAXY range. The GALAXY S II set a new record for Samsung, generating more than 20 million sales in 10 months since its launch – quicker than any other mobile device developed by Samsung in its history – and for 2012 the company is aiming to build on this momentum. Furthermore, with devices, particularly derived from the needs of the African consumer, such as the likes of the GALAXY Pocket and Ch@t 222 – Samsung is well positioned to capitalise on the African market – bringing the power of Samsung technology to a wider audience.

Smart TV and AV: Ultimate Quality
For 2012, Samsung has pushed the boundaries of home entertainment to meet the needs and challenges of its consumers. The company unveiled its 2012 international product innovations under three guiding pillars: Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution. The new family of products offers more content, smarter interfaces, intuitive controls, incredible picture quality and stunning design. And all this is coupled into a unique African offering.

Samsung have considerably increased sales year-on-year within the African market, through leading retailers in region, and will continue to demonstrate this type of growth on the continent, by not only providing affordable, quality offerings aligned to the broader brand, but by bringing key features into the African product portfolio – naming SurgeSafe+ for humidity, energy efficiency and lightening protection, as well as Free Satellite TV.

In addition, Samsung release The Afro-POP Home Theatre System – a sound solution that epitomises the undertones of true African musicality. Afro pop mode, a sound built from African sounds, has been developed through the EQ tuning of a sound optimised equaliser – undertaken by leading African celebrity, Don Jazzy.

Smart Camera Technology
The shift from analogue to digital imaging has never been so evident than with today’s culture of instantly capturing, uploading and sharing photos with friends and family. To make this process more accessible, convenient and fast, Samsung introduced a full line of Smart cameras and camcorders with the new Smart technology. It’s more than just smart technology – it’s about inspiring a simpler and more enjoyable camera experience that opens up completely new photographic possibilities to Samsung’s customers – those that are tailored to the African market.

New Generation of Home Appliances offering Solutions for Energy Efficiency and Space
For 2012, Samsung will expand the use of innovative features in its home appliances. The company is approaching this by investing in the development and launch of new products that inspire a different mindset about Eco Technology, Space and a Smart Future. It is with this in mind that Samsung have developed a product range that epitomises functional design and technology for African consumers – The Samsung DuraCool range – which boast a range of functions that ensure the preservation of food stuff, both fridge and frozen goods, for much longer periods from that of conventional refrigeration.

Powerful Technology
Enhanced security, accessibility, flexibility and efficiency – all aspects that a business requires from their core technology today. Samsung, in line with the brand’s focus on the Business-to-Business segment, is the ideal resource for corporate mobile solutions, offering comprehensive enterprise devices that deliver capabilities above and beyond standard platform features.

In addition to showcasing the company’s B2B capabilities, together with Intel, Samsung announced the Samsung Classbook 100N – an integrated hardware and software solution to meet the need of education and continued access to and development of IT skills and infrastructure across Africa.

“Putting our African customers’ requirements first, means taking relevant steps – even if one at a time – to ensure the highest level of product compatibility and service is maintained. This is a key business imperative for us and one we will continue to drive into 2012 and beyond. Let me emphasise again Samsung’s commitment, and belief in, the African market – it is this kind of passion which recently lead to Samsung being named the most valuable electronics brand in Africa by Brand Africa. The Samsung brand is all about leadership, innovation, relationships and integrity and we are committed to driving each of these pillars into our African outreach – inspiring new directions. Furthermore, we have a long history of doing business in Africa, but we plan on having an even longer future. Let’s work together, to make this future as inspired as possible,” concludes Park.

WD announces first 2 TB portable hard drive with next-gen My Passport

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World’s Top-Selling External Storage Solution Gets Capacity Boost, Premium New Design, Improving Signature Features of Security and Automatic Backup

Western Digital has announced the-next generation of its top-selling My Passport line of portable hard drives, offering consumers a fresh new enclosure design and the first-ever 2 TB capacity in a portable drive. Now available in five popular colors: white, black, silver, blue, and red, with a range of capacities beginning from 500 GB, the new sleeker My Passport portable drives offer digital consumers an appealing array of storage options that reflect their personal style. Additionally, the new My Passport drives offer WD SmartWare automatic backup software and WD Security for password protection and hardware encryption.

With the addition of premium finishes, specially-engineered to make the outer shell more resistant to scratches and fingerprints, the new My Passport external drives feature ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity; USB 2.0 compatibility; continuous, automatic backup software; and password protection with hardware encryption. The included software offers the flexibility to customise the drive to a user’s storage preferences: installing all features, just the components needed, or using the drive without the software.

Says Anamika Budree, WD Country Manager for South Africa, “The new 2 TB model offers massive capacity in an amazing pocket-sized enclosure, affording plenty of secure storage for all of one’s photos, video, music and other important files. Whether for business or personal use, the latest iteration of WD’s My Passport is a ‘must have’, ensuring your documents and multi-media are safely stored and protected.”

Given the small form factor and easy portability of My Passport drives, the built-in security features of password protection and hardware encryption help protect files from unauthorised use, making the drives safe data repositories for data while offering peace of mind to busy consumers on the go.

“More than money, jewelry and other valuables, the item most missed if ever lost or stolen is ones computer – and everything on it – so our goal in launching the next-generation of the popular My Passport drives is to encourage more consumers to protect their data before something happens,” says Jim Welsh, executive vice president and general manager of WD’s branded products and consumer electronics groups. “The new My Passport makes backing up and preserving one’s digital life easier, reliable and more secure than ever – it’s the perfect blend of monstrous capacity, reliability and user-friendly technology in a sleek form factor, now in five colors.”

Zinio is now available on BlackBerry App World

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RIM is pleased to announce that Zinio is now available for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on BlackBerry App World.

A great new addition to the App World catalogue, Zinio brings your favorite magazines and new titles from around the world to your BlackBerry PlayBook. Zinio has over 5,000 magazines in 33 different languages.

Key features include:
• US & International Newsstands
• Search for thousands of titles in Zinio global newsstand
• Read while online or offline
• Read anywhere: Access your account for free on your PC or Mac at

BlackBerry PlayBook users can enjoy Elle and Esquire in their Zinio app when they register.

Quick Links:
Download the app from BlackBerry App World:

Cortell joins forces with ESPconsult to bring Enterprise Risk Manager to Southern Africa

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Cortell Corporate Performance Management (Cortell), a provider of enterprise business intelligence, planning and consolidation software and services, has teamed up with local Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) experts ESPconsult, to bring Incom Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) software to the Southern African business market. The organisations will work together to deliver this powerful tool along with supporting consultation and services, helping local enterprises of all sizes to better manage and mitigate risk and enable sound governance and compliance.

“Risk management is not about eliminating risks, but rather taking them on board and managing them to an acceptable level. No business exists without risk, but the frequency and occurrences of these differ widely. Through this joint venture, we aim to use our collective experience to assist organisations in reducing the impact of risk by identifying their specific risk areas, defining risk controls and managing these correctly,” says Greg Bogiages, Managing Director of Cortell.

Ben Pieters, Executive at ESPconsult, adds: “Companies are exposed to thousands of risks every day. In order to successfully manage those risks they need to be identified, and procedures and processes defined around events that cause organisational risk. Yet conducting this process manually introduces further risk – the risk of human error. This is where the ERM software comes into play. By automating risk processes and ensuring appropriate risk owners are identified, the workload is easier to manage, accountability is improved, and governance and compliance endeavours are supported.”

ESPconsult, accredited principal reseller of the Incom Enterprise Risk Manager suite, specialise in GRC solutions and frameworks. Cortell will be using its experience as a consulting and implementation house to complement the software offering with services and best practice solutions around the tool.
ERM is a proven risk management tool, with more than 150 installations world-wide. It is based on international and South African risk management standards, delivering a simple, proven approach to risk reduction of all types. ERM facilitates risk assessments and manages data by risk category, asset/area at risk, location, department, division, risk assessor, risk owner, risk contact, action owner, action type and responsible party. It also provides risk review and action due reminders by task list or by automated email.

“Although ERM is a powerful solution, it requires the identification of risks and controls by the organisation in order for it to work effectively. Collectively, ESPconsult and Cortell ensure that these risks and controls are identified. Using the strengths of both of our organisations and working with enterprises to workshop their risks and risk appetite, the joint venture will enable us to deliver a complete, tailored solution to local businesses,” Bogiages concludes.

This partnership is effective immediately and consulting and software services will be extended to the existing customer bases of both organisations, as well as to new clients through the alliance.

SMEs stand to save up to 40% fax bills with RightFax and Vbill

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Small to medium-sized companies with RightFax servers can save between 10% and 40% on their monthly Telco fax costs by using the Vbill system from Vox Amvia, says the company’s MD Craig Freer.

“Fax is still used for millions of critical documents every month, from application forms to invoices to purchase orders,” says Freer. “But most companies have no idea what their Telco fax costs are – which can be a lot.”

“We introduced Vbill two years ago to serve companies who had Telco fax bills of R 15,000 or more a month,” says Freer. “We’re now able to extend the savings of Vbill to medium-sized corporates and smaller companies.”

There is no upfront hardware or infrastructure spending needed, says Freer. “If a customer already has RightFax server, all they need to do is call us. We guarantee monthly savings. The only difference they will notice is that their fax bill will come from us instead of another Telco provider – and it will be lower. Our test customers are achieving savings of 20% on average.”

“This is the ideal solution for the larger SME or medium corporate with RightFax installed,” says Freer.

Further details are available on the company website at

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