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Samsung awarded “Best Smartphone” for the GALAXY S II and “Device Manufacturer of the Year” by GSMA at Mobile World Congress 2012

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Samsung recognised for mobile device innovation, best-in-class products and contribution to market growth

Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, have announced that the GALAXY S II was named “Best Smartphone” and “Device Manufacturer of the Year”, by GSMA, an organisation that represents the interests of the worldwide mobile communications industry and hosts the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona.

Galaxy S II sets the standard
This honour comes in recognition of the device’s powerful performance and overwhelming response from consumers. The GALAXY S II, Samsung’s flagship smartphone, achieved worldwide sales of over 10 million units in only 5 months, quicker than any device in Samsung’s history and surpassed over 20 million sales in 10 months.

GALAXY S II has a beautifully thin (8.49mm) and lightweight smartphone backed by a dual-core processor and an unmatched Super AMOLED Plus display. Samsung’s four content and entertainment hubs, seamlessly provides instant access to music, games, e-reading and social networking services.

“The GALAXY S II has set a new standard for smartphones, taking speed, screen and content to a whole new level,” said JK Shin, President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “Building on the phenomenal success of the original Samsung GALAXY S, we are honoured by this award and proud of how this device has changed the way the market and consumers experience mobile technology.”

Best Smartphone, GALAXY S II

Best Smartphone, GALAXY S II

Samsung – innovative responsive and best-in-class
Additionally, this honour came in recognition of Samsung’s innovation in the mobile handset space, responsiveness to consumer tastes and preferences, and best-in-class products with quality at their core. Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business offers the world’s widest range of mobile phones, tablets, multimedia players, and mobile related products and solutions from cutting-edge smart mobile devices to mass-market smartphones that have been successful in emerging markets. With a various product line-up that supports all major operating systems, Samsung gives consumers the choice to define their own mobile experience.

Highlights from 2011 include the launch of Samsung’s highly successful Android-powered GALAXY S II, GALAXY Note which introduced a new device category, and GALAXY Tab 10.1, one of the thinnest tablet devices in the world. Each of these devices has strengthened Samsung’s commitment to democratising the smart mobile device era and bringing cutting-edge smartphone experiences to the mass-market.

“We are pleased to receive this honour from GSMA and believe that it’s a testament to Samsung’s innovation, quality products, and attention to consumer preferences. We sold over 97 million smartphones in 2011, demonstrating that this is the right approach,” concludes JK Shin.

During Mobile World Congress 2012, Samsung continued to demonstrate innovation with GALAXY Note 10.1, a new device category with an immersive 10.1’’ screen and S Pen versatility; GALAXY Beam, a projector smartphone that enables a unique instant sharing experience around digital content; other additions to the successful GALAXY device range and its content and services.

Telecommunications and creative design can advance Africa, says MTN as it open Design Indaba 2012 conference

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MTN’s General Manager of Brand and Communications, Ryan Gould, officially opened the Design Indaba 2012 conference with a welcome address that acknowledged that mobile telephone networks can be used as a vehicle to advance the African continent.

“To be clear, I do not believe a mobile telephone network can solve Africa’s problems but I do believe that we can be the vehicle, for people who want help,” said Gould in front of an audience of some 3000 delegates and simulcasts to select cities in South Africa and rest of the world. “People like you in the audience, who with your creativity, are responsible for the shaping of culture and hence, society.”

Design Indaba is currently running at the Cape Town International Convention Centre with the conference taking place from 29 February to 1 March and the expo running from 2-4 March.

“I believe that together we can progress Africa faster with our technology and your ideas,” continued Gould, “Because the faster we can move your ideas around and the more broad our bandwidth, the more we can allow you to say and the more you can say, the more we can share and the better we can make this continent and the world.”

MTN supports various sponsorship properties that showcase the very best in local talent across music, sport and education to name but a few. Design Indaba recognises and celebrates local creative work across all fields and therefore is a perfect platform for the telecommunications giant to be a part of.

MTN has cast Y’ello blocks all over CTICC and designers designers as well as creatives are encouraged to scribble down their personal philosophy, insight or wisdom on creativity. The MTN Expo Stand carries a theme to immortalise designers and creatives’ most creative thoughts and expression and wil be exhibited during the expo.

“None of our technology means anything without the right ideas,” noted Gould as he set the tone for knowledge that would be imparted by forthcoming speakers. “There may be a throw away comment, a phrase said in jest or something said in passing from one of the speakers that inspires you, that collides with an idea that’s been resting at the back of your mind to form something new. Something you can share,” he concluded.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment group, SanDisk and Western Digital to advance digital ownership of HD movies

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“Project Phenix” (working title) will Enable Consumers to Buy, Store and Playback HD Versions of Movies and TV Shows at Home or On-the-Go, Easily and Seamlessly

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, SanDisk, and Western Digital has revealed “Project Phenix” (working title), an initiative that will give consumers an easier and faster way to organise, store and move their high definition digital movies and TV shows – including new releases in up to full 1080p quality – across multiple devices. In addition to local storage, the content will also be backed up via the UltraViolet industry standard as well as other cloud-based services.

The project is being developed by the newly formed Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA). Established as an LLC, this coalition will create and license solutions that secure high definition and other premium copyright-protected content on local and portable hard drives, and flash memory products such as USB flash drives, SD cards and solid state disk drives (SSDs). Once content is downloaded to a hard drive or flash memory product, it could then be accessed, online or offline, on any SCSA-enabled device such as a connected TV, laptop, Blu-ray player, tablet, mobile phone or game console. The optimised content will be made easily available for purchase via digital download, digital files bundled with physical media, kiosks in retail stores, or other means of secure digital delivery.

“Developing solutions that will allow consumers to easily access and store true HD digital content is a critical component supporting digital media and entertainment consumption,” said Darcy Antonellis, President, Warner Bros. Technical Operations. “Through the SCSA, we will accelerate the development of products that will make it easy for the consumer to download, store and playback their high definition digital movies and TV shows, in full 1080p, on any SCSA-optimised device at home and on the go.”

“The vision for this new product is to store, play and back up in the cloud personal and professional content,” said Mike Dunn, President, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “The device renders content up to 10 times faster than over-the-top internet. We see Project Phenix as a key component of the emerging digital ecosystem.”

The SCSA’s solutions will be designed to work with the industry-backed UltraViolet (UV) ecosystem and aimed to complement other next-generation high definition content protection technologies already in the market such as Intel Insider The SCSA expects to make its solutions widely available for license this year.
“The SCSA will provide consumers with a digital solution for movies and TV shows that is as simple to use as DVD and Blu-ray discs,” said Bert Hesselink, CTO of Western Digital Branded Products. “The SCSA solution will allow the consumer to store high definition purchased content, including copies of certain DVD content, in a secure, consumer-owned digital home library on a hard drive, along with their personal photos, music, and videos. Digital library content can be easily viewed inside the home on a TV, PC or tablet, or when owners are on the move with a portable library copy, providing mobile viewing even when a reliable Internet connection is not available, such as a plane, car, train or remote location.”

“Consumers around the world will finally be able to enjoy locally stored premium Hollywood content in up to 1080p quality anywhere they desire on a broad range of electronic devices,” said Sumit Sadana, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at SanDisk. “With the involvement of major Hollywood studios and leaders in the HDD and Flash memory industries, the SCSA alliance’s openly licensable security standard holds the promise of fostering new device capabilities, new business models and ultimately improved value for consumers. SanDisk is very pleased to participate in this ground breaking alliance.”

Companies interested in learning more about the SCSA can contact: INQUIRIES@SCSALLC.COM

Hosted backup gives small businesses peace of mind

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If your laptop is stolen, how much of your business will go with it? That’s the question Dederick Venter of @lantic, the consumer and small business service provider within the Vox Telecom group, says every small business owner should ask – and if the answer is anything other than “nothing”, it’s time to review your backup policies.

“Small businesses very often fail to keep adequate backups of their critical files and servers because it seems complicated and expensive,” says Venter. “But losing data can be crippling. We’ve seen too many businesses lose out on opportunities because someone’s contact database went missing along with their laptop. That’s why @lantic has introduced a hosted backup solution that makes backup as easy as possible, at a price that small businesses can genuinely afford.”

For just R15 per GB per month, says Venter, Xpress Hosted Backup offers an efficient way to back up and restore everything from individual laptops to data centres. “The whole point of keeping backups is so that if and when disaster happens and you lose data, you don’t lose your business with it,” he says. “Xpress makes it quick and easy to restore a lost file, disk, machine or even your whole office. “

Venter says the solution uses a number of techniques to make storage more efficient, including data compression and de-duplication to make sure clients don’t end up paying to store multiple copies of the same file.

Xpress Hosted Backup is available for Windows and Mac platforms, and can handle mixed environments, says Venter. “The best thing is that you don’t need an IT specialist to manage it – it’s one single application that’s simple to set up and manage. We come from an SMME background ourselves and we know how important it is to provide services that genuinely save the entrepreneur’s time rather than adding yet more admin tasks.”

Ruckus Wireless Makes Big Move to Small Cells

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Ruckus Wireless Unveils SmartCell – a New Line of Small Cell Service Provider Products that Ease Access, Backhaul, and Core Capacity Pressures While Delivering Reliable Wireless Services in High-Density Areas

Ruckus Wireless have announced SmartCell, the first heterogeneous small cell wireless edge system that lets operators easily inject wireless capacity, increase coverage and enable new edge services while relieving radio access, backhaul and core infrastructure bottlenecks created by the deluge of data traffic hitting their networks.

The fast uptake of mobile data services, driven by smartphones, laptops, and tablets, has accelerated data-traffic growth to the point where macro cellular networks are no longer sufficient to meet subscriber demand in many high-density settings. While the introduction of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in the macro cellular network will provide partial relief, traffic volumes will continue to grow faster than operators can economically add capacity.

Ruckus SmartCell is the first in a new category of small cell systems designed to solve these problems by combining a multi-radio, multi-function access point, the SmartCell 8800, with the industry’s first small cell HetNet edge services platform, the SmartCell 200 gateway. The Ruckus SmartCell system lets operators easily enhance and extend their macro networks with smaller cellular networks that are an inseparable part of the mobile network infrastructure and built as part of an end-to-end solution.

With SmartCell, mobile operators can gain a capacity boost from LTE small cells, cutting costs and complexity by co-locating and combining them with Wi-Fi access points, sharing site-lease agreements and backhaul. The integration of Wi-Fi and LTE small cells within the cellular core also helps operators optimise network utilisation across the radio access network, providing a further improvement in performance, and creating a seamless experience for their subscribers.

The Case for Small Cells
Small cells represent a new architectural approach, enabling mobile operators to bring wireless capacity closer to subscribers, both indoors and outdoors, helping to relieve the growing pains caused by more devices, more users and more concurrent wireless connections. In-Stat estimates that by 2015, worldwide shipments of small cell equipment will reach $14 billion with outdoor metrocell shipments realising a compound annual growth rate of 248% over the next five years.

According to Peter Rysavy, president of Rysavy Research, “Small cells increase network capacity by reducing the number of subscribers per coverage area. Such small cells, however, can be problematic to deploy due to challenges such as providing backhaul. Any solution that helps overcome such challenges will ultimately benefit both operators and subscribers.”

“The telecom industry is going through major reconstruction as operators evaluate new network strategies to tackle the impact that the mobile Internet is having on their infrastructures,” says Selina Lo, president and CEO of Ruckus Wireless. “It’s not about whether operators should deploy Wi-Fi or cellular within smaller cells, they need to do both. By putting small cells closer to the subscriber, operators can lower the cost of transporting each bit while boosting wireless capacity. Users will access the network at much higher data rates and be able to get on and off the network more quickly – utilising less network capacity from a spectrum and time perspective. Our SmartCell is the first system of its kind designed with this in mind.”

Optimised Site Acquisition and No Touch Integration with the Mobile Core
One of the primary problems operators face with small cell deployments is the costly and time-consuming process of site acquisition. By combining Wi-Fi, cellular and backhaul within a single, small form factor device, the SmartCell 8800 is an ideal solution for rapid deployment in dense urban environments where flexible power, mounting and backhaul options are crucial to realising network coverage objec¬tives.

The Ruckus SmartCell system also integrates seamlessly with existing mobile operator 3GPP and LTE macro infrastructures with no disruption using standard 3G and 4G core interfaces. Regardless of the access method (cellular or Wi-Fi) the SmartCell 200 gateway makes full use of existing core systems such as authentication, billing and service provisioning interfaces to deliver a radio access-agnostic and -transparent experience for subscribers.

Cost-Effective Wi-Fi Backhaul for Small Cell Traffic
With the introduction of a large number of small cells, new challenges emerge for backhauling traffic from potentially tens of thousands of locations – often making conventional point-to-point microwave, bonded copper, and fiber-based backhaul solutions impractical or uneconomical.

Ruckus SmartCell uses advanced self-organising network (SON) principles to create resilient, high-speed Wi-Fi mesh backbone links between small cells. Proven in large-scale carrier deployments, Ruckus Smart Mesh technology offers a cost-effective, reliable and flexible alternative to conventional approaches. Adaptive directional antennas (BeamFlex) and predictive channel management (ChannelFly) combined with Smart Mesh deliver reliable backhaul for licensed cellular and unlicensed Wi-Fi traffic in both line of sight and non-line of site environments.

No-Hassle Clientless Authentication and Connectivity
To improve the user experience, operators want to eliminate the hassle of installing special software on subscriber phones for authentication as well as simplifying the Wi-Fi connection process. Current I-WLAN integration requires client handsets to support technologies such as IPSec and IKEv2 for authentication. However very few of today’s smart mobile devices support this.

To simplify the authentication experience, the Ruckus SmartCell system employs a clientless approach using EAP methods with IEEE 802.1x port-based authentication. This eliminates installing any software on client devices. Clients simply connect to the wireless network using the preferred EAP method with underlying secure AES encryption. The network then handles the 802.1x authentication process and integrates into the mobile packet core in a secure and manageable manner. Bringing a 3G-like user experience to Wi-Fi authentication and roaming, the Ruckus SmartCell system makes use of the new 802.11u protocol within the Wi-Fi alliance HotSpot 2.0 framework.

SmartCell Unleashed
Specifically designed for service providers, SmartCell is a new line of small cell products that include:

The SmartCell 200, the first massively scalable small cell HetNet edge gateway capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of Ruckus or non-Ruckus APs and millions of clients as well as providing standards-based 3GPP integration into existing and future mobile core infrastructures. Situated at the edge of operators’ mobile networks, the SmartCell 200 represents the first in a new category of scalable and versatile edge service platforms that eliminate the difficulties operators are experiencing with building and managing large-scale small cell networks and integrating them into their mobile core. Formerly known as the Ruckus Wireless Service Gateway (WSG), the SmartCell 200 is a highly integrated solution offering a huge collection of functions that transform the WSG into the first multi-function HetNet small cell gateway. This gives operators quicker, easier and more flexible deployment models that are much more economical relative to competitive solutions which require many different devices. In addition, the SmartCell topology allows operators to linearly scale their core capacity with growth, adding more SmartCell 200s to their network as client traffic rises and the network expands.

The SmartCell 8800, first multi-radio outdoor access node developed to integrate 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and backhaul into a single, lightweight, small-form factor. It is a completely new class of outdoor wireless product that integrates licensed and unlicensed band radio access technology, the Ruckus SmartCell 8800 was specifically developed to meet the capacity, density and challenges operators face in deploying heterogeneous networks within urban environments. The SmartCell 8800 uniquely provides dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi along with an optional add-on module for Ruckus or third-party 3G/4G radios that share integrated power and backhaul. This gives operators the flexibility to deploy Wi-Fi with Smart Mesh backhaul today and upgrade to Wi-Fi with LTE when and where desired without any mounting or backhaul changes. Integrated within the small, low-profile and lightweight form factor, patented Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technol¬ogy enables the SmartCell 8800 to deliver longer range Wi-Fi and cellular signals, provide better signal penetration, maintain resilient mesh connections, and adapt to interference and changing environmental conditions.

These SmartCell products including the 200 and 8800 are not currently available but will be made available locally later in 2012.

For more information on these products, please visit:

Boost your Creativity and Productivity with the GALAXY Note 10.1

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A new device category, GALAXY Note 10.1 comes with an immersive 10’’ screen and S Pen versatility to unlock your creativity and productivity

At the Mobile World Congress, Samsung announced the launch of the GALAXY Note 10.1, which expands the GALAXY Note experience in creativity, productivity, and learning.

True efficiency and multi-tasking
With its large display, the GALAXY Note 10.1 provides multi-screen functionality, and free content capture and creation. The stylish S Pen provides more intuitive ways to maximise efficiency in learning, work and creative endeavours. The device’s multi-screen functionality enables you to undertake true multi-tasking, by viewing Internet pages, videos or other applications side-by-side while writing or sketching your ideas.

Get organised, personalised and creative
The GALAXY Note 10.1 features S Note, a unique and efficient tool that lets you combine notes or sketches together with web content, images and other digital media into your own personalised storyboards. It gives you a new way to create stories as S Note provides various ready-to-use templates for meeting minutes, recipes, cards, diaries, magazines and more. The device enables hand-drawn geometric shapes to be perfectly digitised by using the Shape Match function, which helps users to create more organised idea sketches and storyboards.

An extraordinary learning experience
The GALAXY Note 10.1 enables an extraordinary learning experience. Students can watch a lecture live-streamed on video while writing down comments on S Note; they can research a college essay on the web while taking notes; or even read a full e-textbook while annotating it. Similar to the Shape Match, Formula Match function helps to correct and digitise formulas hand-drawn with S Pen, making the device a more powerful education tool. Moreover, by using the S Note’s integrated knowledge search engines, users can quickly search, obtain information, and easily ‘drag and drop’ the cropped images and content onto S Notes without having to switch between screens.

Editing tools
Users can also enjoy PC-like premium photo editing and drawing experiences with Adobe, Photoshop, Touch and Adobe Ideas. Photoshop Touch lets users transform images with core Photoshop features and combine multiple photos into layered images, make popular edits, apply professional effects and more. Adobe Ideas is an easy-to-master drawing tool that allows users to sketch ideas, choose amazing colour themes and import images. Both are specially optimised for S pen and are exclusively pre-loaded on the GALAXY Note 10.1.

Combining the intuitiveness of handwriting with the versatility of digital
“The GALAXY Note 10.1 takes productivity on a Note to a whole new level. With a larger, multi-functional screen and superior performance, it combines the intuitiveness of handwriting with all the versatility of digital content. This allows users to be more productive across all of life’s demanding tasks—whether working, learning, or simply creating their own stories,” said Deon Liebenberg, MD of Samsung Electronics South Africa. “With the GALAXY Note 10.1, we are demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to extend the mobile category and are working with key partners like Adobe to provide extraordinary experiences for users. We have created a platform that enables users to be more productive, express themselves creatively and add a touch of fulfillment to their lives.”

Ensuring intuitive multitasking and web browsing, the GALAXY Note 10.1 runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and features a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and HSPA+ connectivity. Its real-time video streaming and HD video playback add to the device’s content versatility.

The GALAXY Note 10.1’s innovative S Pen, the most advanced pen input solution on the market, is completely integrated into the device’s original applications. It provides enhanced pressure sensitivity, superior accuracy and control when editing or writing, providing an analog pen writing experience on a digital device.

The GALAXY Note 10.1 is exhibited at the Samsung Electronics stand (Hall 8 ) during the Mobile World Congress 2012 from 27 February – 1 March. For multimedia content and more detailed information, please visit

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will be available locally from May 2012 through various local retail outlets at an approximate Recommended Retail Price of R8 699.00.

No longer just a printer

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By Jenny Rex, Sales Director at Drive Control Corporation

For many years, the printer has been just that, a printer – a device for reproducing documents onto paper. Although there have been variations in the printing technology with inkjets, lasers, multifunction and specialised devices, innovations have been few and far between. All of this is however changing as the world becomes increasingly connected, and printing is beginning to break the traditional boundaries of the static device of the past.

The printer of today is no longer just a printer, but an intelligent, intuitive device allowing for printing anytime, anywhere as well as many other functions. Connectivity has enabled printers to offer so much more than the standard technology of the past, and has opened up a whole new world for this environment. Following the technological trend curve of mobile devices, where a multitude of functionality has been incorporated into single devices, printers now enable users to access documents using smartphones and other devices and print from the cloud, on demand, from anywhere in the world.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs have also given rise to the evolution of the touch screen and the app, and the printer too has followed this trend. Full colour touch screen interfaces deliver a far more intuitive printing experience for today’s user, but the innovation of the printer goes much further than this. Touch screens now provide the portal to access a range of smart applications directly from the printer itself, from business and printing related apps such as day planners, and legal printing formatting to social media apps to keep users connected.

Lexmark is at the forefront of these printer innovations in South Africa, with its new Smart Solutions Centre offering access to a world of apps designed to enhance productivity and usability, as well as the ability to create customised 1-touch apps that simplify routine tasks, increase productivity, allow users to print web content directly from the touch screen and more. Solutions are currently available locally on the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 and the Lexmark S815 Genesis multifunction devices, both of which feature bright, easy to use touch screens to deliver a customised, interactive printing experience through the Smart Solutions Centre.

For business and for pleasure, apps have become the way of the future on so many devices. The Smart Solutions Centre is the app world of the printer environment, allowing Lexmark users with compatible devices to download applications directly to the network-ready printer via LAN or wireless. This provides access to a feature-rich printing environment that offers so much more to enhance the user’s experience, allowing users to complete common tasks with one touch, access information and manage documents on the Web, and more.

Enhancing the functionality of printers has never been easier. There are many standard applications available to make the job easier, including scan to file, fax, PDF and email, print to file, duplex copy, black and white copy and eco copy to save on ink, as well as more specialised applications for business. From cloud printing to business card scanning, collaborative project management solutions, envelope wizards, form and template applications and even cloud storage for online document retention and sharing, there are hundreds of applications ready built to help enhance business productivity.

Users can also access Google Calendar and automatically print off a day planner every day for better scheduling, and print off the latest news headlines, stock prices or weather forecasts before they even walk into the office. For the more social user, Smart Solutions offers access to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. There are even fun apps such as Sudoku, which lets the user print off puzzles to complete directly from the printer, a variety of photo applications to let users upload, download and print photographs from a variety of tools such as Flickr, Photobucket and Picasa, and specialised applications designed to meet the needs of different industries, such as restaurants and healthcare providers.

One of the most useful speciality apps designed to help the busy modern business is a clever tool that monitors the level of ink in cartridges, notifying the user when ink is running low, and uses Google Maps to find the closest stockist along with directions as to the shortest route to the stockist.

Whether a user is looking for solutions to enhance efficiency, or to make the printer experience more interactive and intuitive, the world of apps delivers. With Lexmark’s innovative new Smart Solutions Centre, users need no longer think “if only my printer could do that”. By downloading one of the hundreds of existing applications, or by creating their own, these printers can do anything users need or want them to.
For more information, visit

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