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HP Delivers Scalability, Availability, Expertise for SAP HANA

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New solution, services enable SAP application users to rapidly access, store and analyse data

HP today announced a new scale-out converged application solution and associated services for the SAP HANA™ platform.

The offerings speed and simplify application transactions and analysis, while enabling organisations to use their data faster for informed decision making.

The newest addition to the portfolio of HP AppSystem for SAP HANA is a highly scalable solution. It is built on an HP Converged Infrastructure that includes industry-leading HP ProLiant BladeSystem servers and the HP X9300 IBRIX Network Storage System with HP P6500 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA). It delivers high availability and storage capacity for mission-critical workloads running on SAP® application software, enabling clients to run business-critical applications.

The solution can be easily integrated with an existing implementation of SAP Business Suite software or the SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse (BW) component to accelerate time to decision. Other client benefits include:

— Investment protection by rapidly scaling to handle at least 640 cores and 8 terabytes (TB) of memory.

— Scalable performance and storage capacity of up to 16 petabytes with the HP X9300 IBRIX Network Storage System. It also provides scalable snapshots, 24/7 background data integrity validation and write-once, read-many (WORM) storage to meet data protection and tiered storage requirements for SAP HANA.

— High performance and availability with HP P6500 EVA, a fifth-generation enterprise storage system that is 20 to 30 percent easier to manage than competitive offerings(1) and includes built-in thin provisioning with dynamic storage tiering.

— Increased resiliency, scalability and efficiency of HP ProLiant BL680 G7 blade servers offer support for up to eight times the capacity of a single-node solution.(2) The blade servers feature industry-leading density; maximised input-output, memory and CPU capacity while utilising DRAM Double Device Data Correction (DDDC); and HP Memory Quarantine to minimise the impact of unplanned downtime.

Speeding the path to SAP HANA

To assist clients in transitioning from SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) Accelerator software environments to SAP HANA, HP is offering the following services:

— HP Advanced Information Services for SAP HANA provide detailed business and financial benefit analysis to support rapid decision making. Fast Start Services get clients up and running quickly; Design Services help clients build a comprehensive, in-memory analytical solution; and Implementation Services facilitate deployment.

— HP Technology Services offer deep expertise in SAP applications, including SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator and SAP HANA, providing clients with a single point of contact for upgrading or migrating to SAP HANA.

— Asset Recovery Services and Migration Assistance Services from HP Financial Services – the company’s leasing and life cycle asset management subsidiary – to safely, easily and cost-effectively retire old, unneeded IT equipment.

“Clients need faster insight from their vast amounts of information,” said Veshen Maharaj, Business Critical Systems Sales and Business Unit Manager, HP South Africa. “The HP AppSystem for SAP HANA, together with HP consulting experts, delivers simplicity, performance and faster time-to-value in a turnkey solution.”

HP Advanced Information Services for SAP HANA and HP Technology Services are available now worldwide. Availability of the new scale-out converged application solution is expected worldwide early next year.

Changing the way clients access and use data

For more than 20 years, HP and SAP have collaborated on solutions that enable clients to use technology to capitalise on their customers’ changing needs. HP has completed more than 77,000 installations worldwide of SAP applications, and HP Converged Infrastructure runs nearly half of all SAP installations in the world. HP is a global leader in providing services for SAP environments, supporting 1.7 million users in more than 50 countries.

HP enables organisations to become Instant-On Enterprises by helping them rethink how information is gathered, stored and used – harnessing its power and ensuring its integrity and protection, while also delivering it in the context of the enterprise.

More information is available at

IBM survey highlights consumer understanding a as key factor to realising the benefits of smarter energy

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IBM (NYSE: IBM) has unveiled findings from the “2011 IBM Global Utility Consumer Survey,” which revealed that many consumers around the globe do not understand the basic unit of electricity pricing and other energy concepts used by energy providers. The company also identified a list of crucial behavioural patterns that have the potential to impact how providers communicate and drive motivation amongst consumers.

IBM surveyed more than 10,000 people across 15 countries across developed and developing countries to explore the wants and needs of energy consumers worldwide. The findings expose a major gap between what consumers currently know and what they need to know to reduce energy consumption and benefit from smarter energy initiatives. Over 30 percent of those polled, for example, have never heard of the term “dollar per kwh” or the equivalent currency, and more than 60 percent are unaware of smart grids or smart meters.

The survey also revealed that knowledge is linked closely to people’s willingness to embrace change and their approval of local energy initiatives. Sixty-one percent of people with a strong knowledge of energy technology and pricing terms viewed smart meters and smart grid deployment plans positively, compared to only 43 percent of those with minimal knowledge.

“There have been major strides with new energy saving technologies, new programs and incentives, but in many cases the market is seeing more confusion amongst consumers than expected,” said Lesley- Anne Wilkinson, MEA Lead for the IBM Institute of Business Value.” This year’s survey points to a need and an opportunity to go back to basics and educate consumers by using terms that they understand, behavioural triggers and channels they already use. People want to conserve energy; we just need to get better at showing them how.”

Shifting consumers perceptions and influences The perceptions, expectations and influences of the energy consumer have changed over the last four years. Despite efforts by utilities and others in the industry to create consumer-friendly conservation tools, many consumers still do not have the information or the proper incentives to make better energy choices.

“The most critical insight from this study for South African Utilities companies is that understanding consumer behaviour and perceptions is critical. In this space if consumers don’t feel empowered to understand the core issues related to green energy, or how they could contribute to a more energy efficient planet it simply translates into not fully understanding what their bill reflects, or how to reduce their energy consumption and both ultimately delay the behavioural change that is needed .”

Examining the energy usage through the lens of behavioural economics, utilities have better insight into the thoughts of consumers, their motivations, misconceptions and triggers for change. These behavioural factors include:

Alternative Motivation: Financial incentives are not the only factors that encourage consumers to decrease their energy consumption. In fact, based on the consumer survey, money no longer dominates the decision-making process compared to years prior. Instead, younger consumers today are evaluating choices based on the environment while those over 55 noted the health of their national economy as a key motivator for behavioural change. The first step towards activating behavioural change is by acknowledging that consumers are not simply triggered by monetary drivers, but also motivated by benefits such as comfort, sustainability, and confidence in the nation’s economic prospects when making decisions about energy use.

Information Availability: How a choice is framed and presented can make a big difference. For instance, presenting too many options can at times be detrimental. While in theory more options should always be a plus, the resulting complexity can ultimately demotivate consumers. This finding is consistent with the IBM survey results which showed that consumers under 25 are prone to follow the lead of others rather than sort through the options on their own, being two and one-half times more likely to rely on their personal networks as a primary source for information than those 55 or older. By presenting the right balance of choices, utilities can help reduce the need for complex, time-consuming decisions that can hinder a consumer’s desire to make independent choices about their energy consumption.

Social Drivers: Another approach for greater adoption of smarter energy is to tap into people’s inherent social nature. People rely on social proof, or the behaviour of others, to determine the right ways to act in many situations. This social action trigger is behind the introduction of new programs such as consumer portals which allow consumers to see and compare their usage to those of their neighbours. For energy providers such as Enemalta Corporation and Water Services Corporation in Malta, the portal is instrumental in encouraging consumer adoption and lowering overall usage.

This approach demonstrates that social comparisons are frequently a more powerful lever of persuasion. By understanding the human psychology of choice and decision making, the industry can identify the greatest barriers inhibiting change, discover opportunities for improvement; adopt new methods of communication and design programs that are in line with consumer demands.

” It’s all about conversations now, and unless organisations learn how to engage in, and possibly steer, those conversations they are at a distinct disadvantage. The key is that this interaction can also be used to inform organisations on consumer behaviour and perceptions and thereby help them adapt education and awareness campaigns to get the desired results,” concludes Wilkinson.

MTN Radio Awards 2012 – First entries in

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Christmas season traditionally brings a slowdown to the hectic pace at Radio Stations. This lull in activity provides the ideal opportunity for stations to prepare and submit their entries for the 2012 MTN Radio Awards and to ensure that they aren’t caught up in the last-minute rush to beat the February 3 deadline.

“We have already received some entries and several compliments on the online entry system,” says Taryn Westoby, Chief Operating Officer of the MTN Radio Awards. “Entries received so far are from stations that have not previously entered the awards and we are anticipating a substantial growth in the overall number of entries received for the 2011 MTN Radio Awards.”

Some of the early-bird entrants include Y-FM, Radio Pulpit and Eldos FM. According to MTN Radio Awards CEO, Lance Rothschild, there is far more interest and excitement about the awards in the industry this year. “I have visited several stations around the country and there will be concerted efforts to lift the crown that Talk Radio 702 has won for the past two years. There also appears to be some regional pride at stake this year and it looks like stations outside of Gauteng are looking to ensure that they make their mark in the 2012 Awards. Some stations have been archiving material all year and are most certainly going to send in very strong submissions.”

“We simplified the entry submission process in a quest to make entering easier for stations and individual entrants,” says Westoby. “We are receiving a constant stream of enquiries regarding the awards and there appears to be increased excitement about the Awards and a commitment to submit excellent entries. Whilst we know that there is a general tendency to leave things to the last minute, we are encouraging stations to ensure that they don’t leave their entries to the last minute.”

Ryan Gould, MTN SA GM for Brands and Communications says “I’m really excited that stations are responding so positively to the MTN Radio Awards and that they’re sending their entries in early this year. The credibility of the Awards has been proven and we are receiving very positive feedback from all within the radio industry.”

Entries for the 2012 MTN Radio Awards opened on 21 November and entries can be submitted up to 3 February 2012. Visit for further information.

Kaspersky Lab Provide Safety Tips for Online Shoppers this Festive Season

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Bank cards have almost superseded cash when it comes to paying for goods and services and Internet users are no strangers to the benefits of ‘flashing the plastic’. It’s increasingly convenient to use credit and debit cards for online shopping, making hotel reservations, renting cars, and buying airline tickets online – especially over the December period when going away or purchasing gifts. Of course, this type of payment could not escape the close attention of fraudsters who would love nothing more than to get their hands on the confidential data that is provided to a store or bank’s website by online customers. There are also numerous fraudulent online stores out there offering a wide selection of goods. In the best case scenario, you may actually get what you pay for; in the worst case, you’ll lose all the money on your card. Below, Kaspersky Lab analyst Andrey Kostin offers users advice on how to stay safe when making online transactions this festive season.

When planning to shop online, it’s worthwhile getting a separate plastic card to use exclusively for online transactions and topping up the balance immediately before each purchase. Particular care should be taken when selecting an online store. It’s always best to do your online shopping at well-known and highly recommended online resources. However, when searching for an online store, there is always a risk that you might end up on a fraudulent website. Since fraudulent sites are usually short-lived, malicious users often do not spend a lot of time or effort on their design. Fake sites may have links that don’t work, while some tabs and websites may not even function properly or result in error messages. If there is any doubt about the legitimacy of an online store, an Internet search can reveal more information such as the store’s contact details, bank details and much more.

One of the most dangerous aspects of shopping online comes when making a payment for an order. To prevent malicious users from intercepting confidential data entered on an online store’s website, the data must be sent in encrypted form. The first thing that users should look for before entering their private data is the letter ‘S’ in the address bar, i.e., “HTTPS”. Additionally, if a website has a valid signature from a legitimate certificate authority, there will be a little lock icon in the address field or the browser status field.

Buyers often have a choice between processing payments using the store’s own payment form or taking advantage of another payment system (PayPal, pay online system, WebMoney, etc.). If there are any suspicions around the online store or the company that issued the certificate, one of these systems can be used. This does not completely protect users against scammers, but it does keep personal data safe and protects against greater losses.

Falling victim to such scams is not restricted to customers of online stores but also affects clients of online banks. Cybercriminals lure users to sites that are very similar to those of banks and other financial organisations, using spyware to redirect clients to fraudulent resources. The risk of disclosing your data is especially high when conducting transactions with bank cards from a public computer or device connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

“Don’t be afraid to shop online or to use online banking services. Just be careful and follow these basic steps, and you will be able to safely and conveniently take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer,” says Kostin. “Choose a password that is difficult to crack. Use a virtual keyboard to enter your confidential data. When performing online transactions, you can use a so-called ‘sandbox’ which is included in many antivirus solutions, and helps minimise the risk of confidential data being intercepted.”

The full version of the article ‘Online shopping made safe and convenient’ is available at:

Early TB detection project wins student technology competition

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An innovative computer-aided detection programme that detects tuberculoses at an early stage has won a student from the University of Johannesburg a place in the final of a global technology competition in Australia next year.

Joshua Leibstein of Team Asclepius beat off the challenge of some of the top computer programming students from across the country to win the South African leg of the Imagine Cup 2011, a Microsoft-sponsored technology competition which pits the world’s best student programmers against each other.

Joshua’s image processing application, which helps radiologist detect signs of tuberculoses at an early stage, was adjudged the best entry in the final of the competition at the Birchwood Conference Centre. This bright mechanical engineering student will go on to represent South Africa at the global Imagine Cup finals in Sydney in July 2012.

“I was inspired to create a solution to a serious medical problem in South Africa where TB has the seventh highest incidence in the world and unfortunately endemic under mine workers,” says Joshua. “The early detection system has the potential to increase the success level of TB-related treatments available to rural and underdeveloped areas.”

Another team from the University of Johannesburg ended a close second with their social media analysis application, which has been designed to create a global perspective on any issue expressed in the social media sphere.

Now in its tenth year, the Imagine Cup challenges the world’s best student programmers to create applications to solve real-world problems. Last year, the competition drew 358 000 entries from 183 countries.  This year South Africa received over 40 entries.

The head of Microsoft’s developer and platform team, Clifford de Wit, said the judges had been “hugely impressed” by the outstanding quality of the projects and the levels of innovation displayed. “Many of these apps blew me away with their unique approaches to common problems. There is immense talent out there, and we need to nurture and encourage it in every way we can.”

Isaac Maredi, Director of ICT at the Department of Science and Technology, says computer science is central to driving innovation and development of communities locally and on a global scale.

“These students’ creativity fills me with hope and excitement because it speaks volumes about the promise of technology to advance the way we think, work and communicate in South Africa, and beyond,” he said.

At the worldwide finals, students will compete in categories ranging from software design and games development to challenges involving algorithms and programming. Students’ work will reflect valuable solutions that give a helping hand to the world’s sustainable environmental issues while giving them the opportunity to compete for generous cash prizes.

Last year’s winning project, Project HAWK, was a crowd-sourced, collaborative information aggregation, reporting and geo-visualisation system geared towards community-centric disaster management and neighbourhood improvement.

Richard Kantor, a director at lead sponsor BBD, says the vision of the Imagine Cup is to inspire the next generation of technology and business leaders to stimulate local economies around the world. “Inspiration is always contagious and it goes a long way. We may have just encouraged a couple of future ‘rock-stars’ to emerge in the development community,” said Kantor.

Motorola Solutions’ MC2100 Mobile Computing Series Expands Industry Solutions Portfolio

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Smaller, rugged device addresses growing value-tier mobile computing market and helps enterprises improve operational efficiency

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers, today introduced the MC2100 industrial mobile computing series, addressing the need for a smaller, rugged mobile computer that expands the range of solutions available for both large enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses.


• Motorola redefines the value tier for rugged mobile computers with five configurations of the MC2100 that include three different scan engines, options for batch and WLAN connectivity, and vertical-specific accessories.

• The lightweight and ergonomic MC2100 is ideal for inventory management, stock replenishment, price marking, and shelf labeling.

• The MC2100 will be the first value-tier rugged handheld in the mobile computing industry to support HTML5 via Motorola’s RhoElements application enablement framework.

• The MC2100 mobile computing series leverages the same hardware platform as other Motorola mobile computing products to help simplify application support and integration into an enterprise environment.

• Motorola’s MC2100 mobile computer will be available with the Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage program, providing coverage for normal wear and tear as well as accidental damage to internal and external components, significantly reducing unforeseen repair expenses.

• Motorola’s MC2100 mobile computing series is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2012.


Girish Rishi, corporate vice president and general manager of mobile computing, Motorola Solutions

“With the MC2100 mobile computing series, Motorola Solutions is leveraging its core mobile computing fundamentals and technology leadership to ensure value-tier and price-conscious customers will not have to compromise on ergonomics or functionality. The MC2100 will help improve operational efficiencies for our traditional enterprise customers and open up new market segments around the world from small- to medium-sized businesses.”

George Zicman, senior vice president of sales, Quest Solution

“We are excited about the opportunities in the marketplace with Motorola’s new MC2100 mobile computer. The MC2100 satisfies the demand by many of our customers for a rugged mobile computer with a color touch screen, data capture capabilities and Wi-Fi at a very competitive price. In conjunction with our WTMiP communications software and our VIA suite of software solutions, the MC2100 is an excellent fit to manage inventories and improve efficiencies for our retail and pharmaceutical customer base.”


Website: Motorola Solutions Mobile Computers
Portal: Motorola Solutions Next Generation Enterprise Mobility

Customise your viewing with the new Philips 24-inch LED monitor from DCC

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Tilt, pivot, swivel, adjust your viewing height or even change your screen display from landscape to portrait quickly and easily. Get customisable large screen viewing with the innovative new Philips 241P3 24-inch LED monitor, available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

This large, eco-friendly professional monitor features an ergonomic base with built in stereo audio and an onboard USB port for added value. It delivers brilliant full high definition (FHD) display with a super high contrast ratio and superior colour reproduction thanks to consistent brightness across the screen.

“This product has been designed with the professional user in mind. The height adjustable base allows for 130mm of vertical movement, and the screen angle can be pivoted on both the x and y axis to achieve the ideal individual viewing angle. With the 90 degree screen rotation the display can also be switched to portrait should this be required, and a host of added features enhance the user experience,” says Tyrone Young, Country Manager, Philips Monitors.

SmartImage technology analyses the content displayed on your screen and gives you optimised display performance. At the touch of a button, you can dynamically adjust the contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of images and videos for ultimate display performance. The Economy mode option offers superior power saving capabilities, with running consumption as low as 12 watts.

Stylish, intelligent touch controls respond to your lightest touch to adjust monitor settings, and the on-board USB port allows you to conveniently connect your plug and play multimedia devices such as USB memory devices, cameras, portable hard drives, webcams and printers. Dual VGA and DVI connectivity allows dual screen display to be set up in a matter of seconds.

“The Philips 241P3 addresses an underserved market segment. The majority of today’s large screen LED displays have a fixed base, and are aimed at the consumer market. This monitor offers the ergonomic features desired by the professional user with value adds such as built in speakers and a USB port and all of the environmental, power saving and viewing benefits of an LED screen,” says Bruce Byrne, Visual Communications Specialist at DCC.

The Philips 241P3 is EPEAT Gold and Energy Star 5 rated, mercury, halogen and lead free and ships in 100% recyclable packaging to minimise carbon footprint. It is available immediately from DCC’s resellers.

Samsung set the benchmark for Camcorder sales in South Africa

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Samsung see an increase in camcorder market share – making them No.1

According to a recent report released by GFK Group, Samsung have been recognised as the leader in the camcorder market, locally.  The report, which benchmarks competitor movements and brand penetration in the local electronics market, highlights the growing market strength of the Samsung brand.

“Not only are we number one in terms of market share but all are our ‘hero’ products rank within the top 10 most sold units. Certainly this overall ranking is evidence of our ability to deliver high end products to the market – products that are not only aimed at addressing real consumer requirements of quality and convenience but deliver outstanding technology and innovation to enable smarter living,” says Mark Geldenhuys, Head of Digital Imaging at Samsung South Africa.

Samsung previously boasted a market share of 14% in Jan 2011, however over the past few months has seen an increase of 24% to 38% – with its closest competitor coming in at 30% respectively.

“Today our range of products bring together a number of technologies that make the user experience more enjoyable, such as; high quality full HD recording, great product styling, features that increase the camcorder’s capabilities such as stabilisers and CMOS sensors and complete integration with other Samsung products. At Samsung, we remain confident that as new products are launched into  the market, products that continue to be underpinned by innovative design and product capabilities, we will continue to see such increased market positioning – assisting us in becoming South Africa’s best loved brand,” concludes Geldenhuys.

HP appoints new ESSN Country Manager

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HP has announced the appointment of David McMurdo as Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking (ESSN) Country Manager for HP South Africa, with immediate effect.

McMurdo has already been acting in the Country Manager role for the last three months, together with Frank van Rees, Managing Director, HP South Africa.

“Since Meg Whitman’s appointment as president and chief executive officer, one of her key focus areas has been internal promotion. This is already taking effect at regional level,” says van Rees.

“David has been successfully running the Industry Standard Servers (ISS) business unit for nearly two years and his promotion into the ESSN Country Manager role is another good example of HP’s talent management programme and providing great career opportunities for our own talented employees,” he adds.

McMurdo has been in the IT industry for over 15 years and has gained extensive experience in the hardware, software and services environment.

“This experience makes him an excellent fit for this role. He has the necessary skills and is best placed to drive growth in and gain market share for our ESSN business,” van Rees concludes.

McMurdo started his career in IT at Anglo American and then moved to Compaq. Subsequent to that, he held positions at Siemens and iSolve. Prior to joining HP, he was the Sales Manager at Faritec.

McMurdo will continue managing the ISS business unit in conjunction with his new role while he drives the process for his replacement.

Alvarion Solution Awarded with IBM SAFE Certification for Smart Grid Solutions

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Certification is a new step in the partnership between IBM and Alvarion

Alvarion Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALVR), a provider of optimised wireless broadband solutions addressing the connectivity, capacity and coverage challenges of public and private networks, today announced the company has received IBM’s SAFE (Standard Architecture Framework for Energy) certification for its wireless broadband solution for Smart Grid connectivity. The Alvarion and IBM partnership offers power and water utilities, municipalities and Telcos the strength of IBM, the industry’s leading systems integrator, software and hardware vendor and Alvarion, a leading 4G wireless broadband vendor, to optimally meet their Smart Grid network infrastructure requirements. This award also marks a new step in the partnership between Alvarion and IBM on the Smart Utilities and Smart Cities markets.
IBM has formed partnerships with a limited number of market leaders in order to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end Smart Grid-ready solution offering to meet utilities’ needs on a global level. The Alvarion-IBM partnership offers customers the benefit of Alvarion’s best-of-breed wireless broadband connectivity solution, integrated with IBM’s Tivoli management platform to ensure a reliable, secure and scalable Smart Grid network infrastructure solution. Tivoli will provide monitoring and fault management of the Alvarion wireless broadband infrastructure, as part of the holistic management of the Smart Grid network, allowing the utility to achieve its Smart Grid project objectives within time and budget constraints.

Alvarion CEO and President, Eran Gorev comments: “IBM has been a long-term partner that we are proud to be associated with. This certification is also an important milestone in aligning our Smart Grid and Smart City offering to customer objectives, based on a holistic wireless connectivity approach that we are confident will bring benefits to our customers in this market.”

Alvarion’s powerful network infrastructure is a critical component of Smart Utilities and Smart City networks and a key enabler for successful deployment of applications that drive efficiency, enhanced services and cost reductions. Alvarion’s holistic approach to Smart Grid connectivity is founded on its reliable, scalable, secured and competitive Smart Grid connectivity offering, teamed with its unparalleled track record of successful long-term and large-scale wireless broadband deployments.

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